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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - November 28, 1973, Florence, South CarolinaGood morning it s wednesday november our both year 332 Florence. S. C. Daily 10s sunday tax on gasoline the government tapped civilian and Domestic supplies tuesday to assure adequate fuel for the f e n s e depart nent and sources said consumer gasoline supplies May soon be reduced by up to 30 per cent. The cutback would be twice that announced by president Nixon sunday night. President Nixon s emergency Energy action group which met. Tuesday was reportedly i considering rationing gasoline imposing a supplemental tax of 30 of 40 Cenis or a Phr among Cor Sid ered to help control the gasoline in the face of the is a mandatory Cut Back we re looking for. Gasoline cuts of about 30 per cent Over the next several months an admin 1st Rati on source said. One proposal reportedly advanced by the Treasury department would impose a Gaso line tax of ,10 to 40 cents in addition to the present Levy of 4 cents. 11 could be coupled with a weekly allowance 15 Gallons of gasoline free of the added tax. At a Senate finance subcommittee hearing White House Energy adviser John a. Love testified that he favors a free Market regarding Petroleum prices but opposes immediate decontrol. He. Said conditions of fictitious pricing Mack the huge amounts of capital investment needed to meet the nation s Energy requirements. One move designed to Cut Down the need for fuel year around Daylight saving time was approved by a vote of 111 to 88 in the House. The White House has said electricity and heating demands can be Cut by As Mph As three per cent by pushing the clocks ahead one hour but House members were cautious about predicting potential savings. In other Energy related developments the White House issued final regulations prohibiting electric Power plants that Burn Coal from switching to Oil. The rules permit plants Burn ing natural Gas a fuel in critically Short Supply to switch to Oil. Office of Petroleum Al location ordered priorities on the Sale of fuel for Marine use giving preference to boats and land facilities involved in a resting and processing fish and other seafood. Pleasure vessels including those operated commercially May buy Marine fuels Only if adequate supplies Are on hand after commercial fishing boats and seafood processors have bought their sup plies. Commerce com Mittee chairman Hartey o. Staggers do. Va., said he Hopes to finish work on Emer gency Energy legislation by the end of the week. A final witness is scheduled to be heard wednesday morning when his committee resumes hearings. His Bill the presi Dent Broad Power to restrict Energy use. Chet Holifield lit., chairman of the government operations com Mittee said he will Speed up consideration of an administration backed Bill creating an Agency to consolidate research efforts and administer a five year research pro Gram proposed by president Nixon. F. Schaefer of love s Energy policy office old a Senate Small business subcommittee that the current fuel conservation measures pro posed by the Nixon adminis i Talion Are sufficient to Deal with shortages caused by the Arab Oil embargo. Keich administrator of the. Office of Petroleum Alloca Tion told the same subcommittee that the office could place a gasoline rationing pro Gram in operation within 30 Days of a decision to move ahead if he is provided with million from Congress and a staff of about 1.350. Air lines announced it was laying off at least 950 employees immediately hushed court listens to White House tape King Faisal of saudi Arabia left and Deputy i8n fahd lifting Oil embargo to a but the . And Holland Washington api one of the famed White House tapes was played in Public for the first Lime tuesday but the Only question it settled is that there is indeed a humdinger of hum. It lasted As the White House said. Is minutes and 15 seconds. To straining ears in . Dis Hrict judge John. J. Sirica s crowded courtroom it sounded like electric clippers in a Barber shop. Here and there before and after the hum. The voices of president Nixon and aides John d. And h. A. Ilal deman could be heard in snatches of conversation. The hell does that show a voice like the president s said once. I d like a Little of that consomme to president again. There was some whistling tune and Whistler unidentified. Then the Long buw., loud at first then a Little lower and then loud again. The tape of a meeting in Nixon s executive office build ing suite on june 1972 involving first Ehrlichman and then Haldeman was played As the president s Secretary Rose Mary Woods was on the stand. It was the i0th Day of a hear ing that began As an inquiry into two subpoenaed watergate tapes the White House said were nonexistent. It charged in character Whit Ellowise disclosure last week that the Haldeman conversation was missing the 18-minulesegment. Special watergate1 prose cution Force lawyers say that the part obliterated was conversation about the watergate break in that occurred Only three Days before the Conversa Tion was recorded. While the tapes hearing was in Progress the Senate water Gate committee acknowledged major investigations weren to going Well and postponed fur 1 ther hearings until at least january. Committee senators attributed the delay to witnesses who have ignored committee subpoenas As staff admission that it was t ready to proceed and White House refusal to turn Over some documents. The possibility was left open by the senators that panel would go out of existence next year without further Public takings. Meanwhile the White House see tapes Page 5a Arab leaders let upon Oil squeeze Algiers Van Arab Summit conference decided tuesday to Stop lightening the Oil squeeze Ori Lapan and the Philippines for. One month in recognition of their newly pro. Arab stands an Arab league Leader said tuesday. Same Steps As were plied to Europe will be applied to these iwo Mah Noud Kiad. Secretary general of the league told newsmen. This would mean cancellation of Aii additional 5 per cent Cut Back in Arab Oil going to the two countries. Aral Oil reduced Oil production about 25 percent first Cut Back decision made during the october Arab israeli War and planned monthly 5 percent additional cutbacks until Israel withdrew from occupied Arab territory. The conciliatory gesture tuesday followed a recent declaration by the japanese government that Israel should Aba Doh captured Arab territory and said it might reconsider its relations with Tel Aviv if the israelis did nol give up the land. The philippine government issued similar pro Arab statements. The arabs already had sus Pended the additional cutback for the common Market coun tries with the exception of the Netherlands which is under a total embargo for its alleged pro Israel Bias. The common Market s foreign ministers also had issued a statement the arabs regarded As favourable to Mideast goals. Earlier sources said Arab foreign ministers had Given preliminary approval to a saudi arabian proposal that All Oil restrictions against Japan and european common Market countries except the nether lands be lifted. Kiad said the conference Lead riot acted on any such proposal. It was not known which participants at the Summit initiated the move to ease impending restrictions against Japan and the Philippines. There was no indication of any modification of the Arab embargo of the United states. The Summit conference in Al Giers sought on tuesday to re Concile rival jordanian and guerrilla claims to the Alle Giance of the palestinian people an explosive Issue the leaders feel must be resolved before any peace conference with Israel. Kings and presidents from .16 countries met Iti a closed Surh Mit session to hear reports from presidents Anwar Sadat of a Gyp and Lapaz Assad of see Arab pages skylab develops new quirk space Center. Houston a a Pidding control problem discovered aboard the skylab space station tuesday forced officials to postpone for at least two Days All scientific experiments requiring Maneu vers of the 18-foot Craft. Officials cancelled experiments set for tuesday and wednesday that would have taken scientifically valuable photographs of the Earth of Distant Star Fields and of the Comet Kohoutek. The action came after the spacecraft experienced More difficulty than expected recovering after a Roll to one Side. Might controller Don Puddy said the problem May be in computer programs on the ground which plan and estimate the effects of Maneu vers. He said the cancelled experiments probably will be re stored thursday when the prob Lem is better understood. Skylab 3 astronauts Gerald p. Carr. William r. Pogue and Hdward g. Gibson Are not endangered by the mane vering difficulty. The problem centers on the loss last week of one of three control gyroscopes. War time Romance Kay Summersby above a British woman assigned to drive Gen. Dwight d. Eisenhower around London during world War ii is the subject of a letter Eisenhower reportedly wrote to Gen. George Marshall asking if he thought divorcing Mamie Eisenhower to marry miss Summersby would ruin his War time career. A after winning Senate approval vice president designate Ger Ald Ford receives from sen. Strom Thurmond and his Daugh Ter Nancy 2, on Capitol Hill tuesday after the Senate voted to approve Ford s nomination. See Story. Page a. A Jet crash injures 8 Chattanooga. Tenn. Eight persons were taken to Delta twin engine Jet Chattanooga s Erlanger Ilo spi Wilh 77 persons aboard crashed Tal. Short of the runway and caught Richard Jones a Delta fire during a Landing attempt in spokesman in Atlanta said the rain at Chattanooga tues there were 70 paying Passon Day night Gers. Two company employees there were no reported fatal and a Crew of five aboard might Hies but police said As Many As 516. Hijacked dutch Airliner continues hopping around Senate approves plan to finance campaigns Washington api Senate passed a Broad Federal Campaign financing plan tues Day night to provide govern ment subsidies to candidates for president the Senate and House it was the first time either Branch of Congress Ever had voted for such Federal ments for congressional Nomi nees and candidates in presidential primaries. Sponsors said the support for it was directly attributable to revelations about private Campaign contributions in the watergate scandals and also about gifts made to former vice pres ident Spiro t. Agnew. However the plan s chances in the House appeared to be k the Senate attached the proposal sponsored by a bipartisan group headed by sen. Edward m. Kennedy d-mass., and Republican Leader Hugh Scott pa., to a debt ceiling Bill. Senate passage sent the Bill to conference with the House. Rep. Al Zibman d-ore., expected to head the House conferees said the Campaign financing plan might be Merit orious but that it had no place on the debt legislation. President Nixon must sign the increase in the debt limit into Law by fridy night or the government will face serious financing problems. Highway department f replacing Speed signs the . Highway depart inc Dent begins replacing an Esto mated Speed limit comics signs. Page 1b. Deaths the White House a plan Lor rationing fuel Oil. Page editorials b markets the greater Florence plan sports of the downtown pedestrian mall. Pages. Women 2b 6a weather rain and tender Howart. 50s tows upper Delate 3a. Stock Market declines again new York a the Stock Market struggling to break out of the dramatic tails pin it has been caught in for the past month fluctuated Une Venly tuesday finishing with a moderate loss. The Dow Jones average of 30 Industrial stocks which had plunged More than 29 Points monday fell another 7.22 to close at 817.73, its lowest level in More than two years. Declining issues outnumbered those advancing by slightly More than a 2 1 margin on the new York Stock Exchange. Brokers have placed much of the blame for the Market s re cent slide on investors fears that the nation s Energy prob lems might produce a recession in the months ahead. Dubai a a commandeered dutch jumbo Jet returned to Dubai tuesday night and officials offered the three palestinian hijackers Safe conduct if the others aboard were freed an airline spokesman said. The Boeing 747 took off from Dubai earlier tuesday and flew around the Mideast for hours in search of a place to land before returning to the Liny persian Gulf Sheik Dom. The terrorist commanded Jet had been shunned by. At least seven countries As it meandered around the Mideast since being taken Over sunday night in an Effort to win Freedom for imprisoned palestinians on Cyprus and As a protest against alleged dutch support of Israel. The jetliner already had logged Miles under Hijack command when it left Dubai with a Crew of 10 and an official of the dutch airline Kunf aboard. The plane headed for the South Yemen capital of Aden where authorities said the Airstrip was not big enough for the giant plane. authorities said they told the Pilot the plane could land to refuel in an Emer gency but that the hijackers would have to accept response by i Ity for a by Accident. The plane circled the Aden Airport for two hours and 10 minutes and then left the authorities said. A Kim spokesman in Amsterdam reported the Dubai Safe conduct proposal. An airline spokesman said earlier Aden had refused a guarantee of Safe conduct out of the country. Official sources in the turkish capital of Ankara said the jetliner had asked permission to land at Istanbul Turkey d u r i n g the Dubai to Dubai flight. The second Stop made six landings for the hijacked Jet an apparent record. An Argentine Airliner hijacked last july 4 touched Down five times while under air pirates orders. Passengers and stewardesses from the hijacked dutch Airliner arrived tuesday night in Amsterdam. At Malta the Stop before Dubai the hijackers had allowed 24-1 passengers and eight hostesses to leave the extra Pilot was taken aboard to join the nine Man Crew and . Witholt. A vice president of Kim who remained aboard the plane As hostage. In route to Dubai the plane flew Over Cyprus and the Arab states of Syria and Iraq. Those Arab countries As Well As Egypt Kuwait saudi Arabia and Bahrain refused to Grant permission for Landing in apparent disapproval of such terrorist tactics. The gunmen seized the million plane sunday night on a flight from Beirut to Tokyo to protest alleged pro israeli polices of the Netherlands and to bargain for release of comrades imprisoned in Cyprus

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