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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - November 27, 1973, Florence, South CarolinaIt Oman Nauib of of of dowdy 887-1970 James a. Rogers editor Joe b. Rickenbaker managing editor Dew James associate editor Richard g. Moision general manager _ tuesday november 27, 1973 v formalizing an end the most important single fact about the War Powers curb recently imposed upon the. President is that this insistence does not have any immediate effect. American soldiers Are. Not today in combat anywhere in the world. There is no serious thought of sending them into combat. If Congress had passed this act of restraint Over the presidential veto two years ago there would have been an immediate practical effect it would have forced the president to end the War in. Vietnam earlier than he did. Congressional action was not aimed specifically at or. Nixon. The commitment of american soldiers to combat without first obtaining congressional approval dates from the administration of John of. Kennedy. The commitment was begun it was extended massively by Lyndon Johnson again without informing con Gress in Advance and without obtaining its prior consent. The War Powers curb act is thus aimed at who did or would commit this country to War without con Gressional approval. The president protested against the overriding of his veto on the Contention that it seriously undermines this nation s ability to act decisively in times of International one can imagine Lyndon John chewable news United. Press International reporting a conversation on the newsprint shortage Between a mexican publisher and some american newsmen. The americans were complaining that the paper they print on might increase in Price to a ton. To which that mexican publisher replied that is nothing i pay a Ion mexicans though Are experimenting with making print from sugar Cane pulp. That probably would create a sugar Cane shortage but maybe they could make it so you could cat your newspaper after you read it. That would be real conservation. Gainesville Gaj times son issuing the identical statement. It has been part of Standard White House doctrine throughout the Kennedy John son Nixon Era. It need not in our opinion be taken serious in. In times of True International crisis the people and the con Gress always rally. The new act permits the president to make War on his own authority for 90 Days. If a president can t sell Congress and the people on. The necessity for american intervention after american soldiers have been in combat for 90 Days the cause is indeed a poor one. The overriding of the veto stands therefore not As an immediate curb on the incumbent president or As a serious res traint on him. Or his successors in the future but As an attempt to identify and formalize an end to. A period in american history. Beginning with Kennedy there has been War making by presidential authority with out the prior consent of the con Gress. No earlier president would have done such a thing. The Hope of the Congress is that no future president will do it we cannot know that the practice of making War by presidential order is indeed Over. It should be. It is contrary to the intent of the founding fathers. It is contrary to the doctrines of. Democratic govern ment. We rather think that the Congress has in fact identified rather than caused a change for the better in american thinking about War. Turning on red one Smatz step that could fee taken in South Carolina to conserve gasoline would be to make it Legal for motorists to make right turns on red after coming to a full Stop and making sure the Road is Clear of course a number of Stales permit right turns on red. The practice not Only expedites traffic flow but lessens waste of gasoline resulting from idling cars just sitting there until the Light changes. The amount of Gaso line saved May be relatively Small but As we Are being re minded these Days every Little bit helps. Tricia s Biscayne holdings detailed Washington president Nixon allegedly discussed concealing his daughter Tricia s interest in two key Bis Cayne fla., lots in order to reduce her income taxes. But a White House spokesman insisted that the president never even considered the dubious scheme., by Jock Anderson republicans violate fundamental Rule Washington with their excessive hand wringing and breast beating about the watergate scandals the republicans congressional and state House types alike Are showing a premature impulse toward suicide. By William s. White they Are also violating one of the oldest rules of the game. Whatever else you May do you Don t Ever join your opposition in crying up your own sins. You can always depend on the other fellow to do More than enough fit that. With notable exceptions like vice president designate Gerald Ford gop National chairman George Bush and gov. Ronald Reagan the bulk of the republicans Are almost outdoing the democratic party in proclaiming their sure and certain doom in next year s election. Some Are also at tempting the impossible to behave As though a Republican president was not really the Leader of their party 1 attempts to separate the Torso of the elephant from its head Are not Only futile apart from the fact that such rough surgery could turn out to be fatal to the whole animal. In the first place this sort of thing will fool nobody. In the second place it could be profoundly not to say destructively embarrassing to every major re publican candidate for Public for president in 1976 of perhaps not for Congress i 1974. Never in memory has any aspirant for the presidency helped himself by turning upon his predecessor in that office wherever of course that predecessor was of. The same party. The overwhelming defeat suffered by Adlai Stevenson in 1952 to Gen. Dwight Eisenhower was plainly traceable at least in part to Steven son s decision to join the republicans Iri attacking the alleged corruption of. President Harry Truman s administration. In a word whoever wants the re publican presidential nomination in 1976 had belter be certain that he does t wholly break now with Rich Ard Nixon. Such a candidate need of course Issue ringing salutations to the president on watergate. On the other hand he had better be sure he is not identified As one of those who simply sat around eager to pick up the pieces of a White House wreckage to which he helped indirectly to contribute. So much then for 1976. As for 1974, the Republican governors and senators and congressmen who will be up for re election need no Public opinion experts to Tell them that watergate is not Good for you. It does not follow however that watergate will Lay waste the whole party s slate of. Candidates. To begin with there is at least a Chance however thin that the president May be Able to overcome this mess. More realistically there is More than a Chance that in state and con Gressional races other issues will far outdistanced watergate by november of 1974. Chief of these will be the condition of the Economy of this can be put aright by the president with or without the cooperation of the demo critic majority in Congress the re publicans will have no need to go about weeping on the Campaign if the Economy can t be put aright it will be every Man for himself with every such Man running on local is sues. In that Case the very Strong and the very popular will survive and Llinat is about the size of it. In any event if is far too Early to assume that. Watergate will be infallibly disastrous to the republicans. It is far too Early that is to etch this proposition into tables of Stone. Most difficult times still lie ahead for Nixon Washington the president s frenetic Public relations efforts Over the past two weeks have served to disguise but not to alter uie Stark seriousness of his situation. By David s. Broder he is lighting for his political life the knowledge that the whole Story of his role in the transactions that have aroused Public suspicion must now emerge. The president has not yet told that Story All he has done in his meetings with Republican politicians and the press is to say that it will be told. And in doing that he is dding no More than acknowledging the obvious. The Tough limes for him still lie ahead. For the past month or. Nixon s position has been essential by the same As Spiro Agnew faced when he Federal prosecutors in Baltimore last August put him on notice that he was under investigation on serious charge k is. The Agnew investigation had be gun with a nost of subsidiary characters just As the Nixon investigation did. both cases the focus worked its Way to the top and stayed there until the. Critical questions we re resolved. Agnew was never indicted and or. Nixon May never be impeached but there can no longer be any doubt in his mind that the whole Story will come out. The political imperative which makes full disclosure in Evita _ ble in or. Nixon s Case is the same As Agnew s the Republican party which nominated both will not intervene to spare him any More than it did Agnew from the Burden of full Dis closure. Agnew Learned that when a Republican prosecutor acting with the. Obvious approval of a Republican at Torney general and a Republican presi Dent filed his formal notice of investigation last aug. 2. Or. Nixon received the same word from Republican congressional Lead ers on oct. 23, the tuesday after the Long Holiday weekend on which Cox Richardson and Ruckelshaus were eliminated. The president s emis Saries went up to Capitol Hill that Day to line up Republican support against impeachment demands. They were told and bluntly that no Republican Leader would speak up on his behalf unless the president was prepared to come clean. The first step in coming clean or. Nixon was told would be to turn Over the White House tapes. That after noon two hours after the ultimatum had come from the republicans on Capitol Hill the president abandoned his three month fight to withhold the tapes. Even should or. Nixon now desire to backtrack and Stop Short of full disclosure the pressures pushing in that direction appear irreversible. Every passing Day brings the House republicans one Day closer to their Day of reckoning with their constituents. To support the president against impeachment they will require of him Complete Candor. The new Independent prosecutor starting from the base Archibald Cox left behind is moving toward indict ments of some of or. Nixon s Prin Cipal past associates. The Senate watergate committee is approaching the deadline for rendering its judg ment on the matters it has been investigating. Any Effort however mild by or. Nixon to interfere in these processes will come at High Cost to his own depleted reserves of Trust. He has Al ready conceded about x per cent of the ground he set out to protect last Spring when watergate broke. Tie cannot Retreat much farther with out literally being backed out of the Oval office. The charge that he juggled his taxes by hiding Tricia s share in the property was first retracted by Newsweek mag Azine and denied by the White House earlier this month. We have now Learned the details which were outlined behind closed doors by the former aide who helped the president with his tax deductions. Roy Pete Kinsey who worked under former White House counsel John Dean told the Senate watergate committee that the Tricia Nixon Angle was raised by John Ehrlichman the former aide who watched Over the Nixon family affairs. Early in december reported Kinsey the decision was made thai the resident would sell two vacant lots in key this was the last year that the president could take advantage of a tax deduction for donating his vice presidential papers to the government. They wanted to Rise the available deduction to effect the capital gains on the key Biscayne suggested Kinsey. was a memo from Ehrlichman to. Dean saying that the president wanted to know the tax con sequences if he were to assume the full gain. This was because Tricia had apparently contributed to the Pur Chase of the property and the president had put in the property was originally bought in 1969, but Tricia was not an owner of record although we had a hard time determining just what had happened with the Purchase of that property. There were two parcels of land. They were sold to a Man in Yolk ers. N.y., who was apparently a Straw Man for Robert Abplanal the wealthy Abplanalp has been deeply involved in the president s real estate transactions. Kinsey reported that he never could get the key Biscayne Deal straight be cause there were two contracts of Sale one indicating a Sale for the other a sate for he relied for his information upon the president s tax lawyer Frank de Marco. My first response to the presi Dent s request for said Kinsey was in generalities so another memo came Back asking for an answer in dollars and cents. Demarco and i talked about this transaction at length. He was in about the same position As 1 was getting figures from other people and not knowing the full Story. Demarco said Tricia s not an owner of record so the president la take the gain and i la find a Way to get her share Back to her. He did t say How he was going to do we read Kinsey s statement to de Marco who claimed to have no recollection of the conversation. He refused to comment of the president s taxes except to repeal the White House denial that Tricia s holdings were concealed. Our own White House sources say Tricia paid the taxes on her share of the profits. Biscayne one

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