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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - November 27, 1973, Florence, South CarolinaGood morning tuesday november our both year 331 Florence. S c. Daily ids sunday 15 s of Ford end Washington api. Congress moved closer toward the confirmation of Gerald r. vice president monday As the House judiciary committee completed its hearings and the Senate began door debate. The Senate plans to vote tuesday after noon and the House has scheduled final action no later than dec. With both bodies expected o confirm Ford overwhelmingly. President Nixon nominated Ford oct. 12 to replace Spiro t. Agnew who resigned after pleading no contest to a charge of income lax evasion. The House judiciary committee which conducted More extensive hearings than the Senate rules committee wound up praising Ford for his Candor and while Many members disagreed with his political philosophy. Kord was pressed hard by rep Elizabeth Holzman d-n.y., about his Altitude toward Liberal democrats on the basis remark be made in a letter Loa Friend. In the letter Ford said common cause the self styled Peoples lobby is simply Means of promoting i he Liberal democratic viewpoint and is therefore dangerous to our Way of life and our political Ford said he Felt there Wen some views of literal democrats that could endanger the. Free Enterprise system. I find that extremely said miss Holzman. Ford also came under intensive questioning Fly rep Jerome r Waldie d-calif., about his unsuccessful 1970 Effort to impeach jus Tice William 0. Douglas in which he sought and received help from the Justice depart ment. Waldie said he believed Ford was acting on behalf of the administration in a politically motivated Campaign to remove a Liberal do Moc rat from the supreme court Bench. Kord acknowledged getting information against Douglas from the Justice depart men i but said he acted on his own in seeking to impeach Douglas. In the Senate sen. William d. Lia Laway a Maine. Became he first senator to announce he would vote Agaj St Ford a it Bough lie said it is to reflection on Ford s character orabilily., the consideration of any nominee for vice president is improper under current Cir Hathaway said. A president undergoing n serious impeachment threat. Hathaway said should not be allowed to appoint his vice president designate Gerald Ford before House judiciary committee Nixon Secretary testifies tape erased by Accident Arab leaders gathering in Algiers for crucial meetings Algiers Boum Dienne Egypt s Sadat and saudi Arabia s Feisal Arab Summit conference May tighten Oil squeeze Washington All president Nixon s personal Secretary testified monday she Acci dentally pushed a recording but Lori while listening to a White House tape and a prosecutor said an erased portion covered All discussion of he watergate scandal during a presidential conversation. The disclosures were made in Federal court alter Nixon s lawyers turned Over seven subpoenaed White House tape recordings and asked that All or portions of three of them be withhold from the watergate g Rand jury. Hose Mary Woods. Nixon s Secretary of 23 years was questioned at a hearing railed to determine what had happened to the tape of a conversation Between the president and h. R. Kaldman on june the White House there is an Gap in the miss Woods told the court she h e 1 i e v e s she inadvertently pushed the recording Button when answer her Telephone while working on the june 2tl tape Jast bar. 1. She testified that she Minc diffely told Nixon Aboul pushing the Button and to replied. No problem that is not ii Suh porn and but miss Woods slopped Short of saying Sho erased part of the tape. Call it a Gap you to ajl it an erasure she s a id f o j ill vol Ner of the watergate prosecutor s staff "1 Don t know there Ever was anything on. That portion i did t edit or was on the tape. 1 might have. I m riot sure i caused that Gap and i m not sure she said. Miss Woods told the court she was certain she did not talk on the Telephone for 18 minutes the amount of Lime of the Gau on the ,lune20tape. When she Hung up the phone and saw that the record Button rather than the Stop Button sex said be ii Early panicked. Mrs. Voloni referred to Ihil Denian s note.1 of the june 20 meeting and said that they indicated that the missing portion was a discussion of the watergate affair. While House counsel Leonard garment objected saying the prosecutor can l make such a categorical "1 object very strenuously to summaries of testimony of witnesses who Are not Here at the garment said referring to the Haldeman notes. Miss Woods attorney. Charles s. Thyne. Also objected saying that the whole matter better be resolved by listening to the stapes now in the Possession of the judge. Sirica indicated he would resolve in thai Way before miss Woods finishes her. In Alimony which could last several Days. Shi was due in . The hire i Jouse says the 1 a Nii Nute in p i n Ihu Lape was discovered nov. A a. See water Gate. I age 8a tap Arab Kings and presidents Here for a postwar Summit got secret reports monday on possible lightening. Of the Arab Oil sauce be and joint strategy for upcoming peace talks Wilh Israel. Host president Llou Ari Boum Dienne for Mally opened their conference with a min Ute s silence in Honor of arabs killed in the october War. His subsequent welcoming address followed three Days o closed Oord preparatory discussions by foreign ministers of the 17 participating Arab nations. Sources said the foreign ministers discussed possible ways of intensifying tie Arab Oil cutback designed to pressure the world into More pro Arab policies in the Middle East. Arab Oil producing nations have Cut Back their production per cent contributing to Energy shortages in the United states Europe and in Japan and causing fears of a fuel crisis this Winter. They have Cul off their shipments to the United sales and Holland altogether because of . And dutch policies seen As particularly pro israeli. At the same time the ministers discussed ways of preventing the Arab Oil weapon from harming countries whose policies Are considered More pro Arab such As France and some other members of the european common Market the informants reported. Reports on the discussions went to the Arab Heads of slate shortly before Boum Dienne began the formal proceedings with a pledge that arabs will keep up the fight until palestinians get their rights. Israel will no Triumph Over the arabs no matter How much Power in is he declared. The arabs will have the last despite repealed Calls for Arab Unity. Libya and Iraq Hoy colled the Summit. Some More Radical leaders of the palestinian liberation movement also Werc absent. Informants said the foreign ministers also considered a possible plan for joint military action in Case the Geneva peace talks scheduled to begin dec. 18 should break Down or deadlock. Under the impetus of Syria and Kuwait he sources said he foreign ministers discussed a plan for opening a third front against Israel across the Jordan River it fighting Breaks Oulagai. The plan provided for a unified Arab military command covering All three fronts and massive deployment of Arab troops. Irons and equipment on jordanian territory. The sources said Arab participation in the Teneva talks would be in three separate stages. In the first concerned essentially with israeli withdrawal along the Suez canal Egypt and Syria would be the Only participants on the a1 Rab Side. In the second stage presumably to open after israeli elections dec. 31, the other Arab countries bordering on Israel Lebanon and Jordan would join in the talks together Tveith the Palestine liberation organization headed by Yasir Arafat Market indicators plunge downward new York Stock Market beset by what analysts described As deep and persistent concerns about the nation s Energy Outlook look some of its sharpest losses of modern times monday. The Dow Jones average of it Industrial stocks plunged 21.05 Points to b24.s5, its fifth biggest single session drop Over. The closing level was the Blue Chip indicator s lowest in exactly two years. The Dow had been Down some 33 Points for the Day a moderate upswing near the close. Declining issues Over whelmed those advancing by better than a 10-1 margin on the new York Stock Exchange analysts said the Energy crisis underscored by presi Dent Nixon s message of sunday night weighed especially heavily on the Market monday s decline continued a relentless Down Ward drive that has eroded Dow by More than 162 in just under a month. Brokers Sny investors concern focuses not Only on industries directly depend Dent on the availability of fuel such As Ibe travel and Roadside restaurant businesses but also on Prospect s of r t he Economy As i whole. There Are fears analysis say. That scarcities of fuel might slow Down the operations of much of the nation s Industry contributing substantially to a Poss Ible recession next year. Nixon stresses temporary mature of Petroleum shortage Washington apr Nixon said monday America s Energy crisis is a temporary problem that can be overcome by making the nation self sufficient and Ina position where nobody can Cut our addressing a convention of. The seafarers International Union the president sought enlist the support of the 400 delegates for the program he night. A few hours later a presidential spokesman said Nixon himself would do his part to con serve fuel by spending More time around the while House in other development son the Energy front democratic Leader Mike Mansfield of Montana told that Nixon s Energy program was a Small t Orward but inadequate. I fear a recession if we Don t Lake the Steps we Mansfield said. Senate Republican Leader Hugh Scott said the program should be Given a fair Chance to work. American Pel poloum Institute said it to agreed with Nixon on efforts to reduce de Mand for Petroleum products. But it added in remade in increase Domestic supplies of Energy. In his 27-minute talk to the Union convention Nixon retraced the Steps he had outlined sunday night cracking occasional jokes. When he referred to the. Ban on outdoor ornamental lighting he added if you come Home a Little late around two or three in the morning you May get in the wrong door but who knows there might to somebody inter Esting behind that the do legals laughed. And Willi the 50-mile-an-hour Speed limit he said it might take a Lille longer to make the trip to see your Mother in Law then he Drew a laugh by adding that maybe. age a former Justice Whittaker Dies Kansas cite a Charles Evans Shillaker. 72, Kansas City former associate Justice of the . Supreme court died in St. Flukes Hospi Tal monday of what was termed a ruptured abdominal incur i president to reveal i income tax returns i president Nixon promises to Index v Tough heating rules planned Washington a homeowners who heat with Oil would be reduce their Home temperatures by six degrees this Winter under Federal regulations 10 be proposed tuesday. A draft of the regulations obtained by the associated press and verified by administration sources shows that others who with Oil including commercial and government buildings would be forced to lower temperatures ten degrees or make equivalent fuel savings. same time the regulations would guarantee certain High priority users anywhere from 90 per cent of last year s fuel 011 Supply to 100 per cent of their needs this Vear barring unforeseen complications he regulation is planned to take effect next Jan. 1. But it gives homeowners a Grace period before its full Impact hits. Homeowners would be allowed of fill their fuel tanks at the outset. If their efforts to reduce heating fall Short the first Lime around the dealers May refill their tanks and give them a warning Cut Down More strictly. With he third fuel Oil delivery however comes the moment of truth. Then dealers would be required to deliver enough Oil to maintain the legally permitted temperature and no More. A Homeowner who uses up that fuel too fast will just have to shiver until the next limited delivery is due. Middle distillate Oil a category including Home Healing Oil diesel and Jet Foel has been under mandatory controls of distribute rat the wholesale level since nov. I. On sunday night president Nixon extended the allocation system All the Way Down to the final user thus imposing consumer rationing on Horn o heating Oil. Purchasers will not need coupons to receive their rations which will be doled out1 by the fuel dealers who Are required to Cal ulale and distribute the Correct amounts according to the formula set up in the regulations. That formula Sels up the following list of priority uses to receive the amounts of fuel indicated before others arc production including activities lit direct support of exploration drilling and mining production refining processing and distribution of Petroleum natural Gas geothermal Energy and Coal these cities Are to receive 100 per cent of their non Healing needs. Passenger transportation but excluding Lour or excursion to i receive 100 per cent of current needs set heating Page 8a european stocks dive r London a so Csc markets plunged throughout Europe monday As a growing fuel shortage raised fears of a business de pression. The London Stock Market fell to a 2 i year Low and an Index of West German stocks dropped More than two Poi arts to a record Low. All other european exchanges were sharply Lowers take the unprecedented step of _ a releasing his tax returns. Page b a 8a. Deaths 2a i Alabama s Crimson tide is doctor 8b 3 rated the nation s top College editorials 4a s football team by the a. Page 6a. Markets 6b Hoe Hawk boy Clark films sports 6a sports special near Timmons state area 1b 8 vile. Page in s women 5a 8 i weather partly Cloudy and warm. Highs 8 pm 80s Low 60s. Details Page 3a. G White House jumps Jaworski Washington a a presidential charged monday that the office of special watergate prosecutor Eon jaw Orski was responsible for what he called two recent news leaks. One was a time Agaane report thai. Jaworski s office is investigating a contribution by the seafarers International Union to Nixon s reelection Campaign. The second item cited by Warren was a monday column by Rowland Evans and Hubert in ova k reporting that White House lawyers had pleaded with Jaworski to delay disclosing that an 18-minute segment of the White House Waler Gaje tapes was Blank. The presidential spokesman disputed this report saying thai the White House lawyers were cooperating fully. Jaworski

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