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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - November 26, 1970, Florence, South CarolinaFlintstones ill he p pay Moke attention to me if were a six quart a Oay Happli looked at me i Andy Capps i never 6ive Christmas boxes an Vav it s alb Luck off Mornini t it Dick Tracy and two shots ring out As though by mental telepathy Tinkov suddenly drops to the floor. M aim or that split second As the trigger Finger is seen to tighten Ith a cocked gun Tinsky s head what to do Little Abner but i filled it Chust a i Dole. While ago. Me Dot s a Liddle while ago its questions Uiko Okay Bay you use Trig from Stcin to Cook the economical import what knocks . Is teas to How about another t Smidgen drop that pumpkin pie Mary Worth yes1.-there la be still wants you Tver 50 Many gifts i m sure arriving Here before. The. Wedding i realize. I be 5aio More. Than i 5houlo-.-a5 an outsider. But the. Worlds unforgiving cruelty toward a fellow Man who has stumbled and picked himself up has always beatle Bailey Mesa Man. Of two oops no burners map6 uutaea6a i m. Have a come of pie Juicy bur6ers cookie Mutt Jeff 7 i just saw do you a couple of i know what Cyc mates Arife r Mutt i just saw by climates Point Down tale Street a bicycle Sui Irr for two Floruit to of fila thursday november 26, 1970 crossword Puzzle from the Carroll Righter Institute general tendencies express thanksgiving in Heartfelt measure to those who have been benefactors to. You and plan the future in swell manner that you can have Many More of the Good things of life take some time to map out a real Campaign that can mate life More meaningful for you and better for others. Aries mar. 21 to apr. 19 showing affection for those you like can make this a most delightful Day and . While taking it easy plan How you can Best take care of obligations tomorrow. Don t show any form of avarice. Taurus apr. 20 to May 20 a Good Day to get rid of that take it for granted attitude and show an associate or mate How truly devoted you Are. Then go out together with interesting friends and have a Good time. Eat and drink moderately. Gemini May 21 to june 21 Good Day to assist others and show much you think of them help plan wisely for the future. Get some of that work done that is important though it is a Holiday. Show that you Are practical. Moon children june 22 to july 21 make this an Active Day . With Good friends relatives. Enjoy sports dinners entertainments of your Choice. Wear your Best clothes suitable for whatever is planned. Show thankfulness for your blessings. Leo july 22 to aug. 21 you can be most charming with others and gain the favors you need make this a most Happy Day . Control your temper though. Do something that will bring reconciliation with another important to you. Forget trivia. Virgo aug. 22 to sept. 22 communicating with persons you truly like and showing them your Devotion is Wise today. Doing something Early to make your surroundings More charming makes you feel better. Put aside pessimistic thoughts. Libra sept. 23 to oct. 22 adding those items to your property that increase its value is a Good Way to spend part of this Day then invite family in for dinner. Discuss the future with one who is an expert on finances. Show Courtesy to All. Scorpio oct. 23 to nov. 21 you Are so charming today you could get just about anything that you desire so be sure you know what it is you really want. Get your future rolling better by right action. Show gratitude in . Sagittarius nov. 22 to dec. 21 quietly showing others that you like and respect them will bring about excellent results now and in the future. Search for information you need at the right sources. Use it wisely later on. Capricorn dec. 22 to Jan. 20 Don t be so casual about showing others you like them return favors they have done you in the past. Accept invitations. Activity is the keynote aquarius Jan. 21 to feb. 19 doing something of a civic nature is most Wise today since you Are Able to help those within your own Community As Well As self. Show others you care for them by doing whatever is of real help to them. Stop dreaming so much. Pisces feb. 20 to mar. 20 Good Day to discuss new ideas that will be most helpful in any Field of your Endeavor. Talk matters Over with the most Wise and Clever person you know. Make this a Day for which you can be really thankful. If your child is born today he or she will be one of those magnetic Young children who will Charm everyone and automatically know what is going on in the minds of others whether favourable or unfavourable to him or her. Teach Early not to try to work every kind of Angle but to follow the straight and narrow path. The Fields of investigation entertainment psychology Medicine Are Fine Here whether male or female. Teach Early to take care of the health be careful of diet. The stars impel they do not what you make of your life is largely up to you Carroll Righter s individual forecast for your sign for december is now ready. For your copy Send your birthrate and to Carroll Righter forecast Florence morning news Box 629. Hollywood Calif. 90028. 1970, Mcnaught Syndicate inc ask Andy got a question for Andy write it on a Post card and mail it to the Florence morning news p. O. Box 911, Florence s. C. 2v50i. Andy sends a Complete 20-volume set of the world Book encyclopedia to Louis Moser age 8, of Houston Texas for his question How Are mesas formed sometimes a Mesa stands alone tall and straight in the desert. The Little Hill has Steep sides with Rainbow coloured bands and a Flat top. You might think that a giant carried layers of Rock from afar and stacked them in a neat pile to make himself a table. But of course this is not How mesas Are made. The giant made them was the patient Earth. They were folded by wind and running water. The Job was done by wearing Down the desert and leaving the Mesa table tops standing there tall and straight. The painted desert in Arizona is a crowd of mesas standing around deep gullies and canyons. Their Steep sides Are fall layers of sandstones reds and Rusty soft yellows and Greys creamy Whites and tinges of Violet. Visitors come from afar to behold the gorgeous View. Other handsome mesas stand like giant statues in certain canyons of the southwestern deserts. Others crowd close together in the badlands and some stand alone out there on the Prairies. The name Mesa Means table and All these proud Little Hills have Flat table tops. The Earth took Ages to form them and the Job was done in two stages. The first stage was building layers of coloured Rock. This May have been done under water when the Region was swamped by a Lake or a shallow sea. Streams flowed Down and dumped Ali kinds of debris into the quiet water. Muddy Sands and Gritty gravels Sank to the Bottom. Gradually they made thick layers of soggy sediments. After millions of years the scenery changed. The ground lifter. Up and became a High plateau a hat topped tableland. The water dried up. Warm desert air stole All the moisture from the soggy old sea bed. It became layers of coloured Sandstone Clay and shale. Every year there were a few fierce desert showers the plating rain dug channels in the soft Sandy rocks. Every year the running water dug the channels deeper. Stiff desert breezes buffeted away More of the Sand. The dry gullies became wide and still wider canyons. Gradually the winds and sudden showers wore Down most of Tho High plateau. Only the tall mesas were left standing. Ages ago the deep canyons and the desert floor were As High up As the Flat topped seas. The Rains washed away most of the old tableland and the. Winds helped to Wear it Down. Gradually they folded the mesas and left them standing there. Their tops show where the old plateau once was. Their sides show the layers of coloured Rock that the Earth used to build it. Andy sends a world Book Globe to Charles Robinson age 12, of Charleston West Virginia for his question Are the tides the same around the world there Are tidal schedules for every coast every Bay and every part of the worldwide Ocean. In some cases the time tables vary from mile to mile. However there is a Basic pattern based on the Cycle of the Moon that causes Thi tides. Most of the minor variations from this pattern Are caused by geographical features in Trie coastlines. Every where there Are two High tides and two Low tides in a Calendar Day. But a Long shallow coast usually has gentle tides while a Steep funnel shaped Estuary encourages enormous change in the water level. The Moon s Gravity pulls up High tides about 20 minute after it passes directly overhead. This upheaval on one Side of the Globe is surrounded by a trough of Low tides. From the Low area the massive Ocean piles up in High tides on the opposite Side of the Globe. Every 24 hours As the Earth rotates a Podr of High and Low tides Chase another pair of High and Low tides around the Globe. And everywhere the tidal picture changes with every minute. Across cruel Man 5. Herringbone weave 0. Encore 1. Shocking 3. Metal Fastener 4. Infuriate 5. Salutation 6. Balance 9. Accredit 1. Collections 22. Girl s name 23. Outmoded v. Noise about 27. Sack 28. Go ashore 29.cheer 33. Emmet 34. Fountain drink 35. Pile 36. Tiffs 38. Billiard shot 40. Hairpiece 41. Mountain Crest 42. Bulrushes 43. Satisfy out Ion of be siriday s Puzzie Down 1. Pointed Arch 37 or time 25 min. 11-26 2. Chairman s Mallet 3. Meadow Barley. 4. Beg 5. Not those 6. Habit 7. Misjudge 8.expunges 9. Thumbs 10. Bedouin 12. Stupid 17. Dusk 20. Crocus 21. Palm starch 23. Nightwear 24. Explosion 25. Antipathy 26. False 27. Railroad ballast 29. Lowell Thomases 30. Insertion 31. Social class 32. Fencing Swari 34. Hastened 37. Imitate 39. Macaw contract Bridge by b. Jay Becker top in mailers individual championship play North dealer. Both sides vulnerable. North 4 aka a k42 West East 4109764 453 f ak43 476 4 10 9832 485 South 4 j82 v 105 454 4aqj1093 the bidding North East South West 3 it pass 6 it pass pass Dale 7 4 pass pass Dale opening of Spades. There Are two Good general rules that govern the question of whether to double the opponents when they have reached their final resting place and you think you have them beaten. One is that you should not double if the knowledge Declarer gains from the double will help him make a contract he would otherwise probably fail to make. The other is that you should not double whenever such action May drive the opponents from a j losing contract to a winning one. A failure to appreciate the i latter principle proved except j tonally expensive in today s hand. East should have quietly passed six no Trump when it came around to him since he had the opponents exactly where he wanted them . When he elected to double in Stead South quickly concluded that East could probably take the first two tricks at six no Trump. So. Rather than pass and take his Medicine at a hopeless contract. South ran to seven clubs trusting he might make this if West failed to find the killing Lead. This proved a smart move when West with no clearly indicated Lead selected the ten of Spades As his opening Salvo. Declarer had no trouble collecting 13 tricks and he scored Points As a result of making the grand slam. The enormity of the loss suffered As a result of the double can Best be appreciated by com paring what actually would have happened had East simply passed six no Trump and cashed the of hearts. He would have been plus 100 instead of minus perhaps even More important than that East might have slept better that night 0 1970, King features Syndicate inc tomorrow the response. By or. Herbert Spaugh burning the Candle at both ends is All too commonplace to Day. The columns of your newspaper Tell that Story daily As we read of Busy and Active men and women who die in life s midday As a result of this. A correspondent drawing attention to this gives me these lines without the author it makes a Lovely Light but of my foes and of my friends it will not last the magazines and books today Are filled with articles on the subject of health. Life insurance companies through advertisements plead with us to live leisurely sanely with con trolled habits of eating and sleeping. All of them urge a regular checkup with a competent physician. Modern science tells us that it is nervous Strain and the tension of modern living which shortens Ife that it is Over worry and not overwork. So Many of us do not know How to say no at the right time. There Are so Many things to do which seem important to us. We should All do our share of work in Church and Community. Some do Little or none with the result that others feel called upon to do too much. It is important that we learn to choose Between the More important and the less important. An ability to do this properly will enable us to Burn our Candle at one end and not at both ends. But the most important thing of All is to do everything in partnership with god. Jesus said seek be first the kingdom of god and his righteousness and All these material things will be added unto you. Take my Yoke upon you and learn of the Yoke is a Symbol of partnership. It is amazing How much we can do and How easily we can do the lines met god in the the author is Bishop Raph Cushman. The poem is found in a pocket prayer Book published by the upper room Nashville Tenn. It is filled with helpful devotional material for the beginning and the ending of the Day. I recommend it heartily to my readers. Its careful use morning and evening will add to your happiness health your usefulness and your years. Write the everyday Counselor care of this newspaper for or. Spaugh s Book e v e r y d a y Counselor for everyday living and pathway to Contentment enclosing Santa be fiesta Santa be. The annual Santa be fiesta each sep tember is full of history tradition and reverence. It begins with the burning of Zoz Obra old Man gloom pushing aside the cares of the everyday world to make Way for fiesta gaiety. The festival atmosphere is in lanced with mariachi bands col Worful Indian dancers and a gaily decorated Plaza in downtown Santa be. There also Are masses religious processions and vespers. It without nervous Strain and tension if we do it in the consciousness that god is with us guiding us directing us and helping us to carry the Load. I once quoted in this column a Little poem entitled secret which commences with of food left Over food to spare Auckland. New zealand a new zealand appetites Are Small by american standards. That s Why when american Oil men Flung a party for 800 people and 1350 turned up there was still food to spare. The oilmen drilling in he South Island s Blackwater Valley. Decided to hold the party for residents of the nearby District of Murchison. For the 800 people they expected to attend they reckoned 2000. Pounds of food would be enough. They ordered 400 pounds of beef five lambs three sheep. 35 chickens 300 pounds of stuffing 40 pounds of sausages and 50 loaves of bread. It was More than enough. A though 550 extra people came along they All had a whale of a t h e time and there was still 20 pounds

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