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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - November 25, 1970, Florence, South CarolinaMorning dropped it a Quarter notch Len t that James a. Rogers John m. O Dowd 1887-1970 James a Rogers editor wednesday morning november 25, 1970 planning lesson Learned it was once a constant emphasis of these columns that the Lack of professional City planning was a primary Florence deficiency. At that time City Council considered itself the City s planning Agency and did not wish a specialized planning Agency. But the time came As certainly it would that Council created a plan Ning commission and added a plan Ning department to City government headed by a full time professionally trained City planner in the person of Davis Byrd. The development resulted from three primary causes first because spectacular City expansion made it apparent that Well planned growth is essential to orderly growth and without it future Florence would be a Hodgepodge of unrelated develop ments void of planned design second because Good planning requires professional planning knowledge done on a full time basis by those whose time is not required in the Day to Day operation and management of City government and third because any substantial Federal financial assistance is conditioned upon carefully conceived planning at the City level. A major function of Florence City government today is planning for land usage housing development Overall and Long Range transportation Parks and recreation Urban renewal downtown revitalization water and sewer expansion and such other studies analyses and projects As Are essential to orderly growth. Thus on monday City Council adopted a Resolution establishing a meaningful and effective continuing housing program presented on behalf of the Florence housing authority by City planner Byrd. The program is related to a Multi million Dollar federally supported Urban renewal project that requires acceptable planning before it can be funded. The Point is that Florence within re cent years has moved into a massive planning program with major Poten tial for realized project goals within coming years. The City of tomorrow is being placed on the drawing boards today As any City must be with an Eye toward Well designed growth. This is what we were saying before the planning Era began. Moreover the concept of planning has extended beyond the City to in clude the county outside City limits. Significantly on the same Day City Council was passing its housing Resolution a comprehensive plan for water and sewer facilities for the Rural portions of Florence county was presented at a meeting of the county legislation delegation. This study sponsored by the Florence county planning commission was designed to provide the background in formation needed for improvement in water and sewer services in centers of population up to inhabitants. Clearly we have reached the Point where we do not Trust the future to itself. We plan for it and that can make All the difference in the world Between a Good future and a poor one. David Lawrence red China s real guilt left unexposed by u. S. Daring raid dramatized concern one of the most languishing aspects of the Vietnam War which has Long since stretched into the longest War for americans in history is the problem. Some captured americans have been held by the North vietnamese for As Long As five years. No one except the North vietnamese knows How Many prisoners Are being held How Many have died or the conditions under which they Are imprisoned. The North vietnamese have been tight lipped about the prisoners ignoring official and private efforts to obtain a list of prisoners held and efforts to arrange for a Freer flow of letters Between the prisoners and their families. Even As combat action in the War has wound Down efforts to negotiate either the release of prisoners or secure information on their Well being has met with no More Success than Effort to negotiate an end to the conflict itself. Against this backdrop the depart ment of defense with president Nixon s approval authorized a daring James Bond Type Rescue operation last weekend. American commandos raided a prisoner of War Camp deep in North Vietnam 23 Miles West of Hanoi in an attempt to Rescue american pos. Secretary of defense Melvin Laird said the operation was undertaken after information had been received indicating our men were dying in prisoner of War As a Rescue operation the raid was costly crime crime costs Money. That fact is made abundantly Clear in figures released by j. Edgar Hoover director of the Federal Bureau of investigation. We he said about High taxes but last year crime Cost every Man woman and child in the United states or a staggering estimated total of billion perhaps this figure Coli d be More meaningful if we realize that for every Dollar spent on education crime costs and for every Dollar which went to churches went to violent acts against persons and property Are an offence against every citizen. Whether he is victim or merely a taxpayer he must foot the Bill. Were 51 affirmative votes in the general Assembly with 4 9 against and 25 abstentions. This was a majority for peking Bat Washington while the american people have been Reading in recent Days about she efforts of backers of red China to obtain a seat in the United nations for the peking regime the administration lost an Opportunity to Tell the world what the real Issue happens to be. On a failure. The raiders found the Camp the ballot this year for the and had been vacated. But As a Mission of red China Thwe demonstration of the concern Felt generally by americans for War prisoners it was a Success. It was also a Success in that All participants not the necessary two thirds in the raid returned safely. A11 through the discussions of the last several weeks about the upcoming vote the United states remained virtually silent. The fact that it is opposed to Hie admission of red China is Well known hut the mystery is Why the Washington government Jid not speak out and disclose what red China has done in the Oast seven an adversary of j i. 1.1 i the United states in Southeast solved. There is a sub human cruelty Asia the communist chinese to a policy which prevents the have sent to the North Viet families of War prisoners from know ing if they Are dead or alive and whether they Are sick or in Good health no matter what nationality they Are. Of All the Complex issues which frustrate efforts to Settle the Vietnam War Hanoi s reluctance to come to terms or even discuss terms on the prisoner question is the hardest to understand. Basic human considerations Are in namese arms and supplies and have provided other forms of assistance in carrying on the War. The peking government has been responsible for the Inis of numerous american lives in Vietnam. It continues support North Vietnam and. Alons with the soviet Union prevents a peace agreement from reached. The antics of Martha Mitchell May under ti1rse brighten Washington society but we circumstances is a government Don t know Why. Ent led to adm Shn in the overdose the rest of the nation is concerned about Vietnam crime violence unemployment inflation Campus unrest youth rebellion but not mrs. Mitchell. N.? should peking be Given the seat of nationalist China in the face of red China s encouragement of aggression by red China against South Viet Nam and the help Given attacks on troops of the United states surely the defense depart ment and the american intelligence services have plenty of information about the part that red China has played in he Vietnam War from the begin Ning. It has helped to Block uie attempts of the South Viet namese people to maintain their Independence. The charter of the United nations states As one of its purposes to develop Friendly relations among nations based on respect for the principle of equal rights and self determination of most countries throughout the world know that red China has played a military role in Southeast Asia yet the mobilization of 51 votes in favor of its admission to the u. Is in a sense a blow at american policy in Southeast Asia. It indicates that Many of the nations Are not concerned with what. Red China has done and that the misdeeds of the communist regime in peking Are being disregarded. Fortunately it has been decided that a two third vote was necessary of peking to get a seat in the u. But the fact that an actual majority was lined up something that has Hanne cd in the previous 19 t Mes the question has Arisen did we vote for two chivas and one Taiwan or one Tina and. Two her concerns Are different and what they Are at any moment is not even a reasonable facsimile of what bothers most americans. Letters to the editor Kov far from original to the editor in All the pros and cons about Good news for modern Man i her latest episode portrays her As have not seen anything con angered by what she considered a Kerning Bibl idolatry or to reduce slap by Connie Stuart the press Secretary of mrs. Richard Nixon. It seems she was hostess to a party which mrs. Stuart reported As one sponsored by Cabinet it s the worst thing i be Ever been through with since i be been in Martha sizzled. Please pass the Alka Seltzer quickly. We be an overdose of Martha. Ridiculous after an extensive investigation United press International has found that the prohibition against Reading and writing in the visitors galleries of damning any of their labours Congress seems to be a Rule without a that Traue led before is in this Tio and Abs drum the King Lames version of the Bible was not handed Down verbatim. Kov was itself a translation of a translation of a translation. If anyone desires to read the Gripina it version he with have to read Koine greek. As a problem this is really a Poser because the of people spoke hebrew and the new testament ones aramaic perhaps some might be helped by what the translators of the Kov themselves had to say about their translation and ail translations. I quote from the liable an american translation j. M. Powis Smith and Edgar j. Goodspeed University of i Voss. Chicago Illinois 1935 we Are so Farr off from con reason. The unwritten regulation has kind. Either in sea. This land or beyond the sea. That we been promulgated for generations by them to have scene congressional leaders without ques raised up of god and that tinning Why. The situation offers an they Des Eruc to be had of is and ironical commentary on the of poster Itic in eve re a s i i n g remembrance. I Herd Ore ridiculous lengths to which tradition blocs cd can by carried. Grce mlle news honoured their and most name that Breake the ice and give the Onset upon that which help eth Forward to the saving of Soules. Now what can Bee More a Kaleab e thereto than to deliver gods books into gods people in a Tongue which they a understand so if we build upon their foundation that went before is and being Holden by their labours Doe endeavour to make that better which they left St Good no Man we Are sure hath cause to dislike is they we persuade ourselves if they were Aliue would thanks is. For is the kingdom of god become words or syllables Why should wee be in bondage to Thorn if we May be free. Needless to say. This preface has been eliminated from modern printings of Kov bibles. And if anyone cannot see that language is living changing much Day by Day and a tremendous change since 1811, god help them Ordinary mortals cannot. W. L. Neal or. Florence sen. Muskie unappreciated to the editor your editorial saturday was praising sen. A Elmund Muskie keep no he has far being Calm and Down the rhetoric. If been attacked by a mob instead of president Nixon do you think he would have been so Cool and Calm on the same Page of your paper i see where the Black panthers have offered to Send troops to Vietnam to help the Viet Cong gun Down american boys. Do you think patriotic americans would like to see our president get up set Over something like that or use Muskie s quiet persuasive style As you described it while you Are on Muskie s bandwagon Why Don t you Tell the voters that he is in favor of bussing children to achieve integration and that he also voted against confirmation of judge Haynsworth and judge Carswell. I never thought i would see a newspaper in the South endorsing such a Liberal As son. Muskie. If the people in this state support such a candidate i will go along with the majority Rule but when the same people Start their complaining about various issues that liberals arc noted for i am not going to by tuned in. Deva l. Mccarley Florence is an ominous piece of news particularly for the Small coun tries of the world so Many of which helped to make up the 51 votes that went to the peking Side last week. For if the Prin Ciple of self determination is abandoned might will seem to make right and ambitious governments will feel free to take Over other countries without tear of interference. The Vietnam conflict May seem to Many people to be an irrelevant War but actually it involves a matter of major importance to the future of world peace. Unless nations Are Able to get the help of free countries when they Are victims of aggression or when they Are threatened with invasion by imperialistic governments they cannot retain their in dependence. The United nations then becomes meaningless As a protector. Domestic flying j has its bad Days one afternoon last week we flew into Atlanta from Antonio Texas where along with president Walter d. Smith a of Francis Marion College and president Theodore s. Stern of the College of Charleston we had attended a two Days meeting of the american association of state colleges universities. Of the flight was Jet smooth. The Only trouble was that it was five hours off schedule. Scheduled to leave san Antonio at 8-45 a m and arrive in Atlanta some two hours was Well past 1 . Before we left the Texas terminal and far too late getting to Atlanta for making connection with a Piedmont flight to Florence which would have returned us to our desk in time for a full afternoon s work. The trouble was no. 2 engine so we were informed at l san Antonio boarding time that morning. But the problem would be corrected within a few minutes the Public address system further informed us. Not until the minutes had drags ged past an hour were we told of More engine problem anticipated and that the flight had been tentatively cancelled. When we finally dropped Down through the Clouds onto the Atlanta Airport the Day was Well spent and once Back Over Florence still later the night lights of the City were spread out like a Brilliant Star Field. For 12 hours we had been in route Home but in actual flight less than four hours. A fatality of the experience was a Story about How Small the world has become in san Antonio then a 1200 mile Jaunt from out of the South West and Back Home in time to meet a mid afternoon copy deadline for the next Day s paper. But the problems of that Day notwithstanding those South carolinians who fought at the Alamo situated in the heart. Of modern san Antonio would View incredulously the achievement of even a 12-hour interval Between departing that City and arriving in Florence. How they Ever got that. Far away from Home in the vast world of the 1830s is of even. Greater incredulity to persons of the Jet age. Somehow though along the Wagon trails cutting through wilderness and across great Rivers they made it. And there today along with other defenders of the Alamo their names their deeds and the special Breed they represented Are part of the Legen Day history of Texas and the Union of states to which Texas became United. Reflecting on our own 12-hour transit and less than four hour flight time we ran across a piece by syndicated columnist Sidney Harris telling of the frustrations of domes tic air travel. One Day last he wrote. I had to Fly from Green Bay wis., to Pellston mich., a distance of less than 200 Miles directly across Lake Michigan. I won t bore you with the grisly details but suffice to say i could Fly from Green Bay to Paris in less on second thought. I will bore you with the grisly details. Yvo my plane let me off at grand rapids for a two hour wait. Another plane put me Down in traverse City for a half hour s wait. I arrived at Pellston Airport later than if i id taken a non Stop Jet to Chicago and transferred to another plane going to Paris. And it was an even longer wait getting Back a four hour wait at grand rapids in less time than it took us to get from san Antonio to Florence last week we flew one Day from Athens Greece to new York with a Stopover in Paris. Still we Are not complaining that they took care to fix that no. 2 engine before they put us in the air Billy Gas Ham says As a Christian How should i Deal with people who Hurt me i have been unjustly criticized and i Don t know what to in about it. . Look at Jesus on the Cross Here were evil vengeful men spitting on him. Mocking him and taunting Allun justly. As he looked at them he saw hatred in their faces violence in their hands foul language upon their lips and blackness in their hearts. Nothing could have called for a greater reaction. But. What did lie do he said father forgive them for they know not what they you May say surely but that was Christ and i am just a Normal person. If you Are a Christian with christ1 living in you you arc not just a. Normal person you have the greatest superhuman p o w e f known on Earth the Power to. Forgive. Paul wrote to the colossians who were harassed on every hand unjustly Christ is All and in he reminded them that their bodies were the Temple of actual abode of the Savior. Memoirs Why should t former soviet Premier n i k i t a Khrushchev prepare his memoirs and Why should t they be published for the world to read we would like to believe that the bundle of reminiscences acquired by time inc., and to be published in Book form by Little Brown Are genuine despite contrary comment via task. After All Here s a Man who played a key role in the latter years the denunciation of Stalin the Post Stalin struggle for Power the Days of sputnik the Effort to plow the Steppes the drive to draw even with the United states. The peasant shrewd Khrushchev May have very interesting things to say even though the original documents Are said to be rambling and repetitive. The soviet govern ment should get Over the habit of making anyone deposed from Power an at least Moscow has had to mention the word Khrushchev in publishing houses in Brit am Western Europe Israel. Australia even Finland old Nikita is going to have some Impact on world opinion. How this manuscript which indubitably exists was prepared How it reached America is a mystery temporarily wrapped in an Enirma. Khrushchev May have used a tape recorder. Close friends May have taken notes from conversations. The times of London even suggests that the soviet secret police for reasons of their own sent the memoirs Westward. Interesting indeed would be Khrushchev s experiences with Stalin his account of what happened to Beria his tale of Power rivalries within the dictatorship. We d even like to hear his impressions of his american tour the Garst farm visit the helicopter ride when he saw the five of clock traffic jams. The sex Premier says he never turned any memoirs Over to a foreign publishing House. His denial does t preclude the possibility that someone else did Khrushchev was too Flam Boyant for the russian temperament. Major projects of his turned sour. Ruthless under Stalin he later gave the arts modestly More Freedom than they today enjoy. He opened a few doors. And he was always colourful newspaper copy. Memoirs sometimes turn out to he dul. As dishwater. With Khrushchev maybe not if the real flavor of the Man comes through. Christian science Monitor Fller Rorr of fila Florence morning news i Mirshid Dally and sunday i i. Dirty is. Florence 5.c. 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