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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - November 24, 1973, Florence, South CarolinaIts saturday november our 50th year 328 Florence s. C. Daily Sun Day Chou s policies apparently win out Tokyo api Secretary of state Henry a. Kissinger s warm reception in peking suggests that Chou in Lai and sino american relations were winners in a major. Chinese policy review. Analysts Here believe Chou and his moderate policies including rapprochement the United states have been under Sharp attack from the extreme left Wing since late september. They say he was criticized in particular for rehabilitating prominent party leaders earlier brought Down by the left Wing during the 1966-s9 cultural revolution. These include former party general Secretary Tang Hsiao Ping. Inner mongolian chief Lanfu and former vice Premier Tan Cheri Lin. The Campaign against Chou was buried in seemingly innocent comment Aries on the role news analysis of the philosopher confucius who died More than years confucius is debunked As a great , and pictured As selfish Power hungry and yearning for a return to he Good old Days. He is described As hostile to social Reform. Unhappy Over the Lack of Justice intent on re storing the hereditary rights of the aristocrats and bringing those already toppled Back to Power. L or anyone with a Bent for literary allusion the chinese Are particularly adept at that sort of Hing the word Chou in Lai need Only be substituted for to strike embarrassingly close to the 75-year-old Premier. Chou occasion rebuked the left Wing for its excesses during the cultural revolution complained that purge victims were not being fairly judged and helped restore he nation to sanity after it was Over. With the disappearance and presumed death of communist party Leader Mao tse Tung s former successor designate de sense minister Lin i Iao and the purge of Mao s old private Secretary Chen a la the left Wing has been left in tatters. In the Cul. Lurnel purge Days it was led by Mao s wife Chiang Ching. And her protege literary critic Yap Wen Yuan. Chang Chun chm another member of the old left is believed to be closer to Chou now that he has been named to the standing of Milieo of the party politburo. Miss world 1973 Marjorie Wallace a 19 year old Monde from Indianapolis Indiana Waves from her throne after she was crowned miss world 1973.in London Friday night. She is the first Ameri can to be selected in the 22-year history of the miss world contest a Dollar rallies i after lengthy world decline general motors cuts production by Koit i al1 a decline car sales attributed by servers to consumer fears Jihor tages has forced general 16 Cut Hack Oil scheduled Auto pro automaker said a i Dayt is cancelling Domesio find cent of its Normal some 711.wh during the Meekof dec.17. J he cutback affects mostly. Standard and intermediate models a spokesman said bidding production v a Ili Jorfor omit Meek Only. In explaining he action. Of Hoard chairman Lii hard Stenburg noted a 10 per cent in Lusty wide sales decline from and consumer prefer once for smaller cars. A company spokesman while nol attributing the cutback see cars. Page Isa i London Lapi the Dollar rallied sharply in Kurop in Friday reaching some of its Best Levels in eight months. Improved . Trade and the Oil crisis in Europe have helped the Dollar s Rise dealers said. One senior foreign Exchange dealer Here spoke of a new wave of Confidence in the Dol Larthe Long troubled . Currency which was devalued and began a Steep downhill float in March hit lows during the summer. But it has been recovering More or less steadily Ever since. By Friday the Dollar had regained most of the ground lost since March in prance for example a Dollar bought 4.54 francs on March 19. The Day the float started. July 6. The. Dollar was Worth Only 3.92 French francs but on Friday the . Currency was Hack up to 4.50 francs. The pattern against other leading european currencies was similar. Dealers generally offered iwo explanations. 1 he Oil crisis they said has been Good news for. The Dollar. The improving . Foreign Trade picture has also helped.. Foreign Trade figures for october Are due out monday and they Are expected to be Good. Foreign Lade losses had been a major Factor in the weakness of the Dollar that led to devaluations and downward floats. Other overseas spending such As the Vietnam War also contributed. Kor. 1972 he United states lost some billion in Trade and some Iii lion in its Over All balance of payments. But Trie devaluation in february the second in 14 months made . Goods cheaper than those of rival firms in Kurop and Japan. The theory was that . Foreign Trade earnings should improve and the Dollar with them. By summer it began to happen. In september . Treasury Secretary George p. Shully. Predicted a surplus in both the . Trade balance and the Basic payments balance next Vear. The Dollar began improving Hen bul has . Joint space trainees . Astronaut Eugene n. Cernan far right walks with other members of a joint soyuz Apollo space team thursday. They Are shown in a snowy Forest near Moscow on the Way to Kaluga where they undergoing training for a 1975 space Mission. Other , from left Jack r. Lousma Thomas p. Robert f. Overmyer Karol Bobko and russian cosmonaut Alexei Leonov. A Airfield shelled Sac on Al communist forces shelled i Leikus Airfield with m rockets Friday in the heaviest rocket attack in k months government military sources said. At least were wounded in the shelling sources said. Gyroscope fails aboard skylab on Mideast fronts Day an says Arab forces re equipped space Center Houston the map a control Gyroscope failed aboard America s space station Friday and officials said loss of another one could Force them Day skylab 3 Mission to be shortened. Night director Phil Shaffer said the space station can con line to function effectively with Only two of ils three control Cyros. Bul Maneu vers of the orbiting Laboratory will be More difficult and will require increased use of control Gas jets. By the associated press. Defense minister Munshe Dayan of Israel Niri Friday the soviet Union has re equipped he armed forces of Syria and Egypt since of Lobar and thai War could resume despite peace talks. We Are facing not the end of the War hut he beginning with the syrians and the egyptians. Israeli newspapers reported thai Israel s forces along the syrian front were on maximum Alert and a a. Spokesman at he site of cease fire talks on the Road said tension on that front was mounting and Isa Chance of More radio Damascus said the syrian government has rejected an Exchange of War prisoners with Israel and might not attend a proposed peace Middle East conference As spelled nut in a cease fire agreement worked out by Secretary of slate Henry a. Kissinger earlier the month. In Cairo an editor with close links to president Anwar Sadat of Egypt wrote that Israel May resort to atomic bombs in the even of new fighting. Mohammed a Hassanein Heikal writing in the sem official newspaper Al ashram. Called on he arabs to put up a unified strategy to produce or to obtain nuclear weapons. Israel has nuclear reactors but it has never announced it has developed atomic bombs. Al Kil Omeler i0l. The ceasefire talks site inside Egypt. Israeli and egyptian generals met in a two hour session and set another conference for saturday. Informants told newsmen there that some Progress was made. Hut Dayan. Speaking before the israeli bar association in Tel Aviv called the reports of Progress too optimistic. The defense minister who wears a Palch Over one Eye said the soviet Union had rebuilt he arabs to a Point where Syria now has new tanks and 460 warplanes. The egyptians he added now have tanks and ski warplanes. Before the october War Egypt had 2.000 tanks and 620 combat aircraft while the syrians went into Battle Wilh 1.170 Lanks and 326 planes. Their exact losses in october were not reported. Israel went into the fight with tanks my 4fifl planes. The United states is believed o have Send planes and other War equipment to the israelis to make up for their october losses but the numbers of planes and amounts of equipment were not known. Uayan said but despite the soviet Aid to the arabs on the military level the fight is be tween Israel and the arabs. We Are stronger than the arabs but we have to have the nerves. We Are now 20 Kilometres nearer to Damascus and 70 Kilometres from Cairo. This Puls us in a much stronger position for negotiations. Are facing nil the end of the War. But the beginning will the syrians and the egyptians and i Don t know about the other Dayan said the arabs Rush toward a peace conference with Israel docs not mean they Are burning for peace Bill they Are waiting for an israeli withdrawal from occupied Arab territory. He indicated there were differences Between Israel and Washington Over he withdrawal cite lion. Why Daya n asked did the americans offer Israel guarantees because the Borders in question Are meaning not he said lie warned Israel May be in for a bitter struggle adding that if we have to we will mobilize the jewish comm Nily in America on Israel s behalf. The failure occurred Early Friday morning. The Gigli la Day of he Mission while skylab 3 astronauts Gerald p. C birr Wil Liam u. Pogue and Edward g. Gibson were asleep. The Asl Ronals continued with their Normal flight Active pcs do spill the problem. Their plan for the Day included he from space of the Comet Kohoutek. I Ozguc using a 35mm camera with a powerful Lens was to Lake photos of the. Comet in the first of hundreds of Kohoutek studies planned by the Crew. Kohoutek. A visitor from deep space called the Cornel of the Century because of its Bright Ness is speeding toward a Christmas Loop around the Sun. It is now about 137 million Miles from the Sun and is growing gradually brighter in the Southeastern predawn skies. Shaffer in a news conference said Hal skylab s two remaining control gyros arc we think we can do every thing in the Mission flight plan it s going to fake us longer to make Maneu vers and we re going to use More control Gas because we Don t have the Energy to drive furn be vehicle Over As Shaffer said that if another control Gyro fails we believe we can Fly for20 or25 More Days loss of a second Gyro. He said would mean that the space Laboratory would be controlled almost exclusively by control Gas jets on the station and thrusters on the Apollo command ship attached to one end of the Laboratory. The sup ply of propellant in the Apollo thrusters and control Gas jets is limited he added. Shaffer said the Gyro a Parr cantly failed after

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