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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - November 24, 1970, Florence, South CarolinaJohn m. O Dowd 18s7-1970 can t you think of William s. James a. Rogers editor tuesday morning november 24, 1970 textiles a special Case in South Carolina where textile manufacturing and employment loom so Large on the economic horizon it almost Borders on heresy to suggest that legislation now pending in the Congress to limit textile Competition from abroad May not be an answer to prayer. It is True that cheaper textile imports principally from Japan Are undercutting sales of higher priced american made textile products. But textile interests pressing for quotas on competitive imports Aren t the Only ones wanting Protection against foreign Competition. The Trade Bill As passed by the u. S. House of representatives would allow makers of some 120 other products automatic Protection if competing imports rises above certain Levels. It is conceivable that the Senate May tack on a few More items. Textiles and shoes top the list of items in the Trade Bill. Andrew f. Brimmer Federal Reserve system governor estimates that americans will have to spend nearly mole for these items Over the next four years if the Trade Bill passes. And in a time when everyone is fret Ting Over inflation the higher prices Pawl for shoes and textile products alone would raise the consumer Price Index by nearly a full Point. If the whole bag of protected items included in the present Bill wins approval it could Light a whole string of inflationary fires. The most serious consequence of enactment of Broad protectionist legislation As Congress seems in a mood to do would be retaliatory moves against american exports. The most Likely victims would be american agricultural products something this country has in Over abundance and needs to Market freely in International Trade. Presumably such South Carolina farm products As tobacco soybeans and peaches would be adversely affected in retaliatory moves by foreign countries against tightened u. S. Import restrictions. Textile interests argue that theirs is a special Case an argument of Merit in View of the size of the nation s textile Industry. Nationally some persons Are employed in textiles. It was about More a year ago. But while economic pressures have forced some textile plants to close and others to 1 a off workers and put some on Short work weeks the Overall unemployment rate in Tex tiles is below the National unemployment average of 5.6 per cent. A Good Case can be made for treating the problem of textile imports As a special Case. In the Carolinas alone textile workers of them in the Palmetto state have been Laid off. Thousands of others Are on shortened work schedules meaning their earnings have been Cut. Doves practice double Standard Washington the utter possibility of dealing with the extreme doves of the Senate and the unexampled irresponsibility of their conduct in general has never been More plainly shown that in the current struggle Over the president s request for ?255 Mil lion in Aid to Cambodia. The administration s Bill seeks additional assistance for Israel too and this is no real trouble As most certainly it should not be since this Tough Little nation is a Resolute Island of anti communism in the Middle East. Cambodia however is quite a different thing to such far out peace Niks of the foreign relations committee As Sens. J. William Fulbright of Arkansas and Frank Church of Idaho. Dogs in the Manger can make marvelous double standards and so it is with Fulbright and Church. Consider some unchallengeable history. No two men in the country have so Long and so hysterically clamoured for a retirement yesterday of american troops from Vietnam. No two men in the country have so tirelessly pressed the presi Dent to Vienna Mize that War and to bring our boys no two men in the country in Short have been so insistent. Kostof Ond Geoffrey what accounts for Campus quiet Washington the campuses Are unusually quiet. Stu but if Congress insists on putting Dent violence is definitely on the something for everyone into the Wane Trade Bill As events have shown to president Nixon has done be the inclination on Capitol Hill much to bring it about. He has the consequences could be disastrous. It could be a Case of the Medicine being worse than the illness. In Vietnam visibly steadily and irreversibly. Smoothing path for new governor Given the recessionary character of the Economy in South Carolina and the nation smoothing the fiscal path for governor elect John c. West will not be easy. But outgoing gov. Robert e. Mcnair nevertheless is gallantly trying to leave the state s fiscal matters in Good shape for his Suc Cessor. A deficit of resulting in Large part from a slowdown in the Economy nationally faces the state by die end of the fiscal year next june 30. Gov. Mcnair with less than two months left to serve could pass the problem on to West. But he has t chosen to do that which says something commendable about his sense of responsibility. He has ordered state agencies to trim their spending by 6 per cent. The implication is that unless it is done voluntarily by the agencies the state budget and control Board will impose pruning. The state now enjoys the Best credit rating obtainable and apparently gov. Mcnair wants to assure that it will not be threatened. The incoming governor and the peo ple can be thankful for his concern. He in t going to Stop there. He plans major Steps to implement the balanced and valuable report of the Scranton commission on student unrest. They will be forthcoming soon. They will show that vice presi Dent Agnew did not persuade president Nixon that the report was More pabulum for the Money problems Are not new to the state but Peculiar the Campus quiet fulfils circumstances surround the current the forecast of a special Survey deficit situation. By the to Urban Institute released by the Scranton Corn when Ernest f. Rollings sue Mission. Recommendations of the Scran ton report that the president exercise his reconciling moral leadership to prevent violence and create Many have been wondering when or. Nixon was going to Start. But he started to do one of the main things the commission said he should do Long before the report was written closing out the . Role in the War in Viet Nam. The president removed the cutting Edge of the Issue which More than All others provoked student dissent and put into the the militant the Means of turning dissent into disruption. To Many students Vietnam it showed most College and needed George b. Timmerman As j j i. At our ecu Avi governor in 1959, he faced deficit administrators faculty Senate cumulation of about million chairmen and student represent Hollings remedy was a package of natives believed incidents of tax increases siphoning new revenues from several sources. Uses during the new schoo new taxes were the answer then year but there appears Little likelihood they Haven to that route can be pursued sue the news Media seized almost Cess fully next year. Recessionary exclusively on one of the Many conditions in the country make it a poor time to seek new taxes. Also South carolinians Are just now get Ting accustomed to the one cent addition to the sales tax making it four per cent added in 1969 and adjustments made in other taxes. Austerity appears to be the necessary alternative to new taxes at least the alternative to any major tax increase. And to gov. Mcnair s credit he is shouldering responsibility for spending cutbacks in state agencies when the much quiz easier course would be to leave the worrying to someone else namely the next administration. You Ever had a Strong urge to learn How to by a. C. Gordon 1. What nation s people Are the greatest Consumers of fresh water in the world 2. In what City do the greatest traffic jams in the world occur 3. From what literary work comes the famous line something is Rotten in the state of 4. Who developed a successful cure for yellow fever 5. What is the essential difference Between homicide and murder answers 1. United states. 2. Tokyo Japan. 3. Shakespeare s 4. Or. Walter Reed 1851 5. Homicide Means simply the killing of another person while murder Means killing a person with malice aforethought. Was an emotional and violent Issue and it produced an emotional and violent reaction. The president defused it. Surveys of Campus opinion show that most students do not favor get out now and support the present Pace of . Withdrawal. Ending the War in Vietnam will not end Campus unrest. Students Are deeply and rightly dissatisfied with Many shortcomings of our society. They want the Promise of full Justice and dignity for Blacks and other minorities speedily fulfilled. They want their government More committed to reducing poverty and repairing the plight of ghetto living. They want their own education to be More meaningful. There will continue to be Campus unrest and dissent. There should be. It s a needed stimulus. But this is just the Start of what the president is prepared to do to help Channel student dissent to constructive purposes. It can be said with knowledge that there will be an Early and favourable Nixon response to the Scranton report. It will show a president intent upon carrying out numerous of its recommendations. It has already been explored with former gov. William Scranton who is delighted at what now appears in the making. President Nixon is quite sym pathetic to the main thrust of the report. He wants it Clear that the colleges get their Charters and most of their funds from the states and that primary responsibility is with the states not with the Federal government. But he accepts the idea that a president can and should exercise moral responsibility to help the vast majority of students who want no part of violence to see that their views Are esteemed and heeded by a government which respects and wants to make them a National asset. Billy Graham says i asked forgiveness from a Friend whom i wronged but he has not forgiven me. What can i do . When you forgive or ask forgiveness a spiritual Power is released to you whether the person wronged Grants forgiveness or not. It is the attitude of your heart that god looks upon and honors. Chesterfield said Little vicious minds abound with anger and revenge and Are incapable of feeling the pleasure of forgiving their the narrow soul knows not the god like glory of forgiving. They miss the Blessing of taking the sponge of graciousness and wiping out the sordid happenings of the past. You have done All you can do. Now go thy Way and sin no he who does a wrong against another suffers twice one for the remorse for having done wrong and again for the agony of knowing the offended might never forget it so you have Learned one of life s most valuable lessons and you must tread softly lest you offend others and compound the agony of conscience that comes through hurting others. The important thing is god has forgiven you. He says if we confess our sins and you have he is faithful just to f9rgive our sins and to cleanse us from All the last part of this Promise is poignant. When he touches our hearts we Are cleansed of impure thoughts and untoward acts. His presence makes All the difference. State department stall on Tydings report incensed Fulbright by Jack Anderson Washington the Story can now be told How the state department rep deadly defied the Senate foreign relations com Mittee when the committee sought to get to the Bottom of misconduct charges against sen. Joe Tydings did. The incident led to a confrontation Between foreign relations chairman Bill Fulbright the caustic Arkansas Democrat and Secretary of state William Rogers the most easy going personable Man in the Nixon Cabinet. At the height of the affair Rogers trying to Start out of it refused even to answer an official written request from Fulbright in which the senator angrily threatened to Cut off slate department funds if he did t get the information he wanted. It All started last August life Magazine s report that Tydings had misused his in fluence to help some business associates get a state depart ment loan. Fulbright immediately asked the state department for a full report. In his letter to Scott Heuer the inspector general for foreign assistance Fulbright also asked for an interim report on the matter in Case the full report proved to be when an official in the bureaucracy gets a request from t h e congressional. Committee that oversees his department he acts fast. So Fulbright got his reply from Heuer the next aug. 26, promising a thorough investigation and an interim report if the full report took a Long time. That was the last evidence of haste by the state department. Late in september the foreign relations staff began to hound Heuer for the report. Several times he promised it would be ready in a matter of Days. But it never arrived. Early in october Heuer said there would be an indefinite delay. Fulbright was furious. On oct. 12, he fired off a letter to Rogers. The letter demanded copies of All correspondence memoranda and other documents on the Tydings loan As Well As copies of any draft investigative reports on the Fulbright reminded Rogers Starc Hily that if a formal re quest for information from a congressional committee is not met within 35 Days the com Mittee can Cut off funds from the offending office. I said Fulbright in closing the department will be cooperative with the committee on this problem so that it will not be necessary to invoke the sanctions of Section 624 d please advise me As to when the committee can expect to receive this although Rogers s office received the Fulbright letter the after it was mailed the Secretary never answered it. Instead Fulbright got a copy of the final full report a full month later a week after the elec Tion. The report cleared the Defeated Tydings belatedly of misusing his influence. No interim report was Ever received Fulbright was so in Censed that he made a speech about it when the democrats Ca cased behind closed doors a Coors the beginning of t in current lame Duck session of Congress. Questioned by this column about his failure to answer Fulbright s request Rogers passed the Buck saying he had Only a minor role in the matter. He referred the questions to William Macomber the state department s Liaison officer with Congress who said he had taken charge of the matter after the first Fulbright letter in Heuer. It is customary for Heuer to report to the Secretary himself. Macomber said we certainly did t want the Secretary involved in he further insisted that the department acted honorable in the matter and vigorously denied that there had been any political pressure from the White House to hold up the report. Asked Why Fulbright had never received the promised interim report Mac ombre said it had simply slipped his mind. Meanwhile Heuer the Man who did the report is out of the country. Sen. Howard Baker r tenn., Ever eager to get ahead in the Senate paid unpublicized Call upon president Nixon at key Biscayne fla., recently to seek support for the Senate Republican leadership. Baker was testing the water to find out whether he might be Able to oust Veteran Senate gop Leader Hugh Scott. But the president would have no part of the plot. He said he had intervened twice As vice president in backstage House leadership Battles and had been badly he stated emphatically therefore that he would never get involved in another Senate or House leadership fight and that he would instruct his aides to remain strictly Neutral. Footnote Scott appears to be in no danger of losing the leadership. Re elected to the Senate by a greater vote than any other Republican he has picked up support from at least two who previously had backed Baker. They Are senators Marlowe Cook r-ky., and Ted Stevens a Alaska. That somebody or anybody take Over the Burden of combat in Vietnam. So some time ago or. Nixon begins to Shore up the still pathetically weak military forces of Cambodia in the Hope that these May be Able with the rising effectiveness of the South vietnamese troops themselves to breast the communist tide so our own Fellows can indeed come Home. So then what Well when the president in the current Bill attempts precisely this to enable the cambodians to take up a Load which the Fulbright and churches Are adamantly determined that our own troops must Lay Down what is response of these same Fulbright and automatically it is to before the administration has had the slightest Chance to explain and to justify it the Cam Bodian Aid program upon which the foreign relations com Mittee is to have in a word it is an Alice in wonderland world verdict first evidence later. This is. Of course a sour mockery of the hearing process. What kind of a hearing is it to be when the chairman of the committee and one of is most faithful satellites have clearly already made up their minds both Mouths already pursed with the words no. No no. How can any president of the United states Cope with this kind of reasoning to use a euphemism for non reason How can and president fulfil his. Constitutional obligation t of direct the foreign policy of this country when a handful so reeking doves in a Senate committee concludes that the highest professional military officers of the United states men who have put their lives on the line for this nation again and Anain either Don t know what is needed in a wholly military matter or perhaps Are prepared to lie about it anyhow this last question is posed because Fulbright and company most of whom Don t know a Rifle butt from a hand grenade have decided to sent staff investigators for which read primarily Fulbright ghost writers of exercise their infinite Wisdom Linon this Issue and bring Back the real military poop. Those who Are so naive As to believe that these staff in j a estimators will return with in formation displeasing to the pre. Judgments of the Fulbright and churches Are of course entitled to this massive credulous Ness. Still it is perhaps not against the Law to pose to them. This Unerv if tragically Werp victims of brain tumors1.- would they Call in professional surgeons or would they the opinions of. Say men in he Art of preparing slogans in an advertising pain English lessons by w. L. Gordon words often misused do not say i have no in my mind but what he will omit in my and say i have no that he will x often miser of bounced pronounce second syllable As and not Aspi so often accent on first syllable. Often misspelled Corporal adjective meaning concerning the body also a noun meaning a non commissioned army officer corporeal 7. Synonyms Tepi Dity disinterest concern insouciance non Chalance languor apathy stoicism. Word study use a word three times and it is let us increase our vocabulary by mastering one word each . Today s jingoism aggressive patriotism. The politician s speech was Replete off lib Florence morning news published Dolly Ond sunday 141 t. Allty 51. 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