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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - November 24, 1970, Florence, South CarolinaOur 47th year no. 3328 the Only daily paper published in Eastern South Carolina Florence s. A tuesday morning november 24, 1970 daily 5cv, sunday 15e state agencies told to Cut budget appropriations Columbia a state agencies got the grim word monday to slice their current budget appropriations by 6 per cent to head off a predicted million deficit for the present fiscal year. A spokesman in the office of gov. Robert e. Mcnair said the orders for the Money Cut Are going out this week and be come effective dec. 1. Department Heads Are being told not. To Cut salaries to meet the slash but they also Are being advised that Hopes for employee pay raises have All but vanished the spokesman said. He said the state will meet All contract obligations. The spokesman said the Bud get cuts would apply to All state agencies and depart ments. Speculation had been that some agencies might be affected More than others. Mcnair s office said letters concerning the budget cuts would be mailed to department Heads As soon As they can be Mcnair recently met behind closed doors with department executives and advised them to submit two new budgets one reflecting a 6 per cent cutback and another a 3 per cent Cut. The state sustained a million deficit during the fiscal year which ended june 30. Expectations Are for a deficit of at least million for the cur rent year. Officials have blamed the downward trend in the National Economy for the slumping re venues coming into South Caro Lina s till. During last week s precession caucus of state legislators Robert c. Wasson chairman of the state tax commission said it was their constitutional duty to erase any budget deficits in the past and not to spend in the red in the future. The budget Cut is expected to affect most harshly those agencies that have Little control Over their spending patterns such As the department of Cor sent to them and the mental j the 1971-72 budget and decides hospitals have no say in who is j whether to recommend a tax committed. All agencies have indicated however they will be willing to take any possible measures to meet the tightened budget. The agencies ability to help the present budget was devised on the theory tax intake would increase by about 9 per cent As in years past. Wasson said tax receipts Are increasing but by Only 6 per cent Over last year s rate. He said corporation tax receipts Are Down nearly 20 per cent be cause of a especially affecting the state s Tex tile Industry. The legislators also were told i Over the number of inmates land control boards maps out state government employees. Sections and the department of make up the budget deficit out i mental health. 0f their budgets this year will the prisons have no a major Factor As the budget state agencies have Alread asked budget increases of More than ?20 million for the 1971-72 j fiscal year which begins nex july 1. That figure does not in clude a request for teacher pay raises or salary increases for american raiders Fai to free . Raid fails to free prisoners defense Secre tary Melvin r. Laird monday announced that . Forces had launched a helicopter raid into North Vietnam in an Effort to free held prisoner by Hanoi. But he told a Washington news conference the raid on the Pri Soner of War Camp at son Tay on Friday proved fruitless. Broad area chilled its Winter in pee Dee Roll out the blankets and turn i Northwest Indiana the Northeast up the heat. It s Winter in the Corner of Ohio pee Dee. Shivering under the Impact of monday night s below freezing temperatures the pee Dee and the rest of South Carolina is faced with the Prospect of the col dest weather this season during the next few Days. Temperatures were expected to dip to the mid 20s in the Florence area monday night is a slow moving Arctic air mass extending from upper new York Down into upper Florida swept across the state. The cold air mass produced by a High pressure area located in the Midwest is expected to control the weather for the next few Days and give the area below average temperatures. The pee Dee can expect highs in the Low 40s tuesday with highs in the upper 40s on wednesday. Lows during the two nights will be in the 20s. Normal temperatures for this time of year Range from highs in the mid 60s to lows in the 40s. The state temperature around the was steadily dropping monday night. By 10 p. M., it was 35 in the Florence area. Other parts of the state had not faired so Well however. At Greer it was 21 by 10 p. At Anderson the Mercury had drop Ped to 28. The Carolina coast from Savannah ga., to Wilmington ., had experienced Light rain and Gusty winds As Small Craft warnings were posted. Snow flurries were forecast for the Northern mountains of the state but chances dimmed during the night. Temperatures were expected to dip to the teens however in the Northern sections. And highs for that area tuesday will reach Only the 30s. The Large Arctic air mass covered much of the Northwest and the vast expanse from the Rockies to the Atlantic. It is bringing the coldest weather of the season. And Winter warnings were in effect monday state area night for a 20 in the Pacific Northwest and in a Belt from the great lakes across the East to the Southland. Travellers warnings have been issued for Interior sections of Washington and Oregon because of freezing rain occasionally mixed with Snow. Travellers or heavy Snow warnings Are posted for most of Michigan extreme Western new York state and Northwestern Pennsylvania because of Snow squalls blowing off the great lakes on Strong onshore winds. Near blizzard conditions exist along the Eastern Shore areas of lakes Erie and Ontario. Snow Depths Range up to a foot and a half at the town of evens about 20 Miles Southwest of Buffalo n. Y., where roads Are completely impassable. Four dead in tavern shooting new York a two men finished drinks in the sunny bar Grill Early monday then held up the place and shot All six persons in the tavern killing four of them. The dead included the woman owner of the tavern on Avenue a opposite Tompkins Square Park on the lower East Side. One of the wounded customers told police that As one of the robbers rifled the till the other shot everyone present. The pair fled with an undetermined amount of Money. Mayor John v. Lindsay term ing the killings a brutal and horrifying said police commissioner Patrick v. Mur Phy had taken personal charge of the investigation. Senators debate action Washington a reacting with Surprise and scepticism Senate War critics asked monday if the unsuccessful weekend raid to Rescue american prisoners in North Vietnam Means the Nixon administration has abandoned Hopes of winning their Freedom through negotiation. Sen. Edward m. Kennedy Massachusetts assistant demo cratic Leader spearheaded a late afternoon debate after Secretary of defense Melvin r. Laird released the details of the Rescue attempt. Prisoner reef Camp vacated Rescue team says Washington a a Small task Force of and air Force volunteers staged a commando style raid deep into North Vietnam last Friday in fruitless Effort to free american prisoners Secretary of de sense Melvin r. Laird announced monday. Laird told a news conference the Rescue team found no prisoners when they landed in helicopters inside a prisoner of War Camp at son Tay about 23 Miles West of Hanoi in Post Midnight darkness. The Camp recently had been vacated he said. The daring raid first Ever inside North Vietnam was approved by president Nixon Sev eral hours before it was mounted. Many earlier efforts to res Cue individual pilots downed in North Vietnam have been triads but this was the first Camp raid. Laird a d he recommended the operation because of new we received this reports of Landing near Hanoi col. Arthur d. Simons left reports to month that some of our men a Pentagon news conference monday How he led a Small band of men in a Landing in North Vietnam to try to Rescue american prisoners of War. With him from left Are defense Secretary Melvin r. Laird adm. Thomas a. Moorer chairman of the joint chiefs of staff and air Force Brig. Gen. Leroy j. Manor who Wos in Overall charge of owners even though it failed to the task Force. A sen. Robert Dole r-kan., de fended the action saying it was successful in demonstrating american concern for the Pris in prisoner of War were doing the commando raid took place around 2 a.m., North Viet find or free is the senator satisfied that this provides a much better Way of freeing the prisoners than ne-1 Kennedy asked. Dole replied that he favors their release through negotiations. But negotiations have he said. What do we do in the Back and wait some of these men have been languishing in prison for five and they re Kennedy said. Spy flights continuing despite enemy protests Saigon a the United states kept up spy flights Over North Vietnam monday in the still i face of protests and a there do the communists to i Boycott the Paris peace talks this is the american spirit because of the heavy weekend in the highest the North said adding that in my Opin a the Recor Naissance flights Ion it was successful because . Concern was demonstrated and All . Personnel got Back even though the strike failed to free any i Admire their Kennedy said. I just deplore he policy that permitted them to he said the quickest Way you get the prisoners out is to an Lounce that we re getting out Ock Stock and sen. J. W. Fulbright d-ark., who said earlier he fears week end bombing strikes in the North mean the administration is escalating the War and seeking a military Victory observed the real question Here is a question of see senators Page 2a went out to get photographs of the damage inflicted in the bombing strikes even As the controversy Over the raids in creased. Related Story Page so in Washington Pentagon spokesmen refused to Rule out the possibility that . War planes bombed the Hanoi Hai Phong heartland As the North vietnamese had contended. And in Paris the North Viet namese and Viet Cong delegations to the peace talks announced they would Boycott the next session scheduled for wednesday although they said they would return to the Confer ence table dec. 3. While the controversy raged. There was fresh fighting in Cam Bodia and Laos. Reports from Laos said the North vietnamese and Patchet lao forces had captured four laotian government positions in the opening thrust of the ene my s dry season offensive. An estimated Force of three North vietnamese battalions overran two major positions on the Southeastern Edge of the to Lovens plateau in Southern Laos and forced government troops to give up a third position near by. A fourth government Posi Tion 155 Miles North of Vientiane also was overrun by a mixed North vietnamese path it lao Force. In Cambodia the phenom penh government claimed its troops had Cut up a communist Force 57 Miles North of the Capi Tal. It was the Only Triumph claimed to offset a series of set backs to government forces in the last three Days. While reconnaissance flights continued Over North Vietnam scores of american warplanes roamed Over Laos and cambo Dia supporting embattled government troops in both coun tries and bombing North Viet namese Supply routes running southward. Journalists see missile results Paris a foreign journalists in Hanoi were taken monday to a spot five Miles North of the City Center where an american aircraft missile exploded saturday Joel Henri correspondent for a g e e France Presse reported. Henri said the Shrike antipersonnel missile exploded in a Rice Field less than 150 Yards from a Block of apartments in the Vil Lage of Thuy Phuong. The rear Section of the missile was re ported intact and inscriptions on it could be read. Nam time about the time some 250 . Warplanes were hitting at antiaircraft missile and gun positions in the Panhandle fur ther to the South. Laird said those protective reaction air strikes were not intended As a cover for the at tempted prisoner Rescue opera Tion. However they May have served to somewhat confuse the North vietnamese As to what was happening Laird said the . Navy undertook a Small diversionary air Mission dropping flares Over the North vietnamese coast above the 19th parallel to help carry off the Rescue attempt. The defense Secretary made his startling disclosure about four hours after a Pentagon spokesman steadfastly refused to say whether . Warplanes operated above the 19th parallel during the protective reaction strikes which were billed As retaliation for North vietnamese Downing of a . Reconnaissance plane More than a week ago. Lad hit a prisoner of War Camp wounding a number of Ameri can captives and struck in the Vicinity of Haiphong and Hanoi. Laird previously denied that any american prisoners had Iris the Bombin strikes and the Pentagon had spoken Only of retaliation against the North vietnamese air defences and related facile the spokesman s refusal to say anything about operations above the 19th parallel left the United states at a distinct propaganda disadvantage in Light of North vietnamese claims last saturday that . Warplanes at his news conference apparently designed to dispel the loud Laird presented two offi cers who he said had arrived in Washington Early monday after playing key roles in the prisoner Rescue attempts. They were air Force Brig j. Manor 49, of leg in air Force base Fla. And Arthur d. Simons 52, an infantryman whose family lives at it. Bragg Manor was in Over All com Mand of the operation and is Mons known As the led the actual raid into North Viet neither Laird Manor nor is Mons would discuss such details As the number of men taking part the number of helicopters used or the origin of the mis Sion. They said crash landed one inside helicopter the pow number of advisers said killed african invasion apparently ended Home mortgage Outlook brighter Abidjan Ivory coast a fighting in the guinean Capi Tal of Conakry Between govern ment forces and a band of in vaders appeared at an end Mon Day night. Radio Conakry called on residents to resume their Normal activities but keep their weapons at hand. Guinea alleges the invaders Ware mercenaries sent by por Tugal whose neighbouring pos session of portuguese Guinea is beleaguered by guerrillas Guinea shelters. Radio Conakry claimed monday the invaders were trained by col. Jean Schramme a belgian born White mercenary who fought in the Congo. The radio said a number of european advisers to president Sekou Toure s marxist oriented government were killed in the fighting. Bonn confirmed the death of one West German East Ger Many said one of its diplomats was killed and another wounded. Belgrade s official news Agency Tan Jug said the Yogus Lav embassy in Conakry reported the death of the daughter of a yugoslav doctor working there. The first travellers to arrive Here fron Conakry since the fighting began Early sunday said they believed the Battle was Over. The travellers said the vessels that landed the invaders from the sea left their moorings Sun Day. They said the fighting Cen tired on the residence of presi Dent Sekou Toure an Camp the Conakry Airport and the Barracks of the Republican guard. Many were left dead by a sur prise attack on the Barracks they reported. The air France plane in which the travellers arrived also carried the body of a German killed in the attack and two seriously wounded germans believed to he a married couple. Their identities were not immediately available but re ports Here said All were believed to be West germans. The Federal Home loan Bank Dis closed plans to pump billion into the Home mortgage Market in 1971. See Page 7a. President Nixon s proposed fax on Lead additives in gasoline has been shelved by a House committee. See Page 4b. An american Hospital association panel has called for a number of health service reforms. See Page 8b. Index ask Andy 7b classified 4b com i 7b deaths 2a editorials 4a markets sports women 3b in 6a weather sunny Windy and cold today fair with hard freeze again tonight. High today near 40 Low tonight in mid teens. Details Page 3a. Compound at song Tay and one Man was slightly wounded by ak47 fire during the raid. Asked if his group had killed any of the North vietnamese Simons said i imagine but he said his men did not Stop to count bodies. Simons said there was no Indi cation at All that there had been a Security breach tipping off the North vietnamese in time to empty the Camp. We caught them completely by Simons said. Manor said the raiders did not find any evidence of american Graves but he noted that it was dark and that the raiding party was not looking for anything like that. Although the formal state ment said the Camp recently had been Manor said the Camp had been abandoned for several weeks. Thant critical United nations . A Secretary Genera u Thant said monday he considers the . Air strikes against North Vietnam a disturbing in a statement issued through a spokesman he expressed Hope that in the interests of peace the United states would stick by its intention not to continue the i raids

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