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Florence Morning News Newspaper Archives Nov 24 1957, Page 5

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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - November 24, 1957, Florence, South CarolinaFace 4-a the Florence morning news Florence 8. C. Sunday morning november 24, 1957 of Najj Drew Pearson Aukshun published by the fio Rcw Prin inf Compa John m. 0-Jxjto president and pull few Hie Florence Morinia twi Derium to be nowed pro Puj a Emit to of in Yinru. Entered met Elm t the Pott office it Florence. 6.c., under let of a Iron z us member Rutte Fresi Andelt Bureau of circulation and Southern newspaper Publ Sheri Aijo Clathon. The aim Lim pm to Eicle Dively to the use for publication of All the local printed in Neap apr. All Cantera Are Independent contractor and the Florence morning will oat payments unless made at the Ollie of the Florence Newt. Bates 1 week 1 Hulk City delivery 40 by mail p. O. Box Section Florence 40 by Carrier delivery elsewhere 35 by Mai elsewhere rates for subscription on Rural routes sunday Fay Carrier and six Days by mail same As by mail in Rural area. _ _ 1.75 155 1.55 5.20 4.55 4.55 Anua 1 Law 10.40 10.80 9.10 18.20 9.10 18.20 suggested by the upper room daily devotional quids prayer for today o thou whose custom in was logo into the synagogue on the Sabbath Day give us a love for god and his House of prayer. Grant to thy Church the spirit of the fervent prayer that through her witness to thee May be established among All nations. In thy name and for thy Sake. Amen bipartisanship on u. S. Foreign policy is an essential beginning what president Eisenhower or. Stevenson America and the entire Western Alliance need at this moment is one senator Vanden Berg in their midst. The need is for someone who can Cut through the partisanship which is gathering round the two key figures in Alliance affairs even while these men make moves toward bipartisanship As the first step toward strengthening the free West neither Side in the american Effort for new Unity has acted with Complete statesmanship. The first to admit it in effect has been president Eisenhower. He has now written to or. Stevenson personally instead of leaving it to Secretary Dulles to Sug Gest an assignment to the Leader of the opposition party. This has had a Good result or. Stevenson will consult with the presi Dent before or. Eisenhower leaves for Paris in december there is even a possibility that or. Stevenson will go too. But this does not mean that the democratic party s Leader has been Noble to free himself entirely from his party s desire to make capital out of the present situation. The weekend statement of the democratic advisory Council appraising the president s recent speeches on natural science and future Security is widely interpreted As making bipartisan cooperation More difficult. But it was signed by or. Stevenson among other Lead ing democrats. The Success of the next meeting of the North Atlantic Council is too vital to All the free world to be jeopardized by Maneu vers for partisan gain. In persisting in its Effort to enlist democratic advice the administration has already forsworn much of the political gain that might accrue to it from a real Success at Paris. Perhaps senator Lyndon Johnson could now come Forward As the democratic what the United states is up against in providing leadership to Ward Allied Unity is Well illustrated in the visit by the French foreign minister to Washington this week. M. Pineau comes to discuss the role the United states might play in help ing France and Tunisia to end their rift Over arms supplies and other French tunisian relations. But Here is a Case where French american consultation is proceeding after an explosion of French american differences Over Tunisia. To create in nato the willingness among members to consult on Politi Cal questions heretofore regarded As their own private concerns is a big and Subtle task. Kven Many of nato s Best friends doubt that very much Onn be done at any one time to make certain that effective Consulta Tion will always take place. What then shall be said of the still bigger demand that the Western allies evolve a common global plan with which to meet the global planning of the strategists of world communism two reminders of this need appear in the news along with reports of faltering bipartisanship in America. One is the announcement of general Montgomery s retirement in 1958 As nato s Deputy supreme commander. Viscount Montgomery pleaded tirelessly for global planning by the Western Powers. A sterner reminder comes out of Moscow where world leaders of communism Are reported working on details of new worldwide cooperation of their parties. Evidently Many things must be done by the West which in the Ordi nary course of events would seem difficult or even impossible. Bipartisanship on american foreign policy is an essential beginning. It is in the character of the american people to expect that their National leaders will produce a response equal to the needs of the. Hour. Our collective ears have burned in the heat of an emotion human nature forgets easily. A thousand agreements Are drowned in one Dis agreement. Generosity comes Home to Roost in biting sarcasm and ungenerous words. A multitude of assists Are As nothing in the face of one imagined wrong. Call it preamble. Our collective ears have burned this week following our review of the Florence Little theater s production of Panama our reporter was gent to the performance with instructions to write an objective review keeping in mind that the participants were local Talent. He received no other instructions. We had received an urgent request from the Little theater that a review be published on the morning follow ing the first production. We made special arrangement to hold space for it and the. Reviewer rushed to meet a deadline. Any person with any knowledge of newspaper operation can understand the mechanics of the situation. The reviewer followed his instructions. He sought to View the production with detachment. He was impressed. He not overwhelmed. Within the minutes remaining for mooting the deadline he. Sought to strike a balance Between unrestrained Praise on the hand Anil 1111 Jiu Tii red criticism on the other. The cast and some of the audience though not All disused thoroughly with his i View. Our in formal Ion is that an out of town was mini sled to write a review. That review was unrest rain and in its Praise. This newspaper yields to no of in its appreciation of the efforts of if Tralor. uni by generous news promotion a full picture , for inst acc just Lio forr production of Panama and another this past week on a promotion of which the Little theater is a joint sponsor. We have Given generous news and picture coverage of Little theater activities Ever since its organization. We have received Little expression of thanks we have expected none. We have done it As a Community service and in appreciation for the efforts Little theater has made in the Field of cultural entertainment for the Community. The production of Panama game was a difficult assignment for an Amateur group. We extend our congratulations to the cast the director and All others who had a hand in it for a creditable performance if our restrained review was an offence it was not so intended. The carping criticism we have received chiefly verbal because our review full Short of what some thought it should have is of course not pleasant. But we find some com fort in the preamble in the heat of an emotion human nature forgets easily. A thousand agreements Are drowned in one. Disagreement. Multitudes of assists Are As nothing in the. Face of one imagined wrong. Generosity comes Home to Roost in biting sarcasm and ungenerous words. That s the Way in goes. The american think polio a licked. Bul persons of the americans under 40 yours of age Are still to Lake a single vaccine shot. Their negligence can brim a terrible i org once of the Dis ease. The polio foundation which spent million dollars for vaccine last year will buy no More. Its funds Lotfal Irr will to used for the re of Lis Abseil victims for Rapai Loil Basic its Norli mid for pro. Pali Iraklion. It deserves continued support. President Hopes to by pass boost in budget Washington unless con Gressional leaders change his mind president Eisenhower will not boost the budget but will pay for the missile Speed up out of other government savings. His Hope is to squeeze about billion out of the present budget by eliminating Low priority defense items and Cut Ting nonmilitary programs such As veterans benefits and welfare projects. Ike has promised to dear with congressional leaders however before he makes a final decision. They will huddle with him de Cember 3 for a bipartisan Brief ing. Meanwhile orders have gone out to Agency Heads to tighten their Bells. Their approach to con Gress has already been worked out by the political strategists. The Agency spokesmen will claim they need. Every Penny of their appropriations but will offer to Sacri fice for the Sake of National de sense. In this Way the administration Hopes to get credit for speeding up the missiles program and hold ing Down taxes at the same time. The biggest cuts Are expected to be made at the defense department itself. Assistant Secre tary w. J. Mcneil the comptroller is now juggling figures. By retiring some conventional Navy ships and air Force planes he Hopes to scrape. Together close to billion for More missiles. The details Are also being worked out As to which nonmilitary projects should be trimmed. Veterans and payments probably will be reduced by tightening the eligibility requirements. Ike is also expected to abandon his school construction program and Settle for less expensive Aid to education probably govern ment scholarships for promising science students. The president s offer of More defense for the same Price will Likely run into democratic opposition. Most democratic leaders fear we can t catch up with rus Sia on a balanced budget also object to paying part of the mis Sile Speed up out of the pockets of veterans widows and school children. Whew at first i thought it was sent up by one of the other services s letters to editor drama criticism criticized to the editor i saw the Little theater s a Jama game at the air base and thought it was wonderful. Where is your Community Pride a review like yours does t do Florence Justice. Do you people sit in the audience and say. I dare you to do a Good your George Nathan ought to. Be ashamed of himself. Marion j. Moody and Frances Davis to the editor enjoyed the Panama came immensely Why not a few kind words Lor the cast and manage ment. They deserve it. Tom Wilson to the editor the play review which appeared in the Florence morning news wednesday. November 20, written by a morning news staff writer was a credit to his ability As a writer and a critic but a slap in the face to the valiant efforts of a group of amateurs the Little theatre Guild in presenting the Yajama its first venture into the Field of Musi Cal comedy deserves great commendation. The director and participating cast had put in Many weeks of hard work. They did not claim to be presenting a profess ional show but they did Sive the list Nisil capacity audience the greatest entertainment any Thea tre spectators have enjoyed in Florence in a Long time. The a Ienco loved the play their an Plause was spontaneous deafen ing Ami Encl iring. The cast went borne alter opening night reeling greatly rewarded. They liked what they Urr doing and so did the people Lor whom they Ilid it. Then bang wednesday s review in the paper was lukewarm to say the least Ana entirely inciting in in twin Sissy. Tin result was that wednesday Nielli s so nov sell Vereil hip cams Luul bar vim Tell Jun Scius ii but their Sciort Ronnings. They Vuic not seasoned weathered to the culling remarks of drama critics. Of course tie to were in the play but there c plenty on Broadway too. But the Little theatre is a Community Cnorr prise or which Florence people arc a dimly proud How Ghoul our Community newspaper of which or re also proud showering some Praise where in is due amateurs net because they like ii but Ollyn no sacrifice Ami they to icel Shpir efforts nor appreciated. As for the music being off key when the lights were Cut the Pian isl needed no lights. She was t Reading music i think 1 speak for Many people when i say we loved Panama Grady Deas. The director is to be congratulated for a Job Well done. A lot of Talent was displayed. Mrs. N. D. Ellis or. In the play As did hundreds of others. Why Don t you leave drama re views to those who make it their profession or just pick up some one off the Street who does t have indigestion he name available to the editor i was Greally disappointed to read your critical review of the Panama game in wednesday s morning news. A critic is most certainly entitled to his own Opin ions and frequently they Are in disagreement with those of the audience in general. However this critic gave neither a straight re View nor a criticism but rather a listing of Small inadequacies in somewhat Hodge podge fashion. He neglected to mention Delight Ful and ingenious sets which made one completely lose sight of a Small and limited stage or the colourful and attractive costuming of the cast and chorus who in my opinion Sang in Good musical com Edy or that Margaret King who popped up in one or iwo Snappy really Stop Ped the show with her Elhel Mer Man like singing of their once was a i saw the play in a preview performance before a group of out of owners. Having seen the Broad Way production i was prepared to be disappointed but the spirited performance by a wonderful and enthusiastic cast held my interest thin Ghoul. I say congratulations to director Deas his cast and Crew. And i Trust a bad review won l keen the audience at Home. Belly Ann Darby to he editor i am writing to protest the drama review of thu Kloro in Little theater s Panama if your pseudo Brooks Atkinson Ilion i enjoy the production per haps it was because he had too big a dinner and was beset by indigestion. Surely he could t be serious in panning a worthy Al fort by n talented ambitious group As performed last night to the. Do Light of the audience could ii he hint Brooksy Hough his sarcastic lion do would lir hailed As a Clever hit of Withy those in the know i for one Ammri profound and Culli Irnel satisfaction no integration to the editor Don t worry Little Doggie As you sail around the Moon elea nor s Back from Moscow and Shell have you Down real soon. We Hope when you land that it won t be a Shock it could be any place but Don t make it Little Rock Ike has plans As he Stales for our future. Let s Pray hell he wary since he s called for the brains of handsome Harry. Our troubles started years ago when Franklin went to Yalta now All would be Well had he stood As the British did at Malta. So be at peace Little Doggie we Are not All quite foreign even though our Laws be changed by a Man named Warren. It s time to put up your Bayo nets and your shells with acrid smell. We know who helped Send you there it was Herbert brow Nell. The lines above Are True and not imagination. They simply stale we want no integration. F. L. Muldrow Darlington . To the editor we in the South believe us 14th amendment is illegal and should be abolished. Any amendment that was ratified under the Point of Federal or any Oiler kind of Bay ones is illegal and should nol be in the cons Lillion. The beginning of the social life of a child in this country is in Tho a Huftil. And this social life is so entwined in the be Hull life of he children hint we can never agree to integration of tie schools tin a act claims hint Llwyn Are for the. Advancement of the coloured race bul it seems to me that their concern is integration of the schools 11 is this Pound of flesh closest the heart for which the shylock sue. Ii is the blood or social integration to which to claim they have no right and As one cannot be yielded without he other they have no right to pit Larrr. A. Some Northern senators will suggest plugging up the tax Loop Hobs such As the Oil depletion allowance to finance the missile increase. Note Ike s determination to hold Clown the budget stiffened noticeably after his recent visit with sex Secretary of the Treasury George hard Buck Humphrey at tie Augusta Golf club. Humph Rey was photographed sampling a Cracker from a Cracker barrel he had presented to the club. A Pentagon aide seeing the picture cracked i see George still has his hand in the Cracker Bright Bash Bernard Shan Ley who stepped out As presi Dent Eisenhower s appointments Secretary to run for the Senate in new Jersey has thrown stale gop leaders into a Tizzy. They will meet informally tues Day to try to Batten Down the lid Shanley blew off the party by challenging Veteran sen. Alex Smith in the Republican primary. Strangely the Eisenhower re publicans seem to be lining up against Ike s sex aide who instead is finding support among the poli tical disciples of the late sen. Joe Mccarthy. Shanley endeared himself to Ine Jersey right Wing by launching a Mccarthy like attack of demo uralic gov. Robert Meyner during the recent gubernatorial Campaign. Shanley tried to jink the governor with pro communists by claiming he was close to the americans for democratic action group. To Brand Ada As pro Corn Monist Shanley quoted j. Edgar Hoover who had never even mentioned Ada. K was also Shanley who in claimed that the Eisenhower acl ministration had removed subversives from the govern ment. Later Shanley was forced to admit that the persons who had resigned or had been Dis missed had not been adjudged subversive Al All. Many gop leaders believe Shin Ley s tactics Hurt More than it helped the Republican Campaign against governor Meyner. They want no More of it in the 19s8 senatorial Campaign. Note democratic leaders Ace urging popular congressman Pete Rodino to take the democratic nomination. Roscoe Drummond demos stand better Chance to win congressional race Denver audiences won t let a reporter up off the mat when it comes to questions. They want them answered and not beating around the Bush. Alter you have been talking about the need for Plain speaking and no Shilly shalling someone is bound to stand up and ask who will be the i960 democratic presidential nominee and he dares you not to answer. I have tried precise vagueness like the Republican nominee will be a californian and the democratic nominee will be a non or a kind of perversity like the Way things no stand i see no candidate who can get the democratic nomination in 1960." it does t work. You have to do better than that or worse. Just look Over the list for yourself. Here Are the most Likely democratic possibilities in alphabetical order with a Short appraisal of where each gov. Averell Harriman of new York widest first hand experience in foreign affairs of any democratic political Leader. Will be sixty eight in i960. Past the age limit sen. Hubert Jumphrey of Minnesota has grown a lot in the Senate in the last few years a Liberal who has won regard of Many conservatives. An outside Chance. Senate majority Leader Lyndon Johnson of Texas he is the most Middle o Middle Road democrats at the very Center of his party. He is a unifying political Force. He voted for the civil rights Bill this year. Will the democrats Nomi Nale a southerner in i960? most politicians doubt it. Sen. Estes Kefauver of Tennes see he has a wide and devout following across the country. Hell be in the running but has tried twice and failed. Sen. John Kennedy of Massachusetts he continues to Lead most of the polls among democrats at this Early stage. Bright and personable. Right now he lacks the. Maturity which comes from experience on top of being a Catholic that could mean that i960 May be too soon. Gov. Robert b. Meyner of month showed that he attracts he publican and Independent votes lie is Little known outside his own stale would require a lot of reputation building. His grasp and views on National affairs Are an unknown Quantity. Adlai e. Stevenson the Gallup poll shows that four out of ten democrats would like to see him re nominated that s quite a few. Many feel that he had to run at the wrong Lime twice against an unbeatable candidate Dwight Eisenhower. The minnea Polis sunday Tribune poll shows him running ahead of Richard Nixon 49 per cent to 42 per cent. Feel certain he will not seek a third nomination will not Campaign for it at All i can conceive circumstances which could about his nomination a deadlocked convention might turn in his direction. Sen. Stuart Symington of mis Souri a Border state moderate with experience As Secretary of the air Force under president Truman and special competence in defense matters. If defense pol icy is an Issue of major political controversy in 1960 he will be definitely in the race. Gov. G. Mennen soapy Wil Liams of Michigan an inveterate vote getter in his own state. Ingratiating but without visible humor. Is strongly slanted to urn labor Side of the democratic party and this could be a Handicap. Most feel that he has a goo i Chance of getting the nomination Only if the nation is in a serious recession. Can the list be narrowed it this time i doubt in. You can risk fully narrow it and one demo cratic politician said to me the other Day that he thought the nominee would be among Kennedy my incr Symington and Ste Venson in that order. Thai s one Man s opinion. Much will depend on whether the Northern democrats decide whether it is prudent to try to hold the South in the party or More politically practical to court a break. It is going to be a Lut easier for he democrats to win Congress than to win the presidency. The division Over civil rights and integration will Hurt the party far More in the presidential election new Jersey his re election this than in the congressional races. Battle looms in Congress for reciprocal Trade plan by Ernest b. Vaccato Washington nov. A gored Tenn is gathering am munition for another congressional Battle to preserve the reciprocal Trade agreement program. He concedes that it will be hard fight but adds that enlightened self interest As Well As concern for the free world will weigh heavily in favor of its under this program the presi o Cut May Cut tariffs on goods imported from other nations in Exchange for Tariff culling on their part. To Gore this is something different from most legislation Wilh which lie has to Deal. He regards the reciprocal Trade agreement program As a Imine non. To his guide and Mentor. Ilii late cordon Hull who Bouncil him on his knee when Gore was a chill Back in cartilage Tenn. Secretary of stale Hull the father of the reciprocal to Milf pro Gram communicated his enthusiasm for it. To Fiore who served in the House As a member from the same congressional Dis Ricl which Hull represented or Many years. Originally in scaled in the program has been extended by on in different Occa Sions for one to three years no n time. Florence the Ooink uni been rougher Wilh succeeding years with More and More industries contending that Tariff concessions put them Al a disadvantage with foreign competitors operating Al lower costs. It is due to expire next june 30 unless Congress extends it. Dep Uty undersecretary of slate 0. Douglas Dillon says it should he extended for at least five years. But Ken. Flanders a to says he doubts Ihal in. Will be extended this time for Mote than one year. Ken. Small hts says Ilif Senate finance f Tim Millie will Lake a hint Witk Al Iho program and its effect in american Indus try before acting to see that we arc getting Kmat hits Flanders and Fiore arc All i mum s of the commit tee. Ii Ore a Eucks a Case ran be Rule out for n three year Exten Sion he said before leaving on a trip to Titi Inest. The program has been beneficial to the Trade and Prosperity of the United he told reporter. It has played n vital part in discouraging the erection of disastrous Trade harriers by Ether importantly he and Rcd in Hiu discouraged Harler dealers Wlllie which american free him had n growl Deal

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