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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - November 23, 1957, Florence, South Carolina?age2 the Florence morning news Florence s. G. Saturday morning november 23, 1957 workshop speakers pictured at supper following the workshop on alcoholism at the Central methodist Church last thursday Are right to left or. Walter Mead Rev. Wilson Lambert Rev Tom Shipp or. Donald Mcdonald mrs. Mcdonald Rev Bill Cusack Ond Viv religion today some of old books ignored As authenticity questioned by George w. Cornell a religion writer some old books that have Long been widely ignored but which used to be in Al. Christian protestant and Are getting a new boost. Whether or not they re god inspired still is a matter of disagreement. The Catholic Church says most of them Are. Protestants say they Aren t. In either Case both groups con Sider them valuable writings and protestants from whose bibles they generally have been eliminated since the Early 19th Cen Tury Are showing More inter est in them again. The books Are 1 and 2 3 and 4 Esdras to roman catholics tobit Judith the Wisdom of Solomon ecclesiasticus Baruch with the epistle of Jeremy the prayer of manasses and 1 and 2 maccabees. Besides these there Are additions to the books of Esther and Nadaniel the latter including the song of the three holy children the history of Susanna and Bel and the dragon. For years most protestants have just been ignoring said the Rev. Or. Luther a. Wei file Dean emeritus of Yale divin y school and the Oft called or. Bible of modern scriptural trans lation. At least now these books arc being brought Back to people s at 2 Catholic Bishops Given new posts moral or non i Washington Burris Washington nov. 22 two Catholic Bishops Well known in South Carolina have been appointed to High posts in the National Catholic welfare conference it was announced in Washington yesterday. Bishop John j. Russell Bishop of the Charleston diocese and head of the Church in South Caro Lina was named assistant to the administration Board in the Field of social action. Bishop Emmet m. Walsh of Youngstown Ohio who preceded Bishop Russell As head of the Charleston diocese was appointed to head up the Legal Deport ment of the National Catholic welfare conference. Election of the officers took place at a closed session of the . Bishops annual meeting at Catho Lic University of America in Washington. To protestants the books Are known As the client religious manuscripts not considered the word of god As other scriptures Are but deemed helpful morally and especially As background to clarify the Bible. For anyone., who seriously wants to understand the literature o the Bible it s important to have these said the Rev. Or. Robert Dentan professor of old testament at the episcopal general theological Seminary. Or. Dentan said he thought protestant churches have been negligent in not insisting that pub Lishers continue to include the books in bibles. To roman catholics most of the books Are held to be divinely inspired and have always been in Catholic bibles. Some of the books however Are also considered apocryphal by catholics and Are generally left out. While they do Little to deepen understanding of divine revela Tion they do throw Light on the times in which they were writ said the Rev. Charles Walsh head of the new York confraternity of Christian doctrine. However 7 of the 10 books considered apocryphal by protestants Are considered canonical by catholics and arc an integral part of their Bible along with some additional parts of the books of Daniel and Jeremiah. These have been omitted from most modern protestant bibles. But lately there s been a stir of protestant concern with the a new translation of the books after live years work has been produced by an interdenominational commit be headed by or. Weigle. Ground and other literature use Ful for the understanding of the along with the new translation articles about the apocrypha have been cropping up in Many Church journals. Several books on the subject have come out. Gary Pridgen at Elim sunday Elim Baptist hosts Btu rally sunday an associational training Union it s being published As a sep-1 rally will be held sunday after noon at 3 o clock at Elim Baptist Church. Devotional will be led by volume and also being in Kiev. A k. Lawton pastor o f Calvary Baptist Church in Flor ence. Guest speaker will be Gary eluded in editions of the revised Standard version of the bib right Back where it used to Pridgen of the Charleston Baptist a Section Between the old and new testaments. Since the books were dropped. Or. Weigle said we Haven t or. Pridgen is known through out the state for his outstanding Lake City Man prizes Bible thought about 400yearsold formerly owned by Irish ancestor by Kobert Raymond morning news roving reporter Lake City nov. 22 a Bible believed to be 400 years old is the prize Possession of Wayman Boyd local furniture Salesman. Boyd says that , Calfskin bound volume was brought to this country from Ireland by his great great great Grandfather Hugh Boyd 1. How Long it had been the family of the first Hugh Boyd. The Lake cily resident does not know the exact age of the Bible is not known but Boyd estimates its age at about 400 years. The Bible has lived through a lot of history. It bears scars from the War Between the states As Well As other conflicts. Most serious damage was done by pot Ter s raiders who entered the Boyd Home during the civil conflict and Tore the covers from the Bible when they found it lying on a table. The sacred Book has been handed Down from generation to generation in the Boyd family. I am the oldest son in the family so the Bible fell to me. However i Hare no sons so it will pass into the Possession of my younger brother s explained Boyd. The Bible has had other narrow escapes since Sherman s came through. It was nearly burned when the Boyd Home was destroyed by fire on october the old Bible was about the Only thing saved from the says Boyd. Apparently the Bible was designed to occupy a table or stand while being read. It measures 11 x 18 inches and weighs All of 25 pounds. The pages Are of heavy parch ment like paper now discoloured with age. The Type used in printing the Book appears to be hand carved. Setting the Type for the big Book letter by letter Mist have been a tedious process. Boyd traces the history of the Bible since it has been in this country thus Hugh Boyd i brought it Over and it passed to Charles Boyd Charles Boyd passed it on to Hugh Boyd ii who passed it passed it on to his son the present owner. All of. The Early Boyds except Hugh i. Are buried in the .150 year old Boyd family cemetery be Hind the old Home located 15 Miles Southeast of Kingstree on High Way 521. The old Bible has never been removed from the old Home site. It is still there in the care of Wayman Boyd s brother Thomas e., who occupies the old Home Stead. Many people have come to the Home to examine and Marvel Over the old Book. Though Many have been impressed with the apparent age of the volume none have been Able to estimate its years Boyd says. Wayman Boyd Lake City with aged prize Bible base has unusual upswing in interest for religious life it. Bragg n.c., nov. 22 Ufi there s a distinct upswing in in Terest in religion at this sprawl ing Post. Chaplains confirm in the last few years it. Bragg s military population has been declining gradually. But the same period has been marked by a steady increase in the number of soldiers and their families at tending the Post s 17 chapels. Thirty four chaplains Catholic protestant and the spiritual needs of the fort Bragg Community. It. Bragg is some times spoken of As North Caro Lina s third or fourth largest Why the upswing in religious in religious education in Church attendance is it. Bragg unusual or is its increased religious awareness a reflection of a movement All Over the country on to Charles 0. Boyd. He in turn the answer is that it. Bragg Clergyman sees danger in under rating god How Many americans Are there who understand this How Many just think it Means having More refrigerators and television sets and screaming newspapers and radio programs than any other nation has a nation that has lost its soul that Way is in danger of losing its missed anything Trine but we something in in respect to Doc losing Back psalm i take the wings of the morning and dwell in the uttermost parts of the sea even there thy hand shall Lead me and thy right hand shall hold in this unforgettable picture of omnipresence of god the psalmist is saying that no matter what life deals out to him he will always be adequate. Like Sidney land or s Marsh Hen who builds a nest on the watery he has built his Home on tha greatness of he has True peace of mind not because he thinks he lives in a bomb proof shelter where no evil can reach him but of Tho far Flung to Oriun of his soul. There 13 a word Here Lor us As we to luvs victoriously amidst Tho tensions of an increasingly de personalized civilization and the fears of an atomic inc. Many a person threatened with mental illness or nervous breakdown might be spared if he could gain the Assurance of Ilie psalmist. When life gris we can saved from frustration did hopelessness by our lilith that even there thy hand shall Lead me and thy right hand shall hold the Rev. Stuart Lrroy Anderson president Pacific school of religion Berkeley in Elf. Leadership of the training Union work in the Charleston area according to reports. He will direct the conference for pastors directors general officers and adults. Young people conferences will be led respectively by Ray Down or and Roy Graham. Others taking part in leadership for the rally Are mrs. W. H. Dowdy intermediate leaders and miss cd acc Campbell intermediate girls and boys mrs. Claude Campbell Junior leaders and sponsors miss Janetta Rey Junior girls and boys. J also mrs. I. D. And i mrs. L. H. Carter primary directors and helpers mrs. L. D. Car Nirav and mrs. Sadie Rucker. Be ginner directors and helpers and mrs. Maude Fink Len Nursery worker.1. J mrs. .1. H. Rainwater is Tho i 1 Rector of the Florence Assn. Btu work. Danger arises at the moment the importance of a nation out strips the importance of god or. Samuel m. Showmaker Rector of Pittsburgh s Calvary episcopal Church said in a recent Issue of christianity today. In an article entitled How to bring a nation under he stated in part we badly need to understand i the nature of our Freedom. Some Freedom is nothing but the protected right to behave As they please such people help to destroy Freedom by the Way they misuse it Many Young people i our colleges taught the secular Philo Sophy which is their current Sac red cow seeing the plentiful evils in a nation like ours want to do event. Away with that system of free Dom which allows bad men to go. Events begin with a sunday on being bad and selfish men to school rally at 10 . The re be selfish in their exploitation Union service will begin at 11 with our capitalistic system and they j the Rev. Want to put such curbs on our ing. Freedom that it ceases to be free a dinner Dom. Church Lawn weather permitting Freedom As a philosophy Asiat 1 . And a singing Conven u passion As a constituent will be held at . Of religious Faith and conviction i the Public is being invited. Florence Church has 14vh birthday the Observance of the 14th anniversary of the Florence Pente costal holiness Church on Dar Lington St. Will be held tomorrow. Annual Homecoming will Mark the u. T Baldwin speak be spread on the urch news edited by Bev. Bollard Sermon topics Westminster prob Lerlan sunday 11 ., beyond those . What Wail i Al Rel 11 is a a. What happens to this j ., sonic Al Lomonte Al Lar Hulos of can Lenl Mell Wulim . Message by the Allan i. No nor. P.m., mos Ngn by inc Rev. Julius Clarks. J immune re he Pulst ., of frogs and Reese mid men . Christ s command concerning Good works pm Sarah methodist ii . The Joys of a continual 7 . Vespers conducted by Harare Sla Lvcy. Furni ., off with lit old on with the 7 ., evening family hour judgment now and a Benczur Baptist 9 mid ., top secret on Roll living.1 ., you will face the St. Paul Mclorn Dusl 15 . Taif oath ., the innocent in t unusual. Starting just after world War 11, observers of the National social scene rave noticed a marked increase in religious in Terest All Over the country. Church groups have been reporting larger memberships than at any time in their history. Family Church going Long neglected by certain groups has become once again sunday routine for millions of americans. Nowhere has the revived inter est in religion been More apparent than in armed forces installations. Chaplain col John f. Gaertner third . Army chaplain reports that in the last three years alone Church attendance in this huge area has increased by an Amaz ing 63 per cent. Like most ministers chaplain col John 0. Woods xviii air borne corps and it. Bragg Chap Iain has been impressed and pleased with the widespread Revi Val of religious activity in Amer Ica a revival on a scale that would have seemed too much to believe possible not too Many years ago. Chaplain Woods thinks that some of the lessons for this re Vival Are apparent in the wide spread suffering of so Many of this world s of which America has been made aware since her Assumption of a position of leadership in the free world. In no other single group of american citizens is this aware Ness More keen than it is in Mili tary declared chaplain. Woods. Most of them have travel de widely. They be seen at first hand living conditions in lands less fortunate than ours. They Are sensitive to what they see and they gradually become aware that a re turn to Basic Christian principles will provide the surest Means to n better chaplain Woods Points out that the objectives of priests ministers and rabbis Are the same whether or not they Wear an uni form. But he added a Soldier and his family will urn More readily to a chaplain for guidance than they will to a civilian cleric. The chaplain Woods said wears the same uniform lives under the same conditions and quite frequently takes part in the same Field exercises. In a word the chaplain is an integral part of chaplain Woods himself provides one of the Best examples of the chaplain s True relationship to his military environment. He graduated from the 82nd airborne division Basic airborne october 1956, when he was 49 years old and he wears his per trooper s wings with the Pride of unit Elk Inderb tic of the Iii borne Soldier. The older soldiers know too Llma Tho american chaplain is no uni it to combat. Most of them have seen those men of god hold services in War scarred Fields the sound of artillery in tile Back ground. Chaplain Woods discussed Al length some of the Concrete forms religious activities assume at i. Brass. Amons Ilie men s clubs on Post or instance there is i he order of is. Andrew for i protest Jinks and lev holy Nam Sor irly for Ralh Olirs. Worron nor Nellor in n num Ber of religious protestant women s Bible study group the episcopal women s Al tar Guild the United Church Wom in o fort Bragg and the Catho in modality. Rabbi Sherman d. Sloff conducts a Bible class once a week and is Banning a Young couple s organization for discussion of the jewish Faith. Protestant teenagers have club called the Best Deal which meets in members Homes am there is a chapter of the Catholic youth organization on the Post too there Are also sunday schoo classes for protestant children and weekly catechism classes con ducted by nuns from nearby South Ern Pines for Catholic youngsters. Religious education for the Chil Drin is not neglected when school is out during the summer months either for the chaplain s office con ducts a two week Bible school the school s popularity can be gauged by the attendance figures youngsters attended last Immer. For churchgoers with Musica inclinations there is a choir at la main Post Chapel. Under the direction of Robert Haag who holds a . In music it has won considerable local acclaim. New episcopal Rector arrives at Darlington special to the news Darlington. Nov. 22 the Rev. Malcolm h. Prouty has arrived in Darlington to succeed the eve. Robert Tomlinson As Rector of St. Matthew s episcopal Church mfr. Tomlinson recently retire and vill continue to make his Home in Darlington. Or. Prouty came to Darlington torn Ridgeland where he was priest in charge of holy Trinity Church Grahamville and Church of the Cross Bluffton. He was a Ive in civic affairs at Ridgeland having served As Jasper county chapter chairman of the Ameri can red Cross scout master member of the education Board or the to association member of the Board of the polio found Ion and chaplain of masonic Lodge american no. 98. A native of Charleston or. Prouty was graduated from the College of Charleston in 1947 and Bexley Hall the divinity school of Kenyon College in 1953. He served As Supply to the Church of he holy communion Charleston before going to Ridgeland. He is executive Secretary to the Young people s diocese of South Carolina and director at Camp St. Christopher. He is living at the Home of or. And mrs. John l. Frierson at present and will move into the Church s rectory in the near future. Appreciation told for un1cef drive a certificate of appreciation has been received by the children of four Florence methodist Church from the United slates commit tee for Unicof. It reads in part the United states committee extends its Heartfelt gratitude Foi your generous support. The if through your Unicof halloween program will mean health and a happier future for Many of the world s sick and hungry children the letter from the committee expressed the Hope that the a Ertil Cate would be a Symbol of thanks to the Young people and to the Many residents of our Community who made the generous gift pos sible. A total of was sent by churches participating. The gift from Central methodist Church amounted to mrs. L. Thornton. Secretary of youth work of Central a pcs was in charge of the trick or treat canvass. Sparrow swamp Church meet today Timmonsville nov. 22-the Sparrow swamp Baptist Church near Timmonsville will observe Homecoming and Harvest ingathering saturday. The Day will begin with a serv ice at 11 ., followed with a Din Ner on the grounds. Immediately after dinner there will be a meeting in. Which visitors and friends will be recognized. Contributions will be received for the building fund of the Church. Group to gather food for children special to the news Lake City nov. 22 the Southeastern Baptist association is once again sponsoring the shipping of a car of food produce or any thing that can be used at the Connie Maxwell children s Home at Greenwood. The car will be loaded Here on monday and tuesday nov. 23 and 26. And will be located on the Sid ing across from the acl freight depot. It will be Well marked and some one will be on hand both Days to receive donations. Need is emphasized for Corn Hay or Small Grain for the orphanages herds of cows hogs and chickens which arc used in feeding the children there. Last year four cars were ship Ped from the association weighing pounds. The Public is urged to support this worthy Endeavor. Aynor Baptist men meet tuesday night Aynor. Nov. -22 the brotherhood of the first Baptist Church of Aynor will meet tuesday night at the Church. The program will be on the cooperative program of the Southern Baptist convention. Quentin c. Cook will be in charge or the program. Those appearing on tin1 program will be w. 11. Squires. Paul Al run Wood Row Lewis Sonny Suville Ami Joy a. Johnson. Sum j. Lewis is president of the local brotherhood. Salvation plans thanksgiving service a special thanksgiving Day service has been planned no the Florence Citadel of the salvation thursday morning at 11. The Rev. I d. Mallard will he Kilos speaker. The Pullio is being inv Ltd by Rypl. Thymn hemp troys in at Liml the service. Special music is being Pinn nerl nov new Baptist Modera Tor Duncan Dew Latta Cotton merchant who was recently elected to the Post of Moderator of the pee Deo District of the Baptist Church. A member of the Latta Baptist Church to has served As Deacon of the congregation in alternate succession 1925. Morning Newi Poio

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