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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - November 22, 1970, Florence, South Carolina Jurma sunday november 22, 1970 5-a Palmetto voters apparently reject racial rhetoric by Job Wood Columbia . A the color of a Man s skin no longer is the one and Only political Issue in this deep South state where the first shots of the civil War were heard and where for decades memorial of reconstruction fed a fire of hatred. Once a political put his Hopes for Victory solely on his speeches for White supremacy. Today the voter of South Carolina apparently has a great desire of racial peace and a be Lief that no amount of rhetoric will turn Back the hands of a modern Day Dock until it be comes a Sun dial of an ancient Era. Once Only the segregationist could set in the chamber of the legislature or in the governor s chair or in Congress. Now three Blacks have been elected to the general Assem Bly segregationist candidate for governor received less than of the nearly half a Mil lion votes cast in the nov. 3 general election and a Black candidate with a militant stance had Only some one political observer put it this Way South carolinians still want their state leaders and congressional delegation to stand up to the Federal government to fight for slate s rights. Perhaps they even still consider race the no. 1 political Issue but not the Only Issue. And no he said of anger and the empty promises when they know do they want to listen to cries there is no turning in South Carolina there now is statewide school desegregation. The racial barriers Are gone from the restaurants and the hotels and the motels. There still remains tension in the schools and sporadic out Breaks of racial violence. There still is some despair in the White Community and some impatience in the Black Community. There still is hatred within some Whites and within some Blacks. There also is a degree of acceptance of a changing Way of life a change ordered largely by the . Supreme court and by the Congress. But there is also a growing determination to make the new Way work. The White majority refuses to yield to the Black minority but More than Ever before it is Wil Ling to give the negro a voice in government. The Black minority is expressing itself in a louder voice each election year but for the most part is Wil Ling to work within the political Structure. Each of the three Blacks elected to the general Assem Bly polled More votes than there Are Black voters in their respective counties. Further More so did one Black who lost a bid for a legislative seat. In the gubernatorial election democratic it. Gov. John West Defeated Republican Congress Man Albert Watson. Watson had said discipline in the newly integrated schools must be the no. 1 Issue of the Campaign. West said Public education should never be a political is sue. Both supported the neigh boyhood school concept and both voiced Strong opposition to hive using of Chiever Acial Bala in the schools. But it was West considered to be far More moderate who won. A longtime student of South Carolina politics said the voters listened to both men and knew that regardless of what was said neither could by a flick of the Finger erase school desegregation. The voter then looked at other issues like How hard his pocketbook would hit and with a Hope for racial peace went with John although Watson Vyas accused by some of conducting a racist Campaign he never approached racism in a vein of the past. At the 1936 democratic National convention in Philadelphia pa., . Sen. Ellison cottoned Smith of South Carolina walked out when a negro appeared to offer the invocation. Later the Sena Tor said of the incident and when he started praying i started walking. And As i pushed t through those great doors and walked across the vast Rotunda it seemed to me that old John Calhoun leaned Down from his mansion in tile sky and whispered in my ear you did right de a political observer said recently if cottoned were to make that same remark today the voters of South Carolina would have one answer for him gov. Olin d. Johnston later said of the democratic primary elections in this state White supremacy will be maintained in our primaries. Let the chips fall where they today such a remark would anger the Blacks and bring Sharp rebuttals from Many Whites. A wide Canyon still separates the races in South Carolina. It May for decades to come. But no longer can White supremacy win an election in South Carolina one political observer said As Long As the races Are not forced into completely Sepa rate Camps where communications Between the two Are Bro Ken one White voter said we have accepted desegregation. We will continue to accept it and work for Harmony in our state and to hell with the Mili Tant on both Treasury Secretary interview David Kennedy says deficit might prove stimulating to the Economy by Sterling f. Green and Bill Neikirk associated press writers Washington a Secre tary of the Treasury David m. Kennedy says he a paid not be disturbed by a ?15-billion deficit fact it might be helpful in stimulating a Slack Economy. Kennedy did not forecast that much red Ink this fiscal though he has conceded the offi Cial estimate of billion is obsolete and acknowledged that it is unrealistic to expect that Congress will raise tax rates. But the Secretary did not Chal Lenge the High deficit figure now commonly mentioned in con Gress for fiscal 1971. A lion deficit second biggest in peacetime would not be inflationary in the present Circum stances of less than full employ ment and Kennedy told the associated press in an interview. A deficit big enough to cause abnormally heavy Treasury borrowing could add to the tight Money pressures in the financial markets Kennedy said in answer to further questions. But on the other hand to the extent it stimulates and brings expansion a Little faster without causing resumption of inflation yes it might be helpful Kennedy said he believes inf lation is under control the econ omy is on the upgrade and it ill general motors strikers about to return to their jobs Unell people raised a warning that further inflation could result from continued High wage settlements. Should something be done to discourage this wage movement a. Well we Are in a Cost push period and of course the wage settlements we see for example in construction or in the motor Industry and so on give cause for concern. It is pretty difficult to see How these demands would be accounted for except As a reduction of profits for the corporation if they can t be passed along As a Price increase. At the moment it does t look like Thev three year contracts for exam ple that were negotiated three years ago and inflation has taken away those gains. And Man age Rilent on the other Side is in a different position against a declining profit ratio. The thing that both have to Bear in mind is that inflation and Price increases Are coming under control. So labor in a sense will have More difficulty i should think in justifying in creases that Are very High and on the other Side the corporations have a problem of ing for them so they have to be pretty firm in their position. Q one Factor often cited As a can do so because the rate of cause of inflation is the Federal Price increases is moderating. Deficit and you have indicated if you take the wage Rise As that you believe the deficit will an Overall amount you become less disturbed because Only g per cent of our total labor Force will be in contract negotiations this year. But it is a cause for concern there is very Little that you can actually do about it because you be got labor on the one Side with their Case. They say they have they have had be larger than the billion forecast in May. Others like chairman Wilbur d. Mills of the House ways and Means com Mittee have indicated it May go beyond billion or More than 10 times the standing official estimate. What do you foresee now As a deficit possibility a. We Are working now on our budget for fiscal 1972, and Well have a revision once we see what the Congress is doing to appropriations. But whether the deficits Are in the lower area or in the area that congressman Mills is talking about it is not of great concern to me in the present economic climate be cause i think right now the Economy is starting up the path and that deficit will not be inflationary in the present Circum stances of less than full employ ment and output. Q. May a deficit actually be beneficial in the present Busi Ness climate a. To the extent it stimulates and brings expansion a Little faster without causing resumption of inflation yes it might be helpful. To the extent it requires us to go into the financial markets and borrow More than we normally would then it affects the Money markets to some extent so there is a balancing of interests there. But in a trillion Ollar Economy a change of a very few billion dollars is not the controlling thing. Secretary of Treasury David Kennedy he says High deficit might be helpful Gallup poll spotlight Secretary of state Rogers leans toward soft sell editor s note the Iii 1 Clell ii in ii1ci1 Judd u1iu1i1 r i t m n u ploy ment should soon level full rotary of state no 2 Man be Hind the president in matters of foreign policy. Currently Wil Liam Pierce Rogers. A million Are lawyer and Nixon Friend he s been learning on the Job and one thing he s Learned is that even in the International league some times you can win and Start Down. The questions and answers q. In View of the 5.6 percent unemployment continued inflation and slackness in production do you feel that the administration has made a Good eco nomic record a. Yes. I think we have a Good record. Inflation lasting for four or five years had to be brought under control. This has caused some pain and sonic problems. A temporary Rise in unemployment is one of the costs. I think inflation is now under control. It is showing up in the Price level and in various other places. And so i think it s a record that the american peo ple should appreciate. Q. Do you think unemployment May go higher a. I would not be Able to give you a month to month change in the unemployment figure be cause we be had the general motors strike and that is of course half of the automobile Industry. What will happen Over the next month or two i would not know. The Economy has started up the ladder and employment should be picking up. We be now had two quarters of some increase in the real Gnu. So i would expect that with the pm strike settled the unemployment figure is near the Peak and should be leveling out and that As we move up the lad Der of our expansion the figure would be coming Down. Q. The latest quarterly production increase was about one fourth real increase As against a three fourths Dollar inflation. How Long do you think it will take to regain a full employ ment rate of real production a. Well we re in a period of starting our growth pattern and usually in this Type of period it is difficult to say How fast the Economy will go up. If we Pur sue policies that would be de signed just to bring up the total Economy quickly we could Well have a resumption of inflation Ary pressures and undo a lot of the Good that s been done in the inflation control program. On the other hand it seems to me that Well have a fairly rap id buildup in View of monetary ease and now the contribution to orderly growth from the fiscal Side i should say a year and a half perhaps. Q. At the recent business Council meeting the Industry by Saul i kit a special correspondent Washington a it can now be reported on the highest authority that in addition to strategic weapons sophisticated space hardware Gross National product and consumer goods the Union of soviet socialist republics is still behind the United states in off color stories. About 15 years says William Pierce Rogers. Also theirs tend to be less Subtle than jingoism Story rattling in the cold War hardly. Ameri s -55th Secretary of state is Given to neither being an apostle of the soft sell and a lowered american profile in the world. He is however a connoisseur and advocate of humor to Oase tension in International negotiations no Small Talent in the repertoire that led president Nixon to Call Rogers the Best negotiator in the world and Rogers to ask the president do you think you put that strongly none of this is to suggest that the Secretary of state is undignified. In manner he is disarmingly Tuffy the least dour of recent secretaries. But in appearance he is a Man imposing dignity and in his precisely Tai lored clothes he somehow Sug its a tried pants formality even in Slacks and sports coat. Tall trim Blue eyed with receding Sandy hair at 37, he radiates a kind of All american openness reminiscent of the matinee idols of a less sullen time. He is said to be the most handsome Man in the Job since Edward Stettinius. In sum says a top officer who has served under five secretaries in style appearance form dignity in his Choice of office decor and clothes he looks like a Secre tary of state ought to lie is a Man of Many graces among them wit warmth understatement and tact a combi nation which once earned him the diplomatic Croix de Guerre. Said French foreign minister Maurice Schumann he Means every word he says. He does not say every word he Means. He makes me Happy when he agrees and does not make me unhappy when he at a White House meeting last Christmas when Cabinet Mem Bers presented their yearned re views to the president the Secretary of state received stand ing applause As much said a participant for his style As for his simple optimistic Content. I think these reports have been very interesting and use said Rogers attorney Gen eral under president Eisenhower in his opening remarks. And i like them All except the one by the attorney general. I thought he was a Little immodest when he referred to break no All of those records of All his predecessors. You can see How he can be proud of getting All those convictions. He just has More criminals to work soon after his appointment Secretary Rogers was showing a visitor around his Roomy but Unla Vish clapboard House Point no out the soft colors Antiques and pictures selected by mrs. Rogers. I Don t know How qualified i am to be Secretary of he said. But i do know that she is eminently suited to be the wife of the Secretary of Rogers came to the Job with ittle experience in foreign of airs but Broad experience As a Awyer and negotiator. No Inge nue in a world of things not what they , he was impressed by the split level Way National governments frequently feel obliged to Deal with each other because of Domestic political considerations. Thus he told a recent visitor a prime minister or a foreign minister will say to him that would be a Good idea but let s do it after our or lot s present it another Way or Here s what i in doing publicly but Here is really what i Hope to do in the next five a cited example of these Cha across Borders is a leftist country which has been loudly anti american but now because of economic needs would like to have diplomatic relations with us. However the political Situa Tion within the country and its area of the world now make that impossible. So there Are conversations about How Al most to have diplomatic relations somewhere beneath the surface. Foreign ministers even opposing foreign ministers Rog ers said frequently discuss their Home situations frankly. One exception is the russians. At Best they might say Proba Bly nothing can happen before the party but they Are not above making com ments about what Rogers can or can t do before an american election. This is usually said jokingly but comes As pointedly As the Bone in the smoked Salm n. Into this Arena of the polite Jab and the Slippery feint of the Public Roundhouse swing and he private handshake William Rogers brings his own Brand of nimble footwork. He remains Rogers watchers agree Light on his feet in both the larger inter National bouts and the inevitable intramural sparring of the Washington gym. He came to the Job unburdened by psychological or Ideo logical he did not want the Job and took it Only on Jie insistence of his Friend the president. After years of Public service including four in the Cabinet neither his ego nor his civic sense hungered for a re urn to government. As a Mil Bonaire lawyer he was in the enviable position of picking and choosing his cases. He became Secretary of state with no cosm a plan of How the world should e run except that the United states should try to run less of it. He is not obsessed with Ide ology or the communist men says a Dove member of he Senate foreign relations committee. To assess the role of any Secre tary of state. Few people out Side the inner councils can know who contributes precisely what to the mosaic of foreign policy. In this administration the ques Tion is doubly complicated by the fact that president Nixon it is generally agreed tends to be his own Secretary of state and there always at his Elbow is Henry Kissinger. Nixon in an off the record briefing publishers and is not trans fixed with the missionary Zeal of some of his predecessors. He s a very Nice human being without the intensive self righteousness that compels some people to kill other he is a Man of Good heart and Good says Mike Mansfield who leads the opposition party in the Senate he broadcasters in Chicago introduced Kissinger with a Long paragraph of Praise. Ending he said and he is my Princi Al foreign policy adviser the White afterthought in the continuing Washington Jarl or game of who influences he president More in foreign policy this and other signs Are Aken to mean that Rogers is More responsible for the exec Ion of policy than its formula Ion. The line is thin. Both Kis Singer and Rogers dismiss their rivalry As newspaper talk lovers particularly finds the speculation distasteful and has grown weary of pointing out hat As Secretary an old Friend and confidante he has no Trou ble getting the president s ear. At any rate Rogers is Gener ally credited with having pushed and achieved the mid ast cease fire and however tenuous the shooting stopped. He got this by hacking Down a Uncle of issues and securing com Egypt and Israel agree ment on two hard Roek Points ultimate israeli withdrawal Roni occupied territory and ultimate egyptian recognition of is Rael s right to endure As a state. He is heavily identified with he Nixon doctrine of reducing american involvements around the world. He was an Early proponent of american troop withdrawals from Viet Nam. He was it is said a moderating voice in the consideration of american military action in Jordan this fall. He argued strongly against american retaliation for the shooting Down of an american plane by North Korea Early in 19g9, Only a few months after candidate Richard Nixon was Pum Mcling Lyndon Johnson for his handling of the Pueblo seizure. Would rather find solutions than in the White House discus Sions leading to the Cambodia until a National administration leaves office and the flood of memoirs begins it is difficult decision Rogers appears to have won one and lost one. He told a recent visitor he had favored wiping out the enemy sanctuaries across the Border As a military solution to a military problem and several plans were considered. Rogers does not say which he favored bul others report he urged the use of South vietnamese troops Only. In the confusion of the Cambodia uproar Rogers was accused of having misled two congressional committees in the Days preceding the invasion the state department explanation is that in the one Case the Secretary could not Tell them what he did know because of Security imposed by the White House. In his approach to foreign of airs Rogers is said by those who work for and with him to rely More on intuition than de ailed analysis More on pragmatism than Long Range world concepts into which events must it. Elliot Richardson a former colleague in state and now Secretary of health education and welfare testifies with others to Rogers Strong tactical sense an ability to think through moves and counter moves in and Vance. He is said. Too. To have an impressive Talent for getting to the heart of the matter. Rogers is known to grow impatient with detail and Long discussions and while he has earned much about the nuts and bolts of foreign policy he still on occasion has trouble with his Homework. One source reports the coincidence. Kissin Ger came through a certain asian capital and in discussions with National leaders showed detailed familiarity with their arge and Small problems. Rog ers happened to come through lie same place a few weeks later and while warm and Friend a showed an impressive unfamiliarity with problems there r i n g i n g awkward pauses among his hosts and painful books among . Embassy peo ple who thought they had him thoroughly briefed. In a Complex shifting world in which it is not at All Clear that confrontation has yielded to negotiation or that nuclear bombs Lave been safely locked up in their owners closets the score Lary of state wears his burdens Well. Disposition digestion sleep remain Good. Golf game worse by four or five strokes generally but up 10 in the week see Rogers Page 8-a Public fed up campaigns by George Gallup Princeton n. J. The Public is led up with the con duct of political campaigns and one of their chief gripes is soaring Campaign spending. If you Don t have a million Bucks you might As Well forget about running for political office these said a Norfolk a. Barber when interviewed in a nationwide Gallup poll now being completed. Think of what All the Money being spent on campaigns could do toward solving Sime of the problems of the complained the 41 year old wife of an Oil City a. Truck Driver. Based on Early returns for the Survey a record 8 in 10 americans now favor a Law which would put a limit on the total amount of Money which can be spent for or by a candidate in his Campaign for Public office. The Senate is expected Early this week to vote on president Nixon s veto of a Bill to limit television and radio spending in political campaigns. The vetoed measure which could not become effective until the 1972 presidential Campaign would limit each party to about 5.1 million for television and radio time. In 1968, the republicans spent 12.7 million and democrats 6.1 million. The gripes of americans cover a wide Range. In addition to favouring a reduction in Campaign spending Many would like to see campaigns cleaned up less name calling and distortion of issues. I Don t believe in All this said a retired Indiana Farmer candidates should come out with Plain honest i d like to see less emotionalism in the campaigns and fewer appeals to territorial and racial con said a 36-year-old Doc Tor from Valdese n. C. The change called for next most often is to shorten the campaigning period which now normally runs from labor Day to Early november. It All sounds like a broken record to said a retired real estate Man from Holly Hill fla., politicians could say All they need to say in a few Days and be done with the third criticism on the Public s list is that Politi Cal candidates fail to discuss issues in a Well defined and meaningful manner. They re so Busy making promises and out shouting each other you never know where they said an irate Middle aged new Jersey Homeowner. All persons in the Survey were asked this question would you like to see any changes in the Way political campaigns Are conducted a record 7 in 10 americans or a projected 84 million adults proposed changes. This higher proportion than recorded following any previous presidential and con Gressional Campaign when similar questions were asked. Only one person in seven 14 per cent does not favor any change in the Way campaigns Are presently conducted. The results reported today Are based on personal Ter views with 1481 adults out a total More than. 1530 who were reached in the Survey. The Sample is designed according to modern sampling p r 1 n i pies. Interviewing was begun on november 13 with the bulk of the interviewing completed by november 15. The question dealing with a limit to Campaign spen Ding is As follows would you favor or oppose a Law which would put a limit on the total amount of Money which can be spent for or by a candidate in his Campaign for Public office the National results per cent favor 78 oppose 15 no opinion 7 ingrained in the thinking of Many americans is the belief that every person should have an equal Chance to run for of fice and that Money should not be a controlling Factor. Although present Laws Are designed to control the amount that any persons can con tribute to a Campaign these Laws can be avoided or evaded in Many different ways. Hairy Case Guatemala a a guatemalan Engineer ordered Dur ing an official Campaign against Long haired males to trim his locks refused and has taken this Case before the nation s supreme court. He claims there is nothing in the Constitution specifying the length of a Man s hair. The easy chair by David Rainwater thanksgiving is when millions of people finally def something about their weight increase it the wife who drives from the Back seat is no worse. Than the husband who Cooks from the table. When All is said and done it s the politicians who say it and the taxpayers who do it. It s hard to get a modern doctor close enough to a bed to Tell whether he has la Good beside manner or not. I it in t the travel that Broadens us it s All that Good Rich food i no need to travel any further than to Home furnish ing company 204 n. Dargan st., Florence a c., for extra chairs for dining guest and a Happy thanksgiving to you

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