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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - November 22, 1957, Florence, South CarolinaPage 4 the Florence morning news Florence s. C. Ing Friday morning november 22, 1957 5.20 4.55 4.55 10.40 20.80 9.10 18.20 9.10 18.20 tuft bar toe Fiore Aee a Nung co Paw John a 0-Doto a Kochem preside of and pub att Tea Floreuce Moraine Newi u be not Liefl promptly of Tufi in ils reports Bute matter it the Post office ii Florence. . Midei act Olharan z uj7. Member of the a Cwm Ruri audit Bureau of Clerc Nutoni and Boojun newspaper pull Sheri As Clabon. The Pumi a Macc on Law nude at the of face of the Florence news. A boat City delivery .40 by mail p. O. Box Section Florence.40 1.75 by Carrier delivery elsewhere.35 1.55 by mail elsewhere .35 1.55 rates for subscription on Rural routes sunday by Carrier and six Days by my same a by mail in Rural in a vsu99ested by the Rev Robert e Clvde pastor rat Truk i guat Central Baptist Church Darlington our father we thank thee for thy love demonstrated by and made Avail Able by the sacrifice of Jesus. Please forgive our sins and give us clean hearts As look to the Cross in Faith. Amen. A act states its plans and we Lay ourselves open for Surprise Victor Riesel Southern a act leaders serve no of an intention to More than double the number of negro voters in the Southern states within the next three years. The immediate goal is to bring negro registration up to 60 cent of its potential with the Hope of electing at least three negro members of the House from missis Sippi and one each from North Caro Lina and South Carolina in i960. The 1957 civil rights Law is described As an incentive to registering and voting. In most states and localities in the South there Are no conditions requiring either the incentive or the provisions of the new legislation. The problem which confronts the a act with respect to registration and voting is the same problem of apathy which confronts any other organization concerned with registration and voting. The a act says it is not trying to increase negro Vot ing and registration Only but Hopes to increase registration and voting in general. To try to qualify As a member of the electorate is the right of every american citizen and the absence or presence of the will to do so is a big Ger Factor than the requirements and obstacles involved. Any objection to the a act s announced intention would have to be based upon its arrogance in other matters rather than upon the merits of its project. Also it should be credited with frankness concerning its plans. Still if and when it elects a member of the House of representatives from Mississippi or North car Olina or South Carolina some people will insist upon being surprised. It is Worth however that we let ourselves in for Auch a Surprise in South Carolina when we fail to get our names on the registration books. A boy embarrassed before the nation Ever since tuesday night we be been concerned about the 15-year-old boy that missed the first question on the question. His appearance was preceded by a five minute build up for a new category on satellites and space. Hal March s pre question ing interview indicated him to be a Brilliant kid. Here was a dramatic new category dramatically introduced. The audience was prepared to enjoy this show for weeks. Then came the first question for and the boy missed it. March one of the greatest and most sympathetic pcs in the business was stunned. The boy the stage in what must have been a terrific emotional Shock. Before the american Public he had been embarrassed. It s hard for oldsters to take Public Embarrass ment. But to Embarrass a 15-year-old kid however Brilliant and phenomenal he May be is something else again. That the boy is a phenomenon in his Field there s no room to doubt. But under the pressure of the build up he received something snapped. On the verge of National acclaim he failed. We Hope he has what it takes to shrug it off. At the proper time we d like to see him get a second Chance. We should protect our thanksgiving thanksgiving is a distinctly Amer ican Holiday. It originated in Relig ious Faith. More than any other of our religious holidays it retained its original religious significance. It has remained relatively free from the commercialism attending easter and Christmas. Its Observance is an act of Faith and worship. That s Why we must object to Tele scoping thanksgiving into a com Mercial buildup of Christmas by hold ing a Santa clans Parade before the thanksgiving Holiday. The Parade Here saturday will be the earliest in the history of the Community. We Are aware of some of the practical prob lems the committee faced in setting a suitable Date. But just the same we believe we should preserve the uniqueness of thanksgiving by keep ing it removed from some of the practices which have become attached to other religious holidays. A circuit judge on free discussion this quote from retired circuit judge Learned hand that Community is already in proc Ess of dissolution where each Man begins to Eye his neighbor As a pos sible enemy where nonconformity with the accepted Creed political As Well As religious is a Mark of disaffection where denunciation without specification or backing takes the place of evidence where or choir by chokes Freedom of dissent where Faith in the eventual supremacy of reason has become so timid that we dare not enter our conviction in the open lists to win or lose. Such fears As these Are a solvent which can eat out the Cement that binds the stones the Hartsville messenger the Brush for Ingrid Ingrid Bergman who dashed off in scandalous fashion to marry Roberto Kos Selini now finds that the chickens have come Home to Roost. Kos Selini judging from newspaper accounts has been bewitched by the fancies of an Indian girl and is sen Aivil Iii from the once popular Ameri can actress. If we remember correctly Ingrid left it quite respectable husband a swedish doctor and her daughter to live under the Kos Selini roof. And if to recall Rorr Cully Slit Simk up Wilh by Golf lie Juul her husband. The was it pretty shoddy affair from nil angles mid now if turns Oul to be n Complete fiasco. The is a sorry Ifft Nelp mid we comment on it Mil. It hols Hern Riner before but us slap Happy in building nuclear plants Charlotte . They Tell i that the stats dept. Has declared wide sections of the South out of Bounds for roving russian diplomats. This puts the soviet striped pants chaps at a disadvantage. Now they la have to take an air plane to Miami Beach instead of driving through Countryside de void of a thousand nuclear plants which could turn out. Everything from atomic locomotives to nuclear space heat. About the Only advantage there is to keeping the russians out is that their diplomatic pouches won t be jammed with onion skin paper reports on How we talk a lot but do nothing. For years in Dusty has been screaming for the Chance to keep the government out of the new cosmic and nuclear Power afield yet very Little is happening. There Are a dozen committees and sub committees ready with plans but no takers yet. They together they May in the end subject us to a despotism As evil As any that dread and they can be allayed Only in so far As we refuse to proceed on suspicion and Trust one another until we have tangible grou id for misgiving. The Mutual Confidence on which All else depends can be maintained Only by an open mind and a Brave Reliance upon free discussion. I do not say that these will suffice who knows but what we May be on a slope which leads Down to aboriginal savagery. But of this i am sure if we Are to escape we must not yield a foot upon demanding a fair Field and an honest race to All know just where they can pro Duce the Power the Fossil fuel the Sites and the labor Force for such projects As ship and aircraft propulsion and space heating from atomic reactors for Large Central heating systems supplying a com plex of buildings and users in heavily populated areas. This Council and its affiliates have plans for nuclear surface ships the powering of tankers and merchant ships by nuclear engine. They Hare a design for atomic locomotives and aircraft and they talk of being Able to help build a nuclear Navy. They even have worked out methods to "1 a u n d e a atomic contaminated equipment one of these committees is the Southern regional educational Board which participated in the work conference on nuclear Energy held last summer in St. Petersburg Fla. This group re ports in addition to Power and fuel industries atomic developments will also have a significant Impact upon a number of other industries. For instance users of Large quantities of Energy either for Power or for heal Sulci As the steel aluminium paper and pulp Petroleum arid other May be affected. Utilization of atomic Energy by Power compan ies steel Mills ship and aircraft etc., requires a Host of components controls instruments safety boilers and heat exchangers and a number of supporting after poring through reports i inquired around about what has been dons. I Learned that the South s first atomic Power electric generating Plant will be built at Parr Shoals . This will Cost All of just about the take on a slow Day at Las vegas. The tar because u. S. Adors and actresses Are in the National limelight and Are often almost idolized by Many of our younger people. Our show people have not lived up to the responsibility that comes with Fame and Fortune and Bergman is a typical example1 of what Young peo ple should not Admire. Aneurin Bevan has loft for has native Britain less feared As an unpredictable ally than before he came to deliver a series of lectures Here i Vul i a. His Purling words Ilia i Iwu Ilu nut Inalie u i i i nuking Icil Slimmer. Especially liw irl warm Iii to a nation thai. Frit its set bail by the launching of he soviet will satellites. He was More Ilian some of our own what Are we fighting or get Date is 1962, i was told. So i checked with a couple of Fellows who have been declared out of. In funds in Siberia by the russians. What were the Kremlin s plans for an area As Large As the South and with its equivalent facilities the russians target Date in the area which i discuss now is 1958 1960. In addition to other vast construction the russians report twelve research institutes will be built within the system of the siberian Branch Between 1958 and 1960. They Are to include a Mathe Matics Institute Wilfa computing Center institutes of theoretical and applied mechanics nuclear physics automation Tele mechanics geology geophysics and non organic chemistry. Siberian Power resources Are vast but her Industry needs the help of science to Progress More rapidly. Therefore the government has decided to set up a siberian Drew Pearson Section of the Academy of sciences As Well As the Sakhalin sky Complex research Institute and the recently established Institute of physics in compare All this with the slap Happy Way we re doing it. Talk to those at the Southern regional advisory Council on nuclear Energy for example. Talk to the officials of this Sou. Them regional education Board which did a full study of the potential of nuclear development using persons who went through work sessions at Oak Ridge tenn., Raleigh ., and Aiken . You la find them loaded with plans but no plants. The russians have both. If we Don t begin com Poling we May find ourselves the newest biggest satellite some Day. It s happened in other civilizations. It can happen Here. Historians at Gettysburg great War novel unwritten by William Mcgaffin Gettysburg Penn. Why did the integral Ion crisis we Are now going through Lake nearly a Century to arrive Why is the greatest novel on the War still to be written these questions Are being raised and answered by some of America s leading historians at a conference on the civil War now being held Here. The , celebrating Gettysburg College s 125th anniversary Hopes to Call attention to what Allan kevins terms the neglected aspects of the civil War. In a lecture prof. C. Vann Wood Ward of Johns Hopkins University tells Why the integration crisis did not break sooner. The North unlike the Smith moved hesitantly toward a Defini Tion of its War he observes. Beginning with the limited aim of Union it moved Gra dually toward the aim of Freedom and finally became committed by the radicals to the aim of Equa but in spite of the fact that Equality for the freedmen Vas written As firmly into the Constitution and Law As were Union and Freedom the country never honoured its commitment to this aim. Why Bencur a popular convictions in the North As Well As the South were not prepared to sustain says Woodward. Legal commitments exceeded moral persuasion. The conduct of the Federal army toward the freed Hie negative attitude of the southward looking Bonier area the anti negro Laws passed by Lii Union supporting states during and after i in1 War and the altitudes Fiji Ili Pulilli an parly Iki la Luri lilt Kun ill Olill Muni us tint Woodward notes the Union four jul the civil War in p n-1 on borrowed moral he says it ran up n Morol War a Lelia beyond ill capacity to Poy. Afler n Lew liken during recons Duclion Hie country defaulted on the Debl and declared an informal moratorium that lasted nearly a but toward the Middle of the 20lh Century he continues american conscience and conviction began to catch up with the repudiated Legal commitment to the Ideal of Equality. The supreme court having once declared the debt invalid now upheld its Vali Dity and the country was once More commuted to the forgotten civil War Woodward Points Oul that this has produced another sectional crisis along the old lines Over some of the old issues. As we approach the Centennial anniversary of the civil War we also approach the Climax of the new sectional crisis. It is to be hoped thai the Celebration does not Coin cide with a crisis reminiscent of the one but while Woodward worries English lessons by w. L. Gordon words often misused do not say. Your compliance to my request is say compliance often mispronounced mediocre and mediocrity. Pronounce the of in mediocre As in and in mediocrity As in often misspelled Perski Cisily clearness of perspicacity synonyms moral Cly Cal Good honest just pious religious right virtuous. Word study use a word three times and in is let us increase or vocabulary w mastering one word each Day. To Day s word obeisance Obi ii Einice deference homage. Pronounce ii Bay sans. Arci no second the pro per slut Wail Yii ii Oln Isaur. In their an old Limer is the one who Ean remember when the dogs and eats were led the scraps from the table. No wonder there Are in Many clock watchers. People live by he clock Day unit Lime. Inter service rivalry Fomen ters rewarded by Ike about the coming crisis Bruce cation takes a More optimistic Point of View. This famous author of civil War books told the conference that Sla very was a Way of dodging the race problem. Because the civil War was fought we Are eternally committed to an attempt to solve the he declared. He said he could not be too Pessin Visic about the situation because in the Long run we live by it May take "10 years or five generations but the problem will be solved cation asserted. And Why did the South lose the War historians have correctly pointed to inadequate Southern resources poor transportation unimaginative political leadership and state said or. David Donald who is presently teaching at Princeton University. But perhaps More Basic to the Confederate in Donald s opinion was the Southern Soldier s indifference to Al though still a magnificent fighter this placed him at a disadvantage after 1863, said Donald when Gigan tic and highly trained Northern armies pressed Forward. Another disadvantage by in the aristocratic hostility to change the leading Southern com said Donald. They had no taste for the kind of strategic improvisation which so distinguished Lincoln Sherman and there Are two reasons Why lie epic work on the civil War still remains to be written according to Aaron professor of eng Lish Al Smith College. It was not written in the years immediately following the War he said because the four most gifted writers of Hie period Henry Adams Henry Ionics. ,lr., William Lanwi los. And . Twain Ili lil shun in in the ii Nih emerged in our time because although Ilio. Novels live been Well made and competently written they do not present the deeper meaning of the War he Marl. Be print from Charlotte of Tervor. Editor s Nolc with the Senate about to investigate the reason for our missile satellite lag Drew Pearson has conducted an investigation of his own. He has scored important news beats regarding missiles. Today lie reports some of his findings Washington bickering and backbiting in the armed forces which contributed to our disastrous lag behind Russia on missile satellites began under Roosevelt when he gave the admirals and the generals free rein to take their problems Over the Heads of their civilian secretaries of War and Navy to the White House. Bickering continued to some extent under Truman though at one time Truman cracked Down hard. He and his forthright Secretary of the Navy Francis p. Matthews fired adm. Louis Donfeld when he publicly knifed the air Force in the Battle of the b-36 is. The air plane Carrier. Truman and mat thews also banished adm. Arthur Radford to the mid Pacific when he master minded the attack on the air Force and they sidetracked adm. Arleigh Burke when he conducted the secret Navy propaganda Bureau operation 25, against the air Force. This had a very salutary effect. Ii became known around the Pentagon that the three armed services now United under one Secre tary of defense were supposed to work together for the nation s defense not fight each other. Immediately after Eisenhower came into office however he did two things 1. He brought Radford and Burke Back from exile and promoted them. He gave radioed the highest Post any military Man can have chairman of the joint chiefs of staff. And he gave Burke the highest Post any naval officer can have chief of naval operations. Liis May have been a slap at Truman. But much More import ant it was a signal to the three armed services that inter service rivalry would be tolerated again. For the two men who had master minded one of the most Brazen unfair unjustified attacks on the air Force had been called Back and. Promoted. 2. Eisenhower also Insl ruled the joint chiefs of staff at Quan Tico in the Spring of 1953 that lie wanted unanimous decisions from than. He did t want a problem brought to him he said until the three armed services agreed. Since the army Navy and air Force traditionally have difficulty agreeing on major policy this had the effect of putting the Pentagon under a continuing state of indecision. For nine months there was no decision regarding the de sense of Quemoy and Matsu because Gen. Matthew Ridgway opposed defending these offshore islands and the president would not step in and decide the matter himself. For even longer there was no decision regarding the defense of French indo China because Admiral Radford and the Navy wanted to defend it and the army did t. The commander in chief who is supposed to make these Over All decisions would not do so and indo China was two thirds lost to the communists. On Many other less spectacular problems no decision was made. So each Branch of the ser vice proceeded to take its Case to the. Court of Public opinion. It found that if enough Public Opin Ion lined up its Side the while House acted. This was Why col. John son of Huntsville ala., look the army s guided missiles Case to Congress and the Public Over the Heads of his chiefs in the penal gradually Llu in or service rivalry a Ai lid Mich a boiling print thai in seriously Jeovani Zwil our rivalry with soviet Russia. Tiu re had been Many other bal lies. Previously them was the but he of the naval Corr scr is. The air Force s Long Range Hoshor in which wan Hosl to Rorry the m frn Slowi to Moscow. There hit Competition in Korea when the Navy sided Wilh the army against the air Force in wanting the right to operate its own planes in Tacti Cal support of ground troops. This the army said was merely the Extension of artillery. There was the army s claim that it needed to operate its own air Force to Curry airborne troops to the front. But none of these aroused As much emotionalism and bitterness As the Battle Over missiles. Unquestionably it aided Only one Side Russia. The army claimed thai the ballistic missile was an Extension of the artillery that the word bal Islic or Ball was even an army word that the army had spent us entire career concentrating on ballistics. The air Force claimed that the ballistic missile was another Way i flying a bombs to Distant tar gets and that it the air Force had the target data know where to hit and How to Hil a target. Admiral Radford onetime ene my of the air Force this time As chairman of the joint chiefs of staff sided with the air Force. The army was relegated to fire missiles a Range of Only 200 Miles i the Tupler intermediate ballistic missile which fired Miles and which was ahead of the air Force s Irban the Thor was not 1 to be fired any More. This is when colonel Nickerson took the army s Case to the pub Lic. It is also when the army s six Sal Elliles were relegated to a warehouse and when budget Bureau auditors were sent to Hunts Ville to keep them from launched. The budget Bureau has denied this Tut competent army authorities who were on the scene in Huntsville stale the contrary. The army chafing at the Pentagon ruling and knowing that Russia was forging ahead in the satellite race was planning to launch one of these satellites As a publicity stunt. But the budget Bureau learning of this ruled otherwise by shutting off funds. This was a Case where inter ser vice rivalry might have accomplished a Good result. Today inter service rivalry continues this Lime concentrating on who shall operate the anti missile missile. More about the reasons for our missile satellite failures in a future column. Billy Groom my answer question i saw you preach on television and you seemed to exult in what you spoke of As the narrowness of lie Way of As a recent College graduate Wilh a Broad Outlook on life i could not but resent your saying that Jesus Christ is the Only Way to eternal life. I believe different la. Answer if i were speaking for myself i would be in no Posi Tion to argue with you. But on Trio basis of the authority of holy scripture i must preach that Christ is Man s Only Hope. In the Bible we find this affirmed again and again. Listen to these words to that believe ctr on the son hath everlasting life and he that believed not the son shall nol see life Bill the Wrath of god Abi Ileth on and again we find Jesus saying i am the Way the trip la and the life no Man cometh unto the father Bill by Ler lire resurrection and our lord s ascension to heaven the apostle Pelcer said Neil her is there Salva Tion in any other for there is none other name under heaven Given among men whereby we must be on the basis of the local message of the scrip Turo. I am compelled to Princl thut Faith in Jesus Christ is Lului narrow door thru Vijh which men Pas my in life my Dur Kriess to Light from impending judgment to certain salvation Al so. Christians everywhere give Tes Timony to the peace and Hope and Joy which comes into heir hearts when Llwyn inn id Bible at its word pal Irusle. In Christl and know they

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