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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - November 21, 1973, Florence, South CarolinaV Nixon 12-a november Florence morning news v continues to be concerned that people Are not harmed or their rights damaged by release of the tapes. Ray said Nixon reported that some of the tapes Are More for c o n t i n u e d answering audible than others. They Are through the courts through to a crowd of several thousand open news sessions and through near the Memphis River Bluffs forthcoming documentation would include Fuller of the arabs face possible retaliation Cost inc Frem Page 1 a of the greatness of America is that when we have problems we just gel out there and solve Nixon told the Banner waving crowd. After the governors meeting North Carolina gov. James e. A Holshouser said Nixon s explanation of the watergate tapes controversy was no Dif Ferent Man we already had but Holshouser said Nixon told the governors the key tapes the key dates the tapes Are there and would be heard by the Missouri gov. Christopher Bond said Nixon gave a detailed presentation on his personal finances and improvements made at his Home in san Clemente Calif. Bond said Nix on insisted that the Only improvements to the property made at government expense involving Security measures re Quested by the secret service such As Bullet proof Glass and a new heating system for the Sake of fire safely. He said that Nixon presented an additional four or five Point program. It provided he said answers to most unan swered Oregon gov. Tom Mccall who had said earlier in the con Ference that the Fate of All re publican office holders depended upon Nixon s ability to Clear himself said the governors came away from the meeting encouraged. They left with a sense of Relief that the president was relaxed in Complete control of Mccall said. I be never seen a More conversational Dunn volunteered that the president left no doubt that he is absolutely in control of him self mentally and when one governor complained that the president did t return his Telephone Calls Nixon responded this is a big Job. I work from 16 to 18 hours a Day. As for demands for Resigna Tion or impeachment Dunn said the president reported i be heard them calling for me to walk away i m not going to As or the tapes Dunn said the president indicated he get Ria reliability with sold state Chassis tubes to bum out. Am in controls color tint brightness contrast at the touch of a Button Acci italic in brings color lint brightness and contrast within a Normal pre set Range you can still adjust these our controls independently to Iai Lof the color to your individual preference. Super acc color Black matrix picture tube. Plug in acc circuit modules. Only downtown on St. Easy Park ing at rear not the kind of tapes that you can play on the radio you have to have ear plugs to hear the governors said water Gate and other allegations dominated the session. The possibility of gasoline rationing was not mentioned although the president touched broadly on the Energy crisis on foreign affairs and on his legislative Hopes promising a Strong push for a National health insurance plan and new study of welfare Reform. While not referring directly to watergate in his Public speech Nixon made several references to being Able to solve other problems from the Middle East to the Energy crisis. Referring to a placard which said i believe in Nixon and the president said i believe in you every one of Nixon also Drew a few Boos and jeers from the crowds Esti mated by local officials at about some signs read impeachment now More than. Ever and free democracy. the Memphis appearance Fol Lowed weekend appearances at Macon fia., and Florida including a televised news Confer ence at the associated press managing editors association meeting in Orlando saturday night. The meeting with the Gover nors was similar to sessions Nixon had held in private at the White House last week with congressional leaders. It followed several Days of discussion among the top governors about the Impact of watergate on the Republican Par by s future. The Republican governors adopted a Resolution monday generally praising Nixon s record in foreign and Domestic programs but indirectly urging him to Clear up the watergate problem. Republican party chairman George Bush told the governors tuesday that watergate will not Hurt them in the 1974 elections. These Haven t been easy Bush said but the thing that is so greatly encouraging is seeing the watergate matter turned around rather dramatically As a result of the president s actions in the last few he said the party machinery is running smoothly toward the 1974 elections. Anybody who takes any look at history is going to discover that scandal does not harm Bush said. Also on tuesday the Gover nors heard Nixon s top Energy adviser former Colorado gov. John a. Love say the current Oil shortage is the worst prob Lem we have faced other than both love and Interior Secre tary Rogers c. B. Morion said they believe that gasoline ratio Ning May come but Only As a last resort if the present system of allocations and voluntary cutbacks in fuel Don t work. While Nixon was meeting with the governors first lady Pat Nixon was honoured it a Lea by wives of the governors. In his speech to a crowd out Side the hotel where the Gover nors were meet ing on the Mem Phis waterfront Nixon noted the school children in tic crowd and said it made him. Think of the future of ourselves but your future and 1 think How much better your future looks now than it did when 1 came into Nixon said. Bowling Green by. A undersecretary of state William j. Porter warned Arab Oil producing countries tuesday that economic Black mail in any form with any commodity a two edged sword hurting those who Wield it As Well As intended Vic the state department s third ranking official and highest career Diplomat noted that North America produces much of the food and Industrial goods in International Commerce and the Middle East has much of the world s Oil and that other regions have essential resources and products. Only by sharing in a Cooper Jaworski assured of full Access Washington a Spe Cial watergate prosecutor Leon Jaworski said tuesday he has assurances he can listen to White House tapes or inspect documents to pass on National Security claims. The assurances were Given to him last week by Alexander m. Haig jr., president Nixon s chief of staff and Buz Hardt the White House counsel he told the Senate judiciary committee. Jaworski appointed special prosecutor after the firing of Archibald Cox said he has not encountered any White House fool dragging in responding to his requests for documents or other evidence in his investigation. Free engraving at flex Pruder s j Catalon showroom Yow he trials will in engraved free with Amy Purchase of a Sheaffer pen Filkil or desk set. Come in and visit with Ronald Asbill our Sheaffer pen company factory representative. He will be at our Florence showroom which is located in the hallmark shopping Center november 23 and 24 from a. M. Until . But he said Haig and Bux. Hardt did Call to his attention a problem of National Security re lated to the 1971 break in at the office of Daniel Ellsberg s psychiatrist. Jaworski said he told them Hal he Felt he would not have to invade the National Security area to bring indictments and that some indictments probably would be brought. He testified that Haig and Buzhardt did not. Ask him to curtail his investigation but wanted him to know what Cox and sen. Sam j Ervin. Or. D n. C., chairman of the Senate Stop worrying about wrinkles Start dreaming of a younger looking complexion. The porcelain perfect complexion of your youth. This dream can come True with 2nd debut. Your 2nd Chance for glamorous glowing Beauty. There s never been anything debut ii was created especially for women with skin problems due to Lack of moisture. Dry skin. Lines. Wrinkles. But please Don t think of 2nd debut As a Mere Moisturizer. It s More. More powerful. More promising. 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You just need 2nd.debul the pretty Pink lotion with the won Drous Cef ingredient. Or for those who prefer the luxury of a Rich night Cream Nite met Cef 1200. 2nd debut will per your face As never Ever before. Watergate investigating com Mittee had been told about the National Security matter involved. Jaworski said the White House aides told him that if he had any problem with the National Security claims they would let me listen to tapes and see documents so i could pass on As much As i respect the is sue of National Security i m not going to be blinded by Jaworski testified in saying he will seek indictments where he finds evidence of criminal activities. If defendants claim that National Security required them to do what they did he said the Burden of proof will be on them. Alive spirit what each of us produces Only by working to produce More rather than less can we satisfy everyone s he said in a speech prepared for delivery at Western Kentucky University. Porter who has held key posts in the Middle East and Asia said the alternative to sharing of resources is a return to a world in which All Natkus would be less prosperous than they Are today for this is a Field where All gain or All who is undersecretary for political affairs said lot is nearly certain that in coming years not o n the Middle East but All of the third world the name Given to the developing countries of the world will be increasingly important to. American interests. I Orler declared that the Gen eral welfare of the United states will require raw material resources which come Pri Marily Froni the third world. He said that palestinian air plane hijackings have shown that an increasingly Complex and interdependent world will he vulnerable to arbitrary acts of individuals or nations djs satisfied with the status quo. Because the third world is the largest. Reservoir of this Dis satisfaction its cooperation will be essential for the inter National system inter dependence to function he said. In the future he said that the United states should View the developing world not in the terms of what we want it to avoid a communist takeover but in terms of what we want it to achieve Access to increased cooperation and making sure of the ability of . Friends to develop and defend themselves. Sohm 3 Mem false Teeth Coweta it stare if cum fa3 turn eth 1 Imu a us imn to Nulter. 1 term Raon j Hifp. You it Mtnor Tfir. Woj Rrt fas Teeth by stun do Bow that to Kkt. So pm. Mitt biggest Buffet value in town at Ink Buffet children under six Price open . Til featuring Turkey Ham cd Ikea and All the trimmings including our secret recipe dressing. Choice of vegetables luscious desserts and traditional mince and pumpkin pie. Thunder Bird motor inn phone 669-1611 1-95 at u. S. 52 exit limited offer set. 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