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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - November 20, 1973, Florence, South CarolinaTo Mart Why do they keep firing at John m. O Dowd 1 887-1970 James a. Rogers editor Joe b. Rickenbaker managing Dew James associate editor Richard g. Moisio general manager tuesday november 20, 1973 Japan s Energy crisis if America faces an Energy crisis Japan confronts an Energy catastrophe. The United states still neets most of its Petroleum needs from Domestic Oil Wells and it has ample reserves of Coal. Japan in contrast is almost totally dependent on imported fuel to keep its Industrial machine running. Roughly 80 per cent of Japan s Oil comes from the Middle East. Because of Arab imposed restrictions on Petroleum production japanese crude Oil imports Are expected to fall 20 per cent below planned Levels for december and perhaps for the first three months of 1974 As Well. Yeimei Yamashita vice minis Ter of International Trade and Industry recently warned that the Arab Oil cutbacks threatened Japan with the first serious blow to its Economy since world War ii. He said that the fuel shortage might reduce the country s economic growth rate during the current fiscal year to 5 per cent. For the past decade Japan s Economy has been expanding at the rate of 10 per cent a year. Japan had been experiencing economic difficulties even before the latest Middle East War broke out. In the first nine months of 1973 the country recorded a bal Ance of payments deficit of billion the Trade Council recently reported. This compares with a payments sur plus of ?4.7 billion in the first nine months of 1972. The Council s Aid Japan s total deficit for 1973 May reach billion. Meanwhile inflation is reach ing worrisome Levels. Statistics for August and september Indi that consumer Price rises in 1973 will be double the official government estimate of 5.5 per cent forecast at the beginning of the fiscal year in april. Wholesale prices which were almost 20 per cent higher in mid september than they were a year earlier Are bound to exert further pressure on retail prices Dur ing the first half of 1973, and perhaps beyond. Inflation and higher fuel prices probably will make Jap anese exports less competitive overseas thus compounding the country s economic troubles. And the possibility of shortages of other primary products can not be ignored. Japanese Indus try is heavily dependent on australian Iron Ore and Bauxite and on. Philippine and Canadian Copper among other Basic commodities. This Reliance on overseas suppliers of raw materials restricts Japan s Freedom of action in foreign policy. The overriding goal is to offend no one. After the massacre last year at Israel s Lydda Airport Stanley Karnow recalled in the new Republic japanese officials apologized to Israel for the part played in the incident by japanese gunmen and they simultaneously apologized to the arabs for hav ing apologized to the a major objective of prime minister Karnei Tanaka s trip to Western Europe and the so Viet Union last month was to re Duce Japan s dependence on Middle Eastern Oil. But Tanaska was unable agreement with British French and West German leaders on joint development of new Energy sources. This meant that the Basic tactical Assumption that the soviet Union would need Japan s assistance in siberian development More than Japan needed siberian Energy resources was no longer Kofu Nakamura wrote in far Eastern economic review. The Trump card thus was moved from Jap anese into russian and there it is Likely to remain unless the Arab Oil producers resume deliveries to Japan at the pre War level. Coming clean Means this the need for Campaign financing Reform is about As obvious As anything can be obvious during these Days of watergate unfolding. But equally Clear is1 the need for adherence to Laws already on the books. The list of a corporations found guilty of Vio of lations on behalf of the Nixon re election Campaign says As much. Two Oil executives testified last week that they made their illegal contributions of company funds because they feared not to lest there develop unfavourable relations Between their compan ies and the government. They said they had been told by Nixon fund Raiser Maurice stans then Secretary of Commerce that All big corporations were expected to give each to the Campaign while the president is engaging in a counter offensive against his critics it would be appropriate for him to comment on this matter. Were any such fund raising pressures authorized by him did he permit any Cabinet member to use the clout of his office for any such purpose what if any directions were Given to his Campaign surrogates who carried the principal Bur Den of the campaigning for his re election the president now needs to leave no doubt that he would repudiate such activities and that indeed he deplores any illegal activities under pressure from his associates. It is not enough to Label watergate conduct As the work of Over zealous or to term their acts mistakes for which he must accept responsibility. He must Label them for what they Are. Kissinger Dis favors Mideast study trip Washington Secretary of state Henry Kissinger is worried that an up coming congressional study trip to the volatile Middle East May tip the Sensi Tive diplomatic balance that now holds the truce together. By Jock Anderson the 21-member special subcommittee of the House armed services committee plans to meet with both israeli and Arab leaders during its thanksgiving week trip. While reluctantly sanctioning the trip state has shown its displeasure by quietly informing the delegation that it will not receive the usual vip treat ment afforded visiting congressmen by american embassies. The staffs of the embassies Are too Busy the con Gressmen were told by state to arrange local transportation and accommodations for the visitors. Our own state department sources however Tell us that Kissinger did not want the congressmen in the Middle East for fear they might unwittingly throw a Monkey wrench into the delicate negotiations. Representative Samuel Stratton d n.y., the chairman of the special sub committee huffed to us we Don t care. Well walk from the Airport if he said his group will assess the military aspects of the War and its Impact on american defense and not do any negotiating. We want to see How american weapons performed against soviet weapons and How our Airlift of supplies to the israelis Stratton said. We also want to look at the effectiveness of soviet missiles on american Stratton said the trip was necessary because the Pentagon probably will want an additional billion to beef up the . Airlift system and Kissinger or no Kissinger the committee needs first hand facts to Deal with the Pentagon request. When the White House needs a Freind by Indian to Echo the official line it can always count on William Youpee the director of the National tribal chairman s association. Youpee has been called Uncle Toma Hawk by the militants both because of his loyalty and his lucrative consulting work for the Nixon administration. And his organization the Nic a is financed largely by tens of thousands of dollars of the taxpayers Wampum. Now however we have found hidden reasons Why Youpee kowtow to thereat White father in Washington but is constantly on the Warpath against his militant red Brothers. Confidential records kept at fort Peck mont., Sioux and Assiniboine reservation reveal that Youpee left behind numerous unanswered questions about possible misuse of tribal funds. Hearing rooms sampled Washington sometimes Yoo an catch More of the mood of this code eyed capital by wandering around toe corridors of Congress than by focusing on the big stories of the i by David s. Broder last wednesday a Day when the headlines proclaimed ominous develop ments in the Middle East the unending tapes controversy and the new Energy crisis a reporter sampling activity in. The Capitol Hill hearings rooms could find some things that offered a bit More cheer. Fund rep. Tow Fohy when he was voted out As chairman by his tribe according to auditors reports he had borrowed All of it classed As delinquent because none of it had been repaid. Indeed Youpee acknowledged to us that he still owed the Money. The auditors also reported bluntly that Youpee collected tribal funds to pay for his business trips and some times billed both the tribe and the Federal government for travel expenses. For example Youpee once made a trip to Phoenix on behalf of a business he collected his expenses from a corporation and a business associate then soaked the Indian run fort Peck planning District for a trip covering the same period. On another junket this one to window Rock ariz., he charged the tribe s comm Unity action program at the same time he was charging the Bureau of Indian affairs the ingenious Sioux also billed the Bia for a swing from mont., to Chicago to Washington even As he collected from the fort Peck planning District. Left the Wekch u6ht watergate will pass but the wounds will remain the opening scene to be sure is hot reassuring. The House elections sub committee is dallying its Way through hearings on Campaign spending Reform. If there is one obvious lesson in water Gate it is that the abuse of Campaign Cash must be curbed but Here in the cozy hearing room the Public indignation is muted by the clubhouse Atmos phere of Cigar smoke and cynicism. The witness rep. Robert Giaimo has been on the Public pay Roll for 20 years and the subcommittee chairman rep. John Dent fix twice that Long. Their dialogue is weary with the Wisdom of men who have seen these Reform Waves come and go be fore and have Learned to survive. I will make full Giaimo says but it disturbs me. It disturb me Dent interrupts removing his Cigar. It makes a second class citizens Ami 1 Don t see Why we should be treated any different than anyone rep. Robert h. Mollohan . Chimes in. He was a personnel director for the spa in depression Days and has rarely been off the Public pay Roll since. His sad Story is that a paper in his District has just made a big expose of the fact that "1 supposedly supported the million Lockheed loan because of a contribution from a Lockheed employee i never even heard Heads nod sympathetically on the. Subcommittee. Reform is a terrible Burden to put upon politicians they agree. Down a flight of stains the education and labor committee is waiting for a quorum to resume markup of the Man Power Bill. This is the legislation that the president s Domestic advisors have been touting As a Symbol of cooperation Between the Post watergate White House and the democratic Congress. Rep. William Steiger a Bright Light of the gop and a Nixon Man wanders Over to talk. It May be a he says but i would t Call it creative. This Bill has an kinds of conceptual and practical problems. There s no adequate role for the states it creates too Many inde pendent baronies with inadequate coordination. But i can see Why the White House praises a they re Desper ate for a Bill from this another committee another Bill. Here the House Interior committee is. Working Over the first National land use legislation. Under oils of indians Hunt ing buffaloes it is drafting legislation that conceivably can save 21st Century America from Urban strangulation. Progress you think but the conservatives Are worried. Rep. Robert Burnan helped to Victory in a special election last summer by Spiro Agnew is offering a Tricky Amend ment that would require states to set aside funds to compensate property owners whose holdings Are diminished in value by land use and zoning adjust ments. I rep. Abraham Kazen a Texas says the states Are going to be very hesitant to go into land use planning if they have to create such a contingency n gut the Bill discovered withdraws the amendment. Open markups of legislation Are new in Congress one of the reforms the younger members Nave achieved. The resistance to this change was particularly fierce among the elders of the powerful prestigious ways and Means committee who argued vehemently that they could not do their delicate Fine Tunkis of the fax code who the Public looking on. But even ways and Means has succumbed to the tide of change and is this Day Labouring Over the language of a pension Reform Bill in Public its members have descended from their elevated dais to a tight Semi Circle of desks on the committee room floor. Their debate to an outsider seems open and uninhibited. The main discovery is what the lobbyists have probably Long known that the most important Man in the room is staff member Laurence n. Woodworth. Three fourths of the questions and com ments from the members Are directed to him. Like the wizard of of Frank Morgan behind the curtain the powerful prestigious ways and Means committee seems to be operated by Larry Woodworth and his expertise. Back to the elections subcommittee the atmosphere is profoundly altered. On the witness stand k rep. David obey car is and questioning him is rep. Bill Frenzel they Are two of the brightest men to enter the House in the last five years and their debate on the consequences of Public financing of congressional the Trade off for example Between spreading Competition to More districts and limiting the ability of a few Well financed challengers to tackle Strong incumbents is honest and informative. Two politicians who know their profession and also know the Skepi cism of the Public about it Are Strug gling to resolve a Tough Public policy question. The dialogue ends with a Quick agreement Between them to bring their staffs together for further work on the Bill. You return to the Washington of watergate and Energy crises feeling a bit better about the future of representative government. Washington it is now time to quit tiptoeing around this business and to climb out on the end of the longest1 limb in Public affairs. It is time to say plainly that neither resignation nor impeachment is going to befall president Nixon and this is not said because he has in the current Washington cliche decided to go William s. White within three months in my confident prediction the song of the watergate scandals will have been largely ended though beyond doubt the Melody will have lingered on. The president and of course his whole administration will Bear deep and damaging wounds but he will still be around until the 1976 elections shall have chosen his Succes Sor. It is for several reasons that going Public is not going to be the thing that saves or. Nixon. In the first place his shrinkage in Public approval in the polls apart from the fact that approval Means Many different things to Many different people is invariably accompanied by an incomparably More important statistic. This is that the same disapproving Public by substantial majorities does not want the president pitched out of office. In the second place by going Public the president is not going to convince the people that Nasty things never occurred in watergate because they did. At the very least the people will continue to believe that far too much fat cat Money often far Loo roughly extracted from corporate contributors was thrown around far too grossly in the late Campaign. They Don t like that and going Public is not going to make them like it any better. Nevertheless their instinct tells them that while the president must Bear the ultimate responsibility for it All simply for the fact of being president he had and has no really guilty knowledge of the uglier parts of watergate. They think he is a Toughie All right but they Don t think he is a fool. Moreover they Are getting damned tired of hearing about the whole wretched affair anyhow and just wish it would go away. This by the Way is not my private judgment but rests rather upon that of Many political pros not excluding a fellow who is head of the democratic National committee Robert Strauss. Finally the Cardinal fact is that the Public could not in any event Force the. President s ouster and indeed is in a certain sense pretty irrelevant Here. Only Congress could get him and Congress in t going to do it. An impeachment by the House of representatives is not some traffic ticket it Amoute to a grave felony indictment. And the trial of a Bill of impeachment by the Senate is no less somber than a murder trial by a Hundred judges. Assuming that the House should bring Forward such a Bill and it is s to 1 that it won t there is not the smallest realistic possibility that two third of the Senate would Ever convict the votes Aren t there. The crucial facts Here Are that the president has committed no impeach ment offence that both houses of con Gress know it and that neither House is All that eager to set some precedent for the facile impeachment of any presi Dent or its moral equivalent the expulsion of any senator or Mao on any pm of evidence that is riot both powerful and unanswerable. And then there is one other consideration h is not entirely inconceivable that the president May yet come out with some new of to own that could turn this whole thing made Down. H is at least a thought to mind. I i i am 3 years of age in Good health and have a Job teach cog mentally Retar ded children. I was 44 before i received my master s or Gate. A problem Kas Arisen that i cant Cope with. It s prejudice against older to Bligh i m Ike As enthusiastic and confident As i was Al years ago employment people Are treating me As a can t use your influence u help the group . Own birthdays have accumulated so that i can Well identify with your group. I share your concern of course for har Nessing the capability of America s senior general in. History is on your Side affirming the potential and the productivity of people Over 60. Many of the great artists and inventors have been older people some of them even octogenarians. Among the hebrews and orientals old age was held in Honor and respect was required Leviticus if fact a Mark of the Low estate of a nation was that the faces of the elders were not honoured lamentations the scripture reveals that Superior Wisdom belongs generally to the aged Job and therefore positions of guidance and authority were Given them. But now even though the Structure of society and the channels of employment move you out at age 65, your usefulness need not be Over. I appreciated a suggestion made in Portland recently where retired business executive Owen Cooper was re elected president of the Southern Baptist convention. He suggested that retired people be used in voluntary Mission service on a wholesale basis. That s Good a whole Reservoir of Talent will be uncovered. I Mem

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