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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - November 20, 1973, Florence, South CarolinaGood morn ing tuesday november our Soth year to. 324 Florence . Daily sunday Ess told to ban Washington a con Gress was thursday that a ban on sunday driving and closing of Public Parks to automobiles Are possible Steps being considered to help meet the Energy problem. Charles Dibona the presi Dent s special assistant for fuel policies also said that new and the East coast i could run 50 per cent Short of fuels this Winter if voluntary and mandatory controls Are not successful quickly. Dibona said one of the Steps. The administration is consid ering taking to assure Home heating thermostats Are set no higher than 68 degrees is an immediate 20 per cent reduction on the deliveries of Home heating fuels. Dibona told a congressional joint economic committee that rationing is being considered seriously and said knocking out sunday driving is a real he said other options include a ban on fuels for private and corporate air planes and boats and an immediate ban of the use of natural Gas to fuel decorative outside Gas lamps. Dibona said a sunday driving ban would save barrels of gasoline a Day. Some consideration is being Given to making the ban partial so people could go to Church. The administration. Is also considering instituting sunday Blue Laws to close commercial stores Shorter store hours Dur ing the week and the closing of gasoline stations on weekends. A group of More than 80 per sons with the help of the office of management and budget is aggressively considering a fuel rationing plan Dibona told the committee. Be said alternative rationing systems being considered in clude the traditional Coupon system a stiff fuels tax or drastically increased conservation methods. Dibona said a sufficient sup on sundays in . Ply of fuel is now on hand to permit the nation to continue its Normal patterns of Energy consumption through Decem Ber. He predicted the nation s fuel Supply this Winter will run about 17 to 18 per cent Short based on a Normal Winter and continued cutbacks by Arab Oil producing states. He said the shortage will amount to about three million barrels of fuel a Day less than Are needed. Current mandatory and voluntary restrictions on fuel use and increased . Oil production will produce Only about 2.35 million barrels a Day he said. Dibona said 25 per cent shortage predicted recently by the american Petroleum Institute is based on a More severe Winter and less voluntary cooperation than the administration thinks is realistic. But he said estimates of a shortage of. Up to 50 per cent during the first Quarter of next year particularly along the at lactic Seaboard and in. The Northeast could become Realis tic if Large cuts in the use of fuels Don t begin immediately. Dibona said the United states is taking these Steps to increase Domestic production or to save Petroleum. The naval Petro Leum Reserve at Elk Hills Ca lif., with an estimated yield of barrels a Day pumping in cer Tain american Oil Fields with an estimated increased yield of up to barrels a Day. Identification of .46 electric generating plants across the country that could be converted from Oil to Coal at i savings of up to 430.000 barrels a Day. Dihona sail the administration Hopes that barrels per Day can be saved by reducing average Lime temperatures by six degrees and by reducing the output of com Mercial heating plants by 10 per cent. Pos touring Egypt Cairo a bit of Luck i May attend the birthday of my sister said israeli prisoner of War sgt. Be Neth handler. Interviewed in a bus that took handler and 27 other pos on a sightseeing tour in Cairo monday he said today my sister becomes 16 and i heard a group is leaving tonight for Israel i May join her after handler came to live in Israel from London with his parents years ago. I have just concluded my three year compulsory military service and plan to study inter National relations at a univer he said. My few weeks Here meeting with egyptian soldiers gave me a greater appreciation of human relations. This will help me in my studies when i go Back handler 21, said he was Cap tured oct. 21 in the Central Lor of the Suez we were 16 soldiers in four i Atton tanks trying to attack advancing egyptian he said. We were surrounded by some 100 egyptian soldiers some of whom were on tanks. Two officers and three soldiers tried to escape but were shot dead. The others including my self clean shaven and dressed in egyptian Cotton uniform the group had a glance at Cairo s main streets the Hilton hotel Nasser s mosque the television building Cairo Tower and the Zamanek District. A hebrew speaking egyptian lieutenant described each place As the group passed by. Six armed egyptian military police also Rode the bus. At the famed pyramids the israelis walked near the Sphinx and one said we never expected it was that Senate authorizes rationing of fuel Washington a a Bill declaring a one year nationwide fuel emergency passed the Senate monday and was sent to the House. The vote was 78 to 6. The Bill authorizes but does not require rationing. The i House cannot take the Bill up until at least nov. 26, the Day it returns from its thanksgiving recess. The Senate deleted a provi Sion to tap the nation s naval Petroleum reserves but rejected most other amendments including one its sponsors said would save fuel by prohibiting busing school children for racial balance. Another amendment adopted would permit Congress to Ter Minate the emergency after six months if it decides it is no longer needed after receiving an interim report from the president. The Bill would require the president to set up a system of fuel rationing within 15 Days although it would be up to him when or whether to put it into effect. Nixon has said he Hopes to avoid rationing. The Senate voted 48 to 39 to table an amendment offered by sen. Jesse c. Helms r-n.c., to ban the busing of school Chil Dren for desegregation Pur poses. Under the Bill Nixon would be required to establish priorities for a system designed to reduce consumption by 10 per cent in 10 Days and 25 per cent in four weeks. The system would have to in clude reductions in Speed Lim its temperature restrictions in both Public and private offices a ban on advertising designed to increase Energy consumption and curtailment of hours in schools and other institutions. Slates and cities of 200.000 or More population would be required to come up with their own plans within 10 weeks. If they failed to do so the Federal see Energy Page 8a eleven killed in greek riots pos on sightseeing tour a group of israeli pos pose for photograph monday i front of a Pyramid and the Sphinx during a sight seeing tour of Cairo and environs. One of the pos said his time in Egypt has Given him a greater appreciation of human the men Are scheduled for repatriation any Day now. A Athens a soldiers and troops rounded up scores of youths and workers in a soccer stadium monday following Stu Dent led riots that left 11 per sons dead and at least 148 per sons injured. Those apprehended half of them construction workers and local Union leaders according to one High official taken to the stadium for question ing then released or taken to jails. The number jailed was Undis closed. The arrests appeared to indicate students won at least some support from workers in their bid last week to topple the army backed regime led by president George Papado pulps. Troops and tanks patrolled in Greece s three largest cities Athens Salonica and Patras enforcing the martial Law de Comet watchers attention Atlanta. A. A Fernbank science Center astronomer Robert Hayward said Noonday the Comet Kontek should be visible to the naked Eye any Day. Hay Ward gave for viewing the Comet by five . During the next week the Comet will have cleared the Eastern horizon throughout the United states. In succeeding weeks the Comet will Clear the horizon about 2c minutes later per week. Thus during the week beginning dec. 2, the Comet will Clear the horizon by approximately . To find the Comet locate the big dipper and follow the Arch of the dipper s handle toward the Eastern horizon. It will Point o the Bright Star Arcturus. Also Low on the horizon o the South or right of Arcturus is he Bright Star Spica. Directly to the right of Spica is the four Star Constellation Corvus which looks like a slightly lopsided Kite. From now until the beginning of december the Comet will be Between the Constellation Corvus and the Star Spica. Day by Day it will move toward Spica until about dec. 1 it will move past Spica in the general direction of the Constella Tiore Libra and clashes Between police troops 9 if and dissidents army tanks smashed into the f f Athens polytechnic Institute support res Vard Early to end a Delano Roosevelt s words Lar. The nation s Republican the Only thing we have to fear Chii a Juliun governors adopted a Resolution is fear Imor Ninsi of general support for president gov. Linwood Hofton of Vir nip Iutuk Nixon monday. The Resolution Ginia outgoing chairman of the Tel a asked Nixon to make a full Republican governors Assoc gun Gurion the elder states watergate disclosure action said the Resolution was Man hailed As the architect of after passage of the resold with i no Dis Israel of pm. Tori present designate 3gif prove Man monday re Gerald r Ford in a prepared he Sald Maine in critical condition a stroke his Caliper of leadership that our water Ben Gurion s and blood party has j2 Fth were 1 Mal and former he quoted president Franklin fas Premier had no fever. Sit in. The Campus was still littered monday with broken chairs socks shoes blankets steel pipes wooden clubs and broken bottles. Four construction workers in their 20 s convicted of violating a ban on gatherings of five or More people were each sentenced to four years in jail. A fifth Man was acquitted and set free. The construction workers were politically Active before the coup but since then have been quiet. They have won hefty pay increases to As much As Soso p Day one of the highest wage Scales in Greece. The federation of builders and related trades of Greece condemned the polytechnic incidents of Friday and claimed the students had been led astray by ext Rem is the federation said its members had nothing to do with the disturbances. The undersecretary to the Premier Spyridon Zou Matzis told journalists sunday night that some politicians had acted departing gesture Edward Klenzo left smiles at cameras As president Nixon holds seven and a half month old Marforie Franklin for photographers before his departure from Mccoy air Force base. Klenzo who was reported to have been slapped by Nixon said that it was actually an affectionate Pat on the face. A tobacco hearings continue in Lumberton . House subcommittee continues tobacco hearings in Lumberton. Page 1b. Skylab Cooling system leaking Index comics deaths doctor editorials markets South Carolina state will meet sports stale area Florence City Council approves drafting of a Resolution for the Sale of Chase Park. Page 2a. Florida my in the Orange Blos som bowl. Page 6a. Space Center Houston api astronauts aboard America s space station pre pared monday to re service a Leaky Cooling system which must work if the skylab 3 mis Sion is to Complete its planned 84 Days in space. Officials were confident that astronauts Gerald p. Carr Wil Liam r. Pogue and Edward Gibson can fully revitalize the Cooling system which keeps skylab s critical electronic and Power Supply equipment from burning out. In a Day devoted largely to repairs aboard the orbiting space station the astronauts were Aba. To install some plumbing and Hook up some elect i Calames. The astronauts were apparently feeling Well and working hard. That flood night s sleep last night did All three of us a world of Carr told mis Sion control. There Are two Cooling sys tems aboard skylab both of which Are faulty. The primary system started leaking during skylab 2, a 59-Day Mission completed in september. The men of skylab 2 turned off the Pri Mary system on aug. 23 and the secondary has been in use since. Officials however said the secondary system is also leak ing and would eventually shut Down. Carr Gibson and Pogue have on Board a re servicing kit to keep the Cooling system run Ning. The kit includes a tank containing enough fluid used in the Cooling system to recharge both the primary and secondary loops. We be got All the tools to keep in said flight controller Neil Hutchinson. It s a simple suits worn during space walks Are also cooled by the co Lanol system. Officials said without the co Lanol the Astro nauts will have to use air Cool ing which is less efficient for their suits during a space walk planned for thursday. Skylab 3 s thanksgiving Day space walk will include the re pair of a Cranky Antenna and the installation of film in a solar Telescope system. Weather partly Cloudy and warm. Upper 70s lows 50s. Details Page 3a. Grain cutoff would t Hurt Arab nations Washington a the soviet Union could easily sup ply enough wheat to the Mideast if the United states Cut off Grain shipments in retaliation for Arab countries closing the Oil pipeline. Agriculture Secretary Earl l. Bulz said monday. Further another official said if Russia produces another bumper Grain crop next year on top of this year s record Harvest . Wheat exports to the soviet Union could end abruptly. Bulz acknowledged that proposals have been made in Many quarters for slopping Grain shipments to Arab nations As a reprisal for their shutting Down Oil sales to the United states. Energy crisis May hamper Christmas mails Washington a Post master Gen. E. T. Krassen said monday the Energy crisis May hamper mail handling during the Christmas season and beyond. He also said that mail service May decline seriously unless rates Are increased in january. Not yet been Hurt by the elimination each Day of 300 scheduled air plane flights caused by appearing before the Senate the fuel shortage service could Post office and civil service suffer in december when committee Krassen said that Christmas mail reaches its although the mail service has Peak

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