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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - November 20, 1970, Florence, South CarolinaOf Omar Hunting Gobbler William s. White John m. O Dowd 1887-1970 James a. Rogers editor Friday morning november 20, 1970 hopeful Mideast flexibility events in the Middle East portend a More fluid situation Between principals and increased chances of Man Euver in search of a peaceful settlement. Not being officially admitted reports persist of secret meetings Between King Hussein of Jordan and Deputy Premier Yigal Alton of Israel. Perhaps significantly the meeting place is Given As near Aqaba the jordanian port just opposite and in sight of the israeli port of Elath where a sort of gentleman s agree ment Between Jordan and Israel has prevented those ports from being the objects of serious Border clashes. If secret meetings have indeed been taking place it is symptomatic of the new situation following the death of Egypt s president Nasser. To add further suggestion of greater fluidity the israeli govern ment strongly hints of reducing its demands for a Rollback of egyptian missiles along the Suez As a condition for entering into indirect peace talks in accordance with the original cease fire. Still further is the syrian coup which resulted in a More cautious less doctrinaire government and a re quest from that government that Syria again become part of the United Arab Republic. To these developments Hussein s defeat of the palestinian commandos and their weakened role in Arab affairs and there emerges hopeful Promise that warring elements in the Middle East May have reached the Point where they regard a negotiated settlement of their disputes As the Only reasonable answer to their Complex problems. The one thing standing out clearest in the Middle East impasse is that both sides will have to climb Down from their High Perch before anything can be settled. On the one hand Arab Powers can not expect Israel to withdraw within her pre-1967 Borders so Long As any reoccupied Arab position poses a threat to Israel s Security. On the other hand Israel cannot expect Arab consent to any Border settlement that destroys Arab Pride and leaves unsettled the questions of territorial rights and palestinian refugees. The futility of fighting to Settle these Basic problems has been amply proved. For the arabs it has proved that they Are no match for israeli arms and israeli s will to survive. For Israel it has proved that peace with the arabs must come from some other source than military Victory. With the death of Nasser uncertainty for the future characterized All attempts to interpret the meaning of his passing. But there is now a hopeful Middle East fluidity suggesting that both sides May be seeking acceptable answers Short of a return to the fighting. Whistle blown on television copy Ragm tin i Syndicate Washington though there is a Long Way. Indeed in this instance Between the cup and the lip it is immensely heartening that the democratic party s rules commission has recommended that to no longer be allowed to Boss the presiden tial nominating conventions. To be sure this proposal specifically to bar television gear from the actual convention floor in 1972 emerged by Only a 7 to 6 vote. To be sure too it is at least even Money that it will not survive in the end. Still it is not against the Law to Hope. And Here is at least some sort of step however timid and tentative and staggering toward returning one of the most grave and fateful parts of the electoral process Back to the people entitled to control it the chosen delegates themselves. For the Plain truth is that television has progressively and with Ever increasing arrogance arrogated to itself an alleged right to dictate convention hours and sometimes even convention procedures much As it has More or less taken Over the game of professional foot Ball. The current demand for Reform proceeds primarily from he Shock ing Bias shown the greater Tion of the medium not Only in the Chicago democratic convention of 1968, in which an entire nation was Given an in Jack Anderson weathermen attack water Supply some unconcerned with education racial trouble in Greenville schools tells How far there is yet to go before we have successfully bridged the transition to unitary schools and settled Down to the business of education Only. Fio this distance and based on press accounts the Greenville affair appears the work of those whose least concern is education. Incidents of violence were preceded by presentation of a list of movie previews in a time when so called adult movies Are so pervasive the kid die matinee provides a pleasant interlude for children and their parents. To the credit of the Florence Heaters management a kiddie matinee was instituted sometime Back. Fine. Parents can take Comfort in being Able to take their children to the movies and expect to find whole some entertainment on the children s level. We couple our commendation with a complaint however. Why pollute the wholesome atmosphere of the kiddie matinee with previews of movies restricted to adult viewing. Such was the Case last saturday when a showing of the Littlest Hobo was accompanied with a preview of a. C. And Complete with bedroom love scenes. The film previewed is rated r persons under 17 not admitted unless accompanied by an adult. Perhaps this particular combination was an oversight. But whatever the reason it was an exercise in poor judgment. Previews of this Type hardly fall into the category of wholesome entertainment for children. And their promotional value no doubt is lost on disappointed parents. Demands by representatives of Black students. They called for elimination of the playing of the establishment of Black culture studies and equal Black representation in student offices. While desire for Black culture studies has Validity for education it is not of such import As to threaten the whole process of education. Whatever the objection to the song is so much a part of Southern Folk culture that it merits the degree of tolerance to be expected of any people who far from viewing Folk music As an intended insult to any people or any class value it for Art s Sake. If the Case against Dixie is carried to its logical conclusion it would then be proper for All White southerners to de Mand that the Battle hymn of the Republic the North s civil War Battle song be removed from the repertoire of american music because it affronts Southern sensitivity or that White northerners demand that no southerner Ever be permitted to sing again the old Confederate Camp songs because they were Sung by those who fought against the Union. The Point is that there Are those who for trivial reasons indeed no reasons at All would disrupt the orderly processes of education at a time when the need is to transcend trivia in a common Effort to improve the Public school learning process for both Blacks and Whites. Fortunately the disrupter Are few but they have capacity for disruption far out of proportion to their number. Greenville is a prime example of How the Good work done by Many can be damaged or undone by a few with callous regard for education. The schools have problems enough without having to Deal with those whose chief concern is to create continued unrest. Washington an undercover Man has tipped off the customs Bureau that the weathermen Are trying to steal germs from the bacteriological warfare Center at fort Detrick md., to contaminate a City water Supply. Their alleged aim is to incapacitate a population by infection for seven to ten the weathermen Are Radical revolutionaries who seek to outrage the Public by dramatic acts of violence they believe will create a repressive climate that will alienate nonviolent radicals. As the repression becomes More harsh according to their plan the alienation will increase until they have a violent basis for overthrowing the government. Militant weathermen wearing football helmets and steel toed boots opened then Campaign of violence in october 1969, by going on a four Day rampage through the streets of Chicago. Subsequently they conducted a rash of bombings across the country. The More outrageous the atrocity the better it suits the Weatherman strategy. They were elated for example Over the bizarre Sharon tale kill Ings. The weathermen s fugitive Queen Bernadine Dohrn told a War Council happily dig it first they killed those pigs then they ate dinner in the same room with them then they even shoved a Fork into a victim s stomach the contamination of a City water Supply spreading infection to the whole population is the sort of spectacular havoc that would Appeal to the weathermen. They Hope to get the germ culture the informant claimed by blackmailing a or. Hoover is with him at the moment homosexual lieutenant at fort Detrick. This column has copies of the informant s confidential reports to the custom Bureau. The first report dated november 3, tells of an approach from a drug Pusher for information on what kind of bacteria would be effective and would bypass the filtering system of a City and would incapacitate a population by infection for seven to ten Days. He stated to me that he was merely engaged in a discussion with some ads weathermen As to the possibility of this. He asked me to Contact the homosexual officer i know there and set him up for a discussion and mentioned the possibility of the use o f blackmail to induce the Gay officer in question to cooperate. It is necessary that this in formation be passed to g-2 military intelligence of the department of the army As even the thought of such attempted theft from Detrick is staggering to the drug Pusher made a second approach a few Days later. In a report dated november 11, the informant stated he the Pusher suggested that i obtain pictures and records that could be used to blackmail this officer into furnishing information As to the nature and character of a by weapon that 1 is capable of Felling by infection but not fatal infection the entire population of a Large City for seven to ten Days and 2 would pass through the water filtering Plant of a Large City and go directly into the Homes of the Popula two Days later the informant submitted another report declaring the Pusher stated that in addition to the germ cultures previously described that he also wanted a Quantity of nerve Gas similar to Mace but More powerful that will absolutely put out of consciousness a Large number of people at one time but one thai will not be fatal. He stated that he was not interested in the types used to frighten cats and mice in recent tests. He stated that he has been trained to procure the by material for Over a year and he has interested parties that will Purchase the right thing for a lot of footnote the weathermen take their nickname from their revolutionary manifesto entitled you Don t need a Weatherman to know which Way the wind their National directorate is called the weather Bureau and local chapters Are known As collectives. Secretary of the Interior Walter Hickel has gained National acclaim for standing up to the White House. But he quietly backed Down when the White House brought pressure on him to cancel a National pollution conference he had scheduled for this fall. The conference was set up to present four Days of seminars with commercial exhibits featuring anti pollution equip ment and services. But John Ehrlichman the White House Czar Over Domestic affairs was piqued at Hickel for speaking out on president Nixon s Isola Tion from youth. Ehrlichman s aides began to Carp and criticize behind the scenes against the pollution con Ference. Health education and welfare officials who were miffed Hickel for stealing the Anli pollution spotlight away from them joined in the sniping. They complained petulantly that it was a conflict to have private exhibitors at a government anti pollution powwow. Wearily Wally Hickel already in the presidential Doghouse for his outspokenness decided he could t fight the White House at every turn. So he regretfully cancelled the conference. He made up a phony excuse saying his office would be too Busy set Ting in a new environmental Agency carry on with the con Ference. But the Interior department had already contracted out the planning work to two private firms Courtesy associates and Ralph whiner co. This column has now obtained the Interior letter confirming that they will be paid on the cancelled contract. The original plan was to pay the Cost with registration fees and charges to the exhibitors. But these funds of course Are not now available. The Money to pay off the contractors will not come from the White House or from hew or even from Hickel s funds. Instead the under funded pollution fighters themselves the Federal water Quality administration will have to pay the entire Billy Graham says my Fiance is sort of an agnostic. When i quote scrip Tures to him he says How can you believe what Mere men have written on parch he says that All this staff about god and religion is just a delusion. What can i say to him that will convince him there is a god and that the Bible is the word of god . Does your Fiance reject everything that is written on paper such As All history mathematical formulae and the Vari Ous Laws of nature nearly All the knowledge we have is reduced to writing. Why does he have such an aversion to the Bible which has outlasted All other writings of Mankind i can Tell you the reason. The Bible says because they received not the love of the truth god shall Send them Strong delusion that they should be Lieve a lie that they All might be damned who believed not the ii thess. Your Fiance has rejected the truth which is his and with it has come a delusion in which the lie the deception of satan seems More logical than the truth of god. There is probably Little Chance that you will Ever change him. As a be Lieving Christian you should terminate this association for he will make every Effort to change you and if he does your marriage is doomed. This May seem a harsh judgment but it not my own. The Bible says be not unequally yoked together with unbelievers for what Fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness and what communion hath Light with dark 2 Cor. You Are too Young to Start a Reform school. Roscoe and Geoffrey Drummond among republicans the election aftertaste is bitter one credibly distorted picture of the actualities of a literally revolutionary riot by the so called but also in the Republican convention at Miami Beach. The performance of much of television at Chicago was the most shameful kind of reporting if indeed televise or can fairly be called real journalism seen in this observer s 40 years of experience. As to Miami Beach much of the tube there was plainly Given Over to an attempt to Force the nomination for vice president of one Man and one Man Only mayor John Lindsay of new York City. One must use the qualification much of throughout for nobody could watch it at All All at once following upon the Chicago and Miami Beach episodes then there was the More recent example of television coverage of the congressional and senatorial elections. Again much of to was palpably slanted toward candidates liked by to personalities and equally slanted against candidates unfortunate enough not to enlist the acceptance of these savants. In Short All manner of politicians not All of them conservative have now had a Long Bell Ful and it is past time for somebody to say Why this is so. The excesses of the tube have Long been fully recognized by the press. But Between us and them the. Writing journalists and the to personalities there is inevitably a Good Deal o f Friendship. Thus nobody in the press really enjoys blowing the whistle. Nevertheless blown it must be and Here Are the Plain facts of the business in the first place television is basically a n entertainment medium Al Bottom theatre and Lalk about electronic journalism is largely flatulent nonsense. In the second place commercialism in the crudest and most intrusive form is its life blood far from than is the Case with the press whatever the sins of the press. In the third place Many if not most of the household oracles of the lube Are utterly unequipped to Deal with a most complicated sufi Jet thai is politics. To put it bluntly they Don t know what it is All about. For every truly competent Man a Howard k.-. Smith a William Lawrence a Frank Blair a David Brinkley there Are half a dozen Nice faces from which Issue Nice voices. Finally the grossest presumptuous Ness of All i s television s claim to be analogous to the press and thus entitled to the full Protection of the first or free press. Amend ment. Television in fad lives on a giant Public subsidy where the press does not. Television using Public property for private profit. Nobody has put it better than lord Thompson of Fleet who has candidly admitted that to be granted a to License is to be Given a License to print quiz by a. C. Gordon 1. What u. S. President was the recipient of More honorary degrees than any other individual in american 2. What Are Hetero gyms 3. Where is the worlds largest cemetery answers 1. Herbert c. Hoover 1874- Wilh 85 honorary degrees. 2. Words which Are spelled alike but pronounced Dif i fervently and with different meanings As Slough a swamp pronounced As and Slough to shed pronounced As 3. One in Leningrad which contains More than of the victims of the German army s unsuccessful siege in world War ii. hurtling Washington the con Gressional elections left a bitter aftertaste with the republicans. A Republican president joined in shooting Down a Republican senator Charles Goodell of new York. And now other Liberal gop senators who voted against president Nixon in the past arc Uncertain whether they will be targets of a similar purge in 1972. We report Wilh knowledge that president Nixon docs not intend to try to purge any Republican member of Congress Senate or House nor to feud with any gop liberals if they vote against him. There is a Good reason to accept the declaration of intent. President Nixon certainly sounded As though he meant it when he discussed this matter in conversation the other Day. More than Good intentions sup port his words. Namely the president needs the Republican Liberal senators More than they need him. He needs their votes for a wide Range of Domestic Legisla Tion which he wants during the next two years. Two immediate examples the family assistance plan the Keystone of the Nix on welfare Reform and the farm Bill. The Senate s failure to act on Nixon s farm legislation acutely hurl Republican candidates in the Middle West and May Well have Cost the gop several House seats because of farm voter dissatisfaction. And president Nixon is also going to need the help of the Republican Mode Rales and their votes in the i972 presidential Campaign. They Are politically Strong in states where the president has been weak such As Sens. Clif Ford Case in new Jersey Jacob javits in new York Edward Brooks in Massachusetts Charles Percy in Illinois and Robert Griffin in Michigan. They arc All up for re election in 72 and their willingness to Campaign earnestly for Nixon As Weil As for themselves could will be crucial. Their willingness to do so will depend on whether or. Nixon does three things extends a cordial hand to the Republican liberals in the Senate heeds their views in the formulation of his legislative programs and convinces them that purge is no longer his lactic. President Nixon saw a wholly exceptional situation in the new York Senate race this year. His View was that Goodell lagged from the beginning had no Chance of winning that conservative party candidate James Buckley could win with a Little extra help and would give the president considerable needed support in the Senate. The Republican Senate liberals and some gop conservatives like Gordon Allott and Peter Dominick of Colorado did t see it that Way. They saw the president s desertion of Goodell As a future peril to themselves and As an attempt to Tell Republican senators they must not vote against the presi Dent very often or face White House punishment at the polls. Twenty Republican senators gave Goodell their Public sup port in letters and eight of them campaigned for him in new York. Florence morning news published and sunday 141 s. Itty is. Florence . 29501 member it tie associated press audit Bureau of circulation Southern Contr publishers association. The associated press is entitled exclusively to hut us Lor publication of All local news in tails newspaper. The Florence moral no news desires to be notified promptly of errors in any of us reports. The Flor Onro morn Lna Newi will not responsible Foi Advance payments map to newspaper carriers or Independent to whirl Vulors unless made directly to pm office of this newspaper. 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