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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - November 20, 1957, Florence, South CarolinaWednesday morning november Florence morning ntsw8, s. 11 to your Good health by or. Joseph g. Molner m. U. There Are Many warning signs that every expectant Mother should know. There has been an impressive reduction in loss of babies in the last two or three decades. Lots of mothers has been brought so that it is difficult to see much room for improvement except to do All we can to Alert women to the danger signs which should Send them hurrying for help. I m not an alarmist. I guess everybody who reads this column knows that i m strongly in favor of never worrying about things that Don t Merit worry. But i m rust As insistent that we should All be familiar with the relatively new danger signs. So for the Mother to be remember these. Bleeding May be a sign of miscarriage. Notify the doctor and go to bed at once. Miscarriage usually not always occurs about the third or fourth month. Severe vomiting or nausea morning nausea is not at All unusual during the first three months of pregnancy. I m not re Ferring to that. Nausea and vomit ing later in pregnancy May be a sign of to Xemia and should be re ported to your doctor. Continuous and severe headache May also be a sign of rising blood pressure and to Xemia. Not an occasional common headache but continued and severe. Sudden increase in weight usually Wilh swelling of Ankles and face is an ominous sign too and should be reported without delay. Kidney disturbances May be suggested by a Budden decrease in volume of urine. Pain or Burn ing at time or urination May mean kidney infection. A sudden spurt of water from the Vagina a few weeks before birth of the baby is due May be 8 signal of a premature birth. Naturally at your regular visits to the doctor he will watch for these things and also Check your there is no most effective treat ment but several May be tried with some Success. Complete abstinence from tobacco is a must along with that measures 16 pro Mote circulation drugs exercises designed for the purpose Mechan ical compression devices which alternately give and Nega live and in severe cases surgery. Dear or. Molner what cause warts on the Bottom of my Chil Dren s feet can you buy some thing in the drug store to dry thwarts up r. i Don t know of any chemical that can Clear them up. They sound like plantar warts Wiric Are the result of a virus picket up on the feet. Careful paring o them and sometimes even a Ray Are in my opinion the most re liable treatments. Don t let the children go Barefoot in the Nous they should Wear their own slip pers As the virus can be spread count your calories the was Way to receive a copy of m pamphlet the calorie write to me in care of this new paper enclosing a self addressed stamped envelope and 5 cents in Coin to cover handling. Or. Molner welcomes All Reade mail but regrets that due to the tremendous volume received daily he is unable to answer India Idun letters. Readers questions Are ii corporate in his column wherever possible. A writer predicts that by the year 2.000 women will be Wea ing Homburg. Maybe he is jul talking thru his hat. Final discharge All parties interested will pleas take notice that Wilma e. Gorin executrix of the estate of Walte Eaddy deceased has this a made application unto the court probate of Florence county f final discharge As Euch executrix and that the 30th Day of november Wood for any sign of anaemia and 1957, at 10 o clock . Is the just your diet watch your weight Tirrie appointed for a hearing As Well As your blood pressure the petition and frequent urinalysis. J c. Kenneth Grimsley flow soon should you see of probate Florence coun doctor for the first time at the oct. A nov. 6, 13, 20. First suspicion of pregnancy. Many doctors have printed instructions to be followed and these will not Only answer a lot of your questions but make your pregnancy the important thing safer. Dear or. Molner will you please explain Buerger s disease what connection if any does it have with diabetes How is it v. it is essentially inflammation of Small arteries with a tendency for them to become obstructed be cause of the inflammation. The trouble is usually confined to the feet and legs. It has no direct connection with diabetes but changes in the feet of older diabetic patients May resemble cases of Buerger s. The True disease occurs usually in to Middle age. Across the ice 4. Grasp Ocean 12. One spot 13. J6w 16. Section 17. Correct 19. Fiftal to tribe 21. Turn aside z3.cplbrado Dahi 26. Bear Commerce note of the scale a. Bright 30. Obliterate 31. Weep 32. F Sward i 33. Expel 34. Ancient persist 35. Leir cd 37. Allotment 38. Lateral Wei the indicator 40. Wind instrument 42, deflects 45. Over Contr. 46. Hangman s tilter 48. Conger 4b.bark 51. Parched Down 1. Aeri form hui3 evian dido Ana u 3htin Illus am 30oi3 an Naa Ansa nans Samaah Aaanna Herf Fly Henba do Auel Heb Enny a Juana banana Tol Utun 2.desseft 3. Disregard f. Tuft 5, penitential period toward the Itera 7. Selfon Librn Syrna 61 w h Puzzle 8. Overture s. Disburse 16. New Bora Lamb 11. Conjunction 16. Characteristic 18. Masculine 20. Shore 21. Diminish 22. Condensed steam 23. A pair 24. Wear away 25. Resist authority .27. Hackneyed 30. Otivious 31. Separated 33. Redact 34. Horse s neck hair 38. High rate 61 interest 37. Grottoes 39. Clamp 40. Watch pocket 41. Pasture 42. Female Rabbit 43. Thrice prefix 44. Furtive 47. Tincture at Gold her. To time 13 min. The family guide son Wal refs car brings some advice by Kiplinger Washington Agency my son claims that we Don t let him have the family car often enough. have tried to be fair about it and set some rules but these Don t always seem to work. Do you have any ideas that will ease mrs. F. W., Cincinnati Ohio a. It is no Small wonder that Turere is trouble a brewing in your hou5e. Parents with teen age youngsters and Only one car for the whole family do have prob Tennis the menace by Jimmy Halo they la do it every time the Ottly Worth they do is water their own 64rdenia Secretary for three Jun Lof Bis shots not to jump4round e she belongs to each one fwd when one of pm dictates some True pest want at the same. Time hello us or. Scrod lev s wire this is his Secretary just a moment please Veah it s Berreath their to answer the the girl who works for three count pm Straw Bosses Ems. A couple of years ago Anel of teen age students in a us Urban High school discussed rules and batted around on just is fair to everyone in the Amily. The panel produced these ints first of All it May take some a tint discussion to work out an arrangement for sharing the car. S a Parent you should recon 2e the need of youngsters f o r especially in this a of suburban living. Don t Chal Enge it. When they reach their teens kids should be Able to get around too. Besides you let your youngster get a License. And quite naturally a is going to want to Jse it. I the teen age panel agreed that a share and share like plan with parents works jest to prevent conflicts Mem hers of the family should Tell each other in Advance when they have plans that Call for the car. In Wrt ant dates should be marked in a pad or a Calendar which is n a convenient and yet prominent spot in the House. These lean agers were unanimous in saying that it is wrong a Lay Down ironclad rules such As you May have the use of the car one night each too frequently the youngster might need the car twice in one week end and not at All the next. In the opinion of the panel flexibility is better. And too if something special comes up suddenly for the parents on a night the car has been promised to the teen Ager then they can sometimes find other transportation. And by the same Token such an arrangement can worked in reverse. Alt this does t mean that everything goes the Youthful Driver s Way. The children themselves suggest the restrictions that Are in effect in then households. The panel agreed that the teen Driver should get car Only As Long As he demonstrates safely goes where he says he is going eats Home at a previously set hour. They agreed also that the family car should be requested Only for genuine transportation needs. Some families ask the youngster to pay for the Gas he uses. And most children agree to help Wash polish and take care of the car if they Are Given the privilege of us ing it. Tomorrow straightening Teeth is it Worth the expense if you have a problem write to Thuc family guide in care of this newspaper. A c6py of the practical family Success Book will be sent to the persons whose questions Are selected for publication. It bothers m6 Vou have Faith in the this a laymen claims. He , Swift s Progress Clos Way to. His arrival aft the fsr a just too they re in Shistos business world not a pr6am now 1u May pin is a pts Mai sav6 heu final Lee i a new equipment Heep to later in 1 in we give Swift another 60-a it works. But i m not siting and in this Case the master is a soon of the dope Pusher a human dogs Are wonderful they ask no questions of their masters whether Thev be goons or princes. Right 1 Lizz remember Junior. Volfre his custodian of Cialli cars of Tim cup s Little dog. 7ii71 but it Tab 3000 it will Dove for when i think be Tomahawk for be if to Wal , Dant my friends be and 7dtw6 rocks listen either you he needs help his body is bruised looks like the result of a whipping f i d bu6sest you Call the children s shelter Joe we 0 Veitl much like to 00 somethim6 for the poop. Hid. Toe fld s in fair physical in a be pressed he still refuses to identify himself How. Please leave me alone with the boy we removed his wet mings and gave him of a wow pyjamas h6 won t take any food i Don t remember anything in the wedding ceremony to that effect after i got All through. 1 decided i it better the was it Jas i m exhausted i spent the whole cd rearranging the downstairs furniture Ole american inst too Shuh namely me rooted by big we figured your 6adie Hawkims Day would make a great . No trespass notice All persons Hunting fishing entering or otherwise trespassing on property located in Salem and Kingsburg Community will be prosecuted to the full extent of Law Henry Holiday nov. 20-27 4-11. la r one is really buy one v. All Vou need in fact i la sir take two or three its probably Audi Sellin something Jesss did Vou Ever think of studying the piano you have a Talent for music Vou know i m not interested in music 1makin6 Home Flut we 15 my 510ck in Trade the Man but had my face 51-Appfo actually j oct tonight repulsive 11 Kkt flux Hyitt you know not at a like i i be always wanted to i at least Bax Tomt entrance., Driver doihi5.tonio-Ona i you be your Moonlight nk5ht.witii Moonlight

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