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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - November 20, 1957, Florence, South CarolinaWeather rather cold and fair today and tonight High 60 Low 39. It tags Page 2, Reader s tip 13th annual state fam Juneau meets in Charleston election business in detail Page 12. Vol. Xxxiv no. 241 Florence s. C., wednesday morning november 20, 1957 daily 5c sunday lot added horrors another woman in butchery Case earlier Sioto Tare 1z Madison wis., nov. 19 horrifying Story of grave robbery and butchery by a 51-year-old Bachelor exploded into still More Hor ror today when the sheriff of a neighbouring county declared he recognized one of the skulls found in a secluded farmhouse As that of a Long missing woman. And the director of the state crime Laboratory refused to Tell newsmen whether he had brought 10 Heads to the lab for study be cause there May be More than 10." Charles Wilson head of the crime Laboratory made his state ment after Edward Gein was brought Here for lie Detector tests. Sheriff Herbert Wanserski of Portage county told newsmen Here that i absolutely do not be Lieve that Gein gathered the assortment of skulk and grisly human remains from cemeteries Gein s Washara county Home. Wanserski who said he took part in the investigation of gain e activities since it was touched off by discovery of mrs. Bernice Worden s eviscerated body on Gein s farm saturday night told newsmen we have found the face and head of Mary Hogan among the objects in Gein s farm mrs. Hogan was a 54-year-old Portage county Divorcee who Dis appeared in december 1954 from the Rural tavern she operated at six Miles from Gein s Plainfield farm. 6eln admitted butchering the 58-year-old mrs. Worden saturday after dragging her bloody Corpse from uie hardware store she operated in Plainfield. However he insisted during extensive questioning that be did not remember actually killing mrs. Worden. He also insisted that he did t know anything about mrs. Hogan s disappear Ance. But he admitted he had been in her tavern two Days after she vanished leaving splashes of blood and signs of violence be Hind. Mrs. Hogan was 200-Pound woman described by acquaint ances As Able to take care of Gein is a frail appearing 140-Pound Man. Mrs. Worden s store also was bloodstained and like the Hogan tavern had been robbed. Gein maintained daring nearly 30-hours of questioning that the skulls and other human relics found in his House had been looted from Graves while i was in a he said the same Daze affected him while he was talking to mrs. Worden in her store saturday morning and that he thus did not remember killing her. But he de scribed taking her body Home and Dise Bowling and decapitating it because he thought it was a a tight news blackout on the ghoulish details of objects found in Gein s cluttered and filthy Liv ing quarters was broken by Sher Iff Wanserski. His account Given to newsmen at the crime Labora tory Here piled horror on horror. The Heads found in the farm House he said had been skinned. The detached portion he added Nada up faces of a regular size Well preserved with hair ears lips and inside comes. Classified or. Molner editorial financial society sports .11 .11 4 10 5 .8, 9 weaker. 2 us France talks Don t heal split Hopes expressed for new policy by John m. Hightower Washington nov. 19 United states and France agreed tonight to try to work out a common policy with Britain and Tunisia governing future deliveries of arms to Tunisia. Dulles Pineau Confer secretory of state Dulles and French foreign minister lactic Alliance Christian Pineau Confer at the state department yesterday. They met to discuss the u. S. Shipment of arms to Tunisia and North Atlantic Alliance problems. Of photo fax Secretary of state Dulles and French foreign minister Christian Pineau failed to resolve the angry dispute which has split the at lactic Alliance in a three hour meeting at the state department. But Pineau said they had de european network of rocket stocks of atomic warheads advocated by Dulles by Warren Rogersjr. Washington nov. 19 a Secretary of state Dulles today unfolded an american plan for strengthening the Atlantic Alli Ance by creating a european net work of rocket bases with Stock Iles of atomic warheads. This concept emerged at Dulles news conference As a key proposal which he and president Eisenhower will Lay before the dec. 6 meeting at Paris of the North Atlantic treaty Heads of govern ment. Dulles told his news conference be and Eisenhower would try at Aris also to reinforce the allies Confidence that America would Light if necessary but Only if Essary. The Secretary said America s commitment to treat any attack on one nato member As Clear warhead series of Interne on foreign relations an attack on All is As Strong As it could be but he said the allies Are concerned on two Amer Ica might be trigger Happy or conversely might fail to retaliate against any soviet attack in Europe not directly involving . Troops there. He ruled out giving any veto to Allied nations on . Policy but he said a Way must be found to convince them America would use nuclear weapons if necessary but would not misuse them. In discussing his rocket atomic bases proposal Dulles said Proto Type arrangements of this kind Are already being made with Brit Ain and Canada. He said a Sim Ilar series of intermediate Range missile bases with nearby no Diate Range missile bases with nearby nuclear warhead Stock could be worked out with european countries in a Continental defense system against a potential assault by Russia. The first the 14 other nato nations go along with the idea next be a Blanket nato agreement Dulles said. He added that executive agreements could follow with individual member countries. Secretary of defense Mcelroy said after a conference with pres ident Eisenhower at Augusta to Day that he is extremely Hope Ful the United states will meet on schedule its commitment to Start delivering missiles to Britain by 1939. He said shipments will Start certain Adlai Dulles make trip for Chicago speech today Washington nov. 19 state department announced tonight that Secretary of state Dulles is going to Chicago tomorrow to make a speech and Adai e. Stevenson is making the trip with him. Dulles will address the Chicago Council on foreign relations. Broadened somewhat with his appointment to consult tomorrow with a High ranking foreign offi Cial. Dulles told his news conference today no decision has been made As yet on whether Stevenson would accompany him and presi Dent Eisenhower to a dec. 16 nato meeting of Heads of government. The Eisenhower administration proposal will be unveiled at that session. The state department said dul Les invited Stevenson to be his guest aboard the plane Cince both York City before going Back Home were going to Chicago any Ray a aides said the the same time. York appointments would be kept officials said Stevenson would scope appeared to be added that he did not know state department press chief Lin Coln White said Stevenson serv no As democratic consultant on Atlantic Alliance problems would Fly with Dulles on the . Mili tary air transport plane. Illinois is Stevenson s Home state and he decided to make a rip Home on the Dulles plane. He s not expected to attend the ses Sion of the Council on foreign relations. White said Stevenson cancelled earlier plans to leave tonight for business appointments in new next sunday or monday. White also said Stevenson would Confer tomorrow morning with French foreign minister Chris Ian Pineau. Stevenson sat in on Dulles talks today with Pineau about the Tunisia arms question and american plans for strength ening the North Atlantic treaty. Stevenson s role As consultant was be to comment on the new nato proposals. How not be present at the Dulles news conference. They said they did not know whether he would at tend the dinner at which Dulles is speaking. Stevenson is a Mem Ber of the Chicago Council on foreign relations which is dul Les Host. No Advance text of the Dulles Chicago talk tomorrow at . Cost will be put out by the state department White said. He whether the talk would be private or open to reporters. He said that was up to the Host Council. Man drowns in surf at Crescent Beach special to the news Crescent Beach nov. Nathaniel Bellamy 20, was drowned in the rough surf off the Beach Here today when Small fishing boat Sank Coroner Littlejohn Elan ton said. Four other men escaped after the boat Sank swimming and then wading some 50 Yards to Shore. Bellamy could not swim the few Yards to wading depth the Coro Ner reported from his investigation. The five men working at a fishery had started out to make a strike and apparently mis judged the roughness of the water the Coroner said. The Myrtle Beach Rescue squad was unable to launch a boat due to the surf. The body has not been recovered agents halt cuban rebels key West fla., nov. 19 he a revolutionary Force preparing to sail for Cuba in a yacht loaded with arms medical supplies and military uniforms was seized by a raiding party of u. A. Agents to Day in the Florida keys. Three hours before the group had intended to sail at Dawn the raiding Force led by customs agent w. B. Lankford took 31 cubans into custody. They were jailed hero on charges of conspiracy to violate the neutrality act and the National firearms act. Linkford said the cubans were loading the yacht Philo or Iii with machine guns rifles knives much cos and other weapons when the agents surprised them on n Dock it Pinny Point the Southern tip of nig Pine key. Finns of the group to sail to Cuba Prem Mobly to augment the revolutionary forces of Fidel Cas Tro had been known for several Days Lankford said. The 165-foot coast guard Cutter Ariadne was moved up from key Block a possible attempt by the men to escape aboard the yacht but the agents were Able to handle the arrests and the Cut Ter did not participate in the raid on the Dock. Lankford said the revolutionary Force was the largest apprehended since Fuigencio Batista became dictator of Cuba after deposing president Carlos Prio Socarras in a bloodless coup in 1d-s2. Batista in recent months hns weathered a number of revolutionary move ments. I Prio now lives in Miami and has been accused by Btl san of financing gun running to Cuba and otherwise supporting attempts of a Tinta s enemies to overthrow him. These charges have been denied by Prio but he says he believes that a successful revolt against Batista will eventually develop. Five of the cubans arrested to any gave new York addresses. Twenty four gave addresses in Miami and Miami Beach and four gave no addresses. In Tampa the customs office said the of Vilomar Iii is owned by Bilarmino Fernandez of to Man. Fernandez said he leased it to Gil Bert u Visbal of mini but thought it was to be used for fish ing. Visbal was one of those listed As arrested in the raid. . Commissioner William Al Bury held All 31 cubans for the Federal grand jury on charges of conspiracy to Export arms without a License from the state depart ment no Plena were entered. Bond was set it on cd sir 32, of Mirml who was de scribed As apparent Foreman in the boat loading operation and at each on All the others. All were lodged in Monroe county jail pending arraignments for Bond. Giro Negi Elti Miami lawyer representing the cubans moved unsuccessfully for release of the men after arresting officers Testi fied they did not know what was in the packages at the time they were being carried aboard the yacht. They testified they found arms ammunition and uniforms aboard. Lankford said some of the men in the group told him they were anti Batista and wanted to go to Cuba to fight against Batista. The yacht and the automobiles were impounded pending develop ments in the charges against the cubans. L by before mid-1959." he also said supplies of intermediate missiles will be go ing to other nato nations ear Lier than had been he did not become More specific but said increased numbers of the misses will be ordered for this purpose. Dulles said no treaty would be necessary for bases and stockpiles and no change would be needed in the atomic Energy Law. This act prohibits handling Over nuclear data or materials to foreign governments. The Secretary explained that the nuclear warheads would remain technically in . Hands. Train ing in their use would go Forward among Allied forces in Europe. In the event of War Eisenhower could hand Over the warheads which could then be attached to the icbms for firing. Dulles said the rockets them selves should be ready by the enc of Calendar 1959-in operational numbers. He said Hie bases would be Dis Persed about Europe As a matter of military prudence. Cited to seek a procedure which would avoid the danger of guns and ammunition delivered to Tunisia falling into the hands of rebels fighting the French in neighbouring Algeria. A state department spokesman Hen reported that the United states within the next few Days will be in touch1 with Britain France and Tunisia to work out an approach As to arms deliveries in the the United states and Britain sent tunisian president Habib 3ourguiba 920 guns and More Ihan rounds of ammunition ast week in the face of Strong French protests. Diplomatic in Zambone s meditations by Alley or come wet de. Or4e. I v. While she am la Wop. De mole disarm unit adds nations that no further planned a Midi formats said shipments Are lately. Pineau told Dulles that the . British move had created great emotional reaction in French Public opinion and in Par lament. State department press officer Lincoln White said Dulles explained to or. Pineau that we lad obtained undertakings from he tunisians that the arms would be used exclusively for their internal Security and defense and we Are sure they will White also said the result of to Day s meeting had been that each Side understands the position o the other clearly and he added certainly we have no intention of shipping arms to the tunisians As simply a Way station on the Way to train crash kills two near Boston Medford mass., nov. 19 a speeding Montreal Boston sex dress train the Boston and Maine s crack red and was wrecked today at an overpass crossing in this suburban City six Miles North of Boston. Two were killed. More than a score were injured none Crit Cally. The Accident occurred at the site of a roadbed reconstruction project where Railroad officials said a restricted Speed limit was n Force. The Railroad statement said the rain was travelling at excessive w. Paul Duggan general chair Man of the local of the brotherhood of locomotive fire men and engine men said the ape of the automatic Speed re Corder on the engine indicated it was going 70 . Buchan add n a .3 . Umit because of trac repairs at the scene had been re moved. He said 70 . Was the Normal Speed for a train at that in makes move by Milton Bessee United nations n.y., nov. 19 United nations late to Day added 14 nations to its Dis armament commission in what appeared to be a futile move to Bead off a breakdown in East West negotiations., the place in the 82 nation general Assembly which also rejected terms Laid Down by the soviet Union for its future participation in . Disarmament negotiations. Moderate Book writer s Home hit by bombs Gaffney nor. 19 Kab the Home of a Gaffney woman who ctr Tatei material u mod Erate Book on race relations was bombed Here tonight. The explosion rocked the Home of mrs. Claudia Thomas Sand ers whose husband is a Gaff physician. Mrs. Sanders was one of 12 South carolinians who contributed articles to South carolinians the Book is sub titled a moderate approach to race the explosion which happened about . Tonight was heard All Over the City. It shattered windows and first Esti mates of damage were no one was injured. The Sand ers family was in another part of the House when the explosion went off. Gaffney police found three Sticks of dynamite intact with a time clock and Battery mechanism in a wooden Keg. They said apparently it was a time bomb. The charge apparently was placed beside the Chimney of the two Story House. The explosion left a gaping Hole in the ground beside the Chimney. Police said so far they have no. Leads As to who might have touched off the explosion. Reds agree to Aid Egypt with Economy Moscow nov. 19 Nikolai bulgarian announced to night the soviet Union has agreed o help Egypt bolster National Economy. Eul Ganin made tie cation cat St a Kremlin banquet for Egypt s War minister Abdel Hakim Amer. I by a vote of 19 in favor and 38 against the Assembly turned Down an albanian proposal to enlarge to 32 nations. The on this basis would it consider taking part in additional meetings of the commission. Then the Assembly voted 46 against and Only 9 in favor of the soviet proposal to make an 82 nation Little Assembly out of the disarmament commission. The soviet Union insisted that the Assembly vote on the 82-Natioa commission when the albanian move failed. Twenty four nations abstained including member the asian Arab bloc. In the final vote of the Day the Assembly approved by a vote of 60-9 the proposal to add 14 nations to the commission making it a 25-nation body. The was advanced by the West in the Hopt it would satisfy the soviet de mands for an enlarged commis Sion. The Only no votes came from the soviet bloc. Communist Yugoslavia did not take part in the voting and aft Erward its Delegate Prica arose in the Assembly to criticize the soviet Union for not going along with the Compromise. Yugoslavia was one of the chief negotiators of the Compromise and one of the sponsors of the approved after the vote . Ambassador Henry Cabot Lodge issued thu statement by overwhelming Vole 60 to 9 the Assembly has emphatically proclaimed to the world to the soviet it wants disarmament talks to continue. The soviet Union cannot successfully disregard this mat Sive expression of world carolinians await colder Days ahead or toe associated carolinians braced for More fall like weather today coming with a cold front that slashed with unseasonably warm temperatures to Send torrents of rain Over the two state area monday night and ear y yesterday. Minor flooding and High running streams caused at least one death my one injury yesterday. Glenn Calvin Barlow Hudson i.c., service station operator in Lis 30s, drowned when the swollen Wilson Creek swept the jeep carrying him and two Hunting com Anions off a Bridge about 20 Niles from Lenoir . An unidentified woman was Glightly injured in the spartan org ., area when a part of a tour Road weakened by Rains col lapsed Between Moore and Reid Ville. Another car ran off the Road when a Bridge washed out at arb Wright Minor flooding was predicted for today and tomorrow in three South Carolina Rivers the Broad at Blair nine feet above baneful the Saluda at Pelzer six feet Over and the Congaree at Columbia ont foot. The weather was expected to Clear and turn colder. Tempera Tures had reached into the Over much of the two state area and Florence ., reported i High of 83 on monday. Winds also accompanied the cold front with gusts up to 38 Miles an hour in the Greenville ., area. Rainfall during the 24-Honr period ended yesterday morning included 2.90 at Spartanburg 2.01 at Greenville ., 1.98 at Ware Shoals ., 2.11 at Gaffney ., 2.25 at Shelby ., 1.17 at Char Lotte 1.01 at Greensboro 1.30 at Comden ., and .93 at Ashe Ville. These kids love it but there Ore loss joyous results of tuesday s big Snow i the Midwest Road Crews tackled one of their biggest november Snow cleanup jobs in years. Here some Mue blooded children have a fling at sledding without sleds on Snow covered dopes near Minneapolis. Traffic snarled at least 39 attributed deaths and school losses cancelled a varied picture of the my t area deaths Willie c. Georgetown. My. Hazel Goody car Dillon. Joseph Chow Lack Florence. Roland Mclnnis Dyrl Loffton. Mrs. In Mac Rich Brockington King Dyrce. My. Catherine Corr Lynn Wumbin. Rot. John mice Heni to Pville. By input t

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