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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - November 19, 1970, Florence, South CarolinaInn wig let s put it this Way it s not going to be heaven John m. O Odowd 1887-1970 James a. Editor thursday morning nov mar 19, 1970 the hot hotline question enough fuss has been raised Over the possibility that hotline civil defense telephones in governors offices Are doubling As transmitters to warrant some sort of Public explanation. Maryland gov. Marvin Mandel was the first to claim his private office was bugged. Electronics experts checking his office he said found that the red Telephone tied in with the civil defense hotline network was also a transmitter from which any speaker Blatt Veteran Barnwell county rep. Solomon Blatt to no one s Surprise has been reelected speaker of the South Carolina House of representatives without opposition. Blatt will begin his 16th term As speaker when the House convenes in january. Few men have presided so Long Over a deliberative body. Entrenched if that s what one chooses to Call it has its of sectional features. For one thing it May thwart the ambitions of younger and capable men thus preventing a potential Leader from moving into a position of leadership. But the entrenched leadership Coin also has another Side. Long tenure in a leadership Slot May simply reflect a Job Well done. It May bespeak respect for the Man and Confidence in his ability to Lead. The evidence is that the latter fac tors account for Blatt s reelection Over and Over again by his col leagues. Conversation in the room could be monitored from outside. Suspicious of his red phone gov. Lester Maddox in a characteristic gesture ripped it from his office Wall while television cameras recorded the event. The big question is How Many if any of the civil defense phones Are actually double agents a red hotline which governors can use in emergency situations and a disguised transmitter which some unknown somewhere is using to Snoop on the governors. More than 40 of the nation s governors have cd hotline phones. Florida gov. Claude Kirk laughed off the notion that someone might be listening in on him. He quipped that his hotline phone is in his bedroom at the mansion and if anyone has been listening they could write some love it would be no laughing matter however if it turned out that several of the phones were doubling As transmitters As gov. Mandel claims was the Case in his office. Happily the hotline system has gotten Little use since it was installed 14 years ago. But in the event of a real emergency which is certainly not outside the realm of possibility the governors might like to know that certain information can be relayed without it falling into the wrong hands. In the meantime the governors Are entitled to privacy in their own offices privacy even from the Cia and Fri which some suspect making a double agent of the cd hotline. District one s financial Pinch for decades Florence school District 1 citizens have met annually in a new England town meeting Type of gathering to vote on local tax millage for school purposes and to elect school trustees. In the past these meetings have been held in March. Though the customary meeting Date is some five months away District supt. Henry l. Sneed has already begun discussing the problem of school financing before school groups. District taxpayers turned Down a school Board request last March for 16 additional Mills. As a result the teaching staff in District 1 is 30 Short of what the Board thinks it should be a instructional fee was imposed on students this year and programs for in service teacher training Library expansion and Art and music instruction in the schools have been curtailed. Sneed told the Henry Timrod school Parent teacher association this week that a 16-Mill tax increase is impera Tive and that a 23.5 increase is actually needed to assure a More rounded educational program. Though it May seem premature it is not too Early to begin a Public discussion of the financial needs of District schools. One thing that needs Clearing up As soon As possible is whether the new England town meeting system will continue to be used for transacting the District s annual business. Last year s overflow crowd which spilled Over from the Mcclenaghan High school gymnasium into the auditorium corridors and several classrooms was enough to convince Over the Hill the trials of the Middle aged Are Many. The Anatomy spreads Gray hair appears More frequently what hair that and Many in the near and past-40 begin to wonder if they Are losing the old zip. They begin to wonder if they Are appreciated. Then along comes the Federal government to add insult to injury by destroying All the draft records of per sons 35 and older. How far Over the Hill can you Jet when even the army does t care where you Are Shreveport la journal. David Lawrence social upheaval linked to drugs Washington Overlook ing the obvious is an old saying but it May be applied to what is going on now in America. For the most obvious of the causes of unrest violence and disruption of human society namely the use of dope has gotten Only superficial attention. That s Why an occasional outburst of alarm by the government itself is worthy of notice. The customs Bureau for example has just announced that during the third Quarter of this year it seized More than double the amount of illicit drugs it did in the corresponding july through september period a year ago. The assistant Secretary of the Treasury for enforcement and operations Eugene t. Rossides says that much of the seized barbiturates and stimulants was manufactured in the United states and shipped out of the country with Little regard for the character of the recipient and thereafter diverted into illicit channels for smuggling Back into the United the Treasury official further declared in a speech to the wholesale druggists association clearly there must be a looking Back on Vietnam Walt guerrilla was under rated Many that the time had come for a change. Changing the system is a matter for the county legislative delegation and that should be one of the matters to receive their Early attention in the legislative session convening i n january. Admittedly the new England town meeting system has a lot of sentimental Appeal. But last year s frustrating experience suggests that it has outlived its practicality As far As conducting District wide school business in Florence is concerned. The simple truth is that there Are no facilities adequate to accommodate the size crowd that a controversial Issue such As last year s proposed tax hike generates. What s More the thesis that the town meeting approach is Basic democracy at work become a myth when participation for so Many is not Only inconvenient but impossible. A special election with voters balloting at the polls seems a preferable alternative. In any Case it s not too Early to begin a Public discussion of possible alternatives to the town meeting approach and to begin thinking about the problem of providing adequate financing to assure Quality education in Florence schools. Dead Issue in the Wake of the november general election Southern Republican state chairmen have reached some interesting conclusions. Clarke Reed of Mississippi chairman of the 12-state association is quoted As saying the chairmen Are in unanimous agreement that school desegregation is a dead Campaign Issue in the South. I think the race Issue is very much on everybody s mind but it is not a political Issue because no candidate can Promise anything and be believe he said following a meeting of the chairmen in Washington. That suggests Southern republicans will take a somewhat different Campaign slant in future elections. If so it could be an important turning Point in the top s efforts to build political Potency in the South. By Fred s. Hoffman a military writer Washington a Call ing himself naive Marine corps Gen. Lewis w. Walt said wednesday he and other Ameri can leaders were Overly optimistic Early in the Vietnam War because we did t appreciate the importance of the Gerril this was a Brand new War and we did t recognize said Walt who m . Marines in Vietnam for More than two years. Now assistant Comman Dant he will retire from the corps in february. Those who were Over optimistic he said were thinking of world War n and Korea Type conflicts and did t understand you just can t go in and wipe out guerrillas. When i got out there i did t understand this Walt told newsmen at a Pentagon briefing where he said he found in a re cent visit that the Viet Cong guerrilla threat now is pretty Well in the four Star general said that when he first arrived in English lessons by w. L. Gordon words often misused do not say my present work is much More preferable to what i previously had to since preferable in itself Means More to be omit the words much More in the sentence. Often mispronounced monosyllabic. Pronounce Mahn a is lab ick principal accent on fourth syllable. Often misspelled canape canopy a synonyms infinite in terminable illimitable limitless eternal everlasting unending countless in c a 1 c u 1 Able innumerable measureless unbounded. Word study use a word three times and it is let us increase our vocabulary by mastering one word each Day. Today s word prolix extended to great unnecessary or tedious length Long and Wordy Given to speaking or writing at great or tedious length. Pronounce pro licks accent second because of his pro Lix discourse the speaker had difficulty in maintaining the interest of his Vietnam in 1965 it took him six months to find out what the War was All about and that he had to get out into the villages and hamlets to learn for himself. To illustrate How naive i Walt told of spending an hour talking with a Village offi Cial and ending up feeling Good about the situation. However the Marine general said he soon Felt a woman tug Ging at him As she put a paper in is the paper told him that the Village official who had Given him such a cheering report actually was the no. 1 Viet Cong in the settlement. It took a while to catch on to learn How to fight that Walt said adding that the marines eventually found out they had to win the people Over. Looking Back Walt indicated he feels the War could have been shortened if the american people could have been made to understand better and if . Military men had been allowed to shut off the port of Haiphong As an Inlet of communist sup plies to North Vietnam. Lack of understanding was not the fault of the american people the general added. We in the military did t de Fine the War in the terms we should he said. Also he suggested that the picture the american people got of the War through the news me Dia particularly to was out of focus. But Walt said i Don t think you could put the blame on any one a Lack of Public support at Home kept the War going Walt said. Surveying the situation As it is now Walt said he is even More optimistic than before Viet Cong stand Pat on talks Paris a a Viet Cong spokesman said wednesday there is no change in the negotiating position of its National liberation front delegation to the Paris peace talks. By Van Sau also denied re ports that the delegation had Cut its nonnegotiable issues to Only two items. said Many months ago that if the United states agreed to the unconditional and total withdrawal of its forces and those of its allies and to the. In alienable rights of the South vietnamese people to self determination we could then discuss the other Points of our peace plan with a View to reaching agreed he said. There is nothing new in this about the eventual Success of Vietnam nation. Things Are going exception ally better than a year he said. The biggest improvement is in the South vietnamese regional forces and popular forces he said claiming that these militia elements Are really getting out and fighting the they Are at present Walt said the Viet Cong guerrilla capacity is less than 10 per cent of what it was five years ago in the critical Northern provinces of South Vietnam in the rest of the country As Well Walt said the guerrilla is nothing compared to what he the biggest remaining threat he said comes from the North vietnamese ability to Send troops across the demilitarized zone or from sanctuaries in Laos against the two Northern most provinces of South Viet Nam. Quiz letters to the editor is the Kov not valid we re running out of Prospe Titie again. Bring up the next to the editor it s really sad that i Learned from the free will Baptist and other churches who were firmly against the modern English translation that i have to learn aramaic hebrew latin and greek to get a True translation of the Bible. Are they saying that the King James version also is not valid ii Timothy states All scripture is Given by inspiration of god and is profitable for doctrine for reproof for correction for instruction in Why did they leave out for reproof for in the reasons stated in sunday s paper also Are they stating that bringing people together would champs at cheers to the editor it is said and believed that any Champion in triple a in the Charleston area can beat any Champion in triple a in the pee Dee area. It is my Hope that the Southside High school football team will make shambles of this belief. Yet Bishop England High did beat Myrtle Beach High 44-s this past Friday night. One thing is for certain and that is that any winning High school football team in the Charleston area can out yell any Winner in the pee Dee area three to four times. These schools and students really cheer their teams on in Victory or defeat. I have Sofien this Many times. John Young Charleston Lead to dispute if there were a worldwide Church think How much inner conflict would be stopped As Between Irish catholics and protestants. Those against the . Sound like they really dislike catholics and some protestants. If a Man say i love god and Hal eth his brother he is a liar for he that Loveth not his brother whom he hath seen How can he love god who he hath not i John the scriptures Are the comprehensive equip ment of the Man of god and fit him fully for All branches of his work. I m willing to bet my life there Are people in heaven who never even saw a Bible. But they heard the word by Nouth without Reading scripture. There Are others there who read the Bible in their own language translated from the . Should these believers go to hell. Don Purvis Effingham appreciation note to the editor it is a double pleasure to write my thanks for the wonderful cooperation we received at our Delmae Heights Barbecue supper last Friday. First my appreciation to the children parents Pat members and faculty of the school. Secondly we were grateful to interested persons outside our school who gave their support to this project. Mrs. Frank Jeffords Florence by a. C. Gordon 1. Where is the largest Church building in the world 2. Of what country is each of the following the capital City a Ankara b la Paz c tananarive d Lisbon 3. When did the atomic age have its birth 4. Which is used legally in the u. S., the Gregorian or the Julian Calendar answers 1. The Basilica of St. Peter in Vatican City Rome. 2. A Turkey b Bolivia c Madagascar d Portugal. 3. Generally conceded to be july 16, 1945, when the first Man made atomic explosion took place in new Mexico. 4. Gregorian. Halt to overproduction and a strict accountability for that which is but what is even More significant is the failure of local authorities throughout the nation to expose the misuse of drugs on every Side and particularly the illegal Trade going on in the Sale of stimulants that help to incite Misbehaviour and disorder. Just the other Day the Wall Street journal published a special article on the results of a Survey made in suburban areas of the country. It shows that drugs Are being regularly used by youngsters and that a soaring number of teenagers have become victims of the habit. The Survey covered a dozen upper Middle class communities across the nation. The estimates of the percentages of High school students who have at least experimented with drugs in the dozen towns Range from As Low As 25 per cent to As High As 75 per the journal says nobody really knows How Many youngsters use drugs regularly but in some wealthy suburbs it s thought that perhaps As Many As 40 per cent smoke marijuana at least As often As once a week in other towns authorities calculate the figure at closer to 10 per cent to 20 per the article reports that officials in Many communities Are worried that drugs will soon find their Way into Elemen tary schools if they Haven t the head of the narcotics division of the police department in one suburb states he has already found evidence of drug use among sixth graders. The journal article continues the typical suburban drug is marijuana or in some cases the marijuana derivative hashish. Though use of so called hard drugs like heroin has reached epidemic proportions in Many Urban ghettos it s thought that Only a Small Frac Tion of suburban youngsters regularly use anything stronger than marijuana or hashish. But suburban police say they have noted alarming increases in the numbers of arrests and overdose cases including some deaths involving hard drugs in their areas recently. In at least a few places police say heroin use can no longer be regarded As a minor investigation shows that Many of the Young drug users have personal problems and arc having difficulty getting along with their parents or else in making Progress in their studies. Drugs Are taken As a form of escape in numerous in stances. Whatever May be the solution to the psychological difficulties that have Arisen among the younger people certainly resort to drugs has had a pro found effect upon their lives throughout America. Much of the narcotics is smuggled into the United states and up until about two years ago very Little had been done to intercept drugs at the Borders. But smuggling still continues on a Large scale and has proved profitable to those who engage in it the real problem is How the drugs get into the hands of students and How often they Are sold by those who make a business of it among their fellow students. Billy Graham says Are Conception and birth the original some one told me they were. Is it a sin to give yourself to an other before marriage even if you love them can i be forgiven i am 13 years old and not a Virgin. I want to know god but can i know him now r. D. Conception and birth Are not the original sins. God told and am and eve to be fruitful and and he never com mands people to commit sin. The original sin was disobey and had nothing to do with sex. The Bible teaches that it is wrong to have sexual relations before marriage. It says marriage is honorable and the bed but it says let not fornication be named among Eph. From the very beginning god has had a con Cern for the family its welfare and its happiness. Marriage was ordained by him and sex was restricted to married per sons. This is seen in the Laws of Moses and the teaching of Jesus and his apostles. There is not even a hint of sexual promiscuity anywhere in the scrip Tures. As for you my child i re Gret that at 13 you have had experiences that have brought great guilt to you and even questioned whether or not you can be god s child. I bring to you the Good news that god can forgive you. He loves you and expressed that love in his son s death on the Cross. He has said him that cometh unto me i will in no Wise cast there Are no restrictions on this prom ise. Commit your Young life to Christ and he will forgive you and remove the guilt you have harboured. Hunting Florence morning news published Delly and sunday 141 i. Dirty is. Florence . 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