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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - November 18, 1973, Florence, South CarolinaPoll Public favors War limits it the asked and the key findings do you think the president should or should not be required to get the approval of Congress before sending u. S. Armed for Ces into action outside the u. Should so maj Princeton n. J. The Likely to favor limiting the chief american people Over executive s War making when mingle support in Prin Powers Dale the new War Powers Bill which would require that a m president receive congressional approval before i sending v. S. Troops into action by a vote of 5 to i the Public favors curbing the president s n a r m a i n g Powers. Under the new Bill the president would nationwide have to explain an act of War 4r hours but even if jul i Congress did t accept his it the chief executive or could continue the fighting for 60 Days and have an additional 30 Days to Complete withdrawal from the action. In overriding president veto the House voted 285 to 135. Four votes More than in the two thirds majority b. Required to override a veto. The subsequent vote in he Senate it. 75 to itt. Made the Bill Law with 13 votes More than required. Vietnam War a key Factor in the Public s Ilesi Cip limit the car making ,.jj Powers of the president is heir desire to avoid future Viet name. Early As 1966. Six in 10 held the View thai we should should per cent men women 18-29 years 30-1d years 50 older republicans democrats independents College High school Grade school East Midwest South 80 76 85 b4 78 79 71 86 m n As 78 Fth 76 16 20 ii 12 17 17 26 10 17 19 14 15 17 13 17 16 nationwide men women 18-29 years 30-49 years 50 older republicans democrats independents College High school Grade school Kast Midwest South West 31 39 49 27 33 21 42 35 25 37 43 38 32 37 33 m 52 46 67 5h 72 51 59 74 57 40 57 60 54 63 although an overwhelming majority of americans favor a Send troops if a situation like by Congress before Vietnam were to arise another part of he world. A nationwide Gallup Survey concluded in Laic april ibis year showed int the Public by an i overwhelming majority wan led congressional Sanction of further military action in Southeast Asin. Like same sur icy showed americans opposed to the bombing in Cambodia and Laos by a 2 to i margin. With a Large Maju Rily holding the View that bombing would Lead to a re involvement of 1 american troops in Southeast Asia. In addition More re cell sur Vacys have shown thai the vast majority of americans would ill opposed to a commitment of u. S. Forces if the Middle Kasl situation All groups a Voil limit the president commits u. S. Armed forces to action six in 10 persons think Congress should nol be required to obtain the approval of the people by Means of a National vote. At the same time however As Many As one third would favor such a procedure. The question of a War referendum was asked of a Sample of the u. S. Public by the Gallup poll at regular intervals during the Lale 1930s end Early 40s. Majorities consistently opposed a referendum until just before the outbreak of world War ii when opinion shifted in favor. A majority of persons in All segments of the population Are opposed to e National vote with the exception of Young adults end persons with a Grade school background where the Issue is findings approval before committing the nation to War is held by a Large majority of persons in All major population groups. Women. Democrats and younger persons Are the most Ings in order in declare War should Congress he required to obtain the approval of the people by Means of a National the reported today Are based on a nationwide sur icy conducted nov. 2-5 with adults 18 and older inter viewed in person in More than 300 scientifically selected localities across the nation. Gallagher squabbling hurts press Orlando. Fla. And Wes Gallagher president and Gener Al manager of the associated press said saturday quarrelsome struggles within journalism and nol government attacks May represent the greatest . I do not think we can he destroyed by attacks from government no Mailer How Large our political institutions or pressure groups Gallagher old the associated press managing editors association convention at Disney world. These attacks Are counter balanced by Good reporting the eventual revelation of the truth and the conflicting voices of the rut Gallagher said newsmen May be sowing the seeds of our own destruction from the he criticized what he called senseless nit picking semantic disputes among our selves about objectivity and activist Florence morning news Suri Oay i ii 1873 it s a chandelier it is not a Christmas decoration or anything really exotic. It is a chandelier hanging in a Stair Well of the new landmark Motel at Myrtle Beach. State editor Thorn Anderson was interested by it when covering a meeting there and snapped a picture which turned out to be pretty world War ii Gas rationing had problems but it worked by associated press writer Washington a de spite a flourishing Black Market and a Clumsy bureaucracy limit him to four Gallons a week., gasoline rationing during world the a Book containing More War ii had one big thing going coupons was designed for those republicans still sceptical . Let Misdorf associated press writer Washington api president Nixon s Fence mending operation has drawn some but has failed to satisfy Many Republican sceptics in the House and Senate. Interviews with gop lawmakers also indicate a new juror Over reports that Nixon attacked the credibility of former ally. Gen. Elliot l. Richardson and former watergate prosecutor Archibald Cox. A major unanswered question is How much Nixon s meetings last week with members of Congress mainly Republican has helped him with the american Public. Various republicans said his Effort to get Public support was As important As his persuasion of Congress which might have to decide if he should be impeached. The sharpest attack of the Nixon Effort came from House democratic Leader Thomas p. O Neill jr., a mass. He accused the president of seeking to Curry favor with his prospective grand Republican reaction ranged from statements that nothing was solved to enthusiastic support. It was As convincing As any of the affairs Hasben Saida . It s nol Clear that he s going to make a full said Ion Glime Nixon critic Paul n. Pete Mccloskey of California. A prominent conservative gop senator said he would not reply on the record to a question about whether he was encouraged by his session. I m doing my Best to help this Guy through his be replied and i Don t want to say and Thinald Hurt rep Joel Broyhill Rva. Went to the while House thurs Day morning. Ihen stunned an audience that night by Declar ing that while he thinks Nixon is on the right track the presi Dent should resign or face impeachment if he fails to restore Public Confidence in his cd ministration. Others came out of the White House More encouraged that the easy chair by David Rainwater Little boy to father for a deduction i think i re serve a of More than a the human body has several Hundred Muscles mostly to Tell us we should t have jogged so Lar. Freckles Are charming but freckled folks would appreciate them More in they had to buy them Al the drug store. We All know it in t human to be perfect and Many of us Lake advantage of it. Life is like a round of Golf. As soon As we get out of one Hole we head Tor another. Not ahead for Houk fur Kawg company North Dargan Street s. C. Why 264 and Reward the Little Schouw with a desk Nixon co Lead Clear he Cloud Over his administration. I came Oul of the meeting a lot More comfortable than when i went said Hep. K. G. Shusler r-pa., Friday not ing he had said earlier we re on the Road to Shuster has also called for disbarment of Cox for allegedly leaking some documents in he watergate probe. On thursday. Rep. Dan Kuykendall r-tenn., said everyone at that meeting said i wish 10 reporters had teen Here to see what the congressman called the Candor the obvious straight Forward honesty of his the week s biggest tempest resulted from the discussion of Richardson at meetings with senators tuesday and wednes Day night. Several senators said that Nixon flatly accused Richardson flying under oath when he told the Senate judiciary com Mittee his Side of the events leading up to his own resignation and the firing of Cox. The White House denied that Nixon called Richardson liar. Richardson had said that he opposed the Effort to limit Cox s efforts to go to court for other tapes records and memo Randa. Haig disputed that and was reported to have said thai the former attorney general even proposed the restriction. Richardson in response stuck to his sworn testimony thai he had the Effort to limit the Cox probe. One source quoted Nixon As saying wednesday Elliot did no Tell the i. One senator said he was profoundly shocked by what he called Nixon s evident attempt to tear Down Richardson s Al the Friday House session according to rep. Charles w. Whalen a Ohio who look detailed Solcs Nixon said that Cox had backed off an earlier decision to support a proposed Compromise on nine subpoenaed watergate tapes and then left the White House in Douht As to his intentions. The plan called for sen. John Stennis to verify a White summary of the Lapes. Cox changed his mind on Friday night because of Lack of Confidence in sen. Whalen quoted Nixon As saying. We did not know until saturday he had changed his mind. Cox who had made Clear his opposition to the Compromise immediately after Nixon announced the proposed com Promise Friday oct. 19, said he had never questioned Plennis integrity. For it it worked. Yet. Of All the rationing pro Grams ordered by the govern Mentlo conserve precious War Lime supplies the gasoline pro Gram proved the most difficult to administer. In the words of Chester b. Rowles head of the office of Price administration during he War gasoline rationing offered a dangerously Ripe Field for Black Market the program began nation wide nearly 31 years ago. On dec. 1, 1942, after months of preparation. It lasted until aug. 15, ims. Although supplies were Short at limes during the War. The nation s Industrial War machine never broke Down. Factory workers got to work now. President Nixon is considering gasoline rationing As one Means of combating the fuel shortage variously Coli mated at i4lo 21 per cent. If the old wartime system is used it will mean that Ameri cans will have to get accuse Lomed to a Little paperwork when they pull into a gasoline station. The wartime program was Coupon system. A Coupon o ration stamp issued by government had to be presented to the service station operator when Gas was purchased. Tow Coupon limited the amount o fuel that could be purchased. The Basic gasoline ration dui ing the War was four Gallons week although that figure a changed several limes. And did l apply to All motorists Many got much More. There were three Basic Type of ration books. The a Book could be obtained by any Ca owner and it was designed to who did More than 150 Miles of work related driving a month basically those who had to drive to work. The a Book went to those with War important occupations those who had to travel at least 470 Miles a month. The number of coupons was tailored to fit individual needs. Time to consult Squirrel and Bear this is the time of year when the oracles Are winding up their consultations with the wooly Bear the Squirrel and other assorted Flora and Fauna to find out whether the Winter ahead will be mild severe or just average. Practitioners of this awesome and ancient science the Reading of nature s weather signs have a particularly awesome responsibility his year because of the impending by Dew James fuel shortage and the climate of distrust for those who Bear bad tidings. Bearers of news of any Type lately have not been fairing Loo Well in certain official quarters. President Nixon his speech writer Patrick Buchanan and sonic others in league with the administration have been castigating news people and doing every bit As Good a Job of it As former vice president Spiro Agnew used to do when he was lecturing on Law and order old fashioned Virtues honesty Etc. Perhaps it s Over sensitivity on our part but the president s reaction to All the bad news he s been hearing lately prompts uneasy reflections on the Fate that befell that ancient messenger who brought bad news to his King. The Monarch was so displeased that he had the poor fellow executed on the spot venting his Range on the messenger instead of the but despite the hazards of coming Forth with had news faithful oracles apparently have not been deterred from their appointed rounds of Reading nature s weather signs. From crab Orchard. Tenn. Comes a report that mrs. Helen Lane of that Section who has been scoring pretty Well in her Public weather predictions for 14 years has checked out the signs and is forecasting a harsh Winter. Squirrels in Bur neighbourhood Don t even know enough to get out of the Street to avoid being run Over by a car but for people like mrs. Lane squirrels Are creatures of exceptional . If they put on a Hick fur coat in the fall As they reportedly have done around crab Orchard the Outlook is for a harsh Winter. If they Hoard an excessive Supply of nuts that Means a Long Winter. If they stash their Winter provisions in High hollow Trees that s Ari indication of heavy snows. Mrs. Lane s Check on the wooly Bear found the fuzzy Caterpillar wearing wide Black bands a sure sign of a rough Winter. She also found other Bleak assurances among insects with Asp extra sensory crickets have been hollering a lot spiders Are spinning webs near the ground and hornets have gone in for Low Slung nests. A census of the Frog population around crab Orchard revealed to mrs. Lane exactly How Many snowfalls there will be this Winter. Other readers of the signs count the foggy Days in August to obtain the same information although that particular sign apparently applies Only in colder climates. Such quaint consultations with Mother nature and sear things for her signs May seem a Lille absurd in this age of weather satellites and computerized forecasting. But a whole legion of Folk take the signs seriously. Questioning the Validity of the signs in the presence of believers is As heretical As impugning the nutritive value of Apple pie. The Wisest role for those who May Harbor honest doubts is to assume the role of agreeable listeners in the presence of believers throwing in an occasional you Don t just to demonstrate interest. It is quite possible though hat those who Are Alert to nature s signs retain something that too Many of the urbanized generation have lost. The rhythms of nature her sounds and Subtle changes Are not lost on Are in tune with the orchestrations that accompany the turnings of the seasons. So what if the signs Don t always accurately forecast the weather. The Weatherman in t always right either. 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