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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - November 18, 1973, Florence, South CarolinaJetor Twu next flight Geneva John m. O Dowd 1 887-1 970 James a. Rogers editor Joe b. Rickenbaker managing editor Dew James associate editor Richard g. Moisio general manager sunday november 18, 1973. Flurry of initiatives the contrast Between presi Dent Nixon s present flurry of activity on watergate related matters and his earlier unremitting reluctance to place All the cards on the table is to state it mildly striking. Without resort to obstructive devices like presidential Pri Vacy and executive privilege to safeguard presidential tapes papers and memoranda he has promised a Small flood of them in judge Sirica s court room and even offered to place at his disposal subpoenaed tapes and other related material foe Public disclosure. Simultaneously he has called in congressmen for elaborate discussions on watergate mat ters in a hurry up attempt to relieve his administration of the weight of scandal. Beyond Washington he is appearing before Friendly and not so Friendly gatherings boosting the admirable achievements of his administration in matters of foreign policy and giving Assur Ance that watergate mistakes by Over zealous persons will not forestall him from doing the Job which he believes he was elected to do. Putting it in the Best Light possible one can say that the activity May be credited As a for Ward step. It All comes against 1 the backdrop of months of administration Road blocking that sent the country into a Down spiral of anguish and 2 in the context of a credibility chasm that has threatened the very survival of the Nixon administration. As every attempt by the president to get himself out of the watergate confusion Only led to further confusion and new cause for doubts some of his strongest supporters of the past have urged stringent Mea sures to Clear the air. Major newspapers that endorsed him last year for re election have called for his resignation and Republican and House leaders including senators Barry Goldwater and Peter Dominick have raised loud and critical voices Over his. Handling of the watergate affair. At the conclusion of his Energy crisis speech last week the president himself acknowledged substantial loss of Public Confidence in his personal integrity and pledged himself to take Strong new measures to remove the causes. That is what we Are witness ing now. How things came to this Point is a Check ered Story of one horror Story after another and failure following failure to distract Public Atten Tion from the revelations that have mounted scandal on scan dal. Let the president be duly credited with a sincere desire to unshackled his administration from inability to govern effect ively and from Public disbelief in his personal integrity. That should be the fervent de sire of every american. But even if these latest initiatives give satisfactory evidence that he himself was in no Way knowingly involved in scandal the Caliper of men he has placed in the most powerful positions of government and the Freedom they were Given to break the nation s Laws in a systematic Way will remain As a permanent scar to deface his judgment and Puzzle future historians. Dent s advice and example Secretary of Commerce Frederick b. Dent formerly a South Carolina textile executive said in making a pitch for Energy conservation in Columbia that people must be that they count in this Energy crisis and can do something As individuals to help apparently some of the hardest to convince Are going to be those like or. Dent who talk a very Good Case for Energy conservation but set a rather poor example. In his Energy message last week the. President looked americans in the Eye via to and said How Many times have you gone along the High Way or freeway and seen hundreds and hundreds of cars with Only one individual in that car this we must All cooperate to Secretary Dent routinely travels around in a chauffeured 1973 Cadillac. He is picked up mornings at Home for the four mile drive to his washing ton office. The same is True of John a. Love the president s top Energy adviser. Each morn ing he Steps into a waiting White House limousine for the ten minute ride from Home to his while House office. Any number of government higher Avail themselves of the same Energy squander ing luxury transportation Al though a few Are managing to travel in less regal carriages. Interior Secretary Rogers . Morton for instance commutes six Miles to work in a Chauffer de Plymouth. The need for cooperation to make that change the presi Dent was talking about obviously needs to be More acutely sensed in his own official House hold. Dreams of 70 years afterwards love split on Energy remedies Washington an angry blow up Between Treasury Secretary George Shultz and Energy Czar John has resulted in cutting off the Treasury s Superb Energy staff from Oil policy making. By Jack Anderson the Treasury experts had netted the White House by issuing dire warnings about the Oil shortage and calling for drastic measures that president Nixon did t want to take. When the warnings turned out to be All too accurate it seemed Only to infuriate the White House More. The Treasury experts Are now warn ing that a prolonged Arab Oil Boycott will cause economic disruptions which could plunge the country into a severe recession. Only unpopular controls including gasoline rationing can alleviate the Downside they insist. But this in t what the embattled Nixon wants to hear. The show Down came Over a Treasury statement on october 15, calling for Energy conservation. The White House Felt it was worded in a Way that would antagonize the arabs at a time of delicate negotiations. At he showdown meeting love fussed and fretted Over the Treasury statement. You can t do he snorted and he demanded that All Energy statements be channelled through him. Agreeing while House aides directed Shultz to Clear All Energy statements hereafter with love. Shultz angrily snapped at that he was absolutely incompetent and swore that the Treasury would no longer work with him. This has led to a breakdown in re lations Between the two staffs. A Fultz s chief Energy expert William Simon and love s chief of staff Charles Dibona will hardly speak to one another. The feud is hurting the vital planning or Energy crisis. As one source told us bitterly what has happened to our policy on Energy is that it is run by one too arrogant to listen meaning and another too dense to understand meaning footnote a spokesman for love said he is struggling with a big problem and a Small staff to find the Best solutions. Ii a mild mannered Man who up said the spokesman. A spokesman for Shultz disclaimed any knowledge of the blow up but a know ledged1 that Treasury is keeping its nose out of the Oil he said Shultz is opposed to gasoline rationing except As a last callous consulate american families have complained to the Senate that . Diplomats in Chile timidly stood by while their loved ones were murdered by the military dictatorship. Copies in our hands of the private statements Given to the Senate foreign relations committee charge that the . Embassy in Santiago ignored the disappearance and abuse of american citizens in order not to raffle the epaulettes of the new chilean Junta. For example mrs. Charles Herman in a moving statement described How she was Given the runaround while the Junta was murdering her american filmmaker husband. Charles Horman a pad. From Harvard was dragged out of his Home in Santiago. His distraught wife had a Friend notify the . Consulate that Charles was missing another Friend reported in on his own. Though it was common knowledge that the military was Hust Ling prisoners into the National stadium the consulate contented itself that Day with a Call to police Headquarters and a few Calls to various pre Cincys. When mrs. Horman kept pressing he consulate she was questioned about her husband s background. At one Point according to a Friend s sworn state the consulate s rudeness drove her off. In Lears and near Horman s alarmed father Edmund flew to Santiago and met with . Ambassador Nathaniel Davis Consul Frederick Purdy and others. The embassy tried to convince the normans that Charles was in not until a month later was his Bullet riddled body produced by the Junta. The statements of the two surviving normans charge the embassy Wilh negligence inaction and mrs. Horman declares bluntly she believes rapid forceful action by the consulate and embassy could have saved Charles ten years ago this week thursday to be exact it happened. Like the Soldier who knows where he was and what he was doing when the shooting stopped and the War ended not Many americans there Are but who can recall under what circumstances they heard that an Assassin s Bullet had felled the president of the United states in Dallas Texas. By James a. Rogers the news reached me in a Hospital bed an hour or More after the Bullet had proved fatal to John f. Kennedy. Fearing the effect the news might have upon a coronary patient it was agreed that no one would pass it to me but a doctor. Upon his arrival he leaned Over and spoke in slow measured words of the president s visit to Dallas. The Gravity of his face said More than the halting words that were building toward a Climax r anticipated what he was leading to. The president was i asked and he answered he stayed by my bed briefly then was gone. That and much More came Back with poignant recollection last sunday even ing while viewing an hour Long Tele vision documentary Juk 1000 Days and ten it was a review of the Kennedy years ten years after his assassination. It was done in favourable Light but not so favourable As to Overlook his failures. There was the Bay of pigs disaster for instance and his failings to establish a working relationship with Congress favourable to major goals of his administration. But the style the Grace and the Promise of the Kennedy Era came through with a clarity Matching the Candor and eloquence of the Kennedy prose. In april before his assassination in november i was among 18 South Caro Lina journalists who lunched with the president in the White House state dining room. Two weeks later i was there again at a White House reception for the american society of newspaper editors. During the following summer i attended two state department foreign policy briefings at the state department and on each occasion he appeared for questioning. Prior to the Asne while House reception in mid april he had addressed members of the society at a noon luncheon. It was his first Public utter Ance following the Bay of pigs. He made no Effort to gloss Over a failure took full responsibility for the disaster and with admirable Candor recovered in a single stroke any loss of credibility that the attempted and unsuccessful Rescue of Cuba from Castro May have otherwise created. It was thursday in a two Day state department briefing that summer when he arrived for questions in the state department auditorium. The Kennedy style was never More apparent. The Way he fielded questions spicing his answers with occasional Saber like jabs of wit gave the appearance of a Man in knowledgeable control of a nation s destiny. He gave no hint of any crisis in Cuba. The next Day Back Home the wire services unfolded the cuban missile crisis and Kennedy s eyeball to. Eyeball confrontation with Nikita Khrushchev to Force removal of the russian missile Sites. My thoughts then went Back to. The afternoon before when standing before editors from across the country neither the president s words nor his manner gave the slightest suggestion of Washington focus How to Speed watergate prosecution a Compromise on special prosecutor both the Senate and House judiciary committees Are considering a Way to strengthen the Independence of the special watergate prosecutor without adding further delay to the prosecution. By Roscoe Drummond the plan is for Congress to empower the Federal judiciary to name Leon Jaworski the court s As Well As the president s special in watergate matters. This would give or. Nixon the Man he has named to succeed Archibald Cox but ensure that he could not be removed without the approval of the court. Russia Ami the fruits of detente. The soviets chose a serve the cause of detente with the United states by help ing to bring about the cease fire in the Arab israeli fighting. Now they Are appearing to have second thoughts. They Are casting doubts on the value of the shoring up of the truce agree ment which Secretary of state Henry Kissinger has negotiated directly with the arabs and israelis and they Don t seem to like the improved relations Between the United states and Egypt. Perhaps they fear that peace in the Middle East will mean the exp ski of soviet influence in the Middle East. An Arab israeli settlement is what the United slates wants. It now re Mains to be seen whether it is what Moscow wants. A Joara Alist on the journalism of advocacy the open advertisement of its Bias presents the Reader with an easier handle for judgment on credibility. The Reader quickly perceives that its reporters Are not realtors but Are essentially porters instead of report ers. Their editors have the arrogance of men with closed minds who think the minds of All others Are open to the imposition of their opinions. Whole institution is dedicated not to telling what is happening in the world and what people Are doing think ing saying and feeling about it but to telling what ought to happen and what people ought la fed ought to think ought to say and ought to do about from Russell Wiggins former presi Dent of the american society of news paper editors and retired editor of the Washington Post can Nixon stick it out most politicians agree that the state of Public opinion will determine what happens. Since the president is not going to resign the Only recourse for those who hoped he would resign is to try impeachment. The advocates of impeachment cite the fact that the percentage of voters who find president Nixon doing his Job satisfactorily has sunk to 27 per cent in the Gallup poll but what is often overlooked is that voters who do not think or. Nixon is presently doing a Good Job do not want him to quit and do not want him impeached. Fifty four per cent say no to impeachment and resignation. Is this attitude inconsistent if a decisive majority of the people feel the president is not handling his Job Well Why should t they be calling for his the Gravity of the information which had reached him just two Days earlier. It was a masterful display of apparent Calm in the midst of critical preparation for the Public announcement which on the following Day would set the nation on course for a nuclear show Down with the soviet Union. The South by and Large did not like Kennedy. But the South of those years would not have liked any president who used troops to enforce the supreme court s desegregation ruling. Eisen Hower found that out at Little Rock ark., Kennedy at Oxford miss. Earlier Harry Truman had become anathema to the South Over Fec policies and his stand on civil rights. States rights was the cry heard across the South and not Many stopped to think that the Validity of the doctrine required recognition of states responsibilities to give it moral authority. Both Harry Truman and Dwight Eisenhower lived to see a nation United in respect for them Eisenhower not because he was a great president but because he was a great Soldier and a great human spirit Truman because he was a Salty Peppery Man of courage who Rose from mediocrity to greatness without Ever losing the common touch. Kennedy was not so fortunate. He was caught in the emotional turmoil of the Early sixties. Depending on what Section of the country was being heard from he was either a Knight in shining Armor converting the harsh realities of the sixties into dreams of Camelot or a radically dangerous politician seeking to shape a dynasty of Kennedy Breeding and Ivy league intellectuals. What would have happened had he lived no one can say nor will the histor ians be Able to determine. But if his administration was Short in performance it was Long on Promise. The turmoil of the sixties was an inevitable consequence of social political economic and scientific change. It was a time of soaring human spirits a moment in history whose time had come. In rare flights of eloquence he sought to gain understanding for an acceptance of what the decade meant for the future of America and the future of the world. But too soon his voice was stilled and with in went a Promise that May or May not have become bogged Down in the disaster that was Vietnam in the perils of inflation and the scandals of watergate. Who can Tell about the foibles of Humankind in a turning Point of history after lunch at that White House luncheon in Early april 1963, a relaxed conversation continued across the table for the space of More than an hour. There was talk of Domestic issues of problems with the soviet Union even prediction that a China on the Rise would result in a Russia looking West to counter the threat looming to soviet interests from beyond Mongolia. The spirit of Camelot was present the style and manner of a president at peace with himself in a world of change. A White House Butler passed around the table a Box of cigars. I took one fired it Drew upon it briefly then thumbed it out and brought the in smoked remainder Home to Florence. Today it is sealed in a Glass tube that also contains a written legend telling the circumstances under which it was received and partially smoked. Together with a picture of the luncheon scene an autographed menu and place card All framed together these Are personal reminders ten years later of a fallen president who fell Short of uniting a nation to carve out a new Frontier for the human spirit but who United it in grief when he fell victim to an Assassin s Bullet. Resignation or his impeachment the. Fact that they Aren t does t prove inconsistency. It simply proves that nost americans would rather have or. Nixon As president than any attain Able alternative. This Public opinion May also rest on the feeling that Richard Nixon will succeed in lifting himself out of his present unpopularity. During the jus Tice department tax scandals when Harry Truman fired his attorney Gen eral his prestige dropped even lower than or. Nixon s Down to 23 per cent and be came Back to win the presidency a year later. Why b of Vico ump Reg far the peace abort advocating impeachment is understandable. Lobbying for it is a highly dangerous tactic. President Meany is going much further than the most ardent democratic opponents of the president. Al mince mom my Mil. M aug Cwm fun. Turn Butzu of orc Mion ilium or pvt Wal Atto to Ahkim print 11 mum a can or m in Tor Dum Kotien no in is nut Fum. To to mkt morning Anim to m Norm promptly o Irron m m 1st Fiorina will not b Tor made. To i or Unter made direct to to office at was a Mimir. Independent distributors of Noe pendent news paper toys. Circulation Telephone number ump circulation manager Mcm secant a Mug it Florence. S. C

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