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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - November 18, 1973, Florence, South CarolinaGood morning it s sunday november Soth year no. 322. Florence. S. C. Daily sunday 15 Michigan Virginia 42 football re for other see Page Gardner Webb Kansas 21 . Wake Ohio Virginia Nixon defends actions in editors7 conference fight for rebound Francis Marion cottage s Allen Floyd struggles with Central Wesleyan s Robert Cheek 50 and Don Ledbetter 12 for rebound during saturday night s fac opener at West Florence gym. Defeated the warriors in overtime 81-74. See Story Page 1b. Photo by Johnny Orlando. Fla. Map president Nixon Lold the nation Saluda y night i m. Not a not in watergate in his Persona finances or in any of the other charges of scandal that confront his administration. For More than an hour in a nationally televised appearance before the associated press managing editors association Nixon denied wrongdoing and said time and time again that he is telling be truth. And in vowed to work for As Long As he is physically Able at the Jot to which he was twice elected and said he will strive to restore Confidence in the White House and in the see related stories Page 4o want to be who did his Best to bring peace. Prosperity. A contribution in the Energy Fiel d .1 h e environment Field. And who did his Best when his own Campaign out out of hand to Sec that nobody else s Campaign gets out of Only briefly did the discussion turn from the scandals to other matters notably Gaso rationing which the president said he Dot s not want imposed. It was in a discussion of personal finances that Nixon made this dramatic statement after specifically alerting his television audience to what was coming i be made my mistakes but in All my years of Public life i have never profited from Public service. 1 have earned cent. And in All of my years of Public life 1 have never obstructed Justice. People have got to know whether or not their president is a in said. Well. I m not a Crook. 1 earned everything i be the scene was the ballroom of the americas at a hotel at Disney world near Orlando. Nearly 400 newspaper editors were dissembled there and they asked the questions with their wives and children in tire audience. So anxious was Nixon to address the various charges against his administration that he kept the session running of crime to deny Salinas that dairymen got a milk Price increase in Exchange for promises of Campaign contributions. The president said he wanted to answer that one and when the hour ran out he fold the television networks to keep him on while he did so. N Ixon said congressional democrats applied the real pressure for tie Dairy Price increases and that it was a bad rap to suggest impropriety on he part if the administration. Talking with animation and at times cracking wry jokes. Nixon fresh details of his personal president Nixon at ape convention i m not a Crook Oil May be Short 35 per cent Washington map a congressional study of this Winter s critical fuel Supply situation predicts Oil shortages could go As High As 35 per cent. A 35 per cent shortage would represent a shortage of Petroleum products each Day. Total . Consumption is about 17 million barrels per Day. The estimate arrived at by the Library of Congress is considerably greater than previous figures cited by sen. Kenry m. Jackson d-wash., who has predicted nationwide shortfalls of ranging from 13 to 2-1 per cent. Jackson is the author of emergency enc go legislation expected to pass the Senate monday that would authorize Steps to Cut the i nation s Energy consumption by 25 per cent. The Library of Congress study for Congress was released saturday by rep. Aspin. Rav is. The .15 per cent figure the study said was based on an exceptionally cold Winter and a continual Ion of the Arab Oil cutoff. L the study said it is unlikely that even an end to the Arab Oil embargo and a relatively mild Winter could reduce the shortage to 20 cent or Faisal of saudia Arabia was quoted by a lebanese newspaper As saying the decision to continue the Oil embargo is irrevocable until Israel with draws so entirely from All Arab regions it conquered in f. 1 i ill do consumer product safely commission reminded Consumers that any attempts to Hoard fuel could create serious household hazards. It said about persons were injured last year by liquid fuels mainly from fires. The Energy Bill proposed by Jackson would give president Nixon most of the Powers be says Are needed to meet the crisis. According to Jackson the economic repercussions of the anticipated shortages will have More of an Impact than any of the inconveniences caused by Energy conservation measures. The Senate adopted an amendment on Friday that would extend unemployment benefits to workers Laid off by fuel shortages. Critics of the Bill claim it Only seeks to reduce demand and does Little to increase supplies of Oil. Sen. Dewey f. Bartlett r-okla., offered an amendment designed to stimulate Domestic production by doing away Jackson with phase 4 controls on the Price of Oil and gasoline but the measure was Defeated by a Large margin. Some of the Energy saving Steps authorized by the Jackson Bill include gasoline rationing reduced Speed limits lowered thermostats and Shorter school Days. A democratic attempt to Force the president to order rationing by no later than Jan. 15 failed by 12 votes. A amendment by sen. Thomas j. Mclntyre d-n.h., was adopted that would give the president Power to. Ban the Export of any refined Petroleum product. Mclntyre said the amendment was aimed at a few unscrupulous Oil companies that seek to avoid Domestic Price controls by sending scarce fuels abroad. Sen. William Proxmire. D-wis., tacked an amendment to the Bill that would Cut the size of the government s limousine Fleet As another Energy saving measure. Still to be considered is an Anil busing measure that sen. Jesse Helms in .c., says would result in substantial savings of fuel. With the Prospect of a lengthy series of amendments postponing action on the Bill in definitely the Senate agreed to shut off debate at 5 . Monday. 3-car collision claims 3 lives Fork three people were killed in a three car collision near this Little Community 11 Miles South of Dillon saturday night. Killed in the Accident which occurred about .were Edwin l. Of Dillon and his wife. 1-Ena Mae Squires. 38 and Steve Thomas Elliott. In of it. Nichols. Injured were Randy Carl Sawyer 18, of Nichols Donnie Dale Norris 17, it. 1, Nichols and Lafon Mack plan 47, of it. 2, Dillon and his wife. Pauline the Accident apparently happened when one of the three cars attempted to pass the second and was involved in a head on collision with an approaching vehicle accor Ding to patrolman Allen l. Elliott. Elliott said the Mcclellan were hospitalized in Florence in critical condition and Sawyer and Norris in Mullins. Aging Kennedy clique recall Juk warmly aging of remember the with a glow. Page 10. Many have to be overcome to create Rural transportation Page 7a. Terae Fis reported pushing dirt to the Suez canal for a Perma nent Bridge. M. Index books 7b 6a 2a 4a Horoscope 10a in Wolf Mil weather Cloudy and warn. Near 70 mid 3a. Violence in children blamed on parental care not to Chicago a it in t the violence on television which creates violent children but the Way their parents rear them two child development experts say. However they Are or Wicai of the passivity involved in hour after of hour of television viewing by children. They participated in a workshop at the annual meeting of the american association of psychiatric services for children inc., meeting in Chicago Over the weekend. One of them or. Maria w. Piers psychologist and Dean of the Erikson Institute for Early education in Chicago said it is not television which makes Young people violent or keeps them from relating soothers. It is the absence of other ingredients which make for a fulfilling life. The other Joseph Palombo. Social worker and director of the child therapy program at the Chicago Institute for psychoanalysis said children s personalities Are already devel oped before they Are Able to understand what is happening on the screen. Mrs piers said violent people come in All shapes and sizes but it does not matter what level of society they come from and they have. The same things in common Lack the capacity for empathy the ability to put themselves in another person s shoes. Lack Well developed skills that satisfy in and of themselves. That is. Here Are no Viles such As cooking or playing Golf which give them pleasure. Lack imagination. She said the dangers of television Are the frequency with which parents place children before the set to sit passively for hours and the facile solutions television offers to Many problems. Palombo said children do not interact with television sets the Way they interact with their parents who arc crucial in the development of children s consciences their ideals and values. Slapstick humor which has elements of violence can teach children that humor is a socially acceptable Way to Deal with aggressive feelings Palombo said. He spoke against allowing children to watch television for Long periods because he said there is Little warmth or empathy emanating astronauts move into sky lab space Center Houston a it was Hook up turn on and move in Day aboard America s space station saturday As the skylab 3 astronauts prepared their Home in orbit for a in ree month stay. Feeling fit and eager after the first night in space astronauts Seraki p. Carr Edward g. Gibson and William r. Pogue removed a Hatch from the Apollo command ship that ferried them up to skylab Friday and moved into the House sized space station where they la live and work until february. Awaiting them on a Tel Printer was a message of Welcome sent by Mission control just before sky lab 2 ended i n september. The message read Jerry de and Bill. Welcome aboard the space station sky lab Hope you enjoy your stay. We re looking Forward to several months of me resting and productive work. We got your Tel Printer message and we very much appreciate said Carr. The mis Sion commander in his first communication from inside the space station. A also greeting the men were three stuffed astronauts. The skylab 2, astronauts As a prank had unpacked some of the skylab 3 uniforms and stuffed hem to resemble men. The make shift manikins were posed around the space station. Carr s uniform was posed at a medical Experiment. Rogue s at an exercise and Gibson s was posed in the body waste management area. Hey did you find enough food up there for joked Bruce Mccandless the space Craft communicator in Mission control. The other three Don t need said Gibson of the manikins. They Are also very Carr added. The men of skylab 3 plunged eagerly into the first of four Days of station activation. Like tourists arriving at a vacation Home the Asl Ronals turned on the plumbing air conditioning and lights and checked out communications. They also transferred several Hundred pounds of food film and other supplies from the command ship. The space station has been vacant and partially powered Down since the skylab 2 astronauts left sept. 25 following a record 59 a Day stay. Carr. Pogue and Gibson spent the night aboard the command ship and reported feeling Well after Awakening. They also reported healthy appetites an indication said Mission control that they May have escaped the motion sickness Hal sent the skylab 2 crewmen to bed several times during the Early Days of their Mission. Pogue apparently had recovered irom a mild siege of nausea reported Friday night. All three skylab 3 astronauts took motion skylab Page 8a j

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