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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - November 18, 1970, Florence, South Carolina68 wid misday Novemick 18, 1970 Jofh Mirr burning Airport safety action disputed Hunting w. A. A controversy flared anew her tuesday Over safety features of the Tri state Airport where weekend jetliner crash killed 7 persons including most of mar shall University s football team the tragedy also has prompted talk of a possible review o Airport safety standards across the nation. Charles f. Dodrill president of the Tri state Airport author to Board urged immediate action to install a Glide scope instrument system and extern the Mountaintop runway by feet to total about feet. The Southern airlines dc9 was reportedly flying a Normal Landing pattern in rain and fog last saturday night when officials said the twin Jet clipped the tops of Trees on one Hilltop and car wheeled into the Side of another Hill. The Airport does not have the Type of Glide slope system which warns a Pilot in the cockpit when he is too Low. It was Esti mated by authorities that if the dc9 was a Mere 10 feet higher it would have cleared the tree tops. I be been sleeping with this possibility for the last eight Dodrill said adding that the Board repeatedly asked for funds to upgrade the Airport s but he said those proposals were always rejected for Lack of funds. In Charleston gov. Arch a. Moore or. Said it was known for quite some time that navigation aids were needed at the Airport be said state officials Warne Federal aviation administration authorities As recently Asli Days before the crash of the need for these aids. But Moore said the a a regional and National represent lives stated they were not in a position to help finance such improvements at the Airport. Reps. Ken Hechler do. Va., and Fletcher Thompson r-ga., blamed the crash on the air Lack of the electronic Glide scope system Thompson speaking on the Fouse floor urged immediate Steps to install Glide scope sys Ems at All of the country s nearly 300 airports which handle airline traffic without this elec Ronic equipment. Tri state Airport about eight Miles West of Here has Only localized instrumentation which Ells a Pilot when his plane is on direct line to an approach. But his does not include Altitude in formation. In Washington William l. Lamb of the National transportation safety Board said the in of the crash could Ead to formulating new nation 1 requirements for electronic just passing through Lucky ticket purchasers who had no trouble getting into new York s Madison Square Garden lobby monday had to be helped out by fellow Rock fans after they joined the Early Mirds who Pur chased tickets for the or ctn Funk Railroad Rock concert. The dec. 18 concert sold out Early. A task Force says Many Young people Lack conviction As to free speech san Diego. Calif. A a National task Force said tuesday lat a majority of american racking aids at commercial Young Pec pie Acks con. Notice of hearing on executory contracts to be Dis affirmed United states District court Middle District of Florida Orlando division in the matter of debtor no. 70-242-Orl-Bkpt 60 minute systems inc. You Are hereby notified tha on november 25, 1970, at ., George c. Young United states District judge for the Middle District of Florida will pursuant to Section 116 o the National bankruptcy act 11uscs516 and paragraph 1 of the omnibus approval order dated August 12, 1970 hear the request of Francis g Rearick trustee for tin above named debtor corporation to Dis affirm that cer Tain advertising e o n t r a c Between 60 minute systems inc. And Florence morn ing news Box 911, Florence. South Carolina 29501 Date november 1, 1969. Said advertising contract was to run to october 31, 1970. This hearing will be held in room 227 of the u. S. Courthouse and Post office building at Orlando Florida. Joel r. Wells in attorney for the trustee by Bernard c. O Neill or. Bernard c. O Neill or. Maguire Voorhis Wells 135 Wall Street Orlando Florida 32802 imports. There Distant understanding or convict be recon ution about the exercise of free emendations coming in this area. nov. 18 carpeting commercial residential Florence carpet tile inc. Phone 669-1851 336 Pamplico Hwy. Florence s. C. I m pretty Lamb said. Hechler said he intended to push for emergency Federal fun Ding to resolve the Airport ques Tion. Meanwhile the City of Idun tin ton began to Bury its dead tuesday. In cases where identification proved impossible memorial services were being held. Slightly More than half of the 75 victims were positively identified by Fri personnel using fingerprints and dental charts. Other identities May never be established. Or. Donald Dedmon acting Ala shall president declared two Days of mourning monday and tuesday with classes resuming wednesday. The results of year Long sur Veys of about persons up to the age of 35 were made pub lie by the education commis Sion of the states a nonprofit organization set up in 1964 with funds from the Carnegie corporation. Later financing has come from the Ford foundation and the . Office of Educa Tion. In a random sampling across he nation those interviewed were asked if they would permit americans to hear these state cents by radio or television Russia is better than the United some races of peole Are better than it s not necessary to believe in sixty eight per cent of adults rom 26 to 35 said they would re fuse to permit the broadcast. So would 94 per cent of boys and girls 13 years old and 78 per cent of youngsters 17 years old. The fourth group questioned in the Survey 9 year Olds was considered too Young for the problem. Somewhat different figures were obtained when the questions were asked separately. The statement it is not Nec Essary to believe in would be permitted by 49 per cent of the adults 31 per cent of the 17 year Olds Olds and 16 per cent of the 13 year Olds. A separate National assess ment of the ability of Young people to write and understand was made Public As 140 National educational leaders and governors including Delaware gov. Russell w. Peterson chairman of the commission arrived for three Days of meet Ings of the commission s steer the 17 year Olds and 55 per cent ing committee. Of the adults the commission besides Peterson the Gover said. Russia is better Wou d be allowed by 56 per cent of the and nors were Harold Levander of Minnesota Tom Mccall of Ore Gen and Calvin Hampton of Cults and 49 per cent of the 171 Utah. Year Olds but Only 21 per cent of results of an earlier study on How the nation progresses in education is the major study of the publications and research performed by the commission s staff. The first Cycle of nation Al assessment ends in 1975. The writing tests were Given to students in schools and to nearly adults inter viewed in their Homes. They showed marked improvement in writing through the their formal schooling ended. The 13 year Olds. I citizenship and science were an some races Are better i bounced last june in Denver final discharge All parties interested will please take notice that Ruby Thomas Mcclain. Administration of the estate of Jeff Thom As. Deceased has this Day made application unto the court of would be aired by 37 per cent of i colo., Headquarters of the com four major disasters noted in w. Virginia Huntington w. A. A West Virginia a Small mountainous state in the hear of Appalachia has suffered four major tragedies in As Manj years. The weekend crash of a Char ered do 9 jetliner killing 75 including most of Marshall University s football team recalls he other recent events thai Lave drawn the sorrow and sympathy of the nation. On dec. 15, 1957, the 1.735-foot Silver Bridge at it. Pleasant collapsed into the icy Ohio Riv a killing 46 persons in an Acci ent that cmdr. Adam Zabinski f the coast guard said has Haken the world of transport seven months later on aug. 0, 1868. Missed the Charleston s Piedmont Airliner main runway at Hilltop Kanawha Airport crashed into a nearby j Hillside i flames. And exploded into t worst air plane crash. Only three months later nov. 20, 1969, a Chain of booming explosions ripped through the by or. George c. Thosteson . Dear or. Thosteson Many a dus Kiness your articles Are v a la a b 1 Elthe extremities. While the exact cause probate of Florence county Foi final discharge As such adminis Gratrix and that the 10th Day of december 1970, at 10 o clock a. Im., is the time appointed for a k i hearing on the petition Ujj Dorothy s. Grimsley. Judge of probate i Florence county i nov. 11, is 25 dec 2 citation notice the state of South Carolina. County of Florence by Dorothy s. Grimsley probate judge whereas Leroy Jackson made suit to me Grant him letters of administration of the of Vail prevent ailments g disease has not been deep Coal Rich Consol no. 9 mine near Farmington. Twenty one men escaped or were pulled from the mine. Sev Enty eight others were entombed. To Date Only two of the bodies have been recovered. It Shook the cussed you describe. However i have never seen in a column a description of the Early symptoms of warning signs of Buerger s disease. So much is printed about lung cancer and emphysema. In t it time some doctor columnist ground i advises the Lay Public of the ear and took the Bottom from i la Onset signs of Buerger s said Bill King who was deliver a disease l h k. No food to personnel when one of the Many explosions Tore through the mine. This disaster sparked passage of the 1969 Federal Coal mine health and safety act. Perhaps it is. Buergers while it does not cause As Many deaths nor affect As Many peo ple As the other two diseases you mentioned is still a disease the Consol no. 9 mine is lass. Han 10 Miles from the scene of he worst mine disaster in . History. On dec. 6, 1907. 361 miners lost their lives in an sex Losion at Monongah. Of t i that can be crippling destructive and dangerous and one More reason for being wary of cigarettes. Pinpointed a definite relationship to cigarette smoking has been established. All use of tobacco must be stopped an absolute must in treating this disease. Men Are More affected than women for whatever reason and about 50 per cent of those affected Are jewish. The use of tobacco is so important that Buerger s disease should be added to the evils of cigarette smoking and it pays to be suspicious of Buerger s if any of the above symptoms Are noted. I should add however that any of the symptoms can also apply to other ailments. Treatment consists first of All thirty two of the 37 per Sirr aboard the Airliner were killed the initial Impact and three Boan gitis of Literals. An inflammatory disorder of arteries and veins which obstructs Monument Rome a the famous unless its Progress is con another name for it is Throm iof convincing the patient that he in Lue Jinja eur Anu ii rce n to More persons died later from in Ara or Mon lament to trolled it can shut off circular r no Qaq in in ,1 r i has to give up tobacco entirely plus certain exercises simple but frequently repeated plus medication and other More sophisticated methods of main Taining circulation. Estate and effects of Bertha Jackson a these Are therefore to cite and admonish All and singular the Kindred and creditors of the said Bertha Jackson deceased that they be and appear before me in the court of probate to be held at Florence s. C. On november 25, 1970 next after publication Hereof at 11 o clock in the fore noon to show cause if any they have Why the said administration should not be granted. Given under my hand this 9th Day of november Anno Domini Dorothy s. Grimsley probate judge. Nov. 11, 18 juries. Until last weekend the peace erected by the roman Tion to the extent of causing Rui . Uii Lii i jul n cur Viiu Pic a Accident was West Virginia s Augustus has been re-1 gangrene of the extremities so to Public View after 301 it is Verv Nevin Nelv. Important we have the biggest and Yum Miest baked potatoes you Ever tasted Complete with creamy Rich butter and sour Cream. Our salad bar is filled with tasty treats from Apple sauce to Zesty dressings. Daily fresh bakery Rolls and butter. And All this is included with every entree flouting pit family restaurants adjacent to the ramada inn 1-95 at u. S. 52 Public View after 30jit is very obviously important j years behind Brick Walls. It had j been covered with sandbags and enclosed in a Brick Pavillion to dear or. Thosteson i am interested in having the rubella test to determine whether i am to Start treatment As Early As j immune to German measles. My possible. The Early symptoms coldness protect it from bombardments of feet and hands aching of during world War ii. Fingers and feet phlebitis j doctor has never heard of such a test although he can get German measles vaccine. He checked with a pharmacist who american motors reports a disappointing year also had no knowledge of the test. Mrs. W. Ii. J the test is being done by Many City county and state health department laboratories final discharge All parties interested will please take notice that Wirner Green administrator of the estate of Mannie Green deceased has this Day made application unto the court of probate of Florence county for final Dis charge As such administrator and that the 2nd Day of december 1970, at 10 o clock ., is the time appointed for a hearing on the petition. Dorothy s. Grimsley judge of probate Florence county nov. 4, 11, 18, 25 final discharge and private laboratories do it for All parties interested will Detroit a american Large As the s75.8 million it lost physicians who do not have j please take notice that Walter motors corp., which has been in the thick of the fight to slow Down import car saes in he United Stales reported monday facilities for the test. I administrator of the an inquiry at one of the health estate of Walter Sellers decease departments. Edi has this Day made Applina i Tion unto the court of probate o it lost Over 556 Mirion i a Al s has not a d a so Kho d dear or those Conn t had Florence county for Fin a appointing ers Divide nil Are i my. As such in the 1967 fiscal year but they were the second largest in the h Story of the firm which was formed in May. 1954. Filiti Diirr if Niimi Jarms Between And Deadlines classified ads Lor tuesday rough isl be i our office 6y a -. He Day before publication. For sunday 4 Friday for monday 10 . Saturday. I classified display copy must be Rel i by 12 pm. Two Days before sunday copy by 4 Thursday. Monday copy by i Fri Day. Copy requiring proof Fust be in the office three Days before publication. Errors errors should be reported immediately. We Only assume responsibility for one time. Customer responsible for subsequent insertions. 1. For Sale co. Tara Village Homes built under the 235 government plan Bay now and spend Christmas in your own Home. 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Am Board chairman dividend for 21 consecutive j quarters the last such payment lion s fourth largest Auto firm s now operating profitably and expects to show a profit for to Lvi . Quarter. Chapin and am president William lunch org gave am Slock holders Advance warning last week in a letter which said the firm would have a very substantial loss for fiscal 1970. I Chapin listed several factors As responsible for the firm s Large deficit of or a share compared with net earnings of million or 26 cents a share in fiscal 1069. These included a five week strike at am plants at the be ginning of the 1970 Model year and the economic downturn which caused Domestic new car sales to fall Well below expected am s losses were not As the a being made in the final Quarter i firm r if incr of 1965. The firm s Auto sales for Calendar 1970 have been running ahead of year s Pace at a time when other segments of the Industry have been report ing sales figures below 1969 s Pace. Am added two cars to its line in the past 18 compact Hornet and a minibar called Gremlin which was the first of the tiny american cars to Challenge Volkswagen Toyota and other foreign leaders in the Auto Market. Am s sales for the Ca Cedar year through nov. 10 totalled cars about 4.7 per cent ahead of the sold in the like period a year ago. Strike bound pm s sales were Down 22.7 per cent in the same period. Chrysler was off 8.5 per cent and Ford was off 6 per cent. Due to an ulcer. Before i j weighed 145. Now i weigh 102, although i am 5 feet 11. A registered nurse told me i had no assimilation. Is there anything i can do to gain weight w. . With half your stomach gone your digestive system dumps food faster. There is less time to assimilate it. You Don t have no but you have less. Hence the loss of weight. Best course is to reduce the carbohydrates sugars and starches in your diet but in crease fats Buiter Margarine Cream any Type of vegetable or animal fats or oils which arc higher in calories. Smaller but More frequent meals even six a Day or so Vytill help. But also bring your problem to your doctor s attention be cause use of some sedatives to slow you Down a bit including slowing Down your digestive apparatus May be in order. Administrator and that the 2nc Day of december 1970, at 10 o clock ., is the time appointed for a hearing on the petition. Nov. 4, 11, 18, 25 Dorothy s. Grimsley judge of probate Florence county All final discharge parties interested will please take notice that a. Sellers administrator of the estate of Malvina Sellers deceased has this Day made application unto the court of probate of Florence county for final discharge As such administrator and that the 2nd Day of december 1970, at 10 o clock ., is the time appointed for a hearing on the petition. 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