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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - November 18, 1970, Florence, South CarolinaOur47th year no. 322 the Only daily paper published in Eastern South Carolina Florence s. C., wednesday morning november 18, 1970 daily i9e, sunday 15e russians vehicle Rolls across Moon 8-w heeled Moon Rover controlled from Earth Moscow a a soviet Moon Rover looking like an enclosed Bathtub on wheels rolled Jabout the lunar surface Day steered away from craters Jand rocks by scientists on Earth watching it on television. The eight wheeled vehicle rolled Down a gangplank from the unmanned Luna 17 Moon ship three hours after making a Landing on the lunar sur face. Was launched from Union last wednes Maryland gov. Mandel right gets word on hot line wiring technician Edward Boyle left explains transmitting Type Hookup Georgia gov. Maddox sounds off hot line was transmitter Maryland s governor reports Luna 17 the soviet Day. The discharge of the Moonroe Lun Khod the automatic station Luna 17 was the highlight of the soviet Union s latest unmanned lunar probe and another space Triumph for this nation making a comeback after losing t h e manned Moon race to the United states. Luna 17, a variation of Luna i the Moon Rover carried scientific Cle was powered by solar Bat 16 which brought Back the so i apparatus control instruments teries. Viet Umon s first lunar soil Sam-1 television cameras and radio pies in september made a soft Mumuni carom Landing in the area of the sea of i Rains. Ground controllers monitored television signals from cameras Tass said. The instruments car-1 mounted on the front the Back ried out scientific i Vestiga after the Landing the soviet tons on inc surface of the Monn news Agency Tass said ground at Vari Olls distances from the Annapolis my. A saying the phone line could Only i had Ever been tapped and that i Challenge. Maryland gov. Marvin Mandel j have been tapped Between had Nofe violence thai any of j _ Indiana recount sought Indianapolis ind. A Republican rep. Richard l. Roudebush petitioned tuesday for a recount of 464 precincts in 11 Indiana counties in a last ditch attempt to overturn demo cratic sen. Vance Hartke s margin in the . Senate election nov. 3. The move Means it will be at least mid december before either candidate can claim the Senate seat without further i controllers checked out Luna 17 s systems and made a television Survey of the lunar terrain around the Landing site. In the Bathtub like enclosure. Landing Tass said the Lun Khod moved As far away As 63 feet from the Mother ship. The Lehi said tuesday that wiring in a office and a locked civil defense Telephone under1 his desk turned the phone into a transmitting device which made Box in he basement of the Maryland state House. It possible to Monitor what was said in his private office 24 hours a Day. Mandel said however that he i the governor said lie had no evidence that it s Ever been monitored 1 Georgia s gov. Lester mad Dox also had his Telephone examined and then ripped it off j was told by communications sex j perts that his conversations could have been overheard out Side the stale House wherever any his conversations had Ever been j Roudebush asked a Complete overheard. Recount in two counties Clark and a partial recount in nine other counties. His Peti Tion seeks a recount of about of the votes cast. The civil defense Telephone system was installed 14 years ago to give slate executives the special civil defense Ilin led. He said he was also told by Mandel said he did not plan to press an investigation into the matter because he considered it a National question. He also stressed that he did not know for a fact that the line the Telephone company that his office Wall with a Jerk As about other governors had television cameras civil defense phones in away. J their offices. It s intolerable. Whoever is responsible for this ought to be imprisoned for life or deported. I m not surprised it s Maddox said. He said he had the phone examined by unnamed electronics experts. He said he was suspicious of the phone but he did not claim it was bugged. A Check of slate houses hurried up no other governors alleging their hot line phones were bugged. Some states and Tele phone companies said such phones could not be bugged. The phone is at my bedside at the said Florida gov. Claude Kirk. If they re going to listen there they can write some love frankly i Don t care if my Telephone is said gov. Dan Evans of Washington. I Don t say anything differ ent from what i say elsewhere at the White House presiden tial press Secretary lion acknowledged monday that the while House did have some in Terest in finding out what the facts were but that s a matter we would t address Telephone company officials in Maryland issued abatement Virgin islands elect governor Charlotte milk. . Virgin islands a Mclvin h. Evans became i he Virgin is land s first elected governor tuesday night and the first popularly elected Black governor in . History. Unofficial re turns gave Evans votes to for his opponent Cyril k. King. Evans a 52 year old physician was named by president Nixon in june As the last appointed governor of the Vir Gin islands. To tads the progressive Republican party. Quick Access to defense author tics in Case of National emerged j the official tally certified cles i monday by Secretary of state William n. Salin showed Hartke with an Edge of votes meaning that in the recount Roudebush must pick up a net gain of Between nine or 10 votes per precinct to out poll Halke. Roudebush said his recount petitions were not based on fraud charges but instead asked hot i it was set up to automatically put a governor in touch with civil defense Headquarters whenever he lifted the Tele phone. Mandell said a private investigator checking his office for electronic discovered about two weeks ago that the phone was so wired that it acted As a transmitter of everything said in the governor s office even when it was on the Cradle and supposedly disconnected. Lun Khod i Model on to Moscow says this is a View from television screen in Moscow tuesday which Tass the soviet Agency says shows full scale Model of the Lun Khod across simulated lunar terrain some where in the soviet Union. It has roof opened to flip Back and expose solar screen. A soviet Moon Rover rolled about the lunar surface tuesday. A second drive into Cambodia opened by South vietnamese corrections of what he believed Saigon a nearly controversy flares Over air disaster to be tabulation errors. Under state Law Hartke now has until nov. 28 to file his own petition for a recount in the precincts he selects. His Campaign coordinator. Jacques Leroy said that probably will be done. J South vietnamese troops launched a second new push into Cambodia and in the Early a controversy has erupted Over safety features at the West Virginia Airport where a jetliner crashed kill ing 75. See Page 6b. California authorities say a girl 13, isolated most of her life has the mind of an infant. See Page 10a. A survivor has told of the Gigantic tidal wave which carried thousands to their deaths. See Page 10b. Index ask Andy 9b classified 6b comics 9b deaths 2a editorials 4a markets so sports in women 8a climbers await final assault v 0 s e mite National Park Calif. A Ern ment forces suffered no casualties so far. Farther North in Cambodia Bunker Complex 40 Miles West of Plesku City in the Central High lands the .. Command re ported. Said 18 enemy bodies were spotted after the strikes an d .15 bunkers and tured nine prisoners South Viet new operation reported seizing j 17 other structures Yere de namese Headquarters reported 10 tons of Rice and killing three . Stages destroyed a North Viet the South vietnamese namese base Camp and Cap task Force involved in the other wednesday. J North vietnamese soldiers. The and each Side of the Craft. By watching the television transmissions they mane Vered it away from obstacles on the lunar surface and kept it out of deep craters by radio control. The vehicles also had a built in emergency Brake to Stop it whenever it was in danger of capsizing. The Lun Khod also carried a French built laser reflector Tass said which ground control lers can use to determine the vehicle s exact position. The Lun Khod and its Mother ship Are on a one Way Mission. Soviet television said Luna 17 was not equipped with a return capsule like Luna 1g. The eight wheeled vehicle occupied the space on the Luna 17 Complex that the return rocket and Moon soil Container had filled on the Luna 16 Craft. Soviet radio1 and television featured on All soviet television car ried a documentary on it and the evening newspaper Izvestia devoted three fourths of its front Page to the Mission. The flight of Luna a Signi fies the Start of a new state in the study of the Moscow radio quoted soviet scientists As saying. The use of movable automatic for Luar study widens the area of possible study and significantly increases the volume of scientific after Losin the manned Moon Ace to the Tii and states in july 1969, soviet space scientists have made it Clear they intend to pursue space exploration by mechanical Means. They main Tain hat use of men in space missions is extravagant and danger Iii and that in nah Ned experiments pro the operation was the second with two new offensives in j Cambodia on monday Corn drive into Cambodia by Saigon full swing Saigon Headquarters posed of troops from the South announced the termination of vietnamese 22nd division ear another operation in Cambodia i her uncovered 254 tons of. 85mm forces since monday and raised i to the number of South i vietnamese troops now de j played there. The latest push took South vietnamese infantrymen began last saturday. It was i shells used in artillery and in to ,r0h m Misoo of soviet made tanks. North Force that the scientific results. Mission added a new name to space Nakhod. Luno comes from Moon and Khod in russian climbers Warren Harding and armore cavalry and artillery Dean Caldwell inched their Way to within 200 feet of the Summit of Al Capitan on tuesday then men to an area 10 Miles inside Cambodia and 80 Miles South of the operation launched monday buttoned up for the night in co Jan the northeastern sector Coon like sleeping bags resting for what could be the final As Sault wednesday. Hungry and weary after 26 Days on a vertical Rock Wall feet High the climbers weather partly Cloudy with rising temperatures today through thursday. Highs in mid 60s Low in 40s. Details Page 3a. Marie Good Progress in what Park officials said probably would be their last full Day of climbing. The Force reported destroying 20 bunkers an equal number of enemy houses and five acres of crops in addition to the North vietnamese base Camp. The action entered nine Miles West of the District town of due Lap in Eastern Cambodia and about 125 Miles Northwest of Saigon. Saigon Headquarters said gov the cambodian capital of 1 namese forces have used such phenom penh on the East Bank of artillery against Border Camps the Mekong River near the Central Highlands but Veng City. During the four Day operation Headquarters said South Viet namese troops killed 50 enemy soldiers captured 41 prisoners detained a number of suspects and seized 15 weapons. South vietnamese losses were 11 j killed and 28 wounded head quarters said. I tanks have been sighted Only rarely. One officer estimated there were rounds in the Cache enough to keep up a bombard ment for several weeks against a single base. The operation into an area of Cambodia Long abandoned to the enemy is aimed at cutting inside Vietnam Only half a off North vietnamese inf Ultra Nile from the cambodian Bor Tion into South Vietnam and de Der . Tactical bombers at tacked a North vietnamese stroking Supply dumps a spokesman said. Here s Story on my Lai investigations by the Assoc old press Here is a rundown on develop ments tuesday in the investigation of the alleged my Lai Mas Sacre it. Running a. The army prosecutor began the court martial of i. William l. Galley or. With the first Public account by the government of the alleged massacre in the South vietnamese Hamlet of my Lai. After Calley 27, pleaded not guilty to charges of premeditated murder of 102 civilians capt. Aubrey Daniel the prosecutor said Calley shot Down in cold blood unarmed men women and children. Calley. One of 10 soldiers charged with commit Ting atrocities at my Lai faces death or life imprisonment if he is convicted. Daniel said Galley s first Pla Toon of Charlie company was in the forefront of the assault and received no fire from the Vil Lage. A group of villagers was put in custody of two of Galley s men pvt. Paul Meadlo and pfc. Dennis Conti and Calley told them take care of these peo according to Daniel s account. Calley returned later and was told by Meadlo and Conti that they were guarding the people but Calley said i mean kill pm waste Daniels told the six court martial Board members. The people were sitting on the ground offering no Resis Tance at All. With full bursts of automatic fire Calley and Meadlo shot these people these unarmed and undefended men women and Daniel said. The prosecutor said those who ran were shot and another group was herded into a ditch on Galley s orders by s. Sgt. David Mitchell and that group was killed too. A helicopter Pilot Hugh Thompson saw the vietnamese in the ditch Daniel said. He landed pleaded with Calley to summon medical Aid and then took off. But Calloy. Daniel said went to Mitchell and said finish off anybody in that ditch who is still he added accounts of Galley s alleged beating of an old Man and shooting of an infant. Daniel said Over 70 people were executed in that ditch in the Village of my Lai 16 March 1968 by the accused and at his it. Hood Tex. A defense witness in the court martial of s. Sgt. Mitchell testified Day that Mitchell was not at a drainage ditch in my Lai where the army says Mitchell shot at unarmed civilians. Sidney Kye of Kansas City kan., testified he was 55 to 60 meters from the ditch and he could have seen Mitchell had Mitchell been there. Kye said Mitchell was t there because i did t see Mitchell 30, of St. Francis. Villa la., is being court mar titled on charges of assault with i intent to murder specifically shooting at 30 South vietnamese the defense called 11 Nesses on its opening Day including two prosecution Nesses recalled in an Effort to discredit a third prosecution witness. Prosecution witnesses Charles Sledge and Dennis Conti had said they saw Mitchell shoot into a ditch filled with civilians. Gregory Olsen had testified he saw Mitchell with a Rifle at his shoulder beside the ditch but Sec my Lai 1 Agte 3-a soviet space scientists indicated this was but the first of a ser ies which eventually would Lead to a for a Mars chicle and the general term Lake City demos win Lake City the democratic party took both the positions of mayor and City councilmen Over republicans in municipal elections Here Day. In the mayor s race Democrat Edgar h. Whitehead a retired Lake City school teacher polled 740 votes to win Over Republican Paul d. Poston s 389 votes. In the town s City councilman slots democrats Charles Tomlinson with 803 votes j. Wesley Floyd jr., with 78-1 votes and incumbent Rogers Nettles with 768 votes won Over republicans Bernard l. Jones 362, . Sebnick s 229 votes and w. Leon Whitehead jr., no relation to the mayor elect with 415 Voles. A total of 1188 persons cast their ballots in the election. The mayor elect was an elementary school principal at Lake City for 40 years and is an attorney. Whitehead is the son of the late . Whitehead who was a past mayor of that town. I

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