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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - November 14, 1957, Florence, South CarolinaCloudy wifi Sci. Do wort today Iri Hiffa 70. Us a tetik Reader s tip a photo of m Del published with of daily pc sunday lot Volji. 886 Florence s. C., thursday morning november Fune commander decorated Lemay Jett pin from Gen. White vow photo fax s Iii president recalls Early Hitler acts by Marvin Arrowsmith. Oklahoma City nov. 13 Fol Hower told the nation tonight for space age weapons inst be hiked a very considerable amount. He hit out at any sacrificing of Security to worship a balanced budget. The russian threat in missile development and related Fields Means there is danger ahead for free men the pres ident said in a nationwide television radio address. Eisenhower told an applauding Lemay sets record with return by Jet Washington not 13 Fol Gen. Curtis Lemay and a record setting strategic today rocketed a huge Jet Tanker plane from Buenos Aires to Washington in _11 hours 5 minutes and eight tenths of a second. The time for the Miles was sensational and it set a record for later Crews to shoot was the first nonstop Jet flight Between the Argentine and United Lemay and Bis men flew the Boeing kc135 Tanker transport it an average Speed of 469.5 Miles an hour at Washington National Airport i Najr received hero s Welcome. Pilot Lemay received the distinguished flying Cross from Bis Boss Gen. Thomas d. White air Force chief staff. Lemay to vice chief of staff. The members of the Crew received air medals for their strik ing demonstration that operation Al us. Jet aircraft global mobility that is unmatched and that Stul is a deterrent throughout the world to communist aggression. They also showed convincingly that the kc135 could make an sex Boss makes by a reporter Washington nov. Curtis Lemay s record flight today from Buenos Aires to Washington was difficult one requiring hours of careful calculations but he and his men made it appear almost As easy As a sunday drive in the country. It was the ride of a Eye time to the three Lucky newsmen aboard Gen. Robert Ginsburgh of the Magazine . News world report Peter Bird Martin of time Magazine and this re Porter. We three bad been covering Argentina s aria Tien week and made ourselves available to Lemay if he could find room Tor us aboard. Lemay s Boeing kc1s5 Tanker was an experimental tally soundproofed with carpet ing on the floors 30 airline Type seats writing desk a counter like Row of radio equipment and half a dozen bunks for Comfort Able napping in a rear Compart ment. This reporter has flown in a b47 medium Jet bomber from Maine to England in record breaking time. And with the Aid of Aerial refuelling has made a 10-hour re turn flight to Georgia in the same plane. He has been a passenger aboard the Boeing Cial transport version of the kc135 a record setting flight from Seattle to Baltimore. But none of those matched this amazingly Swift smooth and i Brati onless journey from a Spring time Dawn in Argentina to an autumn afternoon in Washington. We three newsmen drove out to Buenos Aires Airport in . Darkness with our Luggage on the even Chance that the weather would be Cool enough and the wind Strong enough to permit Lemay to put us aboard. The genial general kept us in suspense Only a Short while As he made a final Check found the wind and the thermometer engines hate hot weath fuel and invited us to be his guests. Here s what it was like using up almost the last Inch of runway we lumber into the air. Then the kc135 gets its Teeth into its flying and is on the Way climbing steeply. We surge up through the thick Argentine overcast and lit Only 21 minutes Are at our initial Cruis ing Altitude of feet. Each hour As our fuel Load Light ens climb an adult Lonny feet to thinner atmosphere. Four hours after Takeoff we Are 000 feet tie Altitude Lemay and Bis navigators have calculated As Hie most favourable for this flight. Argentina Falls away from us. Roughly our course takes us up a Hie across the endless trackless tropical Interior of Brazil. We have hot breakfast Steak potatoes Rolls milk stewed adeptly by . K. Worden , . Lemay usually chomping on a Cigar occasionally turns Over the control to one of the other plots and Erines Back to Chat with us or to fiddle with me radio equip ment cell ont Aerial operations Headquarters in the event of an emergency. It has All the communications facilities such a Headquarters would need. This same Tanker transport left Westover air Force base mass., last monday after noon and deliberately flew a Long course to the outward bulge of Brazil and then Down to Buenos Aires to demonstrate the tremendous Range of the kc135. In doing so they set a distance record for none fuelled Jet aircraft of Miles flown in 13 hours two minutes. 51 seconds. Today s goal was not a distance Mark but the establishment of a Speed record Between the two capitals which would not be easily beaten. Both yesterday s and today s records were official because they were judged under the care Ful timing of the nations aeronautic Assn. Far across the world the air Force put on another demonstration today of air Force might and flight of three twin Jet b66 bombers flew nonstop from the . West. Coast to the Philippines. The air Force said this flight made in just Over 17 hours was intended to help show How it can deliver a tactical striking Force anywhere in the world. Philippines elect Garcia president Manila thursday nov. 14 iffy Carlos Garcia apparently has won a four year term of his own As president of the his growing Lead a latched attention today to the question of whether he would have a teammate or an opposition party Man for vice president. Garcia himself moved up to the presidency from the vice presi Dent s Post last March when pres ident Ramon Magsaysay was. Killed in an air plane Carsh. Gar Cia 61, was Magsaysay s chosen political heir. Votes pouring i from Strong Nacion Alista provinces gave Gar Cla a comfortable margin Over Liberal Jose Yulo 63, a sugar King. The ballot surge also put Jose b. Laurel jr., Garcia s run Ning mate Back in the picture. Trailing behind Laurel House speaker and a member of one of the Philippines leading political families had been trailing far behind Drosdado Macapagal Liberal vice presiden tial nominee. But the philippine news service predicted that if Laurel maintains his late gains in the provinces he will overtake Macapagal. The Bey to the vice presidential race appeared to be entered in Mindanao Island where returns were slow in being reported. The last vice presidential Tabu lation reported gave Munci Pugal to for Laurel. The last presidential tabulation reported gave Garcia votes s progressive candidate Mauel p. Manahan had sen. Claro m. Recto nationalist Cut Lens party 306.90s, Carlos Garcia apparent Victor and Antonio qui Lono Independent Liberal the mounting Nacion Alista vote was attributed partly to Garcia s personal popularity in the South Ern islands and partly to the Strong Nacion Alista party organization. The nationalists were ahead in 74 of 86 congressional districts reporting and in the tabulations from five senatorial districts. Eight Senate seats and 102 con Gressional posts were at stake. The held 86 scats in Tho outgoing Congress and it the 24 Senate seats. Overflow audience in the municipal auditorium that the american people rightly de Mand that defense spending in crease by whatever amount is necessary to safeguard Security. His stand dealt still another blow to any remaining Chance for a tax Cut next year. He also expected it would be necessary to make Sharp cuts in some nonmilitary spending pro Grams in next year s budget to help offset some defense boosts. Some such programs May have to be eliminated altogether the president said. The president in a talk Climax ing Oklahoma s 50th anniversary arrows to atoms Celebration of statehood did not make any specific estimate of How much sex and itunes for defense will have o be hiked in the fiscal year starting july 1. Spending in that category for the current year will exceed 38 billion dollars. In the second of a series of speeches designed to bolster America s Confidence in free world defense capabilities Eisen Hower also called for a stepped up program of training american youths As scientists. He cited rus Sian Progress in that Field. And he said there must be More Basic research in mis country adding that a warning lies in the fast rate of increase of the soviet Effort in research. The crowd gave the president a tremendous ovation when he entered the auditorium. The people had whipped themselves into a whooping Frame of mind by sing ing Oklahoma fight songs and cheers just before the president appeared. They had jammed the big auditorium nearly three hours before it was time for him to speak. Eisenhower recalled the Days of Hitler and declared not enough eople took the nazi dictator at Lis word. The shall not make that Rois Ake the president said. He also Sam there must be an increase in Basic research in the Light of soviet Union developments Eisenhower raid that even under file russian totalitarian sys tem it of possible to produce s o m remarkable materialist when such competence in things material is at the service of leaders who have so Little re Gard for things human and who command the Power of an Empire there is danger ahead for free Man everywhere. That is the Rea son Why file american people have been so aroused about the Earth satellites he added. But the president As he did in addressing the nation last week said that free men Are meeting and will meet this challenge.1 formula needed discussing the satellite program specifically against the Back ground of Russia already having put two into space Eisenhower said the United states must adopt a Clear formula to guide us in deciding what satellite and outer space activity to he said there must be two tests first if the project is designed for scientific purposes the size and Cost must be tailored to the scientific Job to be done. Secondly he added if it is some ultimate defense project its urgency for this purpose must be judged in comparison to he prob Able value of competing defense projects. We intend to carry Forward our programs in a Way that will do credit to our scientific tradition and insure our Security Over the years me president said. This will involve mib Stan Ial Cost area deaths mrs. Lille Andrews Norton Dillon. A. Frank it aver in Bla my. W. M. Terrell Hartsville. Oscar k. Thompson Oln Nln. I a. Heeds cleric s plea this camera sequence depicts Church begins sooth the distraught Turner. Turner Cha the of 43-year-old Harold Turner of. New tort from fifth floor ledge of the hotel Tafb at new Haven conn., his eyes in anguish in the Middle photo and right knotty is helped into Hie room by father Keating. Hundreds yesterday. At the left the James d. Keating of St. Spectators gathered below die ered the Rescue. A it atom scientists ready to ask Date for launching Aaron Washington nov. 13 up scientists grooming a u. S. Satellite Lor into space were reported tonight to be about ready to ask for a launching Date at Cape canaveral Fla. A spokesman for a West coast rocket firm said the firm has notified that the first test satellite a sphere 6.4 inches in diameter would go Dee. 1, but the Navy said no exact Date has been set. The Navy is in charge of act Vanguard fee original satellite program. While no Date was mentioned a Vanguard spokesman said the project s scientists Are now pretty close to the time when they Wil request that the launching pad at Cape canaveral be cleared for the firing of a satellite vehicle., the dec. 1 Date was Given by a spokesman for the grand Central rocket co. Of Mentone Calif. The j pm is making the third stage rocket for the Vanguard the rocket that will give the satellite its 5nal boost into space. The spokes Man said the Navy had notified the firm last night. In Washington however the Tavy said no exact Date had been fixed although it still plans to fire sometime i december. Last week the army was directed to join the Effort and prepare to put a satellite into orbit with its modified Jupiter a i Nissle. I Vanguard spokesman expressed Confidence that Vanguard s baby Moon would be launched before the first army firing. When the Vanguard satellite does go up it was disclosed it Wil carry a radio that should be Able to broadcast indefinitely. John t. Mengel head of Van Yard s guidance and tracking ranch said that in addition to conventional batteries the sphere would have a solar powered trans Mitter. Ids Mengel also told newsmen that he plan to broadcast on a 103 Meg Cycle band would permit racking 15 times As accurate As was possible with the two soviet 20 hot says sputnik 2nd to Little Rock new York nov. 13 Oft for Mer democratic president Harry Truman tonight advised the a Ion not to worry about Russia s sputnik. But he said we ought to worry about Little Rock and civil rights. In a prepared address on civil rights Truman told the joint de Ense Appeal of the american jewish committee and1 the anti defamation league of b Nai b Rith our attitude on this vital Strug Gle for equal Opportunity and human Liberty is being watched by the world. Don t worry about the sput Niks. We can take care of that situation. Results were announced but news men watched it for about minute As it soared Southeast Over the Atlantic Ocean. 4. Sen. Jackson a Wash suggested in Paris that submerged or floating platforms be sent but to Zea to serve As launching bases for nuclear rockets. Jackson is chairman of the military applications subcommittee of the Senate abuse atomic Energy committee. Seaborne rocket bases he argued would divert the enemy s attack from populated areas. Sputnik which operated on and -40 Meg Cycle bands. There were these other develop ments in the space Story today 1. Another indication that Laika he dog set up in sputnik ii is dead came from Moscow radio. It said the data obtained by study ing the reactions of sputnik s Ca nine passenger Are now being studied but scientists Are quite certain even at this stage that the. Animal was quite Wen and comfortable to the 2. The Navy used a rocket boost or for the first time i launching to new supersonic regulus guided missile from Edwards air Force 3ase in California. The s7-foot bombardment weapon was brought Down safely after executing an intricate series of Maneu vers. S. An Ait Force Navaho missile was fired at Cape canaveral. No edit Athow Huml dts of we he in Uttke m4 i rum Khrushchev declares America Way behind nov. 13 a Nikita Khrushchev said tonight the United states lags behind the soviet Union in rocket production won t catch up soon. The soviet communist party toss converted As egyptian Eta Tassy reception into free for All news conference. He told a dozen reporters i a spirited give and take that the United states not have big rockets like the rus sians said he doubted it will have them soon a of the important soviet government figures turned out for the diplomatic reception ostensibly in Lonor of maj. Ten. Abdel Hakim Amer visiting egyptian minister of War. Early in the festivities Khrushchev buttonhole Amer and the syrian ambassador and proposed a Toast to our a teaching Quality emphasis urged Columbia nov. 200 school trustees 13 he about and officials met Here today to hear speakers All for More Quality on the teach ing and administrative Levels of South Carolina s Public schools. The occasion was the annual convention of the South Carolina Assn. Of school administrators and school boards. Or. Harry Brooks Conway school Loard official said that Federal Aid to education May become Neces. Essary in South Carolina unless a Etter Job is done on the local school Board level. Hungary writers sent to prison Vienna nov. 13 Randlo i Depest said tonight four of Hun Ary s most prominent writers who been sent to prison for Agi-1 Atung against Tho communist government. Their trial was secret. The. Broadcast said a nine year was Given Tibor dry who has been called Tho intellectual Leader of last year s anti so Viet revolution. He recommended the heed for a minimum foundation program by. Which local supplements and state supplements could be guaranteed to keen standards High. J. G. Mccracken Spartanburg super intendant of schools said that teachers salaries Are too Low. He warned about the rising age of teachers in the state and the need to raise salaries to encourage younger teachers to stay in South Carolina. E. R. Crow director of the state educational finance commission defended the 12-year school pro Gram and said that it was just a lot of Eye Wash to argue that by lopping off the 12th Grade Flat much school expense could be saved. Dean William w. Savage off the University of South Carolina s school of education told the. Convention that any improvement in the Quality of instruction must be Gin in the colleges for teachers. He called for More rigorous admission standards m teacher train ing institutions. Inside classified want ads 10-b comics 11-b deaths and funerals 2-a Drew Parton 4-a or molner.11-b markets-finance.12-b television. 6-b the atari 6-b we Athur Ronies of Hie soviet Union Egypt and the soviet Union has furnished arms equipment and technical advisors to Egypt and Syria. The russians to launching accusations that Turkey planned to invade Syria recently said they would stand by their syrian friends in addition to Premier Bulgarin economic Czar Joseph Kuzmin and other ranking government figures defense minister. Marshal Rodion Malinovsky at tended. Ousted defense minister mar thai Georgi k. Zhukov was not present. Zhukov is on a leave Jit Folly Khrushchev told the reporters. L. He also had barbs for the Brit ish and the japanese at the party. When Suemitsu Kadowaki japanese ambassador approached to Greet Bun Khrushchev his arms and with huge Grin said when we going to sign Kado Wam said his government is ready but there Are certain conditions to be fulfilled before hand As you Ridge presiding at Dairy meeting or. Harrell Degraff professor of food economics at Cor Nell University will discuss the future of the american Dairy Industry before the South Carolina Dairy Assn., meeting in Charles ton today. Fred to Ridge of Florence presi Dent of the association and District manager for Coble Dairy products Plant Here will preside Mcgraff will Spenk at it j p. A meeting the Francis Marion hotel. Conditions claimed. No Khrushchev sex conditions let s sign the treaty and be done with it. We can talk about conditions Khrushchev s remark about . Rockets came after a British Cor respondent suggested that the so Viet Union halt firing its big Rock Ell we have to test Khrushchev said. What can we do Pickle put them a a a correspondent said. No Khrushchev an swered. Let s sink them All at sea. We d be Happy to do that of you an american reporter asked what if to Don t have the same Type to Khrushchev replied certainly i know you Don t Havo the kind of rockets we have and you won t have them

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