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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - November 12, 1973, Florence, South CarolinaMullins Man gets air medal sgt. . James is mme i of in. Mildred Smith of Mullah received the air medal at it Bragg air Force technical sol. Lavene Uek Norett Florence was presented the dept. Of defense joint service common do thou medal during his recent retirement ceremony at ent . Re enlisted . Rodrick k. Sparrow jr., son of s. Sparrow of Loris has re enlisted , food waste shameful nutritionist everyday covered containers. Bay waste of food our country Isi leaves in dry Riftes and flour Clemson keep insects out University nutritionist Marie proper also Cut Hyndman. Down on fresh Royl. Eaddy son of or. And the Extension Home vegetables and fruits often says there Are Riahy expensive Pur Dases. It. A n the air Force at Sumter. Promotions Roger Cave son of or and was promoted to army me. While serving Germany. Willie. C. Milling son. Of or. And Mung of to army sgt. . While serving with . Army support Thailand in Satta hip Thailand. Clifton Gore jr.-, son of mrs. Lena Gore of Tabor City was promoted to army pfc. While serving with the 3rd infantry agents receive awards Clemson Carolina Extension agents rave been v presented 1s73 distinguished service awards for outstanding work by the National Assoc Iddinn of county agents. Honoured were James s. Jones or. Of Abbeville county e. Gary Tate of Jasper and Leonard b. Harrington of Willums Burg. The three Clem son University agricultural graduates have a total of 68 years with the cooperative Extension service. Florence farm notes was promoted to army ways to save dollars right in the important to spec family Kitchen. She offers some before they become my i opt suggestions for conserving food an Money. And covers hems that. Aren t needed just because they Are something you Don t use is not a bargain. Make certain your groceries Are properly stored. Keep insect dated is such As Weevils and ants out Harrington was cried for mrs. Bishop r. Eaddy of Pam assistance in organizing Pppe ratites working with Community development dubs re Urey Hector b. Mcclain son of or. And supporting establishment spoil. Teas precaution also Hector Mcclain St. Of of livestock markets. Tate s tue Rock has been prompted leadership has helped produce state Corn and soybean winners Raymond whose the first Clemson Roadside father Darlington was prompted to army chief warrant officer in Grade w-3 in Korea Dona a. Mrs. Roy Wainright of Madison Fla. Hector b. Mcclain son of or. And supporting establishment and mrs. Hector Mcclain or. Of ittle Rock has been promoted first she Don t buy May be forgotten in a kit Bem pair Uriah the air Force. Cabinet. Note the dates stamped on tinned foods arid canned refrigerator breads. This will remind the Horn maker to use them before they become out Market in the state a county beautification program and establishment of scholarships for Jasper county youth. Are property Siroi. Jav Nuj Omen. Roy Damn pm of maoism r la. To such As Weevils and ants out avoid cooking More than has been promoted to colonel in of the Kitchen by spraying when you need the nutritionist air Force. Necessary. Store flour com meal and mixes in the refrigerator or in tightly no need to keep feeding our hungry Garbat Chen disposals the air Force. Marine Lance Corporal Leroy hungry garbage cans and kit Jones whose wife Doris is the daughter of mrs. Janie m. Bookard of Bowman was promoted to his present rank while serving with the Marine corps base Here. Marine Lance Corporal Glenn Robinson son of mrs. Alphine Robinson of John Island was meritorious by promoted to his present rank at the Marine corps base Here. 4-hers cited Darlington two out striding Darlington county 4-h club members have received a High recognition. They Are miss Mary Kay Belissary who received a certificate. Merit at the Coop meeting. Hey Ward Jack Hall or. Also received the same award. Doctor tells Kansas Man How to help Shirik painful swelling of Hemor Hoidal tissues caused by inflammation and infection. Prairie Village . Joseph Sutton reports my doctor suggested suppositories. I chose preparation h suppositories. On a physical Check up my doctor noted How effectively it note doctors tests have proved preparation helps shrink swelling of Cmor Hoidal tissues caused by inflammation. It s so effective that in Many cases the first applications give prompt temporary Relief from pain and itching in such tissues. There s no other formula like doctor tested. Preparation a tobacco hearing tobacco marketing hearings will be held in the area oni thursday of this week these hearings Are the result of a special study committee being appointed by the state House of representatives to study tobacco marketing problems and make leu emendations Tor changes that might Benefit tobacco growers in the future. The two meetings most convenient to Florence county banners and tobacco leaders will be held on tuesday nov. 13, at Darlington and thursday nov. 15, at Lake Chy. The Darlington meeting will be held k the Mozingo building and the Lake City meeting at the National guard armory. Both. Meetins will begin at 10 . Tobacco growers and others interested in the Industry Are invited to attend and present any ideas that they might have toward the improvement of our tobacco marketing system. Feeder Hosale the first graded feeder pig Sale for the month of november will be held on tuesday nov. 13. The sate Wilt be held at the Darlington auction Market and from 700-800 pigs Are expected for the saie.thesalestartsat3p.rn. Pigs will be direct from the farm where hey have been inspected and will be sold in uniform lots according to weight and Grade. Persons interested in purchasing Good Quality feeder pigs should find this a Good source. Beef feedlot our the Southern beef Council is sponsoring a beef feedlot our prepared of the Amarillo tex., area on nov. 15 and 16. The tour actually begins on Weche Day evening november 14, at the Holiday inn near am Ido. Or. John n. Williams ii Extension animal science specialist of Clemson advises that the total Cost of meals and Florence morning news monday november to the Defenda Brown isral Brown Loretta above Green. Jackson Green jr., bet Marie Lane Luckey Betty by Jean Green Rosa Luckey Murray Albert l Green Sherrl Moris Green Eula Mae Mccoy la Letechia Green Gaven Dalyn Mccoy Ella Mae Mccoy Green Isaiah Green Rena Bert Mccoy Martin m Green Michael Emmanuel John David Lane Green and Ernest b. Hinant Lane Fulmore Legrand l As guardian and item for John Mary Ella Lane Willu Doe and Mary Roe representing Willie James Lane Lee any unborn unknown child or Lane Daisy Bell Lane b children minors incompetents Jacobs Mary Frances j the world or otherwise or any Washington Charles Jacob member of any class of people Laverne Lane Connie suffering under any disability Scipio Pearlie Lane by who May be heirs legatees or Rosa Lee Lane Green an Devisees under the will of de minors As follows to Lane Luckey Rosa Marie Lane defendants. Whew Mccoy Helen me in re action for declaratory Barbara Mccoy Johnny b judgment on the estate of Edda Lane John Debrish i Lane Victor Leon Lane Terrell l to the defendants Charlene Fulmore. Gai above named Fulmore Edward Brown Marie Lane Luckey Betty Lou Cherry Ann Brown i Luckey Murray Albert Lane Diane Brown Lutucia by Eula Mae Mccoy Isaiah Gralyn Brown Alice Mccoy Eua Mae Mccoy her Brown Clarence by Bert Mccoy Martin Mccoy Darlene Brown Craven Sel John David Lane Maybelle Brown isral Brownlo Lane Fulmore Legrand Lane Green Jackson Green or. Mary Ella Lane Williams to Jean Green Rosa Willie James Lane Lee Weston Green Sherrl Moris g Lane Daisy Bell Lane Baker Letechia Green Avent Jacobs Mary Frances Jacob Green Isaiah Green Washington Charles Jacob jr., Green Michael emm Laverne Lane Corime Lane Green and Ernest b. Hii Scipio Pearline Lane Brown As guardian and item for Rosa Lee Lane Green and All Doe and Mary Roe reprise minors As follows Morgan any unborn unknown Chil Nhim ran Minai a transportation would probably run around if travelling by place. A to registration fee will cover the Cost of All meals and the bus tour on nov. Is and is. Persons interested in attending can get additional information from our office and should advise or. . Pope of the Southern beef Council of their plans to attend. Ferti1jzer-m74 one Way to probably stretch fertilizer in 1974 is to be sure that the soil is properly limed. Lime not Only adds Cak and magnesium and raises the pm but also causes the other fertilizer elements to be Able to react More favourably and completely. Thus we Are saving in this year where fertilizers May be difficult to obtain that the emphasis should be placed on proper Liming. Liming should always be applied according to a soil test. Soil test Cartons and record Mii ours us ii Iowa. Go Are available at the Luckey Rosa Marie Lane mat children minors in compete and it thew Mccoy Helen Mccoy the world or otherwise or county agents Onice Barbara Mccoy Johnny Belin member of any class of be would be Good if every held _ Barrara Mccoy y suffering under any Disabito elements. As we see it proper filing could be one Way of stretching fertilizer or to put it another Way proper Liming could improve fertilizer efficiency. Organic gardening called organic gardening. With this in mind Clemson has a bulletin entitled Sale ends november 14 pc Silver Stirrup horse feed a Superior Energy source for adult horses. 50 la. Bag 335 Kitche Naii dish Voshers at less than i960 prices that s right. Today s Kitch Enaid de washers have a lower manufacturer s suggested retail Price than the comparable 1960 models. Even though you get bigger capacity More convenience features and the Fine performance and reliability Kitch Enaid dishwashers have always been famous for. It s a great time to buy. Brown Lutricia Brown notice that the summon Gralyn Brown Alice Faye the above entitled action Brown Clarence Brown which the foregoing is a Darlene Brown Craven semester together with the Compla Brown is rat Brown Loretta were duly filed in the office Green Jackson Green jr., bet the clerk of court for Flore to Jean Green Rosa Ann county on the 2nd Day Green Sherrl Moris Green november. 1973. Felechia it Bernardo toe nub. Fast fading movement by Green and Ernest b. Hinnant Lisp Endens As guardian and item for John notice is hereby g1v Oreana gardening in South Doe and Mary Roe representing that an action has been Carolina any unborn unknown child or fenced and is now per Fini the publication gives a step children minors incompetents the court o common pleas by step guide to organic the world or otherwise or any Florence county upon a cd gardening through such phases member of any class of people plaint by above Sill detection soil suffering under any disability against the Larj who May be heirs legatees or named defendants Fon Devisees under the will of de declaratory judgment on Lane estate of de Lane. That you Are hereby sum premises which Are involve Money and required to this action were atthe comr answer the complaint in this Cement of this action and at action of which a copy is Tim of filing of this Lisp end hereby served upon you and to situate in Florence county serve a copy o your answer to Are More particular he said complaint on the Sun scribers at their offices in Florence South Carolina within Twenty Days after the preparation addition of organic matter Etc. The bulletin is available free of charge in the Monty agent s off ice. Unico Standard fencing 9-Slrand, 39-ia 29.95 High 35.95 20 Rod Rollin permanent Type Coop anti freeze and coolant dont get caught Short 1m Gal summons for Relief com Plait served n the court of common pleas state of South Carolina county of Florence Ackson Green As executor of he estate of de Lane under Tern Iii of the will of de Lane plaintiff is described As follows All those certain lots of l situate lying and being in within Twenty Days after the county of Florence designs service Hereof exclusive of the jots no. 72, 95, 96. 97, Day of such service and if you 100i 125, and portion is fail to answer the complaint no. 137, 138 situate Marie Lane Lackey Betty Lou the time aforesaid the the town of Timmonsville is Luckey Murray Albert Lane in this action will apply of South Carolina v. Eula Mae Mccoy Isaiah a he court for the Relief improvements thereon. Mccoy Ella Mae . On a map of the Bert Mccoy Martin Mccoy Bernardd Dusenbury subdivision by Adam John David Lane Maybelle and associates Ervin c a. Dated Novern Lane Fulmore Legrand Lane Bernard d. Dusenbury n and recorded in uary Ella Lane Williams _.-. To the minor Dafen a at Page 161. In Villie James Lane Lee Weston wants herein office of the clerk of court Lane Daisy Bdl Lane Baker you Are hereby sum Florence county and show Jacobs Mary Frances Jacob Money and required to apply a plat made for the estate of Washington Charles Jacob jr., ,0 the court within Wenly Days Lane recorded in plat Bool Laverne Lane Connie Lane service Hereof of the sum at Page 501 in the office of Scipio Pearline Lane Brown Mon Sand complaint on you for of court for Flore Lee Lane Green and All the appointment of a guardian county. And 1 item to defend Theisac Ionin Dusen Bli your behalf and in the event andassocia1 you fail so to do Petitioner will Bernard d. Dusenb apply to the court for the Relief South Carolina demanded and the appointment november Victor Leon Lane Terrell Lane a and item to defend Charlene Fulmore Garland Fulmore Edward Brown jr., Cherry Ann Brown Larry Diane Brown. Lutricia Brown Gralyn Brown Alice Faye Brown Clarence Brown minors As follows Morgan , Rosa Marie Lane mat thew Mccoy Helen Mccoy Barbara Mccoy Johnny Belinda John Debrish Lane . Family Steakhouse weather Mic paints barn red 3.49 Gal. Save 1.04 roof Gray-10.16 Gal. Save 3.04 House White 6.44 Gal. Save 1.91 Many More types and co lofts on Sale now Premium 19-333 Lawn 24tmcs. 995 i savc1. Spring bulbs hyacinths Crocus Tours mows the time to Plant crackdown pellets rataul pick our most convenient Buitt in dishwasher. The Kitch Enaid superba exclusive soak Cycle that gets rid of All but burned on foods on pots and pans. Exclusive 180 san Icycle using regular House current for extra killing action. Exclusive rack versatility. Upper rack raises Lowers or tilts. Adjustable dividers hold Crystal in place. 5-Yeaf motor warranty. If it fails it will be replaced at no Cost to you during the first year you d pay Only for labor during the next four years. You can depend on Kitch Enaid appliances. Built in portable and convertible dishwashers. Trash compactors. Food waste disposers. K itch in installation service i in. Plastic packets 601 and participating Linda introductory special sirloin Steak a Tab with mid potato of Hubich res just come pkg up Yow Sod Bever age dessert. Place Yew order for fast serve. We use Noring u. S. Choke Premici Quality aged beef. All its the choose Fram Ami of Large Selectia seafood is the freshest Avail All at now eng yom look orb on end so emt a Wing at rat the action in your behalf. Order of publication it appearing to associates from the by Bernard d. Dusenbury of Bernard d. Dusenb attorney for Petitioner Adorney for plaintiff in ,1973 above cause that the a entitled action has been o Imen ced and is now Pendi that a cause of action exists i Jet to the Law of the stall South Carolina that the c of common pleas has Juris j lion of the same it furl appearing that the defendant living May reside outside state of South Carolina it therefore. Ordered that service the summons in said a upon said defendant be mad the publication thereon in Florence county new spa the Florence morning new. Newspaper published in the and county of Florence Slat South Carolina we newspaper is hereby designs to give notice to the Defero once a week for three wet that the first publication of summons be made within Days from the Dale of this on it is hereby further ordered i the option of the plaintiff Kopy of the summons and 0 i plaint be delivered to the Del i want wherever he May be a i within the boundaries of i state of South Carolina i Liverance May and shall h same effect As the c Ted publication Hereof. clerk of o Florence coi Florence South Carolina Inov. We have facilities for private parties g. A. Family Steakhouse 7t Opp Iii flu i us we Ihram t . Linov

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