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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - November 12, 1973, Florence, South CarolinaJute try John m. O Dowd 1887-1970 James a. Rogers editor Joe b. Rickenbaker managing editor Dew James associate editor Richard g. Moiso general manager monday. November 12, 1973 with other editors out of America s political and moral. Turbulence is emerging the age of accountability. The phrase was used recently by Lewis a. Engman chairman of the Federal Trade commis Sion at a meeting of National advertisers. He suggested they were accountable not Only for accuracy in telling the Good Points about their products but for disclosing additional in formation to the Public failure to disclose such information would result in unfairness or but the demand for account ability As or. Rigman noted does not Stop with advertising. He said that the current Wren Ching crisis of Confidence in government is part of a crisis of Confidence in All institutions that has been building for years. Restoring Confidence is the task of the age of accountability its Success depends on the responsiveness of All to their own particular kind and degree of a 1 countability. Parents have Al ways made their children accountable now children make parents accountable for acting according to their precepts. Corporations have always made customers accountable for pay ing their Bills now customers made corporations accountable for their products. The atomic Energy commis Sion is being made More account Able than Ever for. Nuclear Plant safety. Users of natural resources Are made accountable for their Impact on the environment. Disposers of waste products Are made accountable for their effect on air land and water. Manufacturers Are made accountable for their part in the safety of those on whom they profit. The press is made accountable by a National news Council that tries to preserve press Freedom too. Consumers become a race of naders. The age of accountability is not a departure Froni but a re turn to the taproot of America. Colonists were outraged at re Mote rulers unaccountable to the ruled. After Lexington and con Cord a Back country county in North Carolina instructed its delegates at a provincial constitutional Congress to demand a most obvious sort of accountability you Are instructed to move and insist that the Public accounts fairly stated shall be regularly kept in proper books open to the inspection of All per sons whom it May concern. If this should not be confirmed contend for sensitized by watergate americans Are again contend ing for account with renewed determination. They Are in John Stuart Mill s phrase of a Century ago push ing to its utmost extent the accountability of governments to certainly Campaign financing government procedures will be subject to new accountability As Long As the watergate Momen turn lasts. The people want to vote on the basis of facts not fabrications. Given the truth they can then fully play their own accountable role in the age of accountability. The Chris Tian science Monitor Field study or junk eting How much a Bunch of South Carolina legislators and Magis trates will learn from a week Long look at the English magisterial system that would be applicable to Reform efforts in their own state is an open question. The magistrates will travel at their own expense which is one thing. The legislative study committee members and a couple of secretaries will Fly at taxpayers expense and that s another. Presumption must be aria be that the committee members have made inquiry and been assured that there Are sufficient parallels in the two court systems to make the study Rele vant and worthwhile. Presumption also made that the committeemen already have examined comparable courts closer to Home and also have Familiari Zed themselves with the most recent surveys of . Magister Ial courts including one done by an american bar association task Force. Without those presumptions suspicion might grow that the committee members will learn More about junk eting than about How magistrates courts can be improved. Charleston evening Post Davidson s shift on football we want to have the kind of school the football team can be proud an Oklahoma univer sity president is reputed to have said a few years ago. Relatively few universities lately have been guilty of such a Complete turn around of priorities but Many still cannot bring themselves to a fully adult View of athletics. A part of the trouble of course is that most universities and High schools for that mat Ter have powerful sports lobbies among the alumni and among others who think the school owes them weekend entertainment Many a College president or Turs tee has buckled under that find ing it easier to talk to the alumni and the Public about the next season s prospects than to talk about what the institution is doing. In our View it was no Small thing then when Davidson College s trustees voted last weekend to better gear that school s football program to the High standards of the College itself. Davidson which could hardly have been accused of foot Ball Over emphasis even before this change hereafter will award athletic scholarships primarily on the basis of financial need. It already had reduced the number of football scholarships. One result May be that David son will not be Able to compete As Well against schools larger or of similar size that Are More interested in winning football games than in adhering to sound practices in the awarding of scholarships. Schools that have such sound practices have been moving increasingly in recent years toward scholarship pro Grams that meet financial needs or that attract Strong students. There Are contradictions to the Rule but if you count the number of athlete scholarships that a College provides you usually have a rough measure of How seriously that school takes itself As an education institution. Davidson will still be Able to have a decent football schedule we think though its opponents May change. There Are enough schools around that Are willing to keep College football in perspective. Davidson s trustees Are to be applauded and its football teams will be too if the schedule is fitted to the new approach. The Charlotte observer crude Oil diplomacy crudely wounds pm leaves Cadillac Hazard uncorrected Washington More than 1.3 million Cadillac Are Loose on the nation s highways with potentially dangerous defects in their Power steering which could have been corrected for pennies. By Jock Anderson from hundreds of confidential general motors documents in our Possession we have discovered that Cadillac executives knew of the Hazard As Early As 1970, but did nothing to Correct it until they took half measures in the 1973 models. As with so Many engineering prob lems the defect is linked to one tiny part. In the Cadillac there is Only one screen to filter out the Metal chips that can ruin Power steering systems instead of the two screens pm uses in some cheaper cars. At our request the Center for Auto safety founded by Ralph Nader exam ined the pm papers and concluded that the steering defect in the 1957 1972 Cadillac could cause a catastrophic. when Metal Sand or other tiny parti Des Are riot fully filtered from the steering mechanism s valves the steering wheel can lock stick briefly or even the result of course May be a Widly swerving Auto totally out of control. Cadillac knew of the threat at least by Jan. A 1970, according to the Sensi Tive papers from pm s tiles. At that time a Cadillac Field Man told of two 1969 Cadillac with steering whose cause is probably within months dealer complaints were pouring in As trouble cropped up in Cadillac after Cadillac. Reported one dealer steering locks up has to be jerked to release. Dirt in spool another declared owner driving Down freeway steering locked causing car to go across three lanes of a third dealer reported car steers to right by cannot be turned while engine is our papers Don t attribute All Power steering accidents to the Lack of the second filter but the Center for Auto safety speculates that Many myster ious Cadillac accidents attributed to Driver errors May actually have been caused by the missing screen. Cadillac s response to the flood of Hazard warnings was to do virtually nothing. Cadillac told dealers privately that we believe problem cause has to be and one pm official admit Ted bluntly to his product improvement division that we need More dirt screens in the de. Note this statement underlined by Cadillac in the original but Cadillac sent out no danger warning to its customers. Some conscientious Cadillac Ever began replacing the dirt scratched valves on their own instead of merely cleaning them As Cadillac advised soon a fat backlog of spool valves orders had built up evidence of failures in the Cadillac steering system. By mid-1971, in Detroit alone 1969 and 1970 Cadillac were pulling into dealers at the rate of four or five a week with steering problems dirt spool valve Sticks the paper show. Finally in the 1973 Cadillac a Small Magnet costing pennies was installed in the steering system to pull out the chips with Iron in them although it still let Sand and other dirt go through. By then More than 1.3 million untre paired Cadillac were already on the Road. The Center for Auto safety distressed by its findings has asked the department of transportation for an investigation of this Gross violation of pm s failure to report or remedy the defect. The Center in private letters has suggested a recall Campaign to fix the defect at pm s expense. Ianswer t Gramkan i have been married 18 years and have Benoie a Christian lately. I seem to be thinking a m my abet a old Twy Friend i loved dearly. Is h pos sible few me to live a Christiaa life and yet have my my else most of the time please. Possible Yea. Permissible no when a person becomes a Christian St. Paul says it makes everything new 2 corinthians the newest thing that place is a deposing of self As the Cen Ter of interest and purpose the Christian starts to live for arid is enable to control selfish and wrong desires. At this Point the Boyfriend is in that latter category. The processes of a Good marriage Are never Static. You work through new problems and find solutions for old troubles. Some suggest that a 17-year-old marriage is a Ripe situation for the wan Dering Eye and the Gypsy affection. But it need not be and Wir not be if loyalty to god is uppermost you Are not to be faulted for this detraction of an old Boyfriend but you Are wrong if you let it persist what is worse cultivate it a triage vows Are not to be tampered with you need to do cover a new set of priorities in daily jmj which pots god and your husband in Bat order at the tap. Of coarse there s a certain Freedom to marriage but it s never a Freedom to pursue ways that could potentially destroy the marriage. Washington of these present Days of extreme danger to the West Era to May one Day be said that never bad so grand an enter prise beat so wounded by its own members for reasons so crude As crude Oil by William s. White the Plain truth is currently soothing words to the contrary the North Atlantic treaty organization is now enfeebled and possibly be Yood cure. When the United states moved with courage and skill to Dampen in the Middle East a War that might have widened to engulf every body not excluding Western Europe the european response was the most puerile and the most ignoble in the history of nato. Far from responding with even so much As a timid moral encourage ment to Washington Europe found itself angry and deeply Hurt it was humiliated that it had not been consulted consulted upon an Effort with which nothing on this Earth could have persuaded it to have any thing whatever to do. West Germany went so far As to forbid an Airlift to Israel of Ameri can owned arms maintained at fantastic american expense to protect West Germany itself. Britain was France was openly Happy. First the United states was in a Jam. Second France at least would continue to have All the Arab Oil she wanted. France is after All next Only to the soviet Union the world s greatest Patron of the extremist Arab aggressor upon Israel. So we had the extraordinary spec Tacle of joined with the United states bar a great in Josema treaty of one for Alt and All for one abandoning the United states with honorable exceptions such As Holland and for what Why Der to suck of to the Oil who obliging their toadies in Europe by massive rises in Oil prices and massive production cutbacks. It is a process of Oil blackmail which Europe has not been Able to buy off even at the expense of publicly running out of the United states for the boldest of expediency. To be sure now that the american soviet diplomatic thrust has succeeded at least in deferring More War and since Europe has found that Toa dying to the arabs does t Bay very Well anyhow Europe now Speaks in softer tones. Unde sinister has Agat become unde Sam in Public anyhow. In private he remains Uncle sap but the real sap in this affair will in the end be Western Europe itself. For what happened Here will live Tang in the memories of american politicians including those who for decades have stood for a of Europe first and always. Europe has lost irreplaceable friends in High places. And Europe has managed Ira. Densely to strengthen an already powerful congressional bloc that wants to withdraw the american shield of Protection from a continent that has now managed so visibly to be come its own worst enemy. The europeans May find indeed that no matter How High might Rise the Price from arabs for Arab Oil the Price for their abandonment of an american government and people already in tragic ordeal Here at Home will be higher still. Nothing that has Ever happened in postwar Allied relationships has created More new isolationists than has Europe s crude Oil diplomacy in both senses the word crude. Opponents of abortion out to reverse court by Elizabeth Bowman Washington outraged by the january supreme court decision up holding a woman s right to an Early abortion opponents of abortion Are. Trying to convince Congress to Over turn the ruling by constitutional Amend ment. But most members of Congress anxious to remain Neutral on the explosive Issue would prefer that the proposed amendments stay right where they Are buried in committee. Rep. Don Edwards chair Man of the House judiciary subcommittee dealing with constitutional amendments has made it Clear he plans to sit on the proposals. But rep. Lawrence j. Hogan sponsor of the principal amendment in the House is trying to bypass Edwards with a rarely successful parliamentary Man Euver. If Hogan collects the signatures of 218 of his colleagues he can have his amendment brought to the floor with out committee approval. Abortion advocates doubt the Man Euver will work noting that Hogan had the support of Only 30 or so House members by late october. Edwards told congressional quarterly that he does not plan to hold hear Ings because like Many other issues there is not enough support for it in the committee or subcommittee. Questions about what he would do if committee sentiment shifted were he said. Hogan agreed that Edwards prob ably had refused hearings because the chairman detected Little support for the proposals. But Hogan told cd i m sure he s also heard some comments like for heaven s Sake Don t Ever let this thing see the Light of Day " Given Edwards anti abortionists expect their proposals to get a better reception in the Senate. Birch Bayh chairman of the sen ate judiciary subcommittee on constitutional and debts hat indicated that he would hold bearings with out committing himself to any Defi Nite timetable. I think there s a Good Chance of Senate action commented an aide to sen. Janes l. Bockley cons be adm Spoor of a Senate proposal similar to Hogan s. Despite atom

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