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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - November 12, 1973, Florence, South CarolinaGood morning its monday november our Soth year 316 Florence . Daily sunday n Evier Fli i by reopen Oil to p to world by Holger Jensen press writer i Riyadh saudi Arabia api King Faisal having shut the Arab Oil tap May never open it again to the level required by an Energy hungry world. News Anatolis the saudi arabian Monarch has linked the flow of Oil to a permanent settlement of the Middle East As the Leader of Oil policy in the world s biggest Reservoir the arabian Peninsula arid the persian Gulf he has the clout to make it stick. 1 . Diplomats Here say it might take years rather than months to satisfy the Long s demands on israeli withdrawal from occupied Arab lands and a permanent Resolution of the Palestine question including the status of Jerusalem. Even this will Only insure a return Toi prewar production Levels the amount of Arab the world before the fourth Arab israeli War of october. The arabs Oil customers will have to come up with some pretty convincing economic arguments to get future production increases they so desperately need. So far they Don t have one and Faisal in t prepared to listen anyway until Washington change sits pro israeli stance. Thus the Outlook for the consumer is Bleak. Gasoline ratio Ning and the shortage of heating Oil and Industrial Energy will get worse before k gets better and it May never get better unless an alternative Energy source is found. V we re not talking about one cold Winter but Many cold Winters to warned newly appointed . Ambassador James e. Akins a leading american Oil expert who formerly headed the office of fuels and Energy in the state department. A Iris warned Washington not estimate the. Arab Oil weapon endured a blistering one hour the King when he presented his credentials last week. It was he reported later not entirely a pleasant experience for Faisal emphasized three Points Arab Oil embargo against the United states and production cuts affecting Europe and Japan will continue until Israel withdraws from All occupied Arab lands. Arabs Are not prepared even to discuss lifting these curbs until israeli troops begin the withdrawal process with an initial pullback to the oct. 22 cease fire lines. Production increases will be discussed Only in the political after All Arab lands have been recovered the palestinian question resolved and an Arab Flag flies Over the Arab Quarter of Jerusalem. The 69-year-old King a devout moslem told Akins i am an old Man. Before i die 1 want to Pray in the mosque of in Jerusalem. He proposals to inter nationalize the holy City. See Kasai Page a a i Ink formal truce a armed in troops outside tent where truce was signed pm 101 on Cairo to Suez Highway was site of meeting of two sides in team Nixon states meetings Washington api the White House acknowledged sunday that president Nixon will meet with every Hep Bli can representative and senator in a series of six sessions this week to discuss watergate. A presidential spokesman said Nixon eventually would meet with democratic congressional leaders although no schedule for those sessions has been set. The spokesman said the gop members will be Able to ask questions during the talks.1 clans for the sessions were revealed by sen. Charles h. Percy. R-ii1. On the Abc Tele vision program meet the at least nine hours will be spent by the president being interrogated by members of the Percy said. The White House confirmed int the meetings would take place after being asked about Percy s report. I think this is the beginning 2 bodies discovered Oakdale Camf. A two nude decomposed bodies were found Sway in a Remote Creek bed and authorities sat they beb eved they were More victims of two men already charged with nine murders and linked to several others. Sheriff s deputies from stanislaus county Here and Mari copa county in Arizona said they found the bodies using in formation provided by Willie l. Stedman 28, of us cabf., and Douglas Gre Der 22, of new York City. Both Are in san Joaquin county jail charged with the exe Cutka state sury Ings test tuesday of nine persons at a ranch in Rural Victor. The bodies taken to the county morgue in Modesto for were bettered to be those of Michael ads aade and Ken Unrein both 22, from Phoenix who Dis last month. Of full and total Percy said. Anything related to the possibility of criminal activity should and must be revealed. I think the president is Prepa red to do this by the associated press an israeli and egyptian Gen eral met amid the rubble of War sunday and signed a . Inspired truce aimed at bring ing peace to their troubled lands. I the Milestone pact signed on a desolate stretch Suez Cairo Highway marked the first such formal Arab israeli Accord since the 1949 Rhodes armistice at the end of the first Middle East War. It strengthened the fragile cease fire on the Suez canal and opened the Way for an in to Foster permanent peace in the Middle East site of four wars since the birth of Israel in 1948. The israeli and egyptian representatives met after the sign ing ceremony. To. Sip israeli Grapefruit juice and begin what Are expected to be Tough negotiations on How the Accord should be carrieo1 out in their regular Battle lines left by the october War. _ a . Spokesman in Cairo called their preliminary talks useful and constructive held in a Correct atmosphere. He said they would resume Mon Day at the same Sandy Check if. Guard by the two front Arab As Sault oct. 6. The government was reported considering a separate investigation. The probes seem cer Tain to figure in general dec Lions set for dec. 31. At sunday s cease fire Cere Mony maj. Gen. Aharon Vikings top Detroit i remain undefeated i print Between the same officials. In Jerusalem the israeli chief of staff announced an investigation sunday into the con duct of last month s Middle East War. The move follows charges by opposition leaders that. Israel was caught off the Minnesota Vikings Defeated Detroit 28-7, sunday remaining the Only unbeaten nil team. Page 1-b. The democratic party is considering holding policy con Ference every tour years. There Are those in England who Are distressed Over re ii Ciori in number of Peers. Index ask Andy classified comics farm 5a Hearth 2a servicemen 5a sports women to 7bb in 6a pc weather fair and Cool monday and tue 3 Day. High Low 60s Low my 30s. Deaths a. I wet Cong rap logo bombing Saigon a dozens of persons were killed and wounded in a government extermination bombing of the communist held town of logo 70 Miles Northwest of Saigon the Viet Cong charged sunday. Nearly 100 bombs fell saturday Over a populated area of More than half a Square mile in logo said a spokesman for the Viet Cong delegation to the joint military commission in Saigon. The Saigon command said it had no information on the alleged air strike. Logo lies in Tay Ninh province on the South vietnamese Side of the Border with the Parrot s beak Region of Cam Bodia. The Viet Cong claimed government aircraft had previously bombed logo in Early october. The Saigon command said meanwhile that communist gunners shelled its Navy base at Xeo to 125 Miles South West of Saigon on the Gulf of Siam. More than 100 mortar rounds struck the base killing a Soldier and wounding 16 and damaging three River patrol boats the command said. It was the first time the base was reported attacked since the Jan. 21 cease fire. In Quang due province heavy rain and Low Clouds slowed ground and air efforts by government forces to strike Back at communist troops who recently overran three government outposts along the cambodian Border. Roy Acuff walks away from Home of slain grand Ole opry Star David Akeman and wife were found shot to death at their Home near Nash vice grand Ole opry Star wife found slain at Home by Chris Cabot associated press writer Nashville. Tern. A David string bean Akeman grand Ole opry and Hee Kaw Star and his wife Estelle were found murdered at their Rural Davidson county Home Nash Ville police said. Their bodies were discovered by . Grandpa Jones also an opry and Haw regular. Jones came u the House about . Sunday to meet his Long time Friend for an arranged Hunter so trip in Highland county Virginia. Jones found mrs Akeman s body lying in the Yard in front of the House string bean s Banjo leaning on the front doorway and string bean himself lying face Down on the floor inside the three room Bouse police said. Akeman also owned a Large it room House on the same property but they lived in the smaller one. Robbery was the apparent motive detective it. Tom Cathey said. He was known to carry Large amounts of Cash in his but we Don t know if that was the Case last Cathey said. No arrests had been made sunday afternoon but police said they were taking for two. Or More persons. Police said string bean had been shot once and his wife three times. The House had been ransacked and some of mrs. Akeman s personal effects were missing. Cathey said string bean had performed at the grand Ole opry saturday had left there around speculated that the robbers had planned to burglarized the House during the opry performance. Opry stars Floy Acuff and Bill Carlisle both friends of Ake mans told police sunday they talked to him briefly after his opry performance and believed he left for Home soon thereafter. Cathey said string bean never drove and he believed mrs. Akeman had driven their 1974 Cadillac Back from the opry. He said string bean was apparently shot As he opened the front door and mrs. Akeman was snot As she fled the car which was found sunday at a nearby Quarry. He used to carry from j500 to with him in his bib Carlisle said. About three months ago i patted him where he used to keep his wad and he told me that he no longer i Shook hands with string As he left the stage last Acuff said. He used to keep sure that he had any last Cathey said that police found six Bank books in string bean s name Worth a great Deal of. later at the police station Jones said i could t hardly Tell. They were our friends. We were just shocked. I really feel sorry for the people who did they were our Best friends. We be known them for Over 30 his wife told reporters. Akeman s show name was adopted after an announcer for got his last name looked at him off stage and called Akeman the opry in 1942. His costume an elongated shirt tucked into pants which fastened Between the Waist and Knees of his 6-foot-2 Frame made him look ridiculous and helped make him famous. A crushed Straw hat and pinched eyebrows completed the look of the sad faced Banjo picker bom and raised in an . He began his career at the age of 18 and toured with such country music greats As Sill Monroe Ernest Tubb and the late red Foky. The akmans two Homes sat on part of a us acre farm. Assistant chief of staff and adviser to Premier Golda Meir signed for the jewish state. The signer for Egypt was maj. Gen. Mohammed Abdul Ghani Gamay second ranking officer in the egyptian army. We have the first step on the Long and difficult Road that leads to a settlement of the. Conflict with our neighbors and to peace with Yariv declared afterwards. Syria the other major combatant i the october War. Snubbed the hew truce Deal put together by the diplomacy of . Secretary of state Henry a. Kissinger during his tour of five Arab capitals last week. By the time the place the fast travelling Kissin Ger had moved of to peking on diplomatic business with the chinese. The egyptian and israeli representatives. Put their Signa Tures to the English language document on a a shaped table covered with Gray cloth Al about 3 . 8 . Est. They Shook hands but did not Exchange salutes. Looking on inside the United nations tent was Gen. Ensio Silas duo finnish commander of . Peacekeeping forces. Outside was a windblown no Man s land strewn with remind ers of the october War. Stone barricades and coils of barbed wire marked the line Fiere israeli invasion forces have dug in about 60 Miles from Cairo. Fuel Drums Lay stacked around. Blue capped . Emergency Force troops patrolled the area. The Accord said Israel and Egypt agree observe the cease fire issued by the . Security Council oct. 22 and renewed oct. 23. Start discussions on the cease fire lines of oct. 22 in the framework of agreement on disengagement and separation of forces under . Auspices. Get daily supplies of food water and Medicine to the town of Suez and evacuate wounded Suez civilians. Avoid any impediment to the movement of nonmilitary supplies to the East Bank of the Suez canal where Israel says the egyptian 3rd army is encircled. Replace israeli Check Points on the Cairo Suez Road by . Points with israeli offi cers checking Supply move ments. Exchange All prisoners of War As soon As the . Checkpoints Are the pact was accepted by Cairo after Kissinger s talks there with president Anwar Sadat last wednesday. Israel accepted it in principle Friday but held Back final approval for an extra Day As mrs. Meir sought additional clarification from Washington on How it would work. The 7s-year-ow israeli pre Mier announced her final Okay saturday night she apparently got assurances in two meetings with . Ambassador Kenneth b. Keating that the new truce won t Force Israel to relinquish its Battlefield advantages be fore the Over All peace taks expected As the next step of the new truce

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