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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - November 10, 1970, Florence, South CarolinaFlur Taui tuesday Novi Mier 10, to t Flintstones i m teluin6 i rope to and from work Topaz from ves Terpay Andy Cappss give the pub a miss tonight pet. Let s jus stay an1 where shall we 30 the Rose an1 Crown or the Brown Okaf-90 Tauk Dick Tracy where s this Load of Industrial truck loading Yard. Night. Little Abner Don t be a is of no use to to body Bitout him Hole in Der he Voo take Der to pfennig i Litake b6at the a the . Bukky tarts spy is i Don t know Why but i Mao to break i get the feeling he my Pussy Bank does t do much Mary Worth mag6ie 15 a mature. , with the upbringing you Given her., i m sure would make a Wise run Irr j i la admit that seems like i an honest Well mannered Young it is alwav5 fortunate when another approves of the Man her daughter in but we am35tn7 forget that the ch01cli5 hers beatle Bailey of can you to 6top 3cc? Mutt Jeff 5upposed to be i gave it two Coats Carroll Richter s general tendencies the morning can bring a considerable amount of tension with other which can Lead to Quick arguments and possible separation. However Trie afternoon and evening Are just great for enjoying romantic interests and for coming to a better understanding with your attachment. Aries mar. 21 to apr. 19 instead of trying to find fault with partners be More appreciative of what is Good in them. The evening can be excellent romantically speaking. Think Well before speaking and add to Good will you now enjoy. Taurus apr. 20 to May 20 if you do not permit private worries to absorb you you can come to a Fine understanding with a bigwig. Confidentially get the data that you need from experts. Much happiness with one you love is possible in . Gemini May 21 to june 21 try not to argue with a Good pal in ., or it could turn into something serious and do not press personal wishes. The remainder of the Day is of and the evening can be excellent socially. Moon children june 22 to july 21 Don t take any chances where civic or career matters Are concerned in The afternoon will then be very profitable for you. Pay your Bills or you get into trouble with one creditor especially. Leo july 22 to aug. 21 particular care in driving Early with another in the car should be exercised. You can reach Accord in . On some important matter. Don t be sarcastic with anyone. Get to bed Early tonight. Virgo aug. 22 to sept. 22 much is expected of you by others today so Don t be disappointing and much Benefit can come for you too later on. One you love has been acting up lately. Use Light psychology on this person. Libra sept. 23 to oct. 22 try not to Start an argument with a partner or you later have to reconcile and that will be even More difficult. Talk Over joint operations in a very cooperative fashion. Then All works out Fine. Scorpio oct. 23 to nov. 21 the afternoon is Best time to make big headway in your line of Endeavor since co workers Are Apt to be irritable in Do something Wise about improving your state of health. Sagittarius nov. 22 to dec. 21 you can have a delightful time with congenial people provided you Are not in a mood to criticize them. Persistence will help you put creative ideas across in Drop any pretences. Capricorn dec. 22 to Jan. 20 show Wisdom at Home and you find that somewhat tense conditions will improve. Get rid of whatever is causing the trouble. Have a Happy evening with Kin enjoying hobbies. Aquarius Jan. 21 to feb. 19 you Are Apt to be impatient in Because your mind is working overtime and nothing seems to turn out right. After lunch All Falls into right focus. Make appointments for after lunch. Morning is not Good for such. 20 to mar. 20 study monetary matters Well in To determine your True position. That business expert gives you right suggestions in afternoon. Wait until then before asking his advice. If your child is born today he or she will be one of those Overly dynamic Young people who wants everything to go fast and is so impatient that you had better teach Early to slow Down and let things fall into proper focus. Once this is Learned your progeny can then handle Many interests and do them Well by properly scheduling the time activity. Don t try to give extracurricular lessons in music or other subjects if your progeny has no aptitude or liking. The stars impel they do not what you make of your life is largely up to you Carroll Righter s individual forecast for your sign for december is now ready. For your copy Send your birthrate and to Carroll Righter forecast name of Box 629, Hollywood Calif. 90028. 1970, Mcnaught Syndicate inc crossword Puzzle hot Aden 1. English essayist 5. Herself 11. Tonic Herb 12. Corn Spike across 30. Ball rope missile 32. Deserter 34. Nonetheless 35. Life raft Wood 37. Young Man Plarr mama 13, dutch cupboard 39. Prestige 14.vaccines 44.seacow 15. Nullify 17. Sedimentary Rock 19.convened 20. Pleasure boat 24. Prior to 47. Cross 48. To Totite Bird 49. Listen 50. Spiced Honey drink 51. Flap solution of yesterday s Puzzle 4. Necklace 27. Wood Fastener 52. Porker s Home 29. Cleaving tool 53. Friend Down 1. Colleen 2. Name for Athena 3. Daybreak 39 32 1 it 12. For time 28 min. A 5. Strew 6. Vagrant 7. Black Wood 8. Snow runner 9. Dance step 10. Rowan tree 16. Petal 18.trench 21. Shout 22. Cultivator 23. Asian lunar new year 24.recede 25. Brown Kiwi 26. Annex 28. Art Salon 31. Continent 33. Greek t 36. Feeds the Kitty 38. Cerium 40. Accomplish ment 41. Christmas 42. Fuel 43. Vortex 44. Converged 45. Chalice 46. Crux contract Bridge by b. Jay Becker top record hour in in Tori individual Cheplo Nihil West 872 jq10863 94 ask got a qullion for Andy write in on i Post card and mail it to the Florence morning news p. O. Box fit. Florence s. C. 2s501. Andy Andy sends a Complete 20-volume set of the world Book encyclopedia to Bonnie Wolsky age 13, of Brockport new York for her question How can a magnifying Glass Burn things a magnifying Glass angles and bends the rays of Light and some of these rays shed heat. On a Bright sunny Day it can be used to Char a Hole in a fragment of paper or even to ignite a campfire. When the Glass is set just right at a certain distance it focuses a Patch of sunbeams to converge on a Small spot. This spot May be a dry Leaf a scrap of paper or something else with a rather Low kindling Point. If the Glass remains steady it May Burn a Hole. This solar match May be used to ignite a pile of dry leaves that give enough heat to Start a campfire of twigs and logs. Naturally sensible Folk take great precautions before starting any sort of campfire. Light is a package of electromagnetic Energy travelling in Stra ight lines at fantastic speeds. The package is a skein of assorted wavelengths which when separated reveal themselves As the Rainbow colors of the spectrum. The blues Are the Shorter wavelengths. Some of the longer red wavelengths at the other end of the spectrum Are changed to heat when they strike the ground and other dense surfaces. An Ordinary Patch of sunlight does not generate enough heat to ignite even a dry Leaf. But a magnifying Glass can converge a few Square inches of Light onto a very Small spot. This concentration of Light Energy can create enough heat to Burn a Leaf or Char a Hole in a fragment of dry paper. This is done by refracting or bending Light rays to converge on a focal Point. As a Rule a magnifying Glass is a double convex Lens with curved sides sloping smoothly Down from a thick bulge in the Middle to a slim rim. Light rays Are refracted once As they enter the Glass and again when they pass through the other Side. The shape of the Glass deflects their paths into an orderly criss Cross of intersecting lines. Light carries images of objects that our eyes see As pictures. The refraction of a magnifying Glass distorts the size of an object. We move it closer to the object or farther away to get a Clear magnification. This mane vering is called focusing the Lens and it involves a very Complex invisible network of converging and diverging lines. As the Light rays enter the Lens its convex sides refract them slightly farther in the same direction. These invisible lines continue on through the air in the same direction. At a certain distance from the Center of the Lens All these lines converge intersect and Cross carrying their images with them. This intersection Point is called the principal focus and distance Between it and the Lens is called the focal length. Various degrees of magnification Are seen Between one and two focal lengths. But the greatest concentration of Light Energy is at the principal focus. When a scrap of paper is placed at this distance for several minutes a magnifying Glass can focus enough Light Energy to Burn a Hole in it. The average magnifying Glass has a focal length of about ten inches. Stronger lenses have thicker bulges with steeper sides. They refract the Light rays at sharper angles and they converge closer to the Lens making a Shorter focal length. The greatest concentration of Light Energy is at this principal focus of converging angles. But the image at this Point is the same size As the object on the other Side. It becomes larger As we increase this distance up to twice the focal length. This is because at the focal Point the rays Cross and Start spreading apart Andy sends a world Book Atlas to Barry Rosenberg age 12, of Moat Eai Quebec Canada for Bis question Why is the North pole called a pole some of Andy s pen pals wonder whether there is some sort of Post like a Barber s pole clicking up in the ground to Mark the North pole. This confusion is understandable. It arises from a the bidding South West North East pass 2 pass 3 it opening of hearts. There Ore so Many contradict Ory pearls of Wisdom enunciated by the real authorities on he by others who Are Well intentioned but who re really self appointed a it is no wonder he average player sometimes caches such a thorough state of confusion that he does not now what or whom to believe. Thus you May hear such irreconcilable admonitions As Al ways establish your longest suit or always establish Youv strongest suit or always build up your secondary suit so a. The fact is Usu ugly that you South dealer. North South vulnerable. North 49513 j 10 7 5 q1062 East 4 k q 6 sooth. 4aj10 4kq8g2 cannot determine which suit to establish merely by following hard and fast rules. Good Bridge requires the serious player to use Good judgment and common sense in applying1, or refusing to apply a general Rule. For example when a heart is led in this hand it would be incorrect for Declarer to attach diamonds at trick two even though such a method of Medure seems obvious and Tural. Observe what happens if does. East wins and returns a heart whereupon South is a put. He must lose three a Diamond and a club came what May. out come materializes because East Only opponent who can effectively attack hearts gained the Lead before South was ready to Cope with him. But if South plans a Low club to the Jack at trick two he can be sure of ultimate Suc Cess. If the finesse wins South forces out the Ace of diamonds to assure nine tricks. If the finesse loses West can do South no injury by leading a heart and any other return is equally ineffective. It May seem strange that Claret n attention is first directed to building up a club trick rather than Diamond tricks but the overwhelming Power of the play is self Evi Dent. I 1s70, King features tomorrow deception. By or. Herbert Spaugh one lesson we must All learn if we live successfully the lesson of suffering. We grow in spirit in character in True achievement at the Cost of personal suffering. Recently i heard a persian legend quoted from the writings of a Nat old France. There was once a Young persian ruler who entered upon his reign with High Hopes and great ambition immediately after being crowned King he called together the Wise men of his realm appointed one of them As Leader commanded him to prepare for him a comprehensive history of the world in order that he might learn to Rule wisely. He gave them 20 years for the task. At the end of the prescribed period they appeared before their King with the results of their labors written in volumes. The King said i do not have the time to. Read All these volumes. Go Back and compress your work into smaller he gave them 10 years for this task. Again they returned this time with volumes. But volumes were entirely too much for the King so he ordered further revision allowing another 10 years. The returning scribes again found the King too Busy to read the 500 volumes into which they had condensed their work. They were ordered to compress it still further for which he allowed another five years. The results of their labor were brought to the King in one huge volume borne by a Large elephant. The King was now too old and his sight too impaired to read this Book. He cried out go Back compress what you have written into the smallest possible space. Time is running out and my strength is at the end of the year the chief scribe came before the Kean leaning heavily upon a Cane. Here it is your highness. We have wrapped it All into sentence they were born. The suffered. They the Good Book tells us that Christ our Savior and exemplar was made perfect through suffering. But we see Jesus who for a Little while was made lower than the Angels crowned with glory and honour because of the suffering of death As that by the Grace of god he might taste death for everyone. For it was fitting that he for whom and by whom All things exist in bringing Many sons to glory should make the Pioneer of their salvation perfect through suf Jesus himself said in the world be shall have Tributino but be of Good cheer i have overcome the preaching Jesus St. Paul wrote that we must through much tribulation enter into the kingdom of god. Thanks be to god who liveth us the Victory through our lord Jesus confusing feature of our language. Our words Are inherited from Many different languages of the past. In some cases the same word had very different meanings to two older languages. Pole is one of these double meaning words. The same word was inherited from two ancestor languages but each had a different meaning for it. We inherited a word pole from Anglo Saxon. It meant Post or stick. We also inherited a word pole from ancient greek. It meant t Pivot or acid such As the Rod of an Axis. Naturally the stationary Ango Saxon Polo and the greek Axis pole were often confused. But the North and South poles Stem from the greek origin. They were the two opposite ends of the Axis around which the Earth rotates

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