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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - November 10, 1970, Florence, South Carolina4.b Tum Day no Vimr 10, Fruia helped by Adlai i. Stevenson Iii Chicago mayor Daley s organization retains habit of winning elections Philippines voting strife leaves i dead Manila a two men were reported slain in election i violence monday shattering an unusual Campaign Calm leading 1 up to tuesday s balloting for 320 Chicago a often Criti-1predictions from one Side that Sessor and clerk offices to a constitutional sized frequently counted out Stevenson was politically dead state attorney Post and sheriff i convention set for next july. The political organization of and from another Side that dal Job Daley can control an Esti-1 mayor Richard j. Daley is still Ley s organization was an a mated to jobs. Alive and Well in Chicago doing what it was set up to Ning elections. Last week s Vot ing proved no exception. The democrats elected their state ticket gained control of the Illinois Senate for the first time since 1941, won a majority on the Illinois supreme court for the first time in 28 years and Daley s Cook appeared to have a total sweep. Much of the credit for the m election Victory goes to Adlai e. Chair Structure rapidly moving his precinct captains Don t to its demise. Earn these jobs by passing out both were wrong. Leaflets election week. They Are Stevenson in challenging Dalj full time political hustlers who by s leadership took a calculate make it their business to know de Gamble that his Antiwar stand would be vindicated and that his attack on a closed Polit ical system would win support of Young and moderate voters. It did. Everyone in their District. They perform legitimate favors when asked and accept their thanks at the ballot Box. In the Era of television it is i possible for a Well financed a in accepting Stevenson Back pealing Republican to break to the fold and slating him to through Daley s successes. Run for the unexpired term of the late sen. Everett m. Dirk Richard b. Ogilvie now governor did this in 1966 when he Stevenson Iii 40, son of the late sen. Republican. Daley took no i won the county Board presiden . Ambassador to the nations who won a lopsided vie j Wise. Tory in the race for . Senate Stevenson the bearer of election. It marked the third time Steven of Illinois great political yet. Daley salvaged that de calculated or other Jay and used it As a stepping Stone to Victory in the 1968 gov son led the democratic ticket in i names was from the beginning the three statewide elections a heavy favorite to defeat re has entered. Publican interim appointee but the election proved again Ralph t. Smith. If there was any always1 animosity Between the mayor and the new senator. Daley in that Richard Daley comes up a Winner. Daley 69, has been mayor of nored it to build valuable top feat because Ogilvie s Ascendancy to the statehouse meant that the democratic majority on the county Board could elect Dunne and return to Daley the hundreds of jobs that goes with it. In 1968, after the convention the philippine news service reported that a town councilor Chicago since 1955, politically of the ticket insurance for his Hubert h. Humphrey was nol outlasting three governors four county candidates presidents and five . Sena his Long time protege. George tors. S. Dunne won the presidency of he gained National attention i the Cook county Board. Another in 1960 when he produced the i old political ally p. J. Culler Edge John f. Kennedy i ton was re elected to the Power needed to beat Richard m. Nix jul assessor s Job despite weeks on in Illinois thus helping Ken i of published reports that he a Hedv into the White House. Rated owners of downtown he was roundly denounced. High Rise building in tax assess both in the United states Andl ments. Daley won another a abroad for the Way he handled tron age Rich Job in the clerk s Street demonstrations during office and his candidate for the violence torn week of the sheriff Richard j. Elrod. Holds 1968 democratic National con a Lead in a close race that will mention. Ibe decided by the official can it was after the convention i Vass. That Stevenson called Chicago through the Campaign the police storm troopers in republicans tried to nurture the and referred to Daley s smooth 1 Rumor that Daley told his pre running organization As a Feu cinch captains to dump Ste Del i Venson and get out the vote for alone in being beaten in Illinois. Democrats in Illinois lost in races for governor and . Sen Ator. But the important Battle the democrats won in Cook county was the state attorney s Post which controls 300 175 of them lawyers. Daley wanted that one and to get it he brushed aside incumbent John Stamos a greek a Merican and picked Irish Cath Olic Edward v. Hanrahan. The effectiveness of Daley s machine showed in Hanrahan s Vinning totals. He led Cook county with votes More than Humphrey who As the presidential Candi Date could have been expected o do better. Although the recent Campaign Stevenson seemed reluctant j Dunne his Friend and for cull posters Haven t been pulled after last week s election to Merton who was in trouble. Ste from Utility poles and the vote is credit Daley for the big demo-1 Venson won his race by nearly not officially counted another cratic Triumph. Asked if votes. Daley gave him a election is around the Corner in mayor played a vital role Ste i plurality in Chicago of nearly Chicago. Venson said yes he did. So j votes. The figures would it is expected that Daley will commissioner has put several did and he ran off a list in seem to rebut the Rumor. Seek an unprecedented fifth parts of the country under Corn and a relative of one of the candidates were shot to death in ii cos sur province a Region noted for its political turbulence. The town mayor was injured in the incident the hews service said. The senior congressman in the province rep. Floro Criso logo was assassinated last month. Until the two deaths monday the Campaign was one of the most peaceful in Philippines his tory. The lacklustre nature of the Campaign in comparison with the free Wheeling electioneering accompanied by plenty of mud slinging and a fair dose of blood letting that usually goes with elections in the Philippines resulted from strict Laws against heavy policing. Individual Campaign expenses were limited to about Campaign tactics such As pos ters streamers balloons and giveaways such As pens cigarette lighters flashlights and athletic goods were banned. Groups including political parties were prohibited from supporting any of the More than Candi dates running for the seats. One of the major concerns of election officials however is a number of private armies they fear will be used to terror ize voters during the balloting tuesday. In regular elections in the is land Republic which Are held during Odd numbered years. Dozens of deaths Are attributed o Campaign violence. Although 14 people were killed in ambushes during the month of october and one congressman was assassinated. None of the deaths was connected to the Campaign. Nevertheless the election for cull Ifird i Oil my it went . And . Deadlines classified ads Lor tuesday through must be in our office by 12 . Itie Day before publication. For sunday 4 . Friday Lor monday 10 . Saturday. Classified display copy must be received by 12 . Two Days before sunday copy by p in. Jin urday. Monday copy by 12 . Fri the office three Days before pub plication. Classified rates lines 1357 Day Days Days Days 3 75" 1.80 2.60 3.36 2.40 3.60 4.48 1.20 3.00 4.50 5.60 1.44 3.60 5.40 6.72 1.68 4.20 6.30 7.84 1.92 4.80 7.20 8.96 2.16 5.40 8.10 10.08 minimum charge 3 lines. All and Nusl run consecutive Days without Day rate. Box number charge of so errors errors should be reported immediately. We Only assume responsibility for one time. Customer responsible for subsequent insertions. Classified ads have a Knack for Selling the Winner and still Champion Illinois democratic Leader mayor Rich Ard j. Daley wears a hard hat and signals the Rise of a girder at a building site recently. Daley was elected mayor of Chicago in 1955 and has outlasted three governors four presidents and five u. S. Senators. In fast week s election his democratic organization won a clean sweep of their state ticket gained control of the state Senate won a majority on the Illinois supreme court and dominated the Cook county election. Eluding every top Democrat in Illinois his workers supporters and the people of Illinois who voted for i Don t want to parcel out Stevenson concluded. The 1968 split Between Daley Aid Stevenson and the Conven Tion week turmoil brought out Daley welcomed Stevenson in april and equally sex a glamorous ticket Leader Buti petted that he will win. The re the mayor does not and never did depend on personalities to win votes. He depends on a sys tem of patronage and loyalty publicans rarely fight too hard against Daley because so Many of the civic and business leaders who credit him with rebuilding Mission control meaning a commission lawyer is sent to an area with temporary Power of approval Over everything that has to do with the elections. That includes movement of probably unmatched anywhere downtown areas Are Republic army troops police firearms in winning such posts As the cans and they Are not interested and politicians. A general fire county Board presidency the As in replacing Daley. 669-1771 real estate 1. Houses for Sale bargain through the night general motors negotiators strive to reach wage Accord frightened italians flee town Mignano Montelongo Italy a this trembling town was shaking faster Mon Council Survey Church members donations rising new York a although dollars reducing actual value of it s fright National agencies of Many j last year s income in relative Detroit a under a there Are so Many things up reported agreement to continue in the the informant add bargaining through the night led that they could bog Down negotiators for the general motors corp. And the United Auto workers strove monday to on any one of pm reportedly has offered to move towards the Union s de reach a contract agreement that j Mand that an unlimited Cost of could end an eight week econ living escalator be restored to my hobbling strike. The contract provided the Union the company said it must makes some concessions in oth have an agreement by tuesday or areas if it is to get Back into product the company also has report Tion by dec. 1. Edly offered to raise its first a source close to the wage offer from 38 cents ing table said the company had hourly to 48 cents hourly. The not made a new contract has been demanding a and added that bargaining hourly increase listed of shuffling the pieces the average hourly wage in. Back and Forth trying to fit the Auto Industry is and them estimate they spend another highly placed source an additional an hour on said the chances of reaching an agreement by tuesday were "50-50 or 60-40, if you want to be fringe benefits. The third major Union de Mand was for a monthly pension for anybody retiring aft _ or 30 years service regardless of age. Before the strike the com Pany offered the monthly pension to persons with 30 years service who were 60 years old. The strike began sept. 15 and iras idled workers in pm plants and thousands More in supplier industries. Negotiators Are Bara Amini under a threat of government intervention which came 10 Days ago from j. Curtis counts chief of the Federal mediation and conciliation sen ice. Counts said he would gel into negotiations actively if More Progress was not made soon. J bargaining has stepped up the past few clays. J there were several develop ments which Noin led towards the possibility of a settlement ened families were abandoning their endangered Homes and i fleeing to the Countryside. The town is Over an Earth quake strata in the Caserta Hills 45 Miles North of Naples. It has had 292 shocks since sept. 27 spreading panic and bringing Down the Walls of Many of the town s old fieldstone and Tufa Rock buildings. Sixteen tremors in the past 24 hours caused further damage and spurred the exodus. There Christian denominations have i terms to the re reported recent drops in in come members generally Are contributing slightly More than before a summary showed monday. Local congregations also Are spending a bit less on them selves forwarding More on to wider causes. But inflationary effects have Cut the churches actual purchasing Power. These factors were brought out in a report of Church finances compiled by the nation Al Council of churches. Harl a pin 14 in flip nip Al Council or Usu rules. It 2414 is based on Date Denom warned the town authorities their that no setup in the quakes was in sight. J members last year contributed or More than the they gave four Hundred quake weak j in the previous year end Homes have been evacuate the new total amounted to Edas unsafe. Nearly a third of per Church member compare arms ban was issued before the Campaign got under Way. The military has warned Vot Jers against communist plots saying on the eve of the election j that it had discovered plans to j shatter the Hopes for the Filipi no people for a successful con the armed forces chief of staff. Gen. Manuel t. Yan. Wrote in paid advertisements covering a half Page in most Manila newspapers that maoists Are seeking to dissuade the people from taking an interest in the Yan said the communists would try. To de stroy the constitutional Conven Tion and bring the masses to a revolutionary election officials say they Export said. While most of the 78.84 per in local congregations to meet expenses the 21.16 per cent forwarded on to National Benevolence at Home and abroad was up near i by 1 per cent from the prior r out. Compared with the 80 per cent that is Normal for elections Over the last 10 years the re in the Philippines port noted the percentage for warded on by local parishes Toi wider causes has gradually in-1 creased from 17.8 per cent in i Taal Volcano 1960 to the present figure which j a Oil in 1 nor Panf hit her the population has been moved to wooden Barracks out to ss2.4b the year before. However because of inflation Side town or to nearby comm the 1969 dollars were wort Nitiss. 1 about 4 per cent less than 196s correction free give away drawing will be held saturday nov. 14th. Food stores correction super right Quality heavy Corn fed beef rib steaks 7 95 a Mart discount foods possible replacement for open Lifeboat tested const guardsman sits in Hatch of Glass fiber sphere known As the Truckor survival capsule As it Wai tested lost week in new York Harbor for Lifeboat purposes. Thousand pounds heavy and 14 Foet in diameter the unusually shaped Lifeboat is for use in Ejmer gency situations at sea. Preliminary testing has been promising. Is 3.36 per cent higher. While the figures covering 48 a Taal vol denominations provide a Broad Cross Section of current trends the total of Money Given to churches is much higher since there Are More than 200 denominations. Altogether religious contributions last year totalled Bil lion up 5.7 per cent according to figures from the american Socin Tion of fund raising Council As included in the re port. The figures show a steady de Cline in new Church construction since the Peak year of 1966 when billion was spent for that no Rosc. Down to last year s Fig ure of million. Inflation makes the decline even greater in actual construe Ion. J As in past years churches emphasizing the tithe had the highest a Cragi per capita con Ribu Lions with the 404.000 number seventh Day adv Tisl Church Topping the list. Its mom bars gave an average

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