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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - November 10, 1957, Florence, South CarolinaMelanie de Thoft dirt Cucu. Arh j these four main dish recipes and their accompanying vegetables or salads Are offered As suggestions from which you can plan equally imaginative and appropriate combinations of your own. In the meantime while you exercise your culinary creativity let these recipes be the bases of four sure to please meals. Sams nge pet let nothing but nothing distract your guests from the full Flavoured excellence of this unusual sausage pie. We suggest a simple Well seasoned tossed salad to Complete the course. 20 2-ln. Miltine crackers 1 cup about 4 or grated Sharp Cheddar cheese a cup 1 medium file chapped onion cup 1 medium lire chopped Green Pepper 1 in. Bulk pork sausage 3 Tablespoons cold water 1 can 11 or condensed Tomato soup 3 cups cooked Rice i Teaspoon Worcestershire sauce Teaspoon paprika 1. Place crackers on a Long length of heavy waxed paper. Loosely fold paper around crackers tucking under open ends. With a rolling pin gently crush to make Fine crumbs about 1 cup or place crackers in a plastic bag and gently crush. Set aside. 2. Put sausage in a Large Skillet break into pieces with a Fork or spoon. Add the cold water. Cover and simmer 5 min. Re move cover pour off water and fat. Cook Over medium heat moving and turning with a spoon until sausage is Well browned. Pour off fat As it collects. Re move Skillet from heat and mix in the Cracker crumbs onion Green Pepper and cup of the Tomato soup. 3. Turn mixture into a 10-in. Pie pan. Pat gently to cover Bottom and sides of pan evenly. Level edges and set aside. 4. Mix together the Rice cheese Worcestershire sauce paprika and remaining soup. Turn Rice mixture into the sausage pie Shell spreading evenly. 5. Bake at f 40 min. Serve immediately. Sweet soar beets 2 ibs. About 10 medium size beets 2 cups reserved beet liquid cup elder vinegar cup sugar 1 Teaspoon Salt Teaspoon Caraway seeds 10 whole to loves i drops red food colouring 1 Tablespoon co starch cup water 1. Leaving 1 to 2-in. Stem and Root ends Cut off leaves from the beets. Scrub beets thoroughly. Cook covered in boiling salted water to cover 30 to 45 min., or until tender. When beets Are tender Drain and Reserve 2 cups of the liquid. Plunge beets into cold running water. Peel off and discard skin Stem and Root ends from beets. Cut into thin slices set aside. 2. Mix together in a Saucepan the re served liquid vinegar sugar Salt Cara Way seeds cloves and food colouring. 3. Blend co starch and water together to form a smooth paste. Stir into the mix Ture in the Saucepan. Bring rapidly to boiling. Reduce heat and Cook 3 to 5 nun., or until thickened. Add the sliced beets and Cook until thoroughly heated. Serve hot or cold. 8 Servings broiled Chicken to each serving of perfectly prepared Chicken Suneet sour beets bring a. Color Ful accent and a flavor complement serve them hot. 2 broiling chickens i 2 ibs. Each ready to Cook split in half Lengthwise 3 Tablespoons Lemon Uke 1 Tablespoon Salt 1 Teaspoon accent 1 Teaspoon paprika Teaspoon Pepper cup butter or Margarine melted 3 Tablespoons sugar 1. Brush Chicken with one half of the Lemon juice. Set remaining Lemon juice aside. Season with a mixture of the Salt accent paprika and Pepper. Brush with some of the melted butter Reserve remainder for Basting. Sprinkle one half of the sugar Over the Chicken pieces add remaining sugar and Lemon juice to re served butter. 2. Set temperature control of Range at Broil f or arrange the Chicken pieces skin Side Down in broiler pan not on place pan in broiler so that surface of Chicken is 7 to 9 in. From heat source. Broil 10 min. Without turning pieces. Continue to Broil Chicken 30 to 40 min., brushing pieces frequently about every 10 min with the butter mixture turn Chicken occasionally to Brown evenly. Chicken is done when browned and when drumstick moves easily. 4 Servings cheese filed head lettuce 1 Large head lettuce 8 of. Softened Cream cheese 3 or. Blue cheese 2 Tablespoons chopped Par stay 2 Teaspoons grated onion 1 Teaspoon Worcestershire sauce v2 Teaspoon prepared Mustard 2 drops Tabasco 2 Small tomatoes sliced 1. Rinse and remove outer leaves from lettuce. Cut out Core and the entire heart with a Sharp pointed knife. 2. Mix Cream cheese and Blue cheese to Gether. Blend in the Parsley onion Worcestershire sauce prepared Mustard and Tabasco. 3. Spoon cheese mixture into hollow of the lettuce head. Pack tightly. Wrap in moisture vapor proof material. Chill in refrigerator. 4. To serve Cut into wedge shaped pieces. Garnish with the Tomato slices. 8 Servings Stelt smothered in strictly for hungry Steak like this is Hearty he Man stuff. Hell also give High Praise for cheese filled head lettuce an exciting Novelty. Ibs. Round Steak Cut in. Thick cup flour 1 Teaspoon Salt is Teaspoon Pepper 2 Tablespoons fat 2 onions sliced 1 cup water 1 Tablespoon elder vinegar 1 Clove garlic Cut in half 1 Bay Leaf Teaspoon thyme 1. Set out a Large heavy Skillet having a tight fitting cover. 2. Place meat on a Flat working surface and coat with a mixture of the flour Salt and Pepper. Repeatedly Pound flour mix Ture into meat using about one half for each Side. Use Flat Side of meat Ham Mer Cut meat into serving size pieces and set aside. 3. Heat fat in the Skillet Over medium heat. Put meat into Skillet and Brown on both sides. Put onion slices Over the browned Steak. Add water vinegar garlic Bay Leaf and thyme. Bring liquid rapidly to boiling reduce heat cover and simmer do not boil 1 hr., or until me3j is tender when pierced with a Fork. Ada Small amounts of hot water if necessary. 4. To serve remove Steak to a warm serving plate arrange onion slices attractively on the meat. Discard the garlic and Bay Leaf. Spoon cooking liquid Over meat. 4 Servings Holiday in Chicago recipe contest for teen age family weekly readers for details of fabulous Grarld prize see Page 23 continued on Page 19 family weekly november 10, 1957

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