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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - November 10, 1957, Florence, South CarolinaFlon 34 Newberry 7 no state 16 Wofford Carolina 28 26 Maryland 14 presbyterian 6 Navy football details see pages 6-8-a weather rather cold today and cold again tonight. High 57. Low 34. Details Page 2. Reader s tip the Chesterfield count being completed Gie raw will open Toon. Page 9-b. Daily be sunday vol. 231 Florence s. C., sunday morning november 10, 1957 new Bank building Here s How the guaranty Bank and Trust company modern new building will look when it is completed. On the foreground left is Coit St., while Cheves intersects at the right. Bids will be sought next month on the Structure. Hikes okayed for Clemson and University Columbia nov. 9 in state auditor James m. Smith said to Day that the state budget and control Board has decided to recommend an increased 1958-59 appropriation of for both the University of South Carolina and Clemson College. The Board Smith said will recommend a 1958-59 appropriation for the University of 000. The institution was appropriated for the current fiscal year. The budget Board recommendation however Falls Short of the University s request of for next year. Smith said the Board agreed that Clemson should have a Bud get appropriation of for next fiscal j ear. The school had originally requested 032. Clemson received for operating expenses during the current year. The Board s Complete list of state Agency budget recommendations will probably be completed by the end of next week Smith added. Guaranty Bank Wiel build modern downtown office officials of the guaranty Bank and Trust co., expressing their Faith in the future growth of Florence and the pee Dee area announced plans last night to construct a modern new building at the Northeast Corner of Coit and Cheves Sis. J. Boone Aiken chairman of the Bank s Board of directors said that the contract for construction Likely will be let in december with a finishing Dale scheduled for the latter part of 1958. The building will be of modern design embodying the latest facilities and equipment for Bank ing. It will Cost in excess of 000. With the furnishings Anc equipment the total Cost will be in excess of or. Aiken said. To carry through the project the guaranty corp. Has been organized to be fully owned by the Ioc holders of the Bank. In doing or. Aiken said the directors Are maintaining the Jank s policy of rewarding Stock holders. It will be remembered hat in recent years in addition to paying regular Cash dividends he Bank has paid attractive Stock dividends to its stockholders. For he added in 1951, a Stock dividend of 200 Conr was paid in 1953, 10 per cent in 1954, 25 per cent in 1957, 10 per cent. Reds said pushing ultimate weapon Washington nov. 9 w soviet science today was reported pointed toward a ave Apon More terrible than the ultimate intercontinental ballistic Man Ned hypersonic bomber that could Glide at fantastic speeds through space and bomb and spy on any place on Earth. The United states was also de scribed As interested in such a weapon but far behind Russia in this building he said is designed to carry out the same officials explained that the Bank has outgrown its present Central quarters at 113 w. Evans St. And the new Plant is part of the Long Range plans for new quarters. Although the Bank s Home office will move to the new location it will not affect services in the present location. Guaranty also has a drive in Branch located at 268 w. Evans St. The new Structure to be built on the site of the former Home of the late . Sen. Cottoned Smith will have ample parking and drive in facilities officials said. It will have two drive in windows on lanes coming off Cheves St. One of these windows will be in. The Bank proper with the second one on an Island. The building itself will be of steel and bar Joist and concert construction. It will be fireproof throughout. The two Story Structure will have Brick exterior on the first floor Vith Limestone on the second. The Wilding lobby will be of Glass and will be located adjacent to the staircase. On the first floor will be space for 11 tellers the discount clerk and officers quarters including private offices for the chairman and president. The instalment loan division will have private missiles work that could Lead to this and other developments. This information came from no government sources who arc nevertheless in a position to know much about missiles Progress. They asked not to be identified. At least some of what they told newsmen is expected to be presented before a congressional investigating committee soon. The informants said 1. The u. S. Government has circulated word that by 1959 the soviets can be assumed to have Long Range missiles Able to attack All u. S. Strategic air bases. All Forward u. S. Such As those in Europe Are already believed i Angl faced intermediate russian ballistic missiles with Vartges of up to 2. The russians successfully launched two icbms last August. They were in the Range hut capable of going further. A september launching attempt of a russian icbms Lypo missile per inside classified want ads 10, 11-b building Page 10-a deaths and funerals 2-a Down Allen s Alley 6-a Drew pearson.4-a society women 2-7-b sports 6-8-a Tol vision 11-a Heaters a weather facts 2-a haps a sputnik Earth satellite was successful. The United slates also knows of hundreds of firings of missiles with ranges of 1.500 Miles or 3. It is not known whether the reds have solved icbms problems of accuracy and re entry into the Earth s atmosphere. President Eisenhower noted thursday night the United states has successfully brought the nose Cone of a missile Back to Earth without its being consumed by frictional heat As it reentered the atmosphere. But the informants said much work on re entry remains to be done. The russians wore described As interested after world War ii in getting All they could from Ger Man scientists on v2 rockets an antiaircraft missile system and a Saenger hypersonic bomber pro posed by a scientist of that name. Having gone far on rockets and developed a Good antiaircraft sys tem it was predicted the rods will concentrate next on a hyper sonic bomber. A hypersonic scribed As a bomber was de manned vehicle which could reach the san pc Range As an icbms with less in initial velocity or could go farther if it was Given the some. Push its rocket system would shoot it into space where it would Glide 10.000 the second floor will contain the Trust department directors room which will be available for Community use bookkeeping Cut ice and All mechanical equipment. The Plant with a total of Square feet of floor space will be Modernly furnished throughout. Guaranty Bank and. Trust co has grown with Florence since the Bank s origination 23 years ago. Since 1950 alone the Bank s deposits have increased 50 per cent. During the same period its capital has increased from 143.42 to on Oci. 31 of this year. Directors of the Bank Are j. Boone Aiken j. B. Aiken jr., 0. S. Aiken c. B. Carter r. B. Ful ton j. G. Hyman and 3. M. O Dowd. Officers Are j. Boone Aiken chairman c. B. Carter president c. W. Boyd assistant vice presi Dent e. S. Holland cashier and mrs. Sara w. Grantham assistant cashier. Quarters floor. In the rear of the first Marlboro Man Dies in crash knife stabbing kills City Man Willie Jones of 608 s. Gilliard St was stabbed to death in the front Yard of his House last night around 10 . Bobby Mcallister 27, was in Mcleod infirmary where his condition was described As not critic Mcallister admitted the killing before being taken to the Hospital police said. According to Mcallister s state ment Jones Cut him with the knife first. He added that a Strug plane vanishes with 44 aboard sea air Hunt spreads Over 1 i if mid Pacific Honolulu nov. 9 i a sea and air search spreading Over Square Miles of the Pacific developed without a Trace of the pan american strato Cruiser which vanished Friday night with 44 aboard. The coast guard reported seve ral sightings of debris in various parts of the search area East of Hawaii but said it was unlikely the objects were from the four engine Clipper Romance of the skies. However surface vessels were checking each report. Honolulu not. 9 a two four engine planes participating in the search for a missing pan american Airliner with 44 aboard radioed the coast guard tonight they were in trouble and return ing to Hawaii. One reported it was feathering one engine and requested escort. The other reported it had a serious Oil leak in one engine. Rain squalls were reported in the search area. Joining the massive search to Morrow will be the Carrier philippine sea which leaves Long Beach tonight with its far ranging radar equipped Antisubmarine planes and helicopters. The Navy said the Carrier s aircraft would reach the search area late Sun Day. Two destroyers the John h. Craig and the Greleck will head toward the area from san Diego. They were to rendezvous with the Carrier. Throughout the Day More than 29 planes and 14 vessels criss crossed a Checkerboard search area. Aside from the spotting of objects in the water Many of them unrelated nothing turned up to shed any ight on the big plane s abrupt and mysterious disappearance. Carrying 36 passengers and Crew of eight the plane radioed a routine position report at . Friday. At that time it was ,028 Miles East of the Point of no return to its san Francisco starting base. There Vas no hint of trouble. Veteran Pilot Gordon h. Brown of los Altos calif., did not make he customary position report at . For awhile today sightings of objects raised some Hopes. There future in space expert has answers by the associated press editor s note the u. S. In the words of presi Dent Eisenhower is behind Russia in development of Satel Lites and in some missiles in special the associated press has obtained this exclusive signed Story with or. Braun director of the development operations division at the army s Redstone Arsenal in Huntsville Ala. Or. Von Braun was asked a series of questions re rating to the military aspects of the sputnik program and the future of space in general. Here Are his answers q. How do you account for the apparent ability to out strip the United states in reaching nto space a. The main reason is that the United states had no ballistic mis Sile program Worth mentioning be Ween 1945 and 1951. These six years during which the russians obviously Laid the groundwork for heir Large rocket program Are irretrievably lost. The United states went into a serious ballistic Here two cylindrical objects which were regarded As possible arts of life this was discounted later they were de cried As probably the jettisoned Uel tanks of a Jet plane. Later air Force it. Roy Lee Curry Springdale ark., reported seeing six to eight Orange and Gle ensued and that he grabbed Dow objects 30 Miles Southwest Bennettsville nov. A the knife from Jones Ocean station november. He "8-year-old Man was killed in the Stab. Isaid they looked like some kind Impact tonight when his Aulo officer Gene Lessmeister invest of survival equipment but idea with another vehicle on the Ligating officer reported that both Gibson Highway the Highway Parol reported. The victim was identified As fuss b. Herdon it. 3, bennets Ville by Cpl. J. Dunbar. Men were lying on the ground when he arrived and Jones was already dead. There were two witnesses it was reported. No sign of life and no Oil Slick. Tie coast guard pressed ahead with its plans for a nigh Long search. Most surface vessels remained in the area. So did four planes carrying flares. Einstein s relativity theory tear trip in space would t age you he says Lousanne Switzerland nov. 9 w prof. Aug piste Piccard famed strato sphere and deep sea explorer believes space travellers of the future will go on trips lasting several thousand years and return to Earth without aging. The 73-year-old Swiss told a lecture audience Here last night that round trips to Distant solar systems will eventually become possible in space ships driven by the Force of Light. He said they would travel near the Speed of Light Miles second. Such machines will enable Nan to reach a solar system say Light years away and return o Picard said. The journey would Lake 2.000 Lars As measured on Earth lie this is no longer science fic Tion but strict reality established by Einstein s theory of relativity and now provable in the Labora or Miles at speeds Al Hlll Nolc travellers would show to 14.000 . It would he in orc deadly than the icbms because even though instruments would Boisch for bombing the Mun in the Plilip would be in inc to Monitor Iho instruments lie could also pick up More intelligence manned vehicle. Linn an in mid fool no. Trace of the Pas Sago of time. Only on Landing would they perceive Iho Earth s Calendar meanwhile advanced by to declared. Everything in the up arc snip will Honvo Boon suspended mid preserved in time. Piccard said immense technical problems remain to be solved. He said Hie fuel problem is the main difficulty in future space travel even within our own solar system. I in card estimated with the fuels now used n rocket weighing ions would be needed for a round trip to the Moon. To accumulate sufficient Force with conventional rocket fuels in love our solar to said n rocket measuring three cubic be needed. Such proportions Are obviously absurd in Piccard said and new forms of Energy will be indispensable in the though the direct utilization of nuclear Energy is unlikely in space travel the conversion of i Clear Energy into Light rays seems theoretically possible p i c c n r d sold. Lie predicted this would enable a space ship to reach Mars in 3. Hours Lup Tor in Fiir Day and Shirn in six lays even on these relatively Short trips Ilic travellers will be in name of the pcs Snga of time Piccard declared. Missile program Only in 1951, with he decisions to weaponized the army s jul Corporal rocket and to develop the Redstone. Thus our present dilemma is not due to the fact that we Are not working bar enough now but that we did no work hard enough during the firs six to ten years after the War. Q. How Long before it will be possible for the United states to Aunch a rocket to the Moon How Ong before manned space trave k ill be feasible How soon Miglin we build a space platform orbiting around the Earth a. Launch an unmanned rocket Ine Way to the Moon two to three manned flight to an orbit and return four to five years. Construction of a manned space station could be tackled after manned Orbital flight has become a routine. Q. Is it probable that the . Public is in for additional shocks insofar As russian scientific pro Gress is concerned if so what form do you believe these shocks will take a. Yes it is most Likely that we Are in for a with the powerful multistage rockets they must have used to launch sputnik ii the soviets have a definite immediate capability to fire a payload possibly Over 100 pounds on a one Way trip to the Moon. With just a trifle More Speed the top stage of their rocket would permanently leave the Earth s gravitational Field and enter an orbit around the Sun. Another possible Surprise they May have in store for us is a manned ascent into an orbit with ensuing return and recovery As previously explained. It is hard to predict which of the. Many possibilities along these lines the rus sians will come up with next. But there can be no doubt that As the first successful conquerors of outer space the soviets can now reap a whole Bunch of easy fruits. Is it now possible for the United states to launch a satellite with the military hardware now available what is this hardware my what could it do a. Yes. But any further com ment in Titis regard would have to come from the department of defense. Q. What Tan be done by the United Stales to achieve Superior up by a firm budget which per mils its steady prosecution Over a period of several years. Even with no holds barred i think it would still be Wel Over five years before we could catch up with the so Viets again because they Are not Likely to idly sit by in the mean time. Q is Money a Factor in the development of missiles and is Sites at this time do you think More Money is needed Why How much Money a. I believe that by and Large our five key ballistic missile pro Grams Jupiter Thor Polaris Atlas and Titan could not b seeded up appreciably by in creases in funds. All these pro Grams were subjected to some cutbacks some few months ago but if the original budget figures Are reinstated it is my belief that much More Money could not be intelligently spent on their develop ment. This statement does not apply o Many badly neglected fringe areas of our ballistic missile and satellite programs. First and fore most there is a crying need for More Money for Basic and applied search in these areas. In Many Fields we Are virtually scraping the Bottom of the Reser voir of knowledge and the efforts o refill that Reservoir with Ade quate research funds have been limited. Secondly while adequate funds Are. Available for the clearly de ined missile weapons systems systems there is never enough to Advance the a typical example is that we Don t have a Eal powerful rocket engine today imply because none of our pres ent crash missile programs needs t. But in order to rus sians in the race for outer space be absolutely need the development of such an engine requires several years. We Don t need excessive amounts of extra cer mainly Don t have to double our resent missile budget. But some additional funds for Basic and applied research and developments or future growth potential would help tremendously i the Long continued on Page my army whizzes put Jupiter a on crash basis Washington nov. 9 id army mis Flemen put their Jupi Ter a project on a virtual crash basis today to be ready for Send ing up an Earth and when the defense department actually orders this done. It became Clear that the instructions Given the army by Secretary of defense Neil Mcelroy last night was something less than a com Mand to Start launching satellite As soon As the Jupiter a rocket vehicles could be Emp laced at Cape canaveral Fla. The text of Mcelroy s memo Randum to Secretary of the army snicker last night was kept secret. But the wording was under stood to be. Similar to that of Public announcement directing the army to proceed with preparations for launching. Both defense department and army sources said this meant that a second specific command would be required before the army would have the same mandate the Navy. The Navy until last night had been the Only military service assigned the satellite launching Job. The White House has said the schedule of the Navy project Calls for Small test spheres to be sent up in Decem Ber and bigger ones with scion timid instruments starting in March. Gen. Hurried meeting John b. Medaris Unander of the army s ballistic missile Agency or. Wernher von Braun chief civilian scientist of the Agency or. William picker ing physicist connected with the ballistic missile Agency and other officials held a hurried meeting last night at the Redstone Arsenal near Huntsville Ala. They had had no inkling of the defense department directive unil it was issued at the Pentagon and distributed to newsmen. Acting within the scope of tin directive to begin preparations for launching the first expected moves were to Start assembling the components of the three stage Jupiter a vehicles for subsequent shipment to Cape canaveral. The army has been ready 955 to go into the satellite pro permitted by the is Ense department. But the Penta gon adhering to an originally rated policy that the satellite project must be kept Simon pure scientifically without use of Mill Ary devices had confined the e f Ort to the Navy s project Van Uard. The Navy plan is to use a conventional satellite sphere carry no instruments within the Ball. The army s plan is different and More direct. It Calls for i the Jupiter Cas a launcher. Lis is a combination of a red one missile As the primary ret stage Power Plant with two smaller. Mild fuel rocket engine or Hie second and third stage. Ity in ields it i a. The satellite and missile How Long do you estimate Lake before we can achieve Peri oily in these Fields we have to Ratcli up with the present russian Lead. In the ballistic mis Sile Field the United Stales about two years ago embarked into an ill out crash program which will difficult to substantially accelerate beyond its present Pace. In Iho satellite Field we need n Well planned Long Range National spi program which makes maximum use of rocket hardware propulsion systems guidance sys tems from mid our nirl rams emerging ballistic missile pro Grams. This program must be backed ministers report favourable reaction Atlanta nov. Fri thir teen of 80 Atlanta protestant ministers who signed a statement on race relations a week ago report they have not received one word of unfavourable reaction from their congregations. The pastors picked at random and representing Baptist Metho dist presbyterian lutheran episcopal Christian and congregational churches said comment from the congregations totalling about Light but was 100 per cent in favor of their actions. Mall on the subject from out Side their churches ranged from two or three letters to 35 in one Case with a Small part of it critical a Survey by the associated press showed today. The to clergymen All White joined together in the manifesto which called for prayer an end to racial prejudice obedience to new preservation of Public schools Protection of free speech and maintenance of communications Between Wiillie and negro leaders. The statement Vigo Mimy de mod the idea that school Gration would Lead to physical amalgamation of the races. The Feigner made it Clear that the views were those of the individuals and did not represent the official position of any Congre gation. Atlanta negro ministers today issued a statement thanking the White ministers who signed the manifesto. The statement came from interdenominational ministers Al Liance of Atlanta the Hev. A. S. Dickerson co chairman o tie committee which drafted the state ment Alliance represent almost every negro Church in at. Lanta. The negro ministers called for patience and Good will to help create the kind of atmosphere conducive to creative area deaths mrs. Inne Bonn c. Mitchell and Rel Neil la. Adhn Banbury cot. Way. Paft to a

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