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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - November 7, 1973, Florence, South CarolinaGood morning it s wednesday november our year 31v Florence. S. C. Daily sunday 15 Washington the United states is preparing for fuel. Controls be cause of somebody else s War. The Arab nations Effort to. Separate Arch enemy Israel from her friends by cutting off their Oil now threatens to leave he United states Short of 14 to 20 percent of its Petroleum needs within a , government officials warn. The loss May Force the government to ration fuels to order businesses to close Early and curtail pleasure driving. Oil. Companies also May be ordered to increase production and Power plants told to convert from Oil to Coal clean air programs May be temporarily stopped to permit burning of. Dirtier fuels. Such measures already have been proposed by sen. Henry m. Jackson. A Wash. Parallel proposals Are in preparation by the Republican administration of president Nixon. As late As mid october when the United states had Only its bottlenecks to worry about Theav ministration. to voluntary fuel 1 saving As a reasonable Hope for getting through the Winter. An entirely different situation says Duke r. Ligon. Director of the Interior department s office of Oil and Gas. The level of severity May certainly be increased. He said we were talking about distributing any fuels that might be available Over and above last year s lev Els. V now we re talking about having to Cut Back on fuel con sumption underneath the 1972 Levels before the Arab Oil Cut off Ligon and other experts predicted the nation would fall Short of its Home heating Oil needs by at least barrels a Day or possibly As much As barrels a Day depending on cold weather refinery breakdowns and other factors. The Arab Cut off however dwarfs the original shortage estimate threatening the United states with loss of some 2 Mil lion to million barrels of Petroleum each Day. By mid november Ligon said the effects will begin being Feit. The shortage already has hit Europe. Belgium and the Netherlands have banned sunday driving to counter reductions of Arab Petroleum. Other coun tries Are contemplating other measures. Iii Ope s shortage is in directly hitting the United through the fuel require ments of its 6th Fleet in the Mediterranean. Tankers of . Petroleum have sailed from Norfolk va., to replace fuel no longer Avail Able to the Fleet from italian refineries. The administration announced last week that the Pentagon which normally about half of its Petroleum abroad has been Given first priority to. Purchase . Domestic Petroleum breaking c i Vilian Supply contracts if Neces sary. Europe s North Atlantic treaty organization Natol forces As Well As their Home nations depend even morn heavily on Arabogl. And so does Japan. Rogers c. Ii. Morton says if things get bad enough for .friends abroad his nation May have to share i hair presumably by foregoing some available foreign Oil so others can import it. It All adds up to this a predicted shortage of to a Day a military claim on Domestic. Oil up to some a Day the expected loss of 2 million to12.5 million barrels of Arab Oil and the further loss of an unknown amount of foreign Oil to Aid eur see Oil Page 8a Oil hungry Europe backs Arab terms Ole Man Winter s Here Roscoe Wilion 11, a 8t Mcke Ozef school huddles the cow in a Tittle extra tuesday night drop Ped pee i Dian summer came to a and Wilh a vengeance. The o dry cold air pouring into the state is expected to keep the weather Clear and cold for Sorne time. Photo by Sonny Brussels Belgium a the common Market worried about Arab Oil cutbacks decided tuesday to endorse the egyptian demand that Israel pull Back its forces to the oct. 22 Middle East cease fire lines. Statements by the foreign ministers of the nine Market countries also said any peace agreement should be founded on israeli withdrawal from Arab territories occupied in the 1967 War. The ministers called for re Spect of the Legal rights of palestinians who the israelis Consi de r Are Bent on destruction of. The jewish. Sate established in what used of be Palestine. Although there was Little few Crevice to the Oil pro weft in the the monday announcement represents a significant escalation in the use of Arab Oil Jar he cutbacks already caused several european coun tries to initiate Energy saving programs. Belgium and the Netherlands have adopted a ban on sunday Back to 25 per cent. Total Arab Oil cuts since the Middle East War began have already reached per cent or a total of 5.826 milli6n barrels it added that the new level a Day the authoritative Middle was about 17 to 18 per 18.per East economic Survey report cent of the total volume of Oil f Ltd moving in world Trade prior to by a total embargo because of their position during the War. Also urged slower driving. West Germany is reported to be considering similar measures. Denmark lowered Speed limits banned High octane gasoline and suggested that Washington a president Nixon advised by a key. Traditional Christmas lighting aide that voluntary measures won t be enough to meet a . Mounting Energy problem plans to outline new conservation France banned the Sale of 1 _ ,1. Al and voluntary in an the respected Oil journal said the outbreak of the War oct. G. President Nixon studies Oil saying measures Washington a ident Dijion s Long tire person Al Secretary. Rose Mary Woods notified. Tuesday Shew ill be called about her. Review of Trie subpoenaed watergate tapes. Chief . District court Lud a John a presiding Over a fact finding hearing into two watergate related record Ings the Whit e i Louse says never were made interrupted the fourth Day of proceedings to say As Long As we re going into this detail will someone please get word to miss Woods that she. Will be called As a witness in Douglas Parker a White mouse lawyer said he assumes miss Woods will be permitted to to Slimy. The White House deferred comment and miss Woods was not a i Able for comment. Presidential aide Stephen v. Bull testified that miss Woods reviewed some of the nine tapes sought in the frequently typing at the same time. But Bull repeatedly refused to general Arab Oil cuts Asa political weapon in the Middle East conflict saying production cutbacks should be selective. The. Purpose of using Oil As a weapon is to gain More friends arid to punish enemies. We Are required to distinguish Between friends and a spokesman of Iraq s state Oil commission said in a statement carried by the iraqi news Agency. Be indicated that shipments in order not to harm Friendly countries. For Western Europe which receives about 80 per cent of its Oil from the Middle East that Supply already has been Cut by 15 per cent and Arab Oil producers announced monday hey were increasing the Cut in leaders of the same Sii Hajec wed Teklay morning the White House said Ftp series of suggestion s Ami actions to be accomplished both administratively und through legislation and might choose to do so. In an address to the Enatka. It could be As Early As Deputy press Secretary Gerald Warren said tuesday. . Love Nixon s Energy policy adviser has told the president that in the Keg run be does not believe voluntary curbs Energy won id be enough. room temperatures. The common Market foreign Nii Kislers. Were vague about the Netherlands plea for. Help in coping with theol ban. The ministers said the Market governments were conscious of the interdependence of the members Kissinger begins Mideast peace tour Rose Mary Woods typing and listening Gal Escandel. Committee chairman Sam j. Eryin jr., said after a closed committee meeting on the move that members would be willing to meet with the president at the White House him to by the associated press israeli and egyptian troops traded Small arms fire across the Suez cease fire line tues Day and Syria reported israeli jets fired rockets at syrian positions on the Golan Heights. The cracks in the Middle East cease fire were reported As Arab leaders worked out arrangements for a Summit con Ference in. Algeria Date next week and envoys from Washington and Moscow toured the Mideast. Informed sources in Cairo and sources close to the . Peace Effort said there was egyptian and israeli military movement along the Suez canal front. In Paris egyptian foreign affairs adviser Mohamed h. Cd Zayyat told newsmen at a luncheon tuesday t hat there is a great danger Well see a resumption of hostilities in the Middle East if the in. Cease Tunis. Nal s Southern terminus. After a meeting with tunisian the sources said Israel has president Habib Bourguiba been replacing some armoured Kissinger scheduled meetings units there with infantry with president Anwar Sadat of in new York . Secretary Egypt in Cairo for wednesday. General Kurt Waldheim re an egyptian government need an Appeal for israeli Ahmed Aries said forces to return to the oct Kissinger s talks with Sadat would be of soviet Deputy foreign minister Vasily Kuznetsov also was travelling in the search for peace. He held talks in Damascus with syrian leaders amid reports he would Stop next in Baghdad in Cairo reliable sources said Egypt was pushing Large amounts of fresh armament eastward toward the Suez canal cities of Ismail a an Suez. Listed afterwards. The White House had no direct comment on the proposed because it was not my he said. Meanwhile the Senate water Gate committee sought to deter meeting but a spokesman said mine whether Nixon would Nixon intends to Deal with a Nieset with panel members to give his account of the water see watergate pages with King Hassan ii and in some Western diplomats said they anticipated an egyptian Effort to open the Cairo Suez Road if the israelis fail to it Rel Back to cease fire positions that Egypt says they held on oct. 22. Sources close to the United . Secretary of state Henry nations have reported activity a. Kissinger arrived tuesday in the israeli forces on the West night in Cairo on the third Stop of a Mideast peace Mission. The Cairo trip followed stops in Morocco where he conferred Bank of the canal in Egypt proper. Israel holds a Swath of territory on the West Bank from a mid canal Point just below is Mailia Down to Suez at the Ca Militar y positions a Paramount spokesman said. In Damascus a syrian Mili tary spokesman charged that two formations of israeli jets rocketed Syria s Advance positions in the Central and Southern sectors of the Golan Heights but were driven off by syrian jets and missile batteries. He said Syria suffered no losses. It was the first reported out break of hostilities on the Golan front since oct. 24 when Syria accepted the .-sponsored cease fire that ended the fourth Arab israeli War in25years. A military spokesman in Tel Aviv reported shooting incidents along the Suez front in eluding firing on a Barge which the egyptians attempted to float across the canal near port Suez where the egyptian 3rd army is Cut off by israeli forces. In Tel Aviv it was also an Kissinger right with King Hassan of Morocco . Secretary of slate also stopped in Tunis before going on to Cairo a see Mideast Beaufort representative demos heading announces for it gov. For landslide Hirsch apparent Victor in Myrtle Beach Index comics fran staff it wire voted about four to one to the referendum was of Defeated change to the Council manager by More than votes. Republican . Hirsch form of City government apparently scared an upset Vic mayor Mark Garner a demo tuesday s municipal election. A the a dates City Council. In North Carolina voters Complete but unofficial re turns from All precincts listed rejected liquor by the Dunk a votes for Hirsch and statewide referendum voting to remain the Only state East of the a third three year term. Myrtle Beach voters also with 90 per cent of the votes counted the percentage was 69 per cent against and 31 per cent for. In Darlington an election was held f or r three seats on the Darlington City Council. A Black retired school Prin Cipal or. . Gary led the Council ticket in Darlington with 672 votes. Also ejected were or. Joe s. Matthews ill with 616 and incumbent . Bristow with 541. Others were mrs. Betty with 130, Spurgeon e. Dubose with Freeland l. Riles with 231 and Fred Williams with 441. Incumbents Frank Lambert and Adger Brown did not run for reelection in Darlington. In Kingstree an unopposed democratic slate went in with Matthew Gardner becoming the first Black Ever elected to town Council. Mayor Leonard Burgess led the ticket with votes to win a new term. Councilmen elected were or. Michael Holmes with 188, . Kozma with 260, Claude Smith who 183, Cliff Moore with ibs. Gardner with 275 and . Thomas with ut7. Officials Al Mcleod memorial Hospital discuss problems of pro Viding area emergency care. Page 7a. 7b 9b rep. By Artley Harvey of Beau tort county tuesday became the first Democrat to announce. For lieutenant governor in the 1974 elections. Page Ida. Doctor editorials markets sports Jerry Hudson of West Florence state area 10a a tuft acid Charles Poston of me i in new Jersey Democrat Brendan t. Byrnes swept to a landslide Victory in j new Jersey tuesday night 2a while a conservative Republican Mills e. Godwin. Of jr., held a slim Lead in Virginia 4a Tara gun 1b named morning of the weather sunny and mild. Highs around 70 Tom 2a. 5 As returns mounted from the nation s Only iwo off year governor s races. In new York City favored Democrat Abraham d. Beame took the Lead in first returns 55 from the mayoral election there. The 67-year-old City comptroller was expected to Lead a demo Ralie sweep of City offices for the first time in 12 years. It

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