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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - November 6, 1973, Florence, South CarolinaJet Oman acting John m. O Dowd 887-1970 James a. Rogers editor Joe b. Rickenbaker managing editor Dew James associate editor Richard g. Moisio general manager tuesday novembers 1973 indians still waiting Lousy four letter word the american Indian like the year of is one of the innocent victims of the water Gate scandal. Just one year ago a group of militant indians occupied the Bureau of Indian affairs in Washington d.c., and inflicted heavy damage on the building before vacating it. Then on feb. 27, 1973, another group of indians seized the South Dakota Community of wounded knee and held out for More than two months. These two events seemed electrifying at the time. They dramatized Long held Indian grievances and gave Promise of remedial action by the Federal government. But the ensuing National obsession with water Gate pushed the question of Indian rights off the front pages. It is still possible though that red Power will emerge As one of the leading civil rights causes of the 1970s. What do indians want Frank Lin Ducheneaux counsel to the House subcommittee on Indian affairs answers the question this Way he wants most of what the non Indian wants and has. But he refuses to accept some of the things the outside world has attempted to impose on him and refuses to relinquish certain of his rights As an Indian that the outside world has at tempted to wrest from him. Above All he wants to remain Indian. He does not want to re main poor because he chooses to remain Indian but he does not want to sacrifice the Indian life in order to secure the Good if the word Black were substituted for Indian in the fore going statement the author could Well have been Roy Wil Kins or Jesse Jackson. And that is just the Point indians As a group have Long suffered from the same racial stereotypes applied to american Blacks. Most indians Don t want to an Arizona Salesman told . News world report last Spring. All they want to do is sit around and collect Relief and let the White Man do the hard it is hardly surprising then that militant indians have adopted Many of the tactics and parlance of the Black civil rights movement. Thus Uncle Tom becomes Uncle and the Indian equivalent of oreo cookie Black on the out Side White on the inside is Apple red outside White in still the problems of Black and of red people in the United states Are not strictly compar Able. One great difference stems from sheer numbers. According to the 1970 census 22.6 million americans were Black and Only Indian. Moreover num Erous Blacks have been elected to Congress and As mayors of Large cities. Since most indians still live on reservations their political influence is even less than their relatively Small num Bers would warrant. The major cause of Indian frustration and anger is the Bureau of Indian affairs the government Agency that since 1824 has determined the Indian s Way of life. Indian militants a. Cuse the Bureau of trying to eradicate instead of preserve Indian culture and of constantly reneging on promises. The occupation of the Bureau and of wounded knee demonstrated the depth of Indian disillusionment with Federal policy. But there is no indication As yet that Congress is willing to legis late a new less paternalistic policy. President Nixon proposed a package of Bills in 1970 giving indians More self determination but no action was taken. More Indian protests May be coming. Winters past and present the prediction for a colder Winter this year by the Folk at the National oceanic and atmospheric administration obviously will not be warmly re in the cooler climes of the country where people Are already fretting Over the Prospect of a heating fuel shortage. Based of a trend toward colder Winters now in its 15th year or. Murray Mitchelljr. Of Noaa says the colder Days ahead Are expected to increase heating fuels demands by 1.1 per cent. The progressively cooler Winters in the United states Over the past 15 years follows a 25-year Cycle of warmer Winters according to or Mitchell but then what does or. Mit Chell and his colleagues know gop leaders face a crucial decision Washington one his lonely landslide Richard. M. Nixon s presidency is tottering on the Brink at political destruction. The question now facing Republican party leaders is whether they should arms with the self doomed chief executive and take their party to ruin with him or seek to Salvage it and themselves for future service to the country. By David s. Broder taxpayers also paid little1 Nixon Bills Haven t the old timers Here about been saying for at least the past 15 years that Winters just Aren t cold like they used to be. Even last Winter when the Snow piled up nearly two feet deep in the pee Dee a record according to the weather Bureau they were saying things which in Loose translation amount to no Siree we just Don t have those rough cold Winters like we used so there now what do or. Mitchell and his colleagues and the Fellows at the weather Bureau know about Winters now As compared to those past. Perhaps the discrepancy lies in the likelihood that the old timers spent More cold Winter rights in a draft Frame House than the Noaa and weather Bureau people. Washington. President Nixon s people tried to stick the taxpayers apparently for every possible Petty Bill at his estate in san Clemente calif., and key Biscayne Fla. By Jack Anderson we have gone through a stack of Bills and memos never intended to be read outside the presidential Circle. These show the taxpayers were charged for everything from stamping his Golf tees with the presidential logo to furnishing his private san Clemente restroom with his favorite soap. The usual explanation out of the White House has been that the govern ment pays for renovations involving the president s documents in our Possession however show that the taxpayers were soaked for dozens of improvements never requested by the secret service. This also has been established by rep. Jack Brooks d-tex., after a thorough investigation by his House government operations subcommittee. Thel resident apparently complained for example about the fireplace smok ing in his Den. The problem was turned Over to his attorney Herbert Kalmbach who squawked to the contractor Warren b. Sturtevant the contractor hustled Over to the san Clemente re treat and personally lit fires in the presidential fireplace he reported on Jan uary 4th, 1971, the Day before the presi Dent arrived and again on january 18th, after he had left. Both times the fire place worked properly. I also understand that there were Only two occasions out of about 10 possible times used where there was a smoking problem. My conclusion is that on the two occasions when the fireplace did smoke there must have been a Dif Ferent wind condition that caused a Down he recommended install ing an exhaust fan. The secret service at first resisted paying for the. Fan until Palmbach s Secretary Marilyn had a meaningful talk with the agent in charge. She reported afterwards to Sturtevant Ken Yacovone informed me that is would pay for the installation of the fire place fan after i informed him that it definitely was placed for Security Pur poses and How would he like it if you know who was asphyxiated because there was a certain wind condition which caused the draft to come Down wards and caused the smoke to come into the room. He finally agreed with Cost to the taxpayers the secret service was also persuaded to restore Pat Nixon s favorite Gazebo although it had been rejected As a Security outpost. The first lady s social Secretary Constance Stuart explained the problem in a february 15, 1971, memo to mrs. Nixon. R i i be looked into m matter. Of the restoration of the Gazebo at san is. Stuart reported. The Gazebo in question is the one closest to the Ocean overlooking the Point and it evidently is in sad need of repair. The secret service will not be Tak ing this Gazebo Over As one of the posts. They would like to place some Small electronic scanning sic devices in an already existing Cabinet. The Gazebo would be restored to its original condition. Have been assured this work would be done in Good taste and that the ultimate result would be As close to the original As the first scratched an of to this proposal and is. Stuart referred it to the general service administration s special projects officer John f. Galuardi. She noted As you can see in has of d the an earlier june 1969, report to the White House on the san. Clemente Complex states or. Galuardi has already informed you that he would have a Carpenter electrician plumber and an air conditioning refrigeration Mechanic on hand at All times with a total Force of Twenty various craftsmen available on Call. These people will Wear the regular Gas Green uniform. He has also made plans to have a Day maid in a uniform and a sufficient number of cleaners in Grey uniform and Black Bow tie to furnish cleaning on a 24-hour basis. Linen towels the preferred soap and Scott toilet tissue will be provided in the president s in the last few weeks or. Nixon has lurched from one desperate stratagem to another in a fashion so bizarre and unpredictable As to make Spiro Agnew s conduct in his last two months in office seem orderly by comparison. If he is not attempt ing to conceal worse secrets than a new held then the president s behaviour is indeed irrational and itself a legitimate matter of National concern. For the country the chief problem is How to stabilize the Nixon presidency if that is still possible or More Likely How to end it As promptly and painlessly As that can be done. But the country cannot count on the president s cooperation in either of these goals. Rebuilding Confidence would require total disclosure of his role in the dozens of Campaign and governmental transactions now under suspicion. There is no reason to think he will be that forthcoming. Ending his presidency painlessly would require his prompt resignation once Gerald Ford is confirmed As vice president. And there is no reason to think he will do that either. So the practical political question for Republican party leaders is How far they Are ready to go with a president who ignored them More of ten than not in the past and now poses a growing threat to their future. I if there were any lingering doubt or. Nixon has nothing of Posi Tive political value to offer the re publican party which five times nominated him for National one simple fact should suffice. Just across the Potomac from the White House in Virginia one of the few statewide campaigns of any significance in this off year is concluding this weekend. It has been an extremely hard fought race and the outcome is still in doubt. The contest provides a clean test of or. Nixon s theory that his Persona 1972 Victory would spark the emergence of a new Republican the Republican nominee is sex gov. Mills Godwin a conservative Democrat who headed or. Nixon s Campaign in Virginia last year and then foundry to the gop. His opponent u. Got. Henry Howe is a populist Democrat and Long time supporter of Hubert Humphrey. The Battleground could hardly be More favourable for or. Nixon. He has carried Virginia every one of the five has. Appeared on the ballot there the last. Time by a staggering 69 per cent. But so great has been the damage to his political standing thai. Or. Nixon has not set foot or been import Ned to Campaign in Var Ginia. Even there he to the Republican cause but the Promise of ruin. What he Means to the party nation ally was conveyed in dramatic form by a Harris poll Early this week which showed republicans lagging 22 Points behind the. Democrats in a hypothetical National congressional contest. That Points to the possibility of a gop wipe out of 1958 or 1964 proportions unless the is Tuat Ion i s altered. The time for republicans to Salvage their future by cutting Loose from the crippled president is Short. And their motive for doing so is an obvious As it is justified the Republican party is not the source of or. Nixon s problems and there is no nobility in its becoming the victim of them. Indeed if freed from the incubus of Nixon s vagaries republicans would have a Bright future. The record and leadership of the democratic Congress do not inspire Confidence. Republicans have a Range of at Tractive presidential prospects Spann ing the party spectrum while the democrats Are and polarized by the problematical bid of sen. Edward m. Kennedy. In no Way other than the Nixon problem Are republicans at a disadvantage. And they Opportunity soon to do something about hat. At the urging of Gerry Ford re publican National chairman George Bush has called a meeting of the re publican coordinating committee for nov. 12. This group including two living former presidential candidates six Senate and nine House leaders five governors and a half dozen National committee officials represents the collective leadership of the Republican party. It has not met since May of 1968, when it completed a successful four year process of negotiating the reunification of party position that had been shattered in the 1964 election debacle. Its reconvening now comes As a timely expression of Republican awareness of the need to separate the party s future from or. Nixon s. Saxbe Nixon reached into Congress for another Choice Byala Ehrenhalt Cegres Sivial cd artery Washington for the second Jime in less than a month a president in serious trouble with Congress has gone to the membership of that body to fill a key Job in the administration. First it was rep. Gerald r. Ford a Mich for vice president. Then after the resignation of attorney Gen eral Elliot Richardson it Many Mem Bers of Congress crying for the presi Dent s impeachment the White House began bickering with sen. William b. Saxbe a Ohko As a candidate to re place Richardson. After a week of rumours fed by Saxbe s Public predictions that he was a cinch for the Job president Nixon made the nomination nov. 1. The same Day he nicked tews lawyer Leon Jaworski to serve under Saxbe As special prosecutor. Ford and Saxbe have one advantage in common the tendency for Congress to look with favor on the appointment of any one of their number to a High government Post. In this administration with republicans As Well As democrats complaining that they have been shut out of the decision process that feeling of fraternity is even stronger than usual. It is hard to imagine either of them being turned Down. But that is about As far As the similar Ity goes. Ford is known primarily for his loyalty having stuck by the presi Dent on controversial issues fought for his vetoes in Congress and defended his handling of the watergate affair. He is the Model of a regular Republican. Saxbe on the other hand Cones close to being the Model of a Maverick re publican. When president Nixon resumed massive bombing of Cambodia in late 1972, Saxbe remarked that the president appears to have lost his sense on As recently As oct. 28, he was quoted in newspapers As say ing that Nixon is through finished in terms of his effectiveness Over the next three no one who knows Saxbe would be surprised at hearing him say things or expect that he would Stop if he became attorney the sur prise is that Nixon clearly sensitive to criticism Over his Long career would consider such a Man for attorney Gen eral in the first four years Washington observers say words like those would be far More Likely to guarantee a Man a place on the enemies list than a seat in the Cabinet until just last week William Bart Saxbe looked like a Man who had had enough of Washington and of politics. The 57-year-old senator is up for re election in 1974, but he announced oct. 9 that he would not be running that he was going Home to practice Law in Mechanicsburg Ohio and that he expected to be happier there. That announcement was no Shock. During his six year Senate career the Blunt spoken lawyer made it dear that he was As disenchanted with me in that chamber As he was with much of what Nixon was doing. The first six months in the Senate you wonder How you got Saxbe said in 1989. The next six months you wonder How the rest of them got when he ran for the Senate in 1jw, Saxbe told Ohio voters that he was conservative on Money and crime Liberal on the rights of but he ran a strident Law arid Campaign and when he arrived Here Many conservative republicans were expect ing a new cohort in the Mold of his Ohio predecessors Robert a. Taftsr. And John w. Bricker. They did not get one. In his first year in office Saxbe opposed the president s anti ballistic missile proposal called for rapid troop withdrawals from both Indochina and Europe voted against the nomination of Clement f. Haynsworth or. To the supreme court and criticized the administration s voting rights Bill As a step backward n civil rights. Next a constituent wrote him at the end of a year i shall vote for the Democrat rather than a phony re pub so Many Christian leaders keep goading their audience to Ever and better using. Now we All can t be apostle Pauls there must be some place for the quiet reserved conservative Christian. R. S. H. To be sure in god s kingdom Here is place for everyone. An examination of the disciples Christ chose reveals Stark differences and a place for the most aggressive and the least progressive. But now sometimes under the most conservative exteriors exists he most aggressive spiritual personality. I think of Monica for example he Mother of St. Augustine. Her persistent and Earnest prayer was used of god to bring about her dynamic son s conversion. So it s the Basic philosophy and thrust of life that counts. Glad however christians Are being encouraged toward greater commitment of life. While it was in an entirely different sphere of work yet Christopher Columbus demonstrates the discontent of Slatus quo that helps to discover new worlds. The encyclopedia says he was a person of strategic we need christians who have such an attitude. World events Are moving too quickly to permit any conservatism that fails to confront people with the Good news of Ibe. Gospel. If Paul s too aggressive try Peter s suggestions in 2 Peter 1 d Fth new mtr Patton r acts do it months my. Cd car Cim whim we m f c

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