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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - November 6, 1973, Florence, South CarolinaGood it s tuesday november our a Tel year no. 310 Florence. S. C. Daily 10s sunday the watergate Roundup world in Brief president is not a quitter Washington a the White House said monday night Nixon will not resign no matter How great the criticism is or the the president is not a quitter and he never has press Secretary Ronald l. Ziegler told a Small group of reporters aboard air Force one As it prepared to land Here on a flight from Florida. Ziegler said Nixon is going to do an awful lot to Quiel about watergate but would not elaborate. He said that Nixon s course of action would become evident Dur ing the coming weeks and months. Health insurance for All studied san Francisco api the Nixon administration is considering a new plan to provide health insurance for All americans the . Secretary of health education and Wel fare said monday. We have presented to the White House a comprehensive plan that will provide health insurance to All american Citi Zens without bankrupting the Federal budget and without placing excessive Federal controls on the practice of medi said hew chief Caspar Weinberger. Weinberger told the american i Public health association Here that he could not reveal details of the plan until presi Dent Nixon had made a decision on it. Belgium bans sunday driving Brussels. Belgium joined the Netherlands monday a ban Ori sunday driving and other Strong measures to meet the Arab squeeze on Oil supplies. West Germany was said to be contemplating similar Meas ures. Qualified Oil sources in Kuwait said further cuts of about one million barrels a Day Are Likely. Arab Oil exporters announced monday they were bringing i hair total production Cut to 25 per the basis of september figures including Oil embargoes to the United states a and the Netherlands. Helium which has three Oil stocks is in a difficult situation because the bulk of its supplies of crude Oil transit through the Netherlands its neighbor to the North. Canada Marcut Oil to . Prosecutor free to Goto court Washington api act ing ally. Gen. Robert h. Bork testified monday thai special watergate prosecutor Leon Jaworski has while House Assur aces he can go to court for any evidence including presidential Lapes if president Nixon refuses to hand it Over. He s free to to to Bork said. Bork told a House judiciary subcommittee he believes asst. Ally. Gen. Henry e. Petersen has already drawn up a demand for White House documents riot previously produced but said he does t know what they Are. Bork also told the Congress men he believes Texas lawyer Jaworski will seek new water Gate indictments in what Bork Hopes w i ii be a month or less. Bork said Jaworski was assured of the Freedom to go to court for any evidence during a meeting with White House chief of staff Alexander m. Haig jr., and White House lawyers j. Fred Buzhardt and Leonard garment. Everybody agreed to Bork Means to me that if he did it he would not be but Bork said that he person ally had not discussed with Nix on the Assurance that Jaworski could go to court for evidence. Nixon fired Jaworski s predecessor Archibald Cox when Cox refused to go along with a presidential order to seek no further White House tapes or documents. Bork said the possibility was discussed at the meeting with White House aides that Jaworski might find he needs presidential Lapes and Docu ments. He said he is confident that Jaworski will have the White House s cooperation in getting any evidence he feets he heeds for his watergate investigation and thus the problem of going to court will not come up. Bork also testified that he opposes All five Basic proposals before Congress for creation of a separate watergate prosecutor and is against a congressional hand in naming or con see watergate Page 5a Kissinger in Africa on peace Mission products o Thea Uniti Stales i f Arab countries make such a. Crude Oil to Canada. Energy minister. Donald Macdonald said he added that Canada would not allow Arab pres sure tip halt Canadian shipments to the United states. Canada is the leading . Source of foreign Oil. It is sending about 30 million barrels of crude to the United states this month and a similar amount of refined products. Canada imports about 10 million barrels of crude each month from Arab Oil producing states. Negotiations y eth Israel out Damascus Syria foreign minister Abdul Halim Haddam said monday his country and Egypt have ruled Oul direct ngot Illions with Israel. Bui he left open the Prospect of a visit to Damascus by . Secretary of slate Henry a. Kissinger or his Deputy Joseph Sisco. Kissinger is on a peacemaking tour of Arab capitals but the syrian capital is not on his itinerary. Haddam who appeared at a news conference with foreign minister Fouad Naffah. Said Syria rejected any idea of a demilitarized zone in the Sinai or the Golan Heights and any discussion about surrendering a single Grain of Sand of. Our territory of com Platel y unacceptable. Both Syria and Egypt reject what is called direct negotiations with headed Shultz ready and willing to talk Al l Treasury Secretary George p. Irritated by reports that the Senate watergate com Mittee is prepared was reported ready Mon Day to testify voluntarily about his role in the milk fund Shuitz according to a spokesman is prepared to testify Hal the Nixon administration raised milk Price supports in 1971 not because of Large Campaign contributions from the Dairy lobby but to Stop Congress from enacting even larger week that the committee s chairman sen. Sam j. Ervin jr., d-n.c., had signed subpoenas for Shultz and former Treasury Secretary John b. . Spokesmen for both men said monday that the subpoenas still had t been served that both would testify voluntarily if invited and that no in Vitaski had yet been offered. Saxbe denies wanted tapes burned Washington atty. Gen designate William b. Saxbe today denied advocating destruction of the White Touse watergate tapes if they proved to be incriminating. The Republican senator from Ohio was quoted by the Hong Kong Standard on aug. 23 As saying during a speech to the Loca i chapter the american chamber of Commerce in Hong i think the president is right on standing on his rights not to release the Lapes. I personally wish i had never heard of the Lapes if they re incriminating they should be destroyed and i m sure they will but i think he s right in saying that a pres ident cannot be horsed around in the . Observers bodies returned Tel. Aviv egyptians have returned the bodies of two . Observers killed in fight along the sue front in the opening Days of the Middle East War the. Military command said monday. Us. U n Headquarters in Jerusalem had announced two a French Captain and an italian Captain were missing from their . Observer Post near Kantara Northern sector of the Suez canal after egyptian forces crossed the waterway Ort. T. By the associated press Secretary of state Henry a. Kissinger arrived in Rabal Morocco monday night on the first leg of a peace Mission to the Middle East As Arab leaders sought to close ranks in a flurry of diplomacy. Kirst on Kissinger was a late night meeting with King Hassan ii to discuss the precarious cease fire that slopped the fourth Arab israeli War. Several hours of talks and a luncheon were planned tuesday before Kissinger flies on to Tunis for a Brief Stopover and a meeting with tunisian presi Bourguiba in his Kissinger was due in Cairo Fate tuesday. The three main parties to the Middle East conflict Israel Egypt and have warned Hal combat could erupt anew unless diplomacy can be made to work. The moroccan and government gave Kissinger an unusually warm Welcome. The official newspaper Lema tin said in a front Page editorial that Friendly re lations have never suffered the slightest deterioration or eclipse and have invariably re imagined filled with sincerity cordiality and High Mutual re Morocco is one of the. Major recipients of . Eco nomic Aid in Africa. Premier Golda Meir returned Home to reported monday night in her Cabinet in Tel Aviv on her talks with Kis Singer and president Nixon in Washington. A government communique gave no further details. She said her to plead the israeli Case Bulski army tried to Lay mines around its enclave and a search party from the rapped 3rd army went looking for water. Associated press correspond ent Marcus Eliason reported that frequent bursts of Auto Matic weapons fire was heard from the direction of the canal but israeli troops guarding the. Roads to Cairo seemed unperturbed. After visiting Tunisia and Egypt Kissinger will go id Jor Dan and saudi ing his tour of Arab capitals he will visit Iran Pakistan and China. As Kissinger flew across the israeli troops massacred Tel Aviv a israeli troops have found the bodies of 12 israeli soldiers bound hand and foot and buried under rocks near the former Golan Heights cease fire line with Syria an israeli military spokesman said monday. Col. Nachman Kami called the incident a three Tel Aviv newspapers reported that the soldiers had been tied up and then shot and from the location it appeared that they were killed As prisoners in the first few Days of the Middle East War when the syrian army occupied the area. Kami declined to give specifics of the incident but said israeli military authorities had Given details and photographs to the International lied Cross. Houari came away knowing thai the Kuwait. Press reports Saidi he persuaded Egypt arid Syria to attend an Arab Summit Confer ence in Algiers. The libyan Leader col. Moa mar khad Afy was in Damascus after similar visits to Cairo and Baghdad. He reportedly was trying to Consoli Date an anti cease fire bloc. Friendship Between the United states and Israel remains the mrs. Cir promised to inform the israeli parliament about the talks on wednesday. Israeli troops turned Back egyptian advances along the Suez canal As the egyptian 2nd Angel on wheels five year old Angel looks her new set of wheels. Her owner mrs. Marge Ostholthoff of suburb of Cincinnati Ohio thought it would be helpful to give her a she is expecting a family soon. With the help of a attached skate to Angel s underside. When last seen Angel was rolling Down Street. A billions requested for Israel Washington a is Rael is asking the United sales for nearly billion in military equipment a Senate committee was told monday. Military Aid shipments to is Rael since the Start of the Arab israeli War oct. 6 already total billion William , Deputy Secretary of defense said in support of an administration request for an emergency billion appropriation. Clements said the billion in . Aid already approved has either been shipped or is in the process of being sent. He told the Senate appropriations subcommittee on foreign operations that Israel will be required to make payment for the equipment within 120 Days under present Law and will be in default unless grand authority is approved by Congress. Clements said it May Well he that the United a fates should provide Israel with equip mini costing More than billion. Initially he said it would All be on sales contract with determination made later what proportion should be under a Grant system. He said that at the Start of hostilities the United states tried unsuccessfully to reach an understanding with Russia on a Mutual freeze on major resupply of weapons in the Middle East. In the face of massive soviet to Arab countries Clements said the United states began an equipment air lift to Israel reaching an aver age of Tore a Day of Wea Pons ammunition spare parts and medical supplies within Ihre Days. Clements said Russia by con Trast had supplied Egypt Syria and Iraq with billion to billion in military equipment before hostilities began. can ask new to Washington a the supreme court monday said its. 1972 decision requiring court appointed attorneys for defend ants charged with minor of lenses should be applied Retro actively. The holding opened the Way for. Constitutional challenges to convictions for misdemeanours if defendants were tried without counsel the one Page unsigned Opin Ion indicated the Challenge would be available for Hose who still suffered the Legal con sequences of conviction be it a continuing limitation on Liberty or some other disability such As denial of the right to Vole. In other action the court stand a decision by the . Circuit court in new or leans which held that a liquor License did not constitute sufficient stale involvement to in validate a men Only policy at a new Orleans hotel Grill. To decide if Stales May limit work related expense deductions to a fixed sum when computing the amount of earned income that should be deducted from welfare benefits. In -1963, the High court declared that courts must appoint lawyers for defendants in felony cases for defendants who could not afford them. The 1972 decision extended that ruling to misdemeanours which Are generally defined As offences punishable by a year or less in jail. The number of persons Likely to still face jail time on mis Demeanour convictions prior to ,1972 is thus Small. But the High court by enumerating cases consequences pand the. Who May now Demeanour conviction trial without the ruling came solving Richard. Was convicted in Cincinnati or to the 1972 was released on bait pending his _ appeals Berry Stih faced time when the court monday that his counsel invalidated his mis Demeanour conviction sen. Peter Dominick the Gertie is out Dominick Breaks with Nixon Denver Colo

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