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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - November 5, 1970, Florence, South CarolinaPut 4hh year no. 309 the Only daily paper published in Eastern South Carolina ror5kce. C. November 5, 1970 daily Loc sunday ise election 70 shapes up As split decision g r e a i Industrial heartland from p c n n s y i v a n i a Minnesota plus crucial victories in the deep South and far West gives them a majority of governorships for the first time since and a firm political base for the next presidential election. It gives Thorn a running jump inwards 1972 in the Way that democratic gubernatorial successes in 1958 marked the first step towards John f Kennedy s Limilla Victory and gop triumphs for years agn helped Nixon in 190s." Kven in the South whore republicans Hope to build the base for a new National majority democrats retained news analysis Texas regained Arkansas and Florida and hurled b a cd challenges in Georgia and South Carolina while losing in Tennessee. I a Carl idol Bosdorf a political of Ricer Washington a american voters have delivered a split decision possibly giving president Nix on a slightly More favourable Congress while handing the democrats a s m a s h i n g Triumph in governorships with important implications for 13v2. The democrats near sweep of slate houses through the destroyer explosion kills two Taipei. Formosa Lapi boiler exploded wednesday i aboard the . Guided missile destroyer Goldsborough. Killing two crewmen and injuring four . Navy spokesmen an Noi Meed. The explosion occurred while j the Goldsborough was erasing j eight Miles Northwest of Formo i s3. Spokesmen said. One crewman was killed Al most immediately while another died 9 k hours later in the i a. Navy Hospital in Taipei an announcement said. The four injured were reported in satisfactory to excellent the Goldsborough was report ind. Map dered Indiana stale police to Hirvin Ipoh ii in a incl Anas Spall All voting machines and having Eft the North Formosa ers wednesday toward a ballot boxes used tuesday As it port of Keelung where she put thai May take a re became apparent the us sen in wednesday night to Transfer unravel. The and some major state mates the dead and injured crewmen. May be in Nubi for in spokesmen said Hie names of Only Throe of the slate s 4.440, armed cards were posted the dead and Indianapolis 7000 amen Wilh Helt pending of j Eri the Lota i dec ballots of pm. The democratic sen. Vance normally carries a complement Hartko narrowly in front of 1 olice chief Winston chinch of130 officers and men. Jeep. Richard l. Hviid Husli ill k q u a 11 y important. Democrats scored s o m e surprising successes in state legislative c o n t Sis particularly in California ant Pennsylvania. With California set to gain five new House seats due to reapportionment loss of the legislature blasts Republican Hopes for redrawing lines in a Way that could have Given the gop a net gain of some 20 seals in the nation s largest . At the Western White House president Nixon acknowledged democratic Victory claims on the basis of gubernatorial victories but said the con Gressional results gave his administration a working majority on key issues. Earlier. Top leaders including vice president Spiro t. Agnew had expressed sex tilt Avion Over the Gui feat in holding Down the Normal con Gressional losses for the party in control of the h i t e 37 in the House and four in the Senate. Democrats gained about seats in the House. In the bitter Battle fur the Senate they took considerable Comfort in the fact that Only two democratic in Gore o f Tennessee and Joseph Tydings of in a year when lie party had to defend 25 seats to Only Iii fur the republicans. A liar like of Indiana remained barely ahead with a recount certain. In succeeding elections the opportunities will not be so favourable for the gop. Which has 19 seats coming up in 1972 compared to just 14 democratic ones. The results do appear to give the Senate a slightly More conservative tinge aided fact that seats in now York and Texas were won by men who generally a r o regarded As m o r e conservative though of the same party than to men they succeed. Hut this could have considerably less Impact than Nixon indicated when he Call see split. Page 5-a Rhu Derush. Left Hartke Battle in Indiana go Down to wire in tightest Senate race Indiana candidates stage Cliff Hanger both demos gop claiming Victory Washington a re hide of More than 50 million Jority on key issues in both the f Lawrence f. O Brien said Nixon with a Clif changing Indiana Pimp icons tradition cast tuesday in the off Senate and House. Agnew would be Bard put j race Between Liberal incumbent on Thvsenate-smt0 the president who had joined but a dc-1 Vance liar like and gop Chal on s key target in the rough even As the last of the ballots vice president Spiro t. Agnew Kou Clebush still and Tumble mid term Campaign. Were counted both Republican in a strenuous 35-stale Law and j ,.i.om l r rut democrats swept More than and democratic leaders sought order Campaign Blitz acknowl-1, a dozen governorships from to read Victory for their party edged democrats fared Well in hands and strengthened into the results. Gubernatorial races yet he democrats won control of in Iii control in the House. a said i believe our hand houses of Congress for the that was the picture emerging wednesday from the flood Nixon told newsmen at the Western White House that he feels he gained a working a but democratic i ninth consecutive election Al climminilllnugl1 Teloir Gilin was 881.875 to ssi. 1.11. Guv. Edgar u i Leonilio assigned eight officers to 24 hour guard detail after county election Board president. I Mcclure called for sub Stan Protection for the vital lots. Keith i Ulen Republican Nali annal rom Milleman said i m sure there will be a recount. I neither Harloc. 5wkiii2 a 1 third term nor Roudybush. Who abandoned tile House of to follow a whits House request he seek the an investigation will be made. Spokesmen said. I unruly prisoners hold 32 hostages Auburn . A City manager Bruce l. Cli about 400 Black prisoners Al declared a stale of cmdr bum stale prison held .12 Lioata if ency and about 100 stale troop Oral held Senate seat claimed Ages for about four hours Battel "i1 by police or conceded in the race i and prison guards converged i look coi Tiol of cd on the trav walled prison in an candidates cancelled Rocta and mess Hall of ves scheduled news conferences Day before be luring in their of the wednesday morning. Harrake be 1 inmates were said to be women. Eluded himself in an Isth floor one hostage Charles Connors it s quite serious at a a downtown Indian Apo of Auburn was taken to a lispi said. About 400 of the i we Lac Roll Lebush went Lal. Some of the guards held mates after being excused i 20 hostage were reported to be in from breakfast went in to a Yard m f la Calli a Shock bul otherwise uninjured before going to assignments. Joy and despair prevailed Al officials mid. Reasons we have yet to As internal Ely at the two parties a prison spokesman said decided they did l Camps in the wearing hours of disturb Janc a was an outgrowth want of ballot counting As first of an incident monday in which n is from the other candidate took a abort inmates about the Yard for five hours the prison known As the a j a recount could postpone the1 mid refused to work in Honor of j Burn correctional facility was decision for weeks Black Solidarity Day. Juice scene of a bloody riot and Jailbreak in in which two under Indiana Law. Cairn to Only about a third of the usual off year average. Most impressive victories came in races. 53 democrats. 44 republicans plus one conservative parly Winner who lines up with re publicans and an Independent who leans toward the democrats. Sweetest White House Vicin Ity far the Ries came in Tennessee. New democratic York and Maryland. I i 1 Tennessee s Veteran Liberal san. Albert Gore the top s no. Thirleen mop governorships 1 Senate target was upended by were a Plurel Liy conservative Republican Hep incur Diimig such states As Penn William i. Brock Iii a Var Ash Sylvania. Ohio Wisconsin manufacturer who had and we Lite House backing Are important building blocks in Yoi k. Conservative for the presidential and congressional races. Parly nominee James ,1. Buck Joey Rode his pledge to support convincing victories by administration policies to Aid Leagan and Nelson a Rock Victory Over democratic rep. A Fuller kept republicans in the Kichard Ottinger and incumbent presidential pet president Nixon pauses briefly to shake hands with his dog King Tim a Hoe prior to addressing the press at the Western White House. The president expressed his views on the the outcome of the elections. A Viet clashes erupt in Wake of floods Saigon a Sharp fight namese troops claimed to have 1 South vietnamese since oct. 10. Prisoners was reported thursday in killed 37 enemy with the help of guards wounded by gunfire. Of the Secretary of stale South Vietnam s Northern sector artillery and bombers without riot started at the height Friday. The Secretary of a fire thai caused a Quarter Mil stale has up to 10 Days Flwler lion dollars damage to the Pyis a that to certify final state totals. Presumably Hie recount com would not gel underway until the spokesman said the in mates involved in wednesday s disturbance had asked thai seven prisoners under question Nim in Hominy s incident be granted uni Nusly. I Deputy state. Correction com Deputy stale Mif sooner John r. Cain said in missioner John r. Cain said Glrst certification by hirelings were held with Ihei representatives me with in seckary of state. An dec prisoners wednesday. Five 5th i male leaders and told Graf i Force would he used if the Situa Nike a five cards were injured Ai the drawing of Early Runoff i tie Melee which cd when was hampered Large numbers of convicts fused to report to morning work mansions in the Harlys k. Goodell largest slates Al Ifonia and by Agnew As new cop candidates " Radical grabbed two previously demo j Maryland voters followed the uralic spots. J urging of the Nixon Agnew team Jaud ousted Liberal democratic a democratic Tydings the gain of ii governorships and a j Winner was Republican rep. Of. Democratic majority in the Jglenn Hall or. An adm Nistra stale houses for the first Lime Linn supporter whose father had s uce him. His Senate seat to Tydings Mill in the Senate. Ifo Public six reversed the traditional i bother turnover came in if four seats by the party of Lowell p. The president. Instead they j Weicker. A moderate re pubic picked up a net of a couple we has own at of ifs Wilh seats Only the fifth time Lille Ollson on such issues this has happened. Us safeguard abm missile system won a three cornered n Ixon and Agnew had conceit j race Over incumbent sen. Rated most of their .1. Dodd a Democrat nary Campaign Effort on As an Independent and ining the 57-43 democratic Edge Liberal democratic nominee in the Senate. Inti v. Joseph Duffy. The strife is o or the Battle done the Wake of Dava slating suffering any losses. They said Only five Miles from the m floods. 21 prisoners were taken. Allied military spokesmen re i the militiamen apparently ported three clashes with North vietnamese troops apparently lion undecided for Auvid retake in the 10w ands surprised a North vietnamese battalion trying to push into the behind the confusion immediately after the j receding flood Waters. Flooding. Simultaneously South Viet before the fighting broke out North vietnamese gunners details. Three of the guards were hospitalised and two treated and released. Dims Defeated for reelection new eed Kord mass. And dist. Ally. I Edmund Dinis Democrat who ordered and con ducted the inquest into the death of Mary to Kopechne last january was Defeated for re election tuesday. With All hut two towns report ing Republican Philip a. Kol lius a Kalmo Ulli lawyer piled up a Lead of to the two Anrep Orlid towns have just Over registered voters. Gore bowing out As a candidate Nashville. Tenn. A bad Way and unless the admin Defeated democratic sen. Stration alters its course it will both raids hit near the former . Marine base at Khe Sanh i Tian Border. By the associated press it is important to note that an important ideological change has come about in the Senate regardless of Par most of the b52 Fleet kept up a Garmes m p. I to. President Spiro 1. He sustained bombing against j As new claiming cams Ervaline he Hoch Minh Supply Trad i ivc democratic party a majority party in America 1- do m o Era tic Nat ions chairman 1 a w r e Nee f. O Brien pointing to gains in governorships. Eastern Laos. The Nixon administration namese president Nguyen Van j shelled three South vietnamese Thieu called a meeting of in the extreme North j Northern Region military com islanders to Deal with the threat j by the North vietnamese. Separating the Vienna is. Saigon Headquarters said 7a i the South vietnamese Mill mortar shells struck a South Robert c. Seamans jr., Secre a Clear working t Ary of the air Force said the South vietnamese air Force had j made tremendous Progress j since his last visit in january. To n i g i i we held High find the Bert Gore who lost a bid for a fourth term to Republican Bill Brock said wednesday he will be in office for two More years said Gore. Ilary command reported fighting j wednesday Miles South of Danang for a second Day. In the i latest encounter Headquarters said 21 North vietnamese were killed and eight were taken Pris Oner while government forces suffered no casualties. Not be a Cand Idalo in the future. I a Saidof the Economy Contin for any Public office. However be told a news i us in slip Muskie will have excellent chance.11 conference that he expected to lore attributed his defeat by take an Active part in the 1972 presidential Campaign and on behalf of Maine s democratic some Voles to Memphis area residents voting for their Hometown gubernatorial Candi sen. Kid fund Muskie if he Winfield Dunn and pulling o become the party s Standard Brock to Victory with him. I vietnamese artillery base known As Kire base Fuller and two nearby positions. Thieu summoned the com Manders to the meeting Midway in his two Day inspection tour of the flood ravaged Northern provinces. West promises people s program Lilke Adan Ern Section. In one 17 Miles Southwest of Hue american i do troops killed seven North vie h. Namese bul. Suffered losses of wounded. Three killed and in the other engagement in some indication "the1 deciding Factor in the Miles Southeast of Danang. North is marines claimed killing i d i trying to i while 1 Ising was see i i w Fiat the vietnamese May be move Back from Laos in the latest bomber the North John c. West pledged that his will be an administration of. The election stories pictures on pages 2a and 15c. A Young Marine sergeant Lias Beeh accused of desertion and aiding the enemy after his capture in see Page 5a. Today s americans like to roam in Comfort. As a result the camper vehicle Industry is booming. See Page 4c. Index Andy ,19c Classi fied 16c. Dwhit its 2a editor icily 4a markets 14c sports 1b Comko 19c Murphy s and Agency put out some of the in o s t scurrilous Rotten ads. They turned people off and it had a Boomerang John v. Twinney who unsealed Republican sen. Icon if Murphy. The governor won because the people wanted him and they did t want j. Muldberg democratic candidate Lor governor of new York Aller his defeat by incumbent Republican Nelson a. Hock Clellor. We re pleased we have Ilir Ned Hie trend of tradition 1 House press Secretary Ronald l. . Pointing out that Hie administration did bettor in House and Senate races than incumbent National regimes usually do in off year elections. Miss Kopechne was killed in bearer. July when a car driven he san. m. Kennedy a my a vols race a thai. Memphis had nil mass plunged off Al Bridge had a governor in some Vij in the first Day of fighting. The r52 s a Lurk monday and Chappaquiddick Island. The Economy in a very Core said i South of a Nanfo South Viet j tuesday in choir first raids Over .1 weather partly Cloudy Rind cold through Friday with front find tonight. Might in Low 30. Dot Ailt 3-a. I think we can honestly say we would like to have done better i a t h p re f r t Klein White House director of common Scallons. Ink asps . T

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