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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - November 5, 1957, Florence, South CarolinaPage 4 the Florence morning news Florence s. C. Tuesday morning november 5, 1957 to Fang report from Pearl Harbor published a the Florence printing company John h. O Odowd Jakes a. Hoc pm president and publisher Idt Tor the Florence Moraine Newt desires to be notified id errors u an of us reports. Entered u see Ted class matter the Post office at Florence s.c., under act of us Rob 2 member of the associated Tress. Audit Bureau of circulations and Southern newspaper pull ibis association. The a outed is muted to the use for publication of All the local news printed in this newspaper. All carriers Are Independent contractors and the Florence morning news will not be responsible for laments mitts made it tie Ciflie of the Florence Wnm lag news. Bibs caption Bates 1 week 1 1 e it Nils 1 teas City delivery .40 by mail p. O. Box Section Florence.40 1.75 5.20 10.40 20.80 by Carrier delivery elsewhere .35 1.55 4.55 9.10 18.20 by mail elsewhere.35 1.55 4.55 9.10. 18.20 rates for subscription on Rural routes sunday by Carrier and six Days by Mai same As by Mau in Rural do a cd Toha vsus9esteci re att fir Rev William s. Jones pastor first Baptist Church Darlington dear god today there Ore Many hearts that Are anxious concerning who is near and dear to them. It May be that the anxiety u because of serious illness or it May be. That someone close to them has Bons astray. Whatever the condition speak to that heart words of Consolation end Assurance. In Jesus name we Pray. Amen. Mans hew stance upward into space sputnik spurs new stress on science even before sputnik ii was thrown into space it had become apparent that the Long Orbital Shadow of sput Nik i had been Able to do in what scientists and educators have been unable to do in years. For the first time top government officials Are beginning to pay More than casual heed to the repeated warnings of scientists and educators that this country s technological future and military supremacy depend upon the education of new scientists and engineers and scientific exploration leading to new weapons. The abrupt change in official Atti tude is reflected in these events 1 the administration is preparing to embark on a nation wide Campaign led by president Eisenhower to awaken the american people to the need of scientific education and research. 2 Neil h. Mcelroy the new Secretary of defense has eased some of the Economy Pinch placed on Mili tary research and development by his predecessor Charles e. Wilson. 3 the defense department is seriously considering space flight proposals that in pre sput Nik Days were dismissed As pointless Buck Roerish stunts. Out of this new found appreciation of the roles of science in a technological age Are expected to come some far reaching changes giving stature to the government s role As a Patron of science. The Patron can be More open handed with its financial sup port in the future. The government is Likely to increase its support of Basic scientific research and study through More Grants to scientists and universities. According to a new York times re port the administration is consider ing expanding the program of sum Mer refresher courses for science teachers and May try to relieve the science teacher shortage through direct Federal Aid. This report indicates that universities can look for greater Federal assistance in buying the costly research facilities of modern science. There Are indications that the Mili tary will be allowed a bigger budget for the research and development of new weapons. There is a growing realization within the administration that if the United states is to meet the techno logical Challenge symbolized in the sputnik this government must embark on inter related Short and Long term scientific programs. For the immediate years ahead military research and development must be emphasized to assure technological superiority in new weapons. The United states also must pull off a few technological feats to match or surpass those of the russians in the psychological cold one quite obvious result will be a new motivation for science courses in All the schools beginning on the High school level and a greater stimulus to the inquiring mind of All age groups. This is already apparent in the Universal interest the sputnik has stimulated in space. The new stance of Man is with shoulders firmly Back and eyes looking upward into space. Sputnik is a Spur to new Conquest. It bids fair to have revolutionary effect upon education with far greater emphasis upon science in the schools from the local to the University level. The band uniform fund goes begging on several recent Days pictures have appeared in the Florence morn ing news showing pee Dee High school bands in their new uniforms. Someone clipped pictures of the la mar and Timmonsville bands with the notation that Lamar with a popu lation of Timmonsville with a population of Dillon with and Latta with towns All have somehow managed to get new uniforms for their schools while the Mcclenaghan High school band representing a City of near marches without band uni forms. For some weeks Clifton Green chairman of the inter club Council has been conducting virtually a one Freedom to believe the right of any Man to believe what he wants to believe is an Ameri can heritage. Freedom to give expression to that belief is equally a part of our heritage. We agree with the position taken by 74 Atlanta minis ters seeking better race relations Freedom of speech must at All times be preserved. No one should life penalized for expressing himself freely and any position which cannot stand on its own merits and which can Only be maintained by silencing All who hold contrary convictions is a Posi Tion which cannot permanently in Man Campaign to obtain funds for purchasing new uniforms for the High school band. Approximately the required amount has been obtained from local gifts. The fund raising Campaign has been con ducted according to our information Independent of the school and is in tended to present new uniforms to the band As a gift from citizens of the Community. The youngsters who train for the band and March in it must wonder Why the bands from smaller pee Dee communities have new uniforms and they have none. A gift addressed to Clifton Green to be applied to the band uniform fund will help keep them from having to wonder. Prophet dizzy Days the past several weeks have set something of a record for dizzy happenings. What comparable period has produced a combination of events As Little Rock the syrian crisis sputnik i the firing of Ziti Kov and sputnik ii for each of these events it s been it Field Day for the russian propagandists. One looks hopefully but pessimistically for any sign of direct Victory for he United slates any where from Rock to sputnik ii. Hul there arc hopeful signs Luil lob Phi my Hevr pry cd us from our complacency. Letic a British housewife has taken out sputnik insurance with Lloyds of Lon Don. She s bet in Premium Money that sputnik will fall on her House and damage it to the extent of if it does she wins her bet if it does t she s lost her Premium Money. Silly yes for the present at least. But it May. Be prophetic of things to come in the insurance Field. With the . Now feverishly Rushing to catch up with the soviets in the Satel Lite race and with space certain to be occupied by heavily Man made traffic Earth objects May become less and less Safe from objects falling out of space. Cherokee Road among the Florence streets suggested for widening in the chamber of come Force master Street plan is Cherokee Cherokee Komi is two Lane thoroughfare without Side walks. Once located on the perimeter of the City it is now in the Center of a heavily populated and expanding residential area. It catches the traffic flow from three of the City s new schools i inner opening and closing school hours tic automobile traffic along sections of Cherokee Komi is very heavy. So is cd Morinn mid Bicy Cle t m f Fie the wide Ning of Cho Okre Ronert we lire told Chi be Hud for the asking. Us capable delivering knockout blow Burke by Edward Sims editor s this is the first of several articles written exclusively for this newspaper from Pearl Harbor. The author was one of fifteen american Neil Man invited by the Navy to be briefed on the recently unified defense com Mand in the Pacific. The Brief ing included meetings and discussions with chief of Navy operations Admiral Arleigh Burke Pacific Fleet commander Admiral Felix stump and Many other High ranking military offi cers on the subject of . De lenses in the far East the lat est weapons and prospective developments Pearl Harbor oct. 31st delayed of naval operations Admiral Arleigh Burke told newsmen Here yesterday he was firmly convinced the United states has the weapons and the Means of delivery to wipe Russia the breakfast and briefing with Admiral Burke and 35 . News men selected to be. Given the full picture of Allied defences in the Pacific was the highlight of a three Day visit to Honolulu by the writer a few Days ago. Billy Groom my answer question for some time i have been stealing Small amounts of Money from the company that employs me. Now that i have come to know Christ i feel that i must do something about this. I m afraid to Tell my employer lest i lose my Posi Tion yet i cannot live with my conscience troubling me As it now does what would you Sug Gest As a course of action . Answer i think you will find that every employer will respect you for making an honest confession. Even though your life up until this time has been one of deception yet the confession will convince him More than Ever that something has taken place in your life and i feel Liat he will come to regard you As one of the most dependable workers he has. Even More important than Clearing your own conscience it is the thing you should do in order to give you the Best possible Opportunity to Tell what god can do in the life of one who turns to him. Having done what is pleasing to god you can always leave the re sults to him. Will Pray that you will have courage to do what you know is the right thing. Admiral Burke speaking within sight of the Pearl Harbor Anchor age surrounding Ford Island where the . Battle Fleet was smashed on december 7, 1941j told newsmen that Possession of an intercontinental ballistic missile was not the All important military news some people assumed it to be. He went on to say that the United states has an impressive Stock of nuclear bombs and Wea Pons and that we Are currently capable of delivering them on tar gels by several different meth ods. In other words Burke said Possession of an 1cbm by the russians would not mean that they would necessarily win a nuclear War. The United states still has the Means to deliver modern bombs accurately and probably More accurately than any Russ Ian icbms could deliver them to Day. Therefore the chief of naval. Operations believes the United states has a military might sur passing that of Russia and one which would enable us to win a War with the russians should that tragic eventuality occur. One of the More interesting and significant developments in the Navy strategy and planning today is the rapid change of methods be. Ing considered for carrying on a War against the enemy. For Vej ample there is. The new atomic depth charge which submariners naturally dread. There is also the question of protecting shipping against atom ic1 weapons. For example the question of moving convoys of supplies across the oceans of the world in an atomic age is a completely different one from that which faced the allies in world War ii. A Hydrogen bomb could wreck havoc among a closely spaced Convoy of 20 or 30 ships and therefore the Navy must de cide whether to spread them out at intervals of. 20 or 25 Miles where they might be easier prey for new Type submarines possibly firing atomic warhead. Torpedo a or Send them Over the shipping lanes of the world s oceans singly. I in Brief the strategy plan Ning and tactics Are constantly changing being adjusted and fit Ted to expectations Admiral Burke conceded in replying to a. Question although it is accurate to whether convoys Are now Ono Point out that the Navy has these Lete said that this question is now weapons it should also be sex being hotly debated in naval Cir planned that these modern Wear being u on Are Only available in Pilot numbers. It will take years and in reply to a question he All but millions of dollars to equip the admitted that the ., seventh Navy with a Fleet of completely Fleet in the Pacific was equipped modern guided missiles cruisers with atomic depth charges. Since the russians have approximately 100 submarines in the Pacific and an estimated 300 or More in All other areas the importance of the new atomic depth charge can not be overestimated. Another new weapon is the sub Marine which fires a guided mis Sile. The latest news on this Wea Pon which can be revealed is that the Navy now possesses a submarine capable of surfacing off the Shore of an enemy coun try firing a guided missile and diving again in a matter of min tiles. Moreover the guided missile can be directed for some five Hun dred Miles and if this does not bring it to the target another submarine further along the route can Lake Over and direct it another five Hundred Miles. If necessary the process can be re pealed a third time. Maybe we scared him too much Wash your eiderdown quilt by hand Ift lots of warm soap or detergent suds repeating in a Ond Tueful of fresh clean suds. Rinse Well squeeze out extra water and hang the quilt in the Shade. Shake it often during dry ing. Roscoe Drummond super aircraft carriers missile de missile submarines and the. Most modern Type of Carrier aircraft. Though the Navy does not have these modern weapons in great numbers at present and. Miral Burke believes a major War with Russia will not erupt in the near future. Conceding that Russia could Blunder into a War the chief of naval operations is convinced the soviets realize America s Superior military posture and will re. Frain from provoking any crisis or local War which might involve Russia and the United states in an All out nuclear War. He and Admiral stump commander of the seventh Fleet Are convinced that the Best Way to Deal with o local War is to use conventional and atomic weapons on a local scale and clean it up As fast As Possi ble with All the Power the United states can command. Look and learn by a. C. Gordon 1. About How Many different makes of automobiles have appeared in the markets of the world since the invention of the internal combustion engine 2. What Large City of the world lies partly in one continent and partly in another 3. Who was the most recent u. A. President under whom the National debt was less when he re tired than when he was elected 4. What percentage of the world s people earn less than a year 5. What member of the animal kingdom has no eyes legs nose or sense organs answers i 1. More Tian 2. Istanbul Turkey partly in Europe and partly in Asia. 3. Calvin Coolidge. 4. About 50 per cent. L. The sponge. English lesson by w. Gordon words often misused Dis ten Gulch Between excite to pro Duce agitation and incite to drive on to a particular excite is usually used of Arous ing the feelings As the Book excited interest in a National the speaker incited the mob to set fire to the build often mispronounced parquet. Pronounce Pahr Kay a Centon second syllable. Often misspelled imperative imperious domineering sputnik threatens dangerous shift of Power Washington Why is pub Lic reaction to the latest feats of soviet science and weaponry so Sharp so shocked and in a sense so anxiously bewildered is this just a passing mood which if the editorial writer would Only keep Cool and Calm would soon go away is this just injured National Pride which it is in gentlemanly not to suppress when what we k ally should be saying sports Rigby to the russians is Good game Joseph Alsop better team won see you an other or does this state of alarm and indignation Stem from an intuitive awareness that behind sput Nik and behind Moscove s icbms s lies the gravest peril to the United states i cannot escape the feeling that this nation wide mood critical Uncertain and intent upon support ing whatever exertions the presi Dent finds essential has sur prised or. Eisenhower and most other officials of the administration. This total dissatisfaction at be ing late and second Best is heal thy valuable and All to the Good because by reason or by instinct the Public simply knows that this is not a Davis cup match for a silly Bauble to put on your mantelpiece that this is a contest for survival itself and that if we Don t win it we won t be Able to say see you another what makes the present moment fateful is not simply that the Kremlin has dazzled the world with its Man made Moon or that the soviet icbms s Are getting so near to the production line. It is the consequence of these and related events which is fearful and the consequence is Itiat unless we exert ourselves terrifically we Are on the Brink of seeing the whole military balance of Power shift to the communist world. Here Are the reasons soviet delivery much too much Ankara Turkey. The dust Cloud Nikita Khrushchev raised Over Turkey is rapidly subsiding presumably As one result of the Kremlin s inner turmoil. Unfortunately the end of this artificial crisis does not in the least alter the very ugly evidence that the soviets have been making elaborate preparations for another mid dle Kastern Gamble on an unprecedented scale. In Brief the soviet deliveries of military sup pics to Syria really staggeringly exceed the utmost imaginable requirements of the syrian armed forces. Thus the question arises who is going to use these vast Slock the coldly simply t u r k i s h answer is thai the russians Ibum solves wan to use them if they dare1. The red army Lias Abtil 20 airborne brigades. They can be put Down in Syria in a Mailer of limit ii. A read made base now exists for ilium there. They can easily be called in by the soviet s syrian puppets when the Lime is Ripe to in repelling Daggres the Only logical purpose of the Dusl Cloud raised around tur Kcjr is to give a ill Lac color of to this kind of syrian for help. The Dusl lond is the ready made base Hinl run Only he useful in soul re forces is there inn organized lavish expense. Anyone who wishes to reject the turkish explanation As Loo lurid at least has the duly of find ing another explanation that fits the facts equally Well. This is not at All easy to do As the figures of Supply deliveries to Syria Only Loo clearly prove. Here one must add most people at Home seem to have been study ing the wrong statistics. The soviets have indeed Given the syrians a Hundred or More Jet fighters probably Mig 17s, a couple dred t34 tanks and an undetermined number of heavy Josef Stalin Lanks. In the context of the Middle Eastern situation these Are important quantities of advanced weapons. But they Are not much beyond reason if the soviet aim were merely to please their syrian army friends with plenty of glamorous military Loys. What is really beyond reason is the Hulk movement of military equipment into Syria in the lust months. The movement began in March. It gathered momentum in april and May. It has been going on Ever since. And of this move ment the toys for syrians have Only accounted for a Small Frac Tion. By turkish estimates iwo to three shipload of supplies arc now being unloaded every Day no the syrian porn of . Certainly i Neso sell Miles Are quite conceivable Correct since they would account for Only of third of the. Inordinately heavy move ment of soviet freighters through the bosporus that has been going on All Spring and summer. Western estimates Are More conservative than those Given by the turkish government. They show an average of about ship Load a Day of military supplies Laid Down in la Takieh since the traffic reached Peak int Cisily. But this Means tons of military supplies going Inlo lat t a k i e h daily. Thus one arrives at a Rock Bottom minimum input of half a million ions. An input of a million tons seems very probable. An input of a million and half tons seems possible. Compare the Supply Laid Down in Syria with the most extravagant requirement of the syrian army of less than men. Remember that it is probably exaggerating to put the syrian army s previous Supply consumption at a level of ions of supplies per year. The conclusion inescapably emerges that the soviet Supply in put is intended to be used by armed forces which not yet in Syria but which the soviets May wish to put into Syria later on. The calculation is complicated 1 by the Tad that he soviets arc building a submarine base near which of course needs to be docked Bui even the construction of this submarine base which is ominous and ugly enough is not a sufficient explanation of the global Supply movement. Add soviet submarines to the syrian army. Still other Large forces that May need sup plies have to be imagined in order to make sense out of the Krem Lin s logistics. This interpretation is further strengthened by the known Char Acler of a Large part of the e Tola supplies that have been moved. A very High proportion Falls into the category of base supplies that is ammunition motor fuel replacement parts clothing and other things that armed forces need after they have gone into action and expended their initial stocks. This part of the picture is rounded out by the fact that Large num Bers of huge warehouses suitable for military stockpiling on a Mas Sive scale together Willi under ground gasoline stores Are now being built in Syria. And the whole picture is rounded out by the further fact that having already built themselves four Jet airfields More than enough for their whole present air syrians Are now lengthening four More Fields to take jets. Altogether unless someone can Supply a soothing explanation that docs not Spring to this reporter s perhaps feeble mind hero is As troubling a Pic lure As the world has seen since the worst Momenta of the korean War. I. The military balance of Power in numbers in aircraft trained division combat ready and in Reserve is already overwhelmingly on the soviet Side. The free world is totally out matched on the ground. 3. In atomic and Hydrogen bomb we Are stalemated. Once we had an atomic monopoly. With some Heip from Western traitors the soviets produced their own. They got the Hydrogen bomb very fast. We May be ahead in Quantity but uie russian stick pole is sufficient for massive destruction. It will do the Job. 3. Next and More important indeed the heart of the danger is that the soviet Union May at this moment be within reach of a Superior striking Power capable of annihilating the distance from the urals to Omaha in minutes. You can dismiss the idea that the outer space sputnik and the rapid Pace of russian missile develop ment Are Lucky Breaks which happened by Accident and that soviet production will be just Loo too difficult. Time was when the Strale pfc air1 command of manned bombers was the most powerful striking Force in the world a massive deterrent to aggression. Now the russian 1ci3m has the visible potential of becoming a Superior striking Force. 4. Tic russians have Lakin a Gamble that we did not dare to take. Reasonably certain that we would not Start an atomic War Hie russians while maintaining their production of strategic bom Bers went All out to develop the icbms. Now Khrushchev bluntly tells the world thai the Era of the strategic bomber is past. Tnie Moscow is not dismantling its heavy bomber squadrons but i believe that if we dismiss Khrushchev s words hey will haunt us a we slide Down the slope of de Clining Power. What this Means is that it Russia widens or perhaps if it Only keeps its Lead in icbms plus us stockpile of nuclear Wea Pons and plus its superiority in combat aircraft and on land a decisive shift in the whole Mili tary balance of Power it in the mall of

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