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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - November 4, 1970, Florence, South CarolinaCould you Coo a Little Anderson John m. O Dowd 1ss7-1970 James a Rogers editor wednesday morning november 4, 1970 with theye dict rendered this morning South Carolina has a governor elect. Upon that office the primary attention of the political Campaign was focused. At the time of this writing the votes Are being cast and the identity of the person to be governor of South Carolina for the next four years is being determined. It is in the spirit of the democratic process that when the votes Are counted and the Winner declared the verdict is accepted in Good Grace whether it went according to one s wishes or not. Unless unforeseen circumstances arise when this Issue of the Florence morning news is distributed the Issue will have been decided and either John c. West will be the Choice of South carolinians for their next governor or Albert Watson. Whichever it becomes the duty of All citizens to help make the governor elect a Good governor during his four years in office. It will also be the duty of the winning candid Sce of con duct himself in a manner wherever it can buy Chea pest. The Federal judges noted in their comparatively Little has come majority opinion that the Law was from Western Europe where made by a legislative body dominated in by democrats and said it unlawfully be common delegates authority to political Tern of levies. It works this Way parties. If Canadian wheat costs t ton and common Market wheat an obvious defect of the present costs Canadian wheat can election system is the wide time Gap come in Only after paying a Levy. A common Market Mem Between the primaries or conventions in june and the. General election in november. So Iong As there is and for 8ale to be bombarded with political talk us by tit and activities for most of a year is surpluses have developed in just wearisome for the voters and it is those Basic products that Brit costly and physically exhausting for political candidates. It is particularly hard on candidates who must Battle for their party s nomination in the primary then almost immediately hit the Campaign Trail again to Battle the nominees of other parties. A More sensible scheduling of the primary is in order. Some have suggested that it be held in sep tember instead of june. Last week s ruling on the up candidates seems to add a note of urgency to the need to set More realistic qualifying dates which will assure candidates of All parties equal footing. Two Caloian on Toast Toga to the editor Good news for modern Man is bad news for South Carolina and All America and i and the Church i pastor want to go on record As being opposed to it and the method by which it is to be distributed in our state. The translation intentionally departs from the meaning of the original text in some of its renderings. By so doing it brings into question the Virgin birth of Christ and. Of salvation by Grace and deliberate at tempts to downgrade and minimize the blood of Jesus Christ by substituting the word death for the word the Only possible meaning to be derived from the greek word this attempt is Evi Dent in verses such As acts romans romans ephesians ephesians i Peter Rev. Just to mention a few. Now if blood is the Only possible meaning that can be derived from the greek word and if the translator renders it this is a dishonest rendering and a Gross misrepresentation of what the there Are other false rumours to the editor in reference to your editorial false rumours oct 31 some other false rumours about Florence District 1 schools need to be corrected other than those to which you referred. Prior to the opening of school this year it was rumoured that White principals would have Black assistants and Black principals would have White assistants. Now the Rumor is that the reason there Are no Black assistant principals is that there Are no qualified Blacks who would accept the this is false. There Are at least six Blacks who Are certified by the state department of Educa Tion to fill such positions. There Are some in this group who would have accepted had they been considered. The White Community is not entirely responsible for this Rumor because there Are several so called Black Community leaders who were aware of this Rumor and said nothing. To. F. Littles Florence holy spirit intended to say in the original text. When the holy spirit inspired the Bible he said for instance in romans justifies by his blood no Man has any right no matter How scholarly o r enlightened he May think himself to translate this by his death we Are now put right with the obvious attempt throughout As i see it is to make of Jesus Christ a great Martyr for a Good cause rather than As the Saviour whose blood clean Seth us from All sin i in. Furthermore i think it s wrong and a breach of Church state separation for our state through its department of Parks and tourism or recreation to assist in the promotion and distribution of the translation through Means of its Welcome centers across the state. It has no right to do this and i protest such action this is a religious Endeavor promoted by the Liberal american Bible society and Southern baptists and aided and abetted by our state govern ment to foist off on the american Public As a reliable work this translation of the new testament that is unreliable a scholarly dishonest and a reproach to the name of Jesus Christ and All fundamental Bible believers who As i believe in the plenary verbal inspiration of the Bible. I. Bennie Turner pastor first free will Baptist Church Kingstree pro marketeers in Britain have Little patience with this dispute. They Point out that the Tariff Wall on the continent against British Industrial goods will be dismantled at the same Speed As Britain starts buying food from the continent British firms will sell More autos Tweed suits and scotch whisky British workmen will get More qty and that should More than make up for higher food prices. More important still say the people who Are thinking of Brit Ain s future in the world joining uie common Market will enable the country to regain some of the influence it has lost since world War ii. Since Britain can no longer exercise much Leader ship in relations with the United states or even with the Commonwealth they say its voice has More Chance to be heard ii Europe. Quiz by a. C. Gordon 1. What is the unit of weight in the metric system 2. What substance s discovery ushered in the Antibiotic age in Medicine 3. Where is the oldest Institute of natural sciences 4. What Type of sound is most annoying to the average Man 5. What was the first Bill of human rights Ever enacted answers 1. The Gram. 2. Penicillin. 3. In Philadelphia the Academy of natural sciences founded in 1812. 4. According to one Survey sound that occurs in the Kitchen when a knife scrapes against a Saucepan. 5. England s Magna in 1215. Billy Graham says How do you equate a merciful All powerful creator with the fact that in this 2mb Century there Are some people a Day dying of starvation b. R. I Don t see How you can blame god for this state of affairs there is enough surplus food in the prosperous countries of the world to amply feed the Hun Gry of the world. Towse who have prospered should have the compassion of Christ and share our abundance with those who have not. I Don t How we can stand aside and blame god who has blessed us beyond for the famine disease and poverty in the world when we have in our hands the solution to the pro Blem. Why Don t we do it because the human race is infected with a disease called and sin Breeds self Liness. That is what tripped Adam up in the Garden of Eden and it has thwarted Mankind Ever since. A the problems of the world can be traced to sin in the heart. And god has made provision to rid us of this sin through the death of his son on the Cross. If Christ had his Way in the hearts of men Fiere would be no poverty and in equities in the world. Why does t god do something he has and he will he is going to Send his son Back to Earth to right the injustice. A child playing in the Yard ate some dirt containing Para thion. She later began crying and soon collapsed. Emergency treatment was unable to save her. Two years previously her father had treated the Yard and Patio with Parathion. The Para thion placed Between the Patio bricks did not in Pennsylvania Between and Birds mostly red Wing blackbirds were found dead Over a 10-acre area. Analysis. Revealed High Levels of Parathion contamination on seed in Washington state the owner dipped 270 head of cattle in a Parathion mixture which resulted in the eventual loss of 55 these Are typical of the stories in the agriculture files. The disasters have brought Calls from North Carolina epidemiology head or. Martin Hines for a ban on Parathion unless its use can be rigidly con trolled. Washington officials arc secretly working on stricter warnings which would include huge Skull and crossbones on the labels. But no ban is presently planned. Aucul tire officiate explained to this column that on such crops As tobacco and Leafy vegetables Farmers will lose More than 25 per cent of their Harvest without powerful Poison like Dot or Parathion. Safer pesticides simply Don t work against some spider mites and other destructive insects they say. Meanwhile the Parathion Market is booming As Dot sales taper off. Such powerful chemical giants As stauffer american Potash and Monsanto Are churning out the popular Poison and Don t want to give up their profits footnote the agriculture department is also secretly working up new restrictions on Dot which is still used widely on Cotton and Citrus fruits. In about a month the department will propose a total ban on some new foodstuffs and tight limits on others. Now that the election is Over vice president Spiro Agnew owes the Public an honest accounting of How much of the taxpayers Money he had spent on preaching As he might put it a polemic of partisanship. Agnew s staff has advised in Quiring reporters that the Republican National committee and local gop groups paid the expenses of his political tour. Actually hundreds of thousands of dollars of his expenses were siphoned out of the u. S. Treasury. City and state treasuries were also stuck with some of his Bills. For. Example the salaries of the secret service men. Many of Agnew s secretaries his speech writers and most of his High paid staffers came directly out of the taxpayers pocket. Some consultants who accompanied the vice president were paid by the Republican party As was his Campaign plane most hotel and food Bills typewriter rental and duplicating costs. But Many communications costs plus the salaries of is intelligence aide and other assistants with political assignments Back in Washington were paid by the u. S. And costs of Security men and equipment around Agnew s plane while he was barnstorm ing came out of tax funds. Agnew himself As with most politicians did not go off the payroll while he was lambasting the democrats who incidentally help pay his salary. I Don t have to Back up to the pay he scoffed. His Long Days away from Washington mean he also was shirking jobs for which he is get Ting paid. He was supposed to be presiding Over eight different councils and attending meetings of eight other committees. He has All but abandoned the Cabinet committee on school desegregation the n a t i o n a 1 aeronautics and space Council which he is supposed to head and the environmental Quality Council of which he is vice chairman. Johnr Nung Fruta Florence of lorning news. Published Dolly and sunday 141 s. Dirty t Nonna . 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