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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - November 3, 1973, Florence, South CarolinaNaming John m. O Dowd 1887-1970 James a. Rogers editor Joe b. Rickenbaker managing editor Dew James associate editor Richard g. Moisio general manager saturday november a punishing dilemma Star Light Star Bright like reapportionment and taxes Winthrop College coeducation has become one of those More or less perennial topics in the South Carolina general Assembly. Even though it has been amply demonstrated that keeping the Rock Hill College essentially an All female institution is wasteful in that it does not Best utilize a state higher education facility the legislature has Only grudgingly Given ground toward coeducation. As things now stand Throp can enrol male students Only after they have completed two years of College at other institutions and have been Resi dents of the state for one year. That Means Rock Hill area males who want to enrol As freshmen and sophomores at Winthrop because of convenience and eco nomic considerations cannot do so. They must either Bear the Cost and inconvenience of go ing somewhere else for the first two years or forget about col lege altogether. Winthrop s Uncertain status is further complicated by a 1972 legislative act which provides j for a statewide referendum in i 1976 on whether the College i should revert to All female Sla Tus or continue partially coed i National. I meanwhile the . Depart ment of health education and welfare has served notice that Federal funds to the College Are considerable will be off unless discriminatory enrolment policies arc changed. Hew is pressing the win Throp administration and trus tees for information on How they propose to eliminate discriminatory enrolment restrictions and has advised that unless they Are eliminated All Federal funds will be eliminated by 1979 Winthrop is in a bind obviously caught in what dr., Charles b. Vail the College s president Calls the punishing dilemma of an Uncertain fun a push has been begun by or. Vail and the Winthrop trustees to persuade the legislature to make Winthrop fully coeducational. It is almost i conceive Able that they could do other Wise. As things now stand win Throp stands to lose about is million a year in Federal funds. Restriction on enrolment restricts the role that Winthrop can play in the state s Overall educational endeavours. Develop ment is stymied on the broader curriculum needed to attract a More diverse student body and thus broaden the College s educational role. Winthrop s current enrol ment is almost 300 less than last year. Declining enrol ment leaves Beautiful High Rise dormitories on the Winthrop Campus vacant while other state institutions of higher learning Are having difficulty housing students. That condition in itself would seem sufficient to move the legislature to remove the barriers which prevent the College from playing its maximum role in the state s educational program. The twin pressures of a legislature on one Side which insists on keeping the College essentially All female and Federal agencies on the other threaten ing to Cut off funds does indeed leave Winthrop strapped in a punishing the Law and Justice Douglas supreme court Justice Liam 0. Douglas behaviour both and off the Bench Lias made him one of the most controversial men to Ever serve on the nation s highest court. Lie is known for his fiery and frequent dissents As a member of the court. Even when he sides the majority he frequently writes a separate opinion stat ing his particular views of the question at hand. Kven so he written Many powerful majority and dissenting opinions views common to himself and his colleagues. Off the Bench Douglas is a individualist not Espe Beholden to convention. He Lias been married four times the last time in 1966 to a 23 year old cocktail waitress he met in a bar who has since earned a Law degree. During an impeachment move in the House after his marriage which fizzled one congressman took the floor to denounce or. Douglas matrimonial Pace and to suggest there should be a process less cumbersome and perhaps devoid of the onus of treason and High crimes. Which necessarily is carried with Justice Douglas like his late colleague Justice Hugo Black tends to interpret Bill of rights protections literally. His Liberal advocacy is have helped carry the court into controversial re making of american institutions. That makes him an admired person in the eyes of civil libertarians while conservatives find Little if anything about him to Admire. Whatever one May think of Justice Douglas and his unconventional lifestyle he has been a significant Force in shaping through interpretation the nation s Law for nearly 35 years. It has been one of the most tumultuous periods in the court s history As rulings mandating social changes and extending citizens rights have been handed Down. The marking of an historical and personal Milestone for jus Tice Douglas this week therefore deserves notice. On monday his service on the court surpassed that of Justice Steven b. Field who retired in 1897 after serving 34 years and 195 Days on the court. Justice Douglas longevity is underscored by the fact that he has helped to write one fourth of the volumes written by the court and he has served with one third of the 100 men who have served on the court. Meter Killjoy about Killjoy he my lion s largest parking meter manufacturer has put on the Market a new kind of meter to foil motorists looking for a Park ing with unexpired Lime left on the meter. The maximum Revenue pro Ducer mrp indicates for Only three minutes How much time is purchased. After hat the Lime indicator disappears View. Consequently a would be free loader is unable o Tell if a meter has two minutes or two hours remaining. It does t matter much Here though. The Way parking spaces arc grabbed up we d Settle for an empty spot Wilh or with out time on the meter. Nash Banner son Clemente cover up Story told in papers Congress May loosen grip on tax policy by congressional quarterly Washington with the . Economy plagued by inflation con Gress May be forced to examine new policy tools to provide better management of economic trends. In doing so Congress May have to loosen its grip on the nation s tax policy. What is needed some government officials have concluded is some mechanism for raising or lowering taxes promptly when economic conditions demand restraint or stimulus. One frequently discussed proposal backed by the Federal Reserve Board would give the president authority to raise or lower Hie existing 7 per cent tax credit for business investment. Under the Federal Reserve plan the president could vary the existing 7 per cent credit within a Range from 3 per cent to 15 per cent subject to congressional veto. The plan frequently pushed by Federal Reserve Board chairman Arthur f. Burns has ally acted White House attention notably from Melvin r. Laird a presidential Counselor. While most members of Congress oppose a Vari Able credit the proposal is Likely to get further attention. Should Congress give the president Power to change the investment tax credit As economic conditions de Mand pro As Congress now operates it is impossible to use tax measures As an instrument of fiscal policy to step up or restrain the . Economic activity. Congressional procedures take too much time by the Lime Congress passes a tax Bill economic conditions Are Likely to i ave changed. And con Gress often turns tax measures Inlo Christmas tree Bills conferring special favors on inner Cal groups through Las changes. With Congress unable to respond quickly to the need for tax changes presidents usually reluctant to propose lax increases the Burden of guiding the Economy has fallen mainly on monetary policy administered by the Federal Reserve Board. By increasing or decreasing the Money Supply the Federal Reserve can encourage or discourage economic activity. Bui monetary restraints cause disproportionate hardships in certain sectors most notably housing while other sectors Are relatively unaffected. To complement monetary policy and spread the burdens of fighting inflation More evenly the Federal government should adopt More flexible mechanisms for adjusting taxes. As Federal Reserve Board chairman Arthur f. Burns declared in a 1972 speech if improved fiscal Mechan isms were used Side by Side with monetary policy to influence total spending the chances of avoiding excessive bursts of aggregate de Mand with their inevitable inflation Ary consequences would be greatly to make fiscal policy More flexible the Federal Reserve Board has pro posed a flexible tax credit for Busi Ness investment in plants and equip ment. Under the proposal the presi Dent could vary he investment credit fixed Al 7 per a Cal Between 3 per cent and 15 per cent depend ing on How much capital spending was appropriate for smooth economic growth. Con the variable investment credit proposal which would allow the presi Dent to adjust the credit rate raises serious problems for a constitutional form of government. Congress Given the Power of taxation by the Constitution is unlikely to Confer such authority on he executive Branch. Kven if Congress would go along a variable credit would introduce major uncertainties and difficulties in the planning of business capital expansion vital to continued . Competitiveness with other nations. In effect the United states already has tried a variable lax credit. Since first adopting the credit in 1962, con Gress twice has repealed and then reinstated it in attempts to Cool and then stimulate the Economy. But the resulting experience demonstrated the problems created by a Chang ing credit. The business Community continues to support a Flat 7 per cent credit As an incentive to investment needed to improve productivity employment and the competitiveness of . Industry. My answer by Billy Graham Kelv quote Pear but i to believe senator Ervin salp it first. What is All this business about sin you mention it Over and Over again in your sermons on radio and television. I think if Only makes people feel guilty. We All make mistakes and god must under stand our weaknesses. . If a Man knew High tension wires were exposed he s be less than human not to warn of the danger. Similarly having Learned of a desperate disease Malig Nant in the whole human race i have chosen to warn of its consequences. That disease is sin. Now there Are Many words in the new testament translated one of the commonest it Means a missing of the Mark. Consequently we can t define sin As some specific mistake or and occasional it is a Basic disorientation a fundamental difference of condition Between our natural stale and what a holy god requires romans the Bible says a Man who claims he is not a sinner is a liar. I m sorry that you re not informed about How Well god does understand our condition. Christ s death and resurrection comprise Majestic evidence that god did More than just understand. He acted to counteract sin. But its effect hinges on our willingness to accept it. Romans when your message is that Faith in Jesus sets aside guilt and penalty then All this talk about sin is very worthwhile. 645-3273 Washington the taxpayers were never supposed to find out How their Money was squandered on presi Dent Nixon s san Clemente estate. When we started to investigate last year government officials played keep away with the facts. By Jock Anderson the Story of Hie cover up is told in documents that have now fallen into our hands. The documents though bearing the Low classification for official use were treated As slate secrets. They should have been open to the Public under the Freedom of information act. But when we sought them the building supervisor san Cle Mente Carl Davis suggested that if so desired these files could be Acci dentally i assigned my associate Brit Hume in september 1972, to investigate the san Clemelle renovations. Brit s in quiries touched off an alarm inside the general services administration which supervised the project. The documents show that Brilt questioned the construction Engineer Wil Liam Robinson on september 28, 1972. Or. Hume identified himself As be ing from Jack Anderson s reports a classified memo and was aware that Bill Robinson was the contracting officer at the Western while House including the residence. It was apparent from the conversation that or. Hume was aware of All he contracts scope of work Dol Lar amounts and contract numbers for All of the was done by Hill or. Hume said it appeared there was something fishy going on and said he would like to see the records. Bill told him he no longer had any records instead of producing the records however Gas investigated How we Learned about the misuse of Money at san Clemelle. There were urgent Calls Between san Clemelle and Washington. E. W. Bails an the Region Al director in charge of Public build Ings reported i. Call from Rick Fanske who had been in Larry Roush and Frank Price All Gas and they wanted me to ascertain before the close of Busi Ness who leaked the information to Hume or How he obtained As part of the cover up the work done for the president at san Cle Mente was known by the secret code name project. recounted Baughman in his classified memo "1 called a Quick meeting of those people who were knowledgeable on operation Sunrise i also at this time contacted Ernest Garbarino building manager West Ern while House Field office and asked him to Contact the City build ing department to determine what information they had available on the Western White House construction and if this information was Avail Able to the Public. Ernie called Back and reported that or. Carl Davis who is in. Charge of the building department at san Clemente advised the files Are available to the Public these files also carry the code name Troj act Sunrise or. Davis indicated to Ernie that if so desired these files could be accidentally Baughman meanwhile ducked a Telephone Call from Brit. The Call was transferred to me and he was old i was not reported Baugh Man. He added i informed the people having knowledge of project Sunrise if they were contacted by or. Hume or any other news Media they Are not to respond to questions and abruptly and promptly refer such Calls to the White House press of despite the Effort to obstruct our investigation we were Able to pub Lish the first report on october 3, 1972, that the president was renovating his old Spanish Villa in san Cle Mente in part with Public funds. We filed a Bill that the tax payers paid to buy the Nixon a new heating system. The secret service bravely took1 the blame for the expenditure and offered us this imaginative explant tion.1 the Healing said a spokesman was changed As a re Sull of our suggestion that it be changed. We considered the former system to be in such condition that it was a threat to the president s be democratic leaders behave responsibly Washington through All the Long tragedy of the watergate scan dals and the rightly forced Resigna Tion of vice president Agnew the democratic leaders of Congress have been behaving with admirable responsibility toward he National inter est. By Williams. White it is sad however upon returning from a Brief Holiday from the High and searing fevers of Washington to see these leaders beginning to knuckle under to the hysteria of the More extreme of the anti Nixon ites. To be sure such men As speaker Carl Albert of the House and majority Leader Mike Mansfield of the sen ate Are still stolidly rejecting the endlessly reported floods of Tele Grams demanding president Nix on s impeachment. They Are by the Way which Are strikingly at variance with a Gallup poll showing 55 per cent of the Public to be opposed to impeachment As against per cent in favor of it. In Short the vast majority of the people notwithstanding those floods of Are not ready to oust a president of the United states unless and until some impeachable offence is at least responsibly charged let alone proved. Nor Are the democratic leaders pre pared even to contemplate so pro found a step in the dark on the rec Ord thus far. One could unreservedly Salute them for the decency and the sense of responsibility which they do in fact possess however but for the Case of the vice presidential Des Ignate rep. Gerald Ford. For while the democratic Congress is behaving Well on what is thus far Al least the run Issue of presidential impeachment its Alli Lude upon the Mailer of confirming Ford s appoint ment is something else again. The Long and Short of in is that those floods of telegrams that Are not being allowed to inundate the presi Dent at a Lime of world crisis Are being allowed to Wash Over on Ger Ald Ford. He has nothing whatever to do of course Wilh a Halver Rich Ard Nixon May have improperly done. Almost any reasonable by not excepting i Hose who desperately wish to see the president s impeachment should recognize thai the highest of All National needs is for filling the vacancy in the vice presidency Wilh the least possible delay. We require above All a sense of National order restored. We require a vice president in office and not held in limbo or held in limbo no longer than is rationally Neces sary while his character is sensibly investigated. But sensible investigation of a Man who for two decades has rubbed shoulders with his colleagues surely does not. Mean the mania of investigation for investigation s Sake that is now threatened on Capitol Hill. We have speaker Carl Albert and senator Mansfield solemnly vowing to proceed with All due deliberate and then we find that Ford s confirmation can be considered maybe before the current session of Congress closes at the end of the year. Some deliberate Ness this is it Means a minimum of two More months of investigation an inquisition of a kind and duration that no Leader in Congress really believes is in any Way either necessary or fair. Pm. A

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