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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - November 3, 1973, Florence, South CarolinaGood morn ing it s saturday november our 50th year no. 307 Florence. S. C. Daily sunday International Oil shortage becomes More acute i by the associated press the approach of Winter and inc International Oil shortage forced further moves Friday in the United states to. Economize on fuel. The situation was heightened by the announcement of a heavy increase in Canada s tax on its crude Oil exports. Begin Ning next month Canada will increase the tax from cents a barrel to a whopping a barrel. Particularly hard hit will be Consumers in Northern areas of the Midwest and Kar West which account for most of the one million Gallons of Canadian Oil used in the . Each Day. Federal officials earlier said they would act without delay on an emergency plan to Deal with fuel shortages. Move followed reassessment of the ban by nine Arab nations Ono shipments . Senate Interior committee chairman Henry Jackson said he and White House Energy adviser John a. Love agreed on the action because the crisis is much worse than All of us anticipated a week Jackson revised upward an earlier loss figure of Arab Oil from 1.2 million barrels a Day to 3.3 million barrels a Day. The Senate Commerce committee approved a Bill Friday that would require manufacturers to Label heating and Cooling appliances to show expected operating costs. In Europe foreign ministers of the nine common Market countries Start two Day talks on the problem on monday. They were split Over whether to defy or Bow to a cutoff of Arab Oil shipments to the Netherlands a Market member. The dutch have not concealed their Affinity israelis in the Middle East fighting and the arabs have accused them of being a Transfer Point for . Arms shipments during the War. Rotterdam the world s largest port is the. Terminal for a pipeline through which much Arab Oil is shipped to West Germany and other european Consumers. Japan gets w per cent of ils fuel from East Fields was noticed Friday by Shell International of Britain of new cutbacks in crude Oil deliveries. Further reductions Are expected. In the . Expected fuel shortages have prompted actions by state and local Gover Nientsu. Vermont has started to work on a plan for voluntary Daylight saving time to add an extra hour of Daylight in the afternoon and ease the fuel crunch. Wisconsin s new state office of emergency Energy assistance will try to collate information on fuel inventories so surpluses in one place can be moved to areas of shortage. An Indiana official predicted Many 1 Loose cars will be out of work this Winter As fuel shortages close plants. Robert c. Morris chairman of the governor s Energy conservation committee complained hut hoarding and a Black Market in fuel already have begun especially in Northwest Indiana. Jackson . Force agreement reached item nations. . Al l the United slates and. The soviet Union on Friday night broke a deadlock Over East West balance on the new . Middle East peacekeeping Force with agreement to use polish and Canadian Supply troops diplomats said. The . Security Council railed ablate night meeting to authorize Secretary general Kurt Waldheim to draw troops for the peacekeeping Force from seven additional countries including Poland and Canada. The reported Compromise specified that polish and Cana Dian forces would be used particularly for logistic duties. The other five countries. I s. Ikhi Block i ing soviet demands for then o Poland it was r the soviets dropped demands for both Poland and Liui Garia. The Council convened shortly1 to before 10 . Western officials said it was important that Poland would be limited to a logistic and Supply role. September search for tapes failed Abraham around the end South Sicovs Johnny Abraham 42 eludes several Myrtle Beach sea Hawks in route to a Large gain in game Friday night. The sea Hawks Defeated the Falcons 12-0 in the last game of the season for both teams. Photo by Johnny Washington api pres ident Nixon knew two subpoenaed watergate tapes were missing More than a month be fore the White House acknowledged in open court that they did t exist a presidential aide testified Friday. After two Days of a Federal court hearing the watergate prosecution Force still was satisfied that it knows All the circumstances surrounding the phantom tapes and the hearing was scheduled to resume tues Dav with White House aide Stephen a. Cuil the div m q Frda Jav Ariot her Cha pet r in the watergate affair will re sume in the. Same courtroom when . District court judge. John j. Sirica hears the motions of five watergate defendants to withdraw their guilty pleas and a motion for a by James w. Mccord jr., who was . Bull told the court Friday that he was reviewing a Hatch of White House tape recordings at Nixon s request at Camp David md., on sept. 29 and fou Iid that conversations of june 20, 1972 and april 15. 1973 were not in the tapes. Not Sintil last wednesday did the White House publicly acknowledge that the two record Ings were nonexistent. A week White House lawyers had said in court they would comply with an order that called for the production of nine watergate related presidential apes. Hull who doubles As an appointments and scheduling Sec the White House said. He was Toj d. On 29 that a re View of certain conversations requested by l Ilber the Senate watergate committee or tire Cox Archibald j. Cox a i that time headed the special watergate prosecution Force. I5ull said he tapes were car died to the Cato tin Mountain presidential Retreat where he began . At that time it was apparent see watergate pago5a presidential aide Stephen v. Bull in court to answer questions Mcclenaghan defeats f so Castee 27-0 Kissinger meets with syrian officials Mcclenaghan wins but Wilson Index loses to Kingstree 7-6 Myrtle Beach defeats Southside 12-0. Cur ones Page 1c. Comics the court refuses to dismiss a deaths suit against the state doctor Law enforcement division. Page in editorials a Timmonsville Man is found innocent o murder in general sessions court. Page 2a. 4 3cs state area 1b 8 markets weather increasing cloudiness and warm. I highs in the 70s lows around 50. Details Page 3a. Washington a Secretary of state Henry a. Kissinger met Friday with a top syrian official in an expansion of exploratory talks on a possible Middle East settlement. The one hour session with Mohamed Zacaria Ismail the Deputy foreign minister was the first High level .-syrian Contact in a year. The two governments have not had diplomatic relations since the 1db7 Arab israeli War. Ismail described the stale department session As but declined to say whether it signalled syrian interest in joining the three sided diplomacy being conducted by Egypt Israel and inc United Stales. It was an initiative on the american the syrian minister said in explaining inc arrangement that bought him to the capital from the syrian . Mission in new York. As the diplomatic Pace quickened Kissinger arranged More meetings with israeli prime minister Golda Meir and with egyptian foreign minister Ismail Fahmy. The Secretary was to meet with mrs. Cir at Blair House and scheduled the Fahmy session atthe state department. Kissinger also gave ambassador s of in Rah Atlantic treaty organization countries a step by step account of the Middle Kast crisis. Several allies let it be known during last month s massive . Weapons Airlift to Israel that american planes would not be Welcome in to Weir air space or on . Bases on their territory. The nato nations were raided for this by president in Ixon and slate department officials last week. Gidio Ortona the italian ambassador described the session with Kissinger As constructive Frank pleasant and asked whether the europeans had expressed unhappiness with tire criticism he said. No this was not the occasion for such things 1 meanwhile Robert j. Mccloskey. The state department spokesman declined to discuss details of the various meetings. There is an intensive round of diplomatic discussions underway and i can to say any at the same time. Israeli prime minister f Lola Meir had a scheduled appointment with . Defense Secretary lame s r. Schlesinger about military supplies. Senators who had breakfast with mrs. Cir at Blair House said she was Likely to ask the United Stales to help Israel achieve greater strength than it had before the com kippur War. The soviet Union tins completely restocked Egypt and Syria and Israel Leils u cannot afford to he at a three to on or f o u a to one military disadvantage said sen. Jacob k. Javits . But a senior defense official said he United states had underestimated the Basic ammunition Hal should be kept on hand and. As a result . Supplies were seriously depleted luring the Middle. East War. The Pentagon official said the Drain caused by helping Israel May Force the Nixon administration to ask for an increase Over the defense budget for fiscal 1974. Sen Hubert h. Humphrey. Who also attended the breakfast said mrs. Meir was deeply concerned about War prisoners being held by Egypt and Syria and about an egyptian blockade at the Entrance to the had sea. Mansfield wants Saxbe put off Washington a Senate democratic Leader Mike Mansfield said Friday Legisla Tion providing for a court appointed special watergate prosecutor should be acted on ahead of sen. William b. Saxbe s nomination to be attorney general. Just the opposite position was taken by Mansfield s Republican counterpart sen. Hugh Scot Lof Pennsylvania. It s customary to Slop what we Are doing and immediately consider the appoint men of a senator to a Cabinet Scott said. So i suppose we will do the Issue now is before the Senate judiciary committee to which the nomination of Saxbe an Ohio Republican has. Been referred for consideration. The committee now is in the midst of what could be protracted hearings on the firing of Archibald Cox As the watergate prosecutor various Bills to provide for a replacement by Law. And a measure to extend the Jfe of the watergate grand jury. Texas lawyer Jaworski. A Democrat was appointed thursday As Cox s successor As president Nixon announced Saxbe s nomination. Israelis deplete . Reserves Washington a a senior Pentagon official said Friday the need to replenish . War stocks depleted by the resupply Effort to Israel May Force an increase in inc pro posed american defense budget. The official said that during the american Airlift to the israelis Pentagon officials had discovered certain deficiencies in american weapons and am munition stockpiles. Who s to receive artificial hearts York a Choos ing some recipients for an a artificial heart May have to be done lottery a special study panel says. An artificial heart that is to Lally implant Awe not pow ered by an outside source May for human use within 10 years the panel says. Patients should be chosen by medical criteria defining who would Best Benefit from the heart the panel said but when All other things Are equal lot Tery m a be the answer. In situations. Where application of medical criteria do not resolve the a panel member says the panel favored random selection by and scientists was formed to assess the economic ethical this was just one of the of Legal psychiatric and Serrations of the artificial social implications of a totally heart assessment panel setup implantable heart by the National heart and lung a discussion of the study a i restitute in August 1972. It sub pears in the november Issue of milled its report last the Hastings Center report a the Mcanel of lawyers philos publication of the Hastings Cen Peers physicians theologians Ler Hastrup on Kudosh . Unemployment rate drops unexpectedly Washington api the Well being of millions of Ameri Nalion s unemployment Rale can families.1" plunged unexpectedly last month to the lows so level in More ban Ihrcke years -t.5 per cent of the work Force he gov can men said Friday. The Sharp Retreat from sep tember s 4.r per cent jobless rate represented the first significant change in inc National Lary restraint to keep the sex in employment picture since pension of economic activity to june h put the Nixon adminis a sustainable rate and help Iraklion squarely in the infer of Bruns inflation ils year end unemployment tar Esaid. In recent Days. Stein has in administration economists dictated hat kill Rale next rut Stein added hat the drop Means Here is Little room left for increasing economic output by bringing unutilized labor into it increases the importance of proving there jobs situation. By an of Down As he from Strong gains this b souvenir an Kermti Muter egyptian m his morning Coffee in Suez City. Part of jaw Toh Force occupying a portion o sum City on to West Bank of the Stamz canal. A worry thai the report May mean the Economy is starting to get overheated again. The october jobs report by Herbert Stein chairman of he Bureau of labor statistics president Nixon s Council of. Showed a Strong month for pm economic advisers said the deployment which nose port is a most Welcome level workers in season Wilry adjusted Ozment contributing to the figures to r5.7 Millton

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