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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - November 3, 1957, Florence, South CarolinaWeather increasing cloudiness warm with risk of scattered. Showers during late afternoon. High 75. Low near 50 details. Page 2-a. Reader s tip natural Gas lines in Marior bring texan to pee Dee. He remarks photos on pages a. Vol. 225 Florence s. C., sunday morning november daily 5c sunday we you there daddy Tarry Brown 4, of tenn., is reassured by his father Alvin b. Brown As the boy recovers in a Knoxville. Hospital from an Eye injury. Brown said the boy was Hurt accidentally when a Sharp fool flew from the father s grasp. Both eyes Are bandaged but Only the left is Hurt. A photo lax us open House postponed Here because of flu related photos Story 2-b the convocation and open House formally opening the Flor ence Extension Center of the University of South Carolina has been postponed because of the prevalence of flu. The program was scheduled to be held beginning at p. M. Monday. Or. Howard Stokes chairman of the Florence county Educa Tion commission said the postponement was decided after a conference with City and county health officers. He said that the action was taken in the Public the official opening ceremonies will be scheduled at a later Date. The program is designed to Honor University officials for their work in getting the Center established Here. Flu complications claim child s life flu complications claimed the life of a three year Oli Hartsville girl yesterday raising to three the number of fatalities in the Florence area. Irene Mclaughli died of a la a Ryneal obstruction shortly after being admitted to the Byerly Tim Mons Hospital or. W. L. Byerly sr., said last Nyght. He also said that serious com plications in the nature of Bron Chiai pneumonia were developing with Many of the patients. Hetre ported few new cases. An elderly woman in Mcleo infirmary in Florence was reported. In fair condition last night she had been listed critical Fri Day after suffering from Haemorrhages brought on by influenza. Meanwhile Florence City rights conflict to tie Congress by Jack Bell Washington nov. 2 Fulbright dark said today he fears the next session May be practically immobilized on pressing Domestic and foreign problems by renewed controversy Over civil rights. Fulbright a member of the for eign relations committee and chairman of the banking commit tee said in an interview he looks for introduction of a series of Bills aimed at enforcing racial integration in the schools and Public places throughout the South. I am afraid that if this course is followed Congress is going to be practically immobilized while we have another Battle Over civil he said. We have some vastly More important things to do than to spend our time wrangling Over civil rights including catching up with the russians sputnik and their missile developments. I would hate to think that such important chairmen As sen. Rus sell a a and rep. Vinson d a would be forced to Divide their attention Between the nation s military needs and the civil rights controversy but it looks As k that is what might the two georgians head the armed services committees of their respective houses. Both Are All put opponents of civil rights legislation. Fulbright did not comment on president Eisenhower s use of fed eral troops in the Little Rock ark., Central High school integration dispute.1 Bui sen. Flanders a it said thai situation was one that would have to be reckoned with. I Hope Well digest our present civil rights meal without reach ing out for Flanders said. Civil rights is not going to be the important subject for Legisla Tion in the next session. The cold War the russian mis Sile advances farm Price supports and other matters should have the primary attention of several senators and House members have announced their intention of introducing Bills to re Vive a Section of the civil rights measure stricken by the Senate which would permit the attorney general to bring. Injunction suits to enforce civil rights generally. Hospitals reported a general in crease in flu patients. Most of the patients were being sent Horn bed unless complications had be in they said. Or. John l. Bruce of Bruce hos Pital in Florence also reported Ai increase in most a these complications were due to bronchial pneumonia he said. Or. Bruce emphasized that he new of no one receiving the flu vaccine who had developed com locations. In he said in ene i family those who took the vac Cine Are in Good health and those who did t All have the All three of the death victims Lave been Young children. Two were under a year old. Claude Ballard City health com missioner reported last night that 0 significant change had been noted except that there have been 1 few new victims. He said that school will open up As scheduled wednesday unless the outbreak rows worse. We Hope it will sub Ide by he added. Florence schools closed Friday and schools closed arlier in the week. Area deaths 0. J. Jones Pamplico Russell w. Long. Conway Irene Mclaughlin Hartsville magic Lee Gilbert Carlsville miss Clara Campbell Darling ton Ollic w. Windham Sumter details Page 2-a 246 draw new voter permits at courthouse registration certificates were is sued to 246 person s Al the Flor ence county courthouse yesterday. Facilities were available for 500, the registrar reported. 73 negroes registered. Monday and tuesday registry Tio n will be held in the Florence county commissioner s office from 9 . To 5 . I registration will be held at the i Coward school wednesday from 9 . To 5 . United fund running toward goal the United fund of greater Florence was in the role of a mile runner in the last laps this week end. With a second wind it will Cross the finish line. Without it a lot of other runners will pass it research Scarcity of chairity Aid and numerous others. The fund has run a Good race so far hut it needs some in encouragement to break the tape. Volunteer support Lars will be out ners such As hunger. Reds May hit Moon nov 7 san Francisco. Nov. 2 us by. Edward Teller snid Loday he will not be surprised if the rus sians Hil the Moon on nov. 7 and they my even put a red Star on or. Teller null car called the fal Crof the Hydrogen bomb said the russians my shoot a missile at the Moon on he 4fllh anniversary of the fled revolution. They my Pill red m ii they May even put a red Star in or. Teller Loki n Confer Cnoc of elementary school science in chm at san Francisco Santo College. We Are so behaving that with out any Dib we shall slay ahead of the in he declared or. Teller predicted Hinl once it missile Rej Ithac Moon gelling to Venus or Mars will follow within the if we Don t do ii the lius Slans he sold. Or Teller old the group of in ichor Hinl the launching of sputnik proved int the lius Slans already know How to Mako Heller and More powerful weapons at least in one Field than we do. In an uni Sive Campaign collecting like inadequate and commitments cheers All next week. Workers Are asked to have All United fund cards completed or fund Headquarters n. Irby St. Friday november 8, for the concentrated mcniss the Lino sprint. Total fund in Dale is 087. Award winning firms added to United fund Lisl Dis closed yesterday were s. H. Kress co., Patillo printing co., Larkins Boyd cloth Iii co., Miller s Iloo cry Talbert insurance Agency Thorn Mcann shoe store foe s electric shop. Award winning employee groups include f. W. Woolworth co., a t. Pc Sci Gross construction co by Kremlin rulers popular hero gets treatment from Comrade Moscow nov. 2 a the communist parly has ejected Marsha Geprgia from its Centra committee and ruling presidium because it charged tonight h tried to eliminate party Contro Over the armed forces. This demonstrated insufficient parly rudely violate the Leninist party principle for d Section of the armed the Central committee has established that the cult of comrad Zhukov s personality was cultivated in the soviet army with his personal a part Resolution made Public tonight said. With the help of sycophant and flatterers he was praised t he sky in lectures and reports in articles films and pamphlets and his person and role in the great patriotic War were Over thus was the popular world War ii thoroughly downgraded. Ther was no hint As to what his future would be. He was dismissed a defense minister a week ago Toda and tonight s announcement said Only that the party secretaria lad been instructed to find Hii other work. The party chief Tail Nikita Khrushchev said last tues Day that Job would fit the 60-year old marshal s training and exper ence. The formal announcement Sai the Resolution condemning Zhukov had been adopted unanimously by members and candidate Mem Bers of the Central committee. The Resolution said Zhukov conceit caused him to co Side himself a single hero of All vie ories achieved by our people ant heir armed forces under the leadership of the communist it followed up the charge that e violated the Leninist principle or party control of the armed orces by saying because of this Zhukov did not Alfill the Trust placed in him by be party. He turned out to be a politically bankrupt representative Ith a tendency to adventurism in is understanding and evaluation f the most important problems of foreign policy in the soviet Union Well As his direction of the ministry of the communique said the party ventral committee met late in october and discussed the improvement of party and political Ork in the soviet army and then it added the plenary meeting has excluded Georgi k. Liukovi from membership of the presidium of the Central commit be and from the Central commit be of the Par of the soviet Zhukov was the first Active pro ssi onal Soldier Ever elected to e presidium the former Polit Uro and the seat of Power in rus he reached that Peak Only St june. It was the second major turn or in the Kremlin in four months and Zhukov who led the scene of Stalingrad and captured Erlin thus goes the Way of three her presidium members. In uly former premiers Georgi Lenkov and v. M. Molotov and d bolshevik Lazar Kaganovich Ere removed and subsequently signed to minor jobs far from Moscow. The Zhukov communique was a assertion of the communist Par re rigid control Over the massive de army. It appeared almost med to coincide with the arrival Mao Tze Tung ruler of red Chi a. Without mentioning the Zhukov ase Mao greeted soviet lenders t the Airport with a re affirm on of China s Solidarity with the Oviet Union declaring is o Power on Earth to Divide lao called Khrushchev Premier Nikolai Bulgarin and president Semonti v. Vor Shilov dear the also Cloarec be Nymn specie for he 401 h Anni i Spry Celebration nov. 7 of la iils Cvik revolution when the Viot Union is expected to idles weapon of the atomic bulletin sunday. Nov. 3 us motrin Ridln Caln y Nannou Nacri Hinl 8 in Mirt car Lar Ulen Hie Roii Imin Lipil. A ring was itt Khrushchev in Toast with u. S. That marshal Georgi k. Zhukov ousted russian defense Shii Nikita Khrushchev right and u. 5. Ambassador Llewellyn Ster would get another Job but we have not decided what Thompson Are in a Jovial mood is they make Toast to peae it would be. These pictures were made by Harold milks at the turkish embassy reception in Moscow. It was there a Bureau chief in Moscow. A photo fax that the soviet communist party chief revealed to newsmen. U. S. Views soviet shakeup As evidence of stresses by John m. H1ghtower Washington nov. 2 w the United states said tonight that the Sovie ouster of marshal Georgi Zhukov coming on top of the shakeup last june gives Evi Dence of stress and strains that must be present within the soviet the comment was made in a state department statement which referred to Zhu Kov As a distinguished military it also challenged the soviet communist party line that it was Zhukov who was responsible for adventurism in soviet for policy. The statement said it was Dif cult to reconcile the accusation f adventurism against Zhukov the fact that soviet comm Boss Nikita Khrushchev re Nelly wanted to Send Zhukov to Ashington with a Mission of High Trust and Khrushchev in the View of Ashington officials is Riding the est of soviet Power after his vie Ory Over Zhukov. But it May be costly Triumph for him in the ing run. U. S. Officials said privately it impossible to see How a Man Zhukov s prestige and influence Ould be thrown out of authority s announced officially in a mos inv statement today without rousing resentment and hostility. The state department statement As issued after hours of consid ration by High department offi als following the report of the enral committee of the soviet communist party in Moscow. The a. Comment reflected a Lack of on Crete information As to the reasons Why Zhukov was moved from his position As dense minister in the soviet gov rement and a member of the presidium and Central committee the soviet communist party. The Zhukov Mission to the filed slates which the state ent referred to. Would have in olved talks Between Zhukov and resident Eisenhower taking id Wantage of the fact that the two worked together briefly As victorious commanders in de ated Germany at the end of world War ii. Friendly Terras Eisenhower has always spoken i Friendly terms of Zhukov and a pressed admiration for him As military Leader. Last summer he president said it might be useful for Zhukov and Charles e. Vilson then Secretary of defense o Exchange visits. The soviet government Picoc in the idea of a Zhukov visit and n a private inquiry by am Assn Lor Georgi Zari Ibin no the Senle asked whether the lulled slates would receive Zhu Tov. Zarubin was advised int the remark was entirely and the soviet Nave to Send Zhukov Here was Hus blocked. Khrushchev Dis Louscil this incident in n ivc enl tale Rivca with the new York times and expressed great Indig nation at the United states unwillingness to invite Zhukov Zhukov said admitting All Moscow sunday nov. 3 pravda said today ousted de sense minister marshal Georgi Zhukov had admitted All the or Rorr of his ways and voted for his own expulsion from his communist party posts. The official communist party newspapers gave this report in major editorial on Zhukov j ejection party Central committee and ruling presidium. In a separate article marshal Ivan s. Konev commander of the Warsaw pact Alliance accused Zhukov of joint responsibility with Stalin for soviet defeat in the Early stages of world War n. Zhukov s abject admission was reported made at the plenary session of the Central commit be that voted unanimously to strip him of he High party poets. Referring to the communist party charges against Zhukov thai he tried to build a cult of per attempted to eliminate party control of the armed forces and was guilty of adventurism in foreign affairs the . State ment declared there has no doubt been adventurism in foreign policy As witness the recent soviet threat to Turkey and the fabricated charges disseminated by soviet spokesman regarding the Middle East. However the placing of responsibility for this upon Zhukov is difficult to1 reconcile with tie recently expressed desire of or. Khrushchev to entrust mar Shal Zhukov with a Mission of Ligh Trust and Confidence to the United states. This ouster and attempt to Dis race a distinguished military eader so quickly following the similar actions against Georgi Malenkos v. M. Molotov Lazar Kaganovich and Dmitri Shipilov s evidence of the strains and stresses thai must be present with in the soviet1 Khrushchev in Saddle for present Washington nov. 1 Tel Nikita Thrush Civ appeared to be Riding the Crest of soviet Power today with his Triumph Over mar Shal Georgi Zhukov. But it could urn out to be a costly Victory. Khrushchev is formally in the Saddle now but he is there be cause in the space of five months be has deposed several powerful men whom he considered danger Ous rivals for his position. They were dangerous because friends and influence her in the communist party or he military forces and this fact indicates the probable existence dissident elements flu cd could make trouble for Khrushchev and Hose who support him in some future political crisis. State department officials found Ittie in today s formal. Moscow announcement of Zhukov s dismiss a to shed any real Light on what in actual issues Between him and Khrushchev were. N or was there much indication of what the effects of the sensational shakeup May be on soviet Domestic and foreign policy. President Eisenhower was in Ormed of the announcement it Vest Point where he was attend football game. He thanked newsmen for bringing the latest dispatches. To his attention but had no immediate comment. Zhukov tastes red Justice that he proposed in Toast inside classified wan ads 10-11-a deaths and funerals 2-a Drew Pearson 4-a rot Coo Drummond 4-a society women 3-7-b sporti.6-9-a theater to. 10-a weather fact 2-a by William l. Ryan a forc Irti news analyst four years ago this fall Georgi made a cryptic Toast to saturday night he got Justice communist style. For out Nikita Khrushchev and his colleagues must pay a heavy Price. The russians hero of Berlin has been publicly humiliated. In accomplishing this in Healing Down a Man of Zhukov s stubborn Ness Khrushchev and his retinue have asserted their authority Over regular officers of the armed forces. The treatment of Zhukov will Shook t to corps and ovoid Hie milks. All i lie available evidence is that the regular officers and men de test the system of political spying. Al each Luvel of command a Matching representative of the communist party reports directly to a main administration under the Cen trial committee. These political offi cers can veto and interfere with Mili tary officers decisions. Zhukov opposed the dual com Mand so Zhukov Hart to go. Marshal Zhukov

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