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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - November 2, 1970, Florence, South CarolinaSo monday nov mar 2, Toto the truth about . Flora of the Telephone conversation Between sheriff Frank Powell of Richland county and town Hyder chief of police of Forest acres police dept. As Given to Newt Medio Ott. 30. Chief Hyder Wos the Low enforcement officer on the scene during the incident in Forest acres on wednesday october 14th and 15th this Telephone conversation was recorded Friday oct. 16, 1970. Sheriff Powell is chief in please sir chief Hyder this is he sir. Powell chief Frank Powell How Ore you doing Hyder of pretty Good. How Are you today Powell Fine boy you really have your problems out there. Hyder Ain t that the truth Powell do you think everything is settled away now you reckon Hyder no sheriff i Arr afraid it in to and i had planned on calling you. Monday might be the Peak of the situation. Powell right Well you know any Way in the world we can help All you have to do is Call us and if you think maybe we ought to have them close by i mean not out there but so in cars ready to go in need us Well be most Happy to help in any Way we can. What seems to be the problem out there i have problems at lower Richland and St. Andrews and it seems to be bouncing Back and Forth to different places. I Don t know what the problem seems to be i do know what the problem is at lower Richland and St. Andrews. Hyder Well i guess All the schools have it. We have some radicals in this school. Powell yes you got them everywhere. Hyder and they Don t look for a reason you know for a situation to break out like this some of these students Ore just looking for an excuse. Powell i know it. Well did you according to the paper you had some trouble out there wednes Day. Chief right that was first the beginning of it. Then we had trouble yesterday. Powell what caused the trouble out there wednesday did you Ever hear did you Ever find out from Harvey principal of a. C. Flora what the trouble How it started chief of yes. One of the coloured girls she was walking Down the Hall Way and a White boy pop Ped her with a Towel or something or was sup posed to. She told her brother about it and then she changed it and told her brother you know that he choked her. Powell that was the coloured girl saying the White boy choked her Clinef yes Well the coloured her brother went to this White boy and apologized i mean asked him about it and he was going to fight him about it of course Over it. The White boy apologized for it and this apology was accepted. There was no ill feeling there but the word had already spread through the other coloured Stu dents. And later things started to build up tension started to build up and of course the principal or. Harvey was on the outside of the administration building arid he wanted to talk to Green he wanted to get to the Bottom of the situation. Now that was the boy involved the coloured boy who was going to fight. Powell that was the Green boy chief right and he Harvey Hod two other boys with him and he saw Green and he told these boys to get him that s the boy i want to talk to and two coloured students were standing close by and they overheard this and of course there was a situation there that when these two White boys went to get the boy for Harvey to talk to this boy picked up a chair and started swinging. And that really set it off. Powell in other words Harvey told the two boys to go get the boy he wanted to talk to and the other two heard it and took it up. Chief no they did t take it up but they passed the word around but this coloured boy Harvey wanted to talk to is the one who picked up a chair when these two White boys approached him. Powell Well i la be Durn. Chief and that set the works off. Powell was there much trouble out there wednes Day chief Well we had quite a few fights up in that area but we got that calmed Down. Powell was there More trouble wednesday than yesterday chief no no yesterday thursday was More trouble than wednesday because these Stu dents had revenge in their hearts i guess and they were going to get even. Powell and they took it up yesterday. Chief right and you know our news Media has n t treated us right they have made some mis quotations and so Forth and Powell i read the accounts of it Anu i did to Well you can t understand what they say sometimes they take excerpts and this that and the other and i just wondered what happened out there yesterday because i Vas curious. Chief Well we got the tension is High right now in both communities and that s the problem. Monday it will probably be the Peak of it. To blow open or maybe it will Settle Down and Thev will get Back to business. Powell Well that thing yesterday was a Collinu option of the Deal wednesday. Right yes sir. Powell the Way the paper Hod it this Cor caused All the trouble out there. Chief no. Powell that red car with the Watson workers in there and so Forth. Chief Well that is one of the mis quotations that s where they put me in the Middle. Powell yes i could riot understand How to take a picture would cause o riot at a school but i understand the trouble had started before the Cor pulled up there. Chief that is Correct. Powell Well did they have anything at ail to do with the problems to instigate the trouble out there or chief no sir Powell or put any kindle to the fire chief no sir. You see they drove up you familiar with. A. C. Flora Powell yes. Chief you know How the driveway is in front of the school. Well they were driving up through the driveway and at this time we had quite a few coloured students lined up to get on a bus. And As this car approached these coloured students they just started Yelling take a picture of me did you get a picture of and started to Pil ing onto this Little car and that s when i moved in moved them off of it these people went on. Powell the Way they had it in the paper they were the cause of the whole thing. Chief i know that s what i soy they put me in the Middle with that news Media did with mis quotations and stuff. Powell but actually that car did t have anything to do with the mess then did it chief no sir. Powell Well i la Tell you one thing chief. I Don t now what the Devil we Are going to do. My pro Blem up Here is that we get Calls from the parents and i can t find out anything from the school officials course you know How rumours Are we even heard yesterday that a couple of kids had been killed out there course you know you did have a shooting but it had nothing to do with the school. Chief that s right. Powell i just can t understand where we Are going i really Don t. We Are going to be in there you and i As police officers and Bill Campbell right in the Middle of the whole thing and if trouble does developed Well be holding the bag i m afraid. Chief and if anyone gets seriously injured it is go ing to be one of us in the Blue. Powell there s no question about it it s going to be one of us. Chief right. Powell by the Way i had heard the Giles boy got Hurt is there anything to that chief now the Giles boy is the one who got this whole thing going. Powell of he was the one that started it chief yes wednesday. Powell of with the Belt chief yes he did t get into the fracas yesterday i mean the Day before. Powell yeah. Chief but he got involved yesterday and some body clipped him pretty Good. But you see these coloured students were after him any How be cause of the Rumor going around about what he had did to the girl. Powell the thing i am curious about and we All must be Ever mindful of this have you found out in your investigation of any outside influence that caused this chief not at this time sheriff. I m afraid of some outside people trying to get in. I be contacted or. Stutts of sled i talked with him. Of course we get some of the Justice department peo ple that is in the area Community trying to obtain any information for me. I am just hoping i know you Are aware of the situation in Charles ton that they do have Black panthers. Sheriff yeah. Chief and if these people get a hold of this thing and get in this area i be got problems. Sheriff no question about it. So far to your know ledge you Haven t had any White or coloured i mean non students that caused this thing or precipitated it in any Way chief no sir. Sheriff yeah that s what i thought. I have had these problems to come up from time to time. Course lord Here it is and i be got to go to five schools in the county. It just seems like we Don t have any time to do any police work. Normally on or Friday afternoon what is it the 16th of october we re getting ready to go Home and have a Nice Lime but i swear not any More in this business. Chief. No sir1 Powell and another thing i be got that bothers me is the fair next week. We Are having Only one fair. We Are not going to have a coloured fair. I hey Are asking for officers we Don t even have. I just Don t know How we Are going to police All this stuff next week. It s going to be rough. Well i la Tell you what chief if there is any Way that we can help i la be Happy to do it and Well be Back in touch and if you need me during the meantime you Call me. Chief. Well i would at this time sheriff if it would at All be possible to have a few of the patrols i Don t want them at the school but monday morn ing if they could be where we could immediately get them in too where and if we need them. Sheriff suppose i have three cars let s see where is the closest part of the county where they could get there i Don t want them in the town of Forest acres because they would Antici Pate that where would be the closest place i could have them cruising to have them get there in Case you Call them chief Well i imagine the closest area to get them to Forest acres would be to have them assemble in the Midland shopping Center. They could come right in Down Beatline up Falcon right into the school. Sheriff that is probably the Best bet. What time do you want them there chief Well you see the school will take up at sheriff Well i better Hove them there by 8 or make it and they will be standing by and if you need them Coll and they will shoot right on Down there. If you need anything else any equip ment we have up Here How about Walkie talk ies chief i have two Walkie talkies. Sheriff you want to borrow some of mine 1 i can let you have them monday morning but because of the fair we would have to get them Back by . Chief Well let these deputies you have at mid land shopping area have the Walkie talkies and if we need them we can use them. Sheriff that is Fine chief and if you need me Dur ing the meantime Call me. I was glad to hear that no one from the outside caused any More tension than you already have because god knows you have enough of it. 1 Hope the lord if passes of but i Tell you i got my doubts. Chief i do too i think it is the beginning of the boiling Point. Sheriff i know it. Well thank you a lot chief. Well see you. Chief thank you sir goodbye. Frank Powell sheriff Richlond county s. C. Oil Cal that the above is an exact and True Irons script of a Telephone conversation witnessed and transcribed by me at ., october 16, 1970, mrs Myrtle j. Wonsley Secretary Richlond county sheriff s deportment sworn to before me this 19th Day of october970 h Laverne my expires september 1980. This statement is the actual notarized truth of what actually happened at a. A Flora. Compare the truth with what you have heard and read from the democrats it s time for a change it s the people against the elect Albert Watson governor paid pot. . Inn hint or. Co Chen. Citizens for wat sort for classified ads Call Between . . Deadlines classified ads for tuesday through saturday must be in our office by i . The Day before publication. For sunday 4 . Friday for 10 . Saturday. Classified display copy must be received by 12 . Two Days before sunday copy by 4 a n. A. Copy requiring proof must be in be office three Days before pub cation. Cancellations if it is necessary to cancel an and before expiration the advertiser will be charged Only for the Days on Wratich the and appears and the rate earned. All cancellations must of received by 12 . 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