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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - November 2, 1970, Florence, South CarolinaOur47th year no. 306 the Only daily paper published in Eastern South Carolina Florence s. C., monday morning november 2, 1970 daily Loc sunday ise unpredictable election Campaign nears finish Washington a the bitter confused and unpredictable 1970 election Campaign Drew near its close sunday leaving tuesday s balloting to show whether americans will respond More readily to appeals to their purse or their passions. The National chairmen of each party optimistically summarized its chances sunday. Yet each minimized How Many gains his party would need in order to claim Overall Victory. They disagreed on whether the balloting for 35 Senate seats 435 House seats and 35 governor ships is a referendum on the Nixon administration. If we hold our own or do Well in the Senate and break the tradition of losing in off year elections in the House we will have a declared Republican National chairman rep. Rogers c. B. Morton. But then he predicted republicans would Organ ize the Senate. Lawrence f. O Brien the democratic chairman count ered that we will maintain our position in the House will continue to have a majority in the Senate and will have a signify cant gain in democrats could Loose six Senate seats and still have a majority but o Brien would make no numerical predictions. The chairmen appeared to Gether on Abc s issues and o Brien claiming democrats had been outspent by eight or ten to one in the Campaign challenged Morton and the three major television networks to turn a planned monday night 30-minute paid gop Campaign program into a free program with each party give 15 min utes to present its Case. Morton said i Don t see any reason to agree with but o Brien said he d still await word from the networks which he said had offered to sell the democrats Matching time. He said the parly could t afford the Price tag. With their Law and order Campaign seemingly buoyed by end of Campaign violence aimed at president Nixon republicans Hope to narrow or erase the 57-43 democratic Edge in the Senate. Democrats stressing pocket Book issues of inflation and unemployment anticipate Broad ening their 243-187 advantage in the House and narrowing their 32-18 deficit in state houses. The Best guesses of experts Are befuddled by voter indecision and apathy and by such confuses As three Way races. But the consensus looks for re publican gains of on to three Senate seats a near standoff in the House and new strength for democrats in big state capitals. O Brien called the election in a sense a referendum on the administration its policy and its president and the vice he said the entire Campaign had been orchestrated by president Nixon and vice president Spiro t. Agnew. Morton said i Don t think president Nixon has Laid him self on me line As far As a referendum is White House communications chief Herb Klein said at the Western White House sunday if we break even it would be pretty rut an adviser to Agnew who refused to be publicly named said the republicans would gain from four to eight Senate seats. See chairman Page 5-a dance Hall fire fatal for 141 St. Laurent Dupont France a a fire in a Roadside dance Hall killed 142 Young people Early sunday trapping them behind emergency exits that firemen and survivors said were padlocked and then nailed shut with planks to keep out freeloaders. Investigating magistrates began an immediate inquiry. They heard charges o f negligence Forti hysterical parents As Well As the con Tention of a Kitchen Helper that the doors could have been opened from inside but that the crowd panicked. Smashing into the club Cine sept Rescue workers found of bodies some Pill six feet High near the exits. Almost All were burned kidnapped ecuadorean is released Quito Ecuador a Gen. Cesar Rohon Sandoval. Ecuadorean air Force commander who was kidnapped five Days ago was freed sunday. A government communique said he stepped off a bus alone in front of an air Force base on Quito s outskirts. Air Force doctors examined the 40-year-old general who was Pale and unshaven and declared him in perfect health Only superficial Scalp wounds apparently received in the kidnapping. Officials gave no further de tails of the affair which seriously embarrassed the government and led to imposition of martial Law throughput this andean nation of six million people. Defense minister Jorge Acos la Velasco Nephew of president Jose Maria Velasco Ibarra said More information would be re leased when circumstances unofficial sources said Rohon Sandoval was taken by his abductors to a Community North West of Quito and left in the hut of an Indian labourer. When the Indian recognized the general the sources said he took the general to a Road nearby to catch a bus Back to the capital. Witnesses said the general stepped off a Rural bus sunday afternoon in front of the Maris Cal Sucre air Force base and was recognized immediately by a guard. Llo Hon Sandoval was seized tuesday the air Force s 50th anniversary. His car was found in a Quito suburb with a Bulle Hole in the Windshield. His Cap. A blood soaked handkerchief. A machine gun and pistol were found in the vehicle. His Chauffer was located later tuesday in a drugged condition. Police have not revealed Hij Tes Timony. Air Force anniversary celebrations were cancelled when tto lion Sandoval disappeared. The country was placed under mar tial Law and my troops and police launched a nation wide search. Beyond recognition. Eight Young people three in critical condition were hospitalized. If the safety doors had t been blocked almost everybody could have been said Dominique Guette 17, one of the survivors. Police and fire officials were working on the theory that a teen age toss ing a cigarette at another youth s have caused the Blaze. The fire broke out at . While about 150 dancers were still left in the building just outside St. Laurent Dupont a town of 24 Miles Northwest of Grenoble. The Young people from 17 to 25, had come to hear a new Rock group called storm. Two Young men ran nearly a mile to give the alarm in town. In five minutes 30 Volunteer firemen were turn in their hoses on the Blaze. But it had spread with in credible Speed devouring the dance Hall s paper and plastic psychedelic decorations. The firemen thought at first that most of the dancers had escaped so quiet was the building when they arrived. Henri Fattalini said there was t a murmur or a cry. Maine our horror when the first group succeeded i n getting the door open and then Felt bodies falling on. fireman Georges Rostan voters like democrats according to Gallup a final Gallup poll before the tues Day congressional elections shows that the majority of the nation s Vot ers still lean toward the democratic party. Page 3-a. Voters in the u. S. Faces a wide Range of special questions on Public policy and state Constitution in tues Day s election. Page 8-a. There was a heavy slate of action in the National football league again on sunday. Results and detail s on the activity May be found on Page 1-b. Index classified 8b comics 11b farm service 4b sports women 3a in 6a weather partial Clearing and cooler monday night and tuesday High 63 68. Low so. Details Page 2-a. Who said he had to break Down two locked doors found corpses stuck to the doors entirely burned and unrecognizable. Just piles of officials Felt the stacks of bodies indicated that the dancers had rushed toward the doors in panic. The Only door that All the witnesses agreed was in working order was one partially blocked by a turnstile the most detailed accounts of the fire came from a group of four friends who were drinking at the when. The fire broke ouf Guiette told a reporter in the town 01 Annecy i had this intuition when i smelled the smoke then i saw the first flames Over the bar. I screamed and then i rushed toward the door and a Little Wall. There was a woman who was blocking my Way. I pushed her Over the top of the Wall and i jumped. She s after that we tried to help out buddies. We heard a woman screaming behind one of the emergency exits. They had nailed planks to the doors As if the padlocks weren t enough. Then we took a beam and were Able to Knock in the door and pull out a Young woman. When the door gave Way there were people piled up behind reaching out with their arms. Five minutes later Thev were All polish president has close Call Karachi Pakistan a a cargo careened into an Airport reception line for the president of Poland sunday narrowly missing him but kill ing Poland s Deputy foreign minister two photographers and a Security official. About 20 other persons stand ing in the line with president Marian Spychalski of Poland were injured including the pol ish ambassador to Pakistan. French officials offer sympathy to families of fire victims prefect Jean vaudeville Center mayor Jean Dusebout of Grenoble at right Viet Cong rockets hit killing seven Saigon a Viet Cong gunners fired four rockets into he heart of Saigon Early Mon a killing seven vietnamese civilians wounding 25 and de trying at least five houses. It was the first shelling of the capital in 3% months. The rocket attack appeared med to coincide with. South Vietnam s National Day observed Only hours earlier and be . Congressional elections tuesday. Four 100-Pound missiles Rashed into several areas of in capital shortly after mid ight and within hours after the .5. Command stepped up troop cutbacks across the country to meet a Christmas season dead be. The command withdrew Nore than men from com at including the first units of in 25th infantry division. In terms of the number of Ead it was the worst rocket at cd on the capital in a year and half. The last rocket attack on Sai on was on july 20 when two missiles struck inside the City be landed near a fish Pond on the grounds of Independence Palace the residence of presi Dent Nguyen Van Thieu shattering windows in the Palace. The second ripped through a three Story apartment building three blocks away. There were no injuries reported in the july 20 attack marking the 16th anniversary of the Geneva agree ments on Indochina. One of the missiles in Mon Day s attack ripped through a half dozen houses in a crowded ramshackle Section across the River from the downtown area on the Eastern Edge of the Capi Tal. It killed five persons wound ing several others and wiped out a Cluster of tin and thatched roof Homes. The mangled body of one child Lay in the rubble next to the twisted remains of Lis tricycle. The other bodies were placed on sheets of tin from one of the destroyed House and covered with Straw or plastic Mats. The remains of a Buddhist shrine stood in the midst of the rubble of one of the houses across the River with the candles still burning. Other rockets fell in the midst of a Block of apartment houses near the Central Market place Only three blocks from Independence Palace and near an australian Bachelor officers quarters. No australian casual ties were reported. Several houses were dam aged windows were shattered and four vehicles were destroyed. A Cluster of american families narrowly escaped injun 7 curfew lifted in Jordan by the associated press Jordan s government lifted sunday night curfew Amman that has been in since the outbreak of the 11 Day civil War on sept. 17. The University of Jordan reopened and lesser schools were ordered to reopen next Satur Day. At the same time jordanian army patrols were reported seen along the israeli jordanian cease fire line for the first time since the Middle East War of 1967. The return of the patrols was seen in Israel As a sign that the jordanian army was taking measures to keep palestinian guerrillas out. The guerrillas had used the area before the jordanian civil War As a launching Point for attacks inside Israel. Jack the Ripper London paper has hew theory buffaloes trooper a trooper of the South vietnamese regional Fortes leads a Buffalo found in search of a suspected Viet Cong Village. The Village was deserted except for the Buffalo in the trooper took him along. A London a the sunday times expressed belief sunday hat Jack the Ripper in famous Jondon murderer of nearly 100 years ago was Edward Duke of Clarence grandson of Queen Victoria and older brother of King George v. The times was commenting on tie statement of an eminent British surgeon that he knows the identity of the Ripper who was the heir to Power and the surgeon Thomas . Stowell refused to say in an article to be published monday in the criminologist a Magazine devoted to forensic Medicine and criminology who the rip per was. The hipper who murdered at least five prostitutes in Lon Don s Sleazy East end never was captured by uie police. Striking in the autumn of 1888, four of his victims were Mur dered and disembowel led in one of the most gruesome and bizarre series of bloody crimes in British history. Stowell now in his 80s, was Only a child when the Ripper struck. He said he has kept to himself for 50 years evidence on the Ripper s identity because he did not want to involve As wit Nesses some close friends who were still alive. The hipper he says was the heir to Power and wealth. Ilis family for 50 years had earned the love and admiration of Large numbers of people by its Devo Tion to Public service to All classes particularly the poor but As Well to Industry and the his grandmother who out lived him was very much the Stern victorian matriarch widely and deeply respected. His father to whose title he was the heir was a Gay cosmopolitan and did much to improve the status of England internationally. His Mother was an unusually Beautiful woman with a Gra Cious personal Charm and was greatly beloved to All who knew the sunday times added in an article by Magnus Linklater another authority Donald Mccormick author of the Iden Tity of Jack the Ripper republished Tomor Rovy names tie killer As a russian doctor called Konovalov who he says knew four of the murdered women and disappeared after the last murder. But Konovalov fits none of or. Stowell s evidence Mccormick mentions in passing another suspect who does. It is a sensational name Edward Duke of Clarence grand son of Queen Victoria brother of George a and heir to the throne of England. All the Points of or. Stowell s Odd Story fit this Man. He did die Young he was ill he was almost certainly affected mentally by his Sec paver Pago 7a it was eased gradually Over the past four weeks. For the past week it covered Only the hours from Midnight to i . The Only other town in Jordan where night curfew remained is Zarqa 15 Miles Northwest of the capital. This was one of the Urban centers of heavy fighting Between the army and the guerrillas. The easing of the restrictions was one of the first administrative Steps taken by the new government of prime minister Wasfi Tell who was appointed by King Hussein last week. Tell said he is determined to see the peace agreements implemented and observed by both sides. T h e guerrilla leadership which in the past regarded Tell As a King s Man and an a palestinian pol i t iia n announce d after his appointment it will adopt a wait and see attitude toward his administration. The new Leader has retrained from commenting o n personal attacks made against him by the egyptian and other Arab governments which saw in his investiture a threat of renewed troubles in Jordan

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