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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - November 2, 1957, Florence, South CarolinaFace 4 the Florence morning news. Florence s. V saturday morning. November 2.1957 Drew Pearson John a o Dowd tit 1. M notified Al matter Lii of ohm Horent s.c., Unitt Alif be and fwu fwd Kiwi pipe publisher Attoe atm. The i of pm. City delivery by mail a o. Box Section Florence .40 by Carrier delivery elsewhere .35 by mail elsewhere .38 155 1.85 5.20 4.55 4.55 10.40 8.10 18.jo t.10 18.20 rates for subscription on Rural routes sunday by Carrier and six by Rosu Art same a by mail in Rural a Ltd a v sufi gusted by the Rev. James k. Lawton poster prayer for today Calvary Baptist Church Florence it is with grateful hearts. Our father that acknowledge our stewardship to thee. We know that every Good gift and every perfect gift cometh from May we through rightful use of thy blessings upon us enter that closer walk with god. V downgrading of Zhukov stresses dictator can t stand competitor history is repeating itself in the evolution of the russian revolution. Though Nikita s. Khrushchev denounced Josef Stalin s tyrannies he is profiting from Stalin s method of gaining Complete personal control of the communist party and soviet government by which he made himself dictator. The Only difference is that while Stalin executed his rivals Khrushchev removes them from positions of Power. The foreign press and especially the press of the United states May be partly to blame for the removal of marshal Georgi k. Zhukov from the position of defense minister. Zhukov has been bailed in the free world As the real Power in Russia Able if he. Wished to become the Napolean Parte of the revolution at will it be Gan when Zhukov s support through his control of the armed forces and the secret police enabled Khrushchev to Triumph Over a triumvirate of highly placed rivals communists know their revolutions. They studied the French Revo Lution carefully before they their own. Stalin s fear of a Napolean was not satisfied with the exile and a to them just Chicken feed Fortune Magazine publishes a list of 76 in the United states with for tunes above led by a Man whose name is hardly known. He leads the Rockefeller the Mellons the do fonts and the Fords that show third generation and Moue dispersal of fam ily fortunes. Jean Paul Getty Minne Sota born Oil Man with a personal for tune of a billion or More is a new Comer in the second generation of wealth his father having founded the Fortune. Another 79 have fortunes of from to Fortune says and perhaps 100 of it quotes a Treasury official As say ing there Are perhaps 500 americans in the 50-Milhon class. How Many Mere one million or study does not show. They must be More numerous than generally believed from the number of the very Rich. Two things Are outstanding in the list. One is that the biggest fortunes Are from Oil. The other that income and inheritance taxes have distributed not decimated personal Given a sizable amount of Money to Start with the actors the Whitney and the Harriman have been Able to add considerably to it. In a recent speech j. Lindsay Al mond jr., a nominee for governor of Virginia received the fray Over the exact location of the Mason and Dix 011 line. He insisted it follows the Potomac River. The line fixed by the Mason and Dixon was challenged both by Maryland and Pennsylvania who fought Over it even after the end of the War be tween the states. The dispute started Over conflicting Royal to lord Baltimore and William Penn not Over free states and slave. Why Mideast crisis was manufactured f to nil Flo United states spokesmen have not taken seriously the crisis in the mid die East because they knew the charges that we were instigating War Between Turkey and Syria were false. The ousting of marshal Georgi k. Zhukov As soviet defense minister of fers an explanation of the crisis. The speculation that the crisis was manufactured As a backdrop for oust ing Zhukov. Stains but that is because we Are not attuned to the plots and counter plots of personal Power politics. The soviet press has been almost hysterical about the imminence of War. It even fixed the Day Turkey was to invade Syria the Day after the turkish elections which were held last sunday. One of Zhu Kov s closest collaborators was put in command on the turkish Frontier perhaps to get him out of Moscow. Khrushchev reached Over the Heads of a handful of Zhukov marshals for his successor marshal Rodion y. Malinovsky. The cards were All stacked. In the three weeks while Zhukov was out of the country he was shorn of All Power while popular attention was focused on the we look at France and despair it was a Case of too Many premiers spoiled the political Broth when Guy Mollet failed of confirmation for a Cabinet in which1 five former premiers of France and five other top leaders were to hold office. They were to mobilize solid support from the three major and seven minor parties participating in his government. These precautions were to no Avail when the extreme communist and reactionary forces teamed to beat Mol let s coalition of the Center and mod crate groups. It showed once More that the extremists of left and right though not numerous enough to hold office can refuse it when they get together. They combined nil through the month of october to defeat one attempt after another to form the Post War French govern. Aunt. Friends of France have All but despaired at her shaky political sys tem. It has produced Twenty four changes of government in a dozen years. Its instability is a threat not Only to itself but to the free world in which France is a major Power. We can Only watch in frustration As pres ident Rene Coty again seeks a Man for the Job of leading the government. The foul incoming directory of. Labor unions to be. Published by the department of labor will show the largest Roll in history but that is due to population growth not inroads of organized labor. The proportions Are the same since the end of world War ii one out of four workers Are Union members. Statistics Are 000 affiliated with Al Flo 000 n Lotnel of the Independent worker still Bers the organized three to one. Pentagon guts discourage Hurricane Hunters i Washington it a. Long Way from a closed door meeting in the weather Bureau recently to the prestige we lost Over sputnik but there Are cer Tain connections just the same. If the United Stales could Dis cover a Way to or their paths More accurately it s hard to overestimate the propaganda Victory we would win in the far East and South America. Japan the Philippines and suffer millions of dollars of pro eventual assassination of Leon Trot sky the first defense minister and father of soviet armed might. It extended to just about every highly placed military Man who had risen under. Trotsky. They were liquidated in Masse. Zhukov was the most popular so Viet hero of world War ii. Stalin did not dare execute him but he sent him into exile from which Khrushchev rescued him. Apparently that was the first step in a Well conceived by. Khrushchev to seize personal Power. Zhukov came to his Aid in his struggle with Malinkov Molotov and Kaganovich. Having won that round it is now apparent Khrushchev began to plot the last one the elimination of Zhukov and the reassertion of party Over military Power. It is not known whether Zhukov will be kicked upstairs to the Post of Premier replacing marshal Nikolai a Bulgarin or be allowed to fade out in the manner of old generals. Whether he goes up or Down in the. Hierarchy his political threat to Khrushchev is ended. The dictator cannot tolerate in Competition a Man More popular with the masses than himself. Let s look atthe other group Victor Riesel t mobsters buy Bridges tunnels through ways let s Stop kidding the suckers who try to buy the Brooklyn Bridge some of the smartest Money boys in the mob have been buying Bridges tunnels sewers schools through ways and Street improvements for years. I ran in to this while foraging around the edges of the Anastasia assassination. Give All credit to sen. John Mcclellan and counsel Bob Kennedy for discovering that the boys Learned that there is something better than Cash namely refreshingly tax free municipal Bonds. These Are Batter than the mob s beloved a notes or because the Bonds Are just Asne Goti Able As a Dollar Bill and harder to Trace than a Hundred note. Yet they Are interest bearing and until the Mcclellan committee hit the Trail in 1955 which led to an Astasia and finally the current lid lifting Racket probe few realized that a payoff bundle could be these stacked up tax ree Bonds As Well As Small Bills. Executive hearing room than in any Hospital Ward. The boys did n t talk. But. That did t keep the probes from learning a great Deal merely from the Type of refusal and the Content of the questions which Drew no replies. The committee investigators did not walk into the sessions with an Tasia it Al exactly uniformed about the uniform Racket. They knew that new York contractors were picking up millions of dollars Worth of orders from the Phila Delphia quartermasters division of the Pentagon. The committee knew that these contractors were sub contracting the work to non Union shops Over in Jersey and pen sly which meant they were operating in Anastasia territory. They needed at least tacit approval from the executioner s com Bine if not actually his own assistance. This tire contractors were willing to pay. Over to Jersey and in some Pennsylvania non Union shops the contractors could get the uniforms Cut for half of what it would Cost in new York or Duref Union shops out of town. Even a Cut too when the Senate committee stopped counting what payoffs it could Trace it found that while Roscoe Drummond this discovery of the payoffs in Bonds instead of Cash nettled some of the boys who live to Ope rate in Well undeserved obscurity. _ they blamed Anastasia for this. D i was one of the scores the pow profits or bund wanted to Settle with the Foj lord High executioner for whom some whimsical second govern ment High court made the punish ment fit the crimes. Mcclellan s Senate government operations subcommittee discovered that the mob was making millions of dollars out of army uniform production. The Trail led to new new Jersey and Eastern Pennsylvania. A few in quiries at the right Federal Agen cies got some 10 names Quick like a uni vac makes with the sput Nik orbit. Asiong those 10 names were Albert Anastasia. John Dio and Sam Berger of the garment trucking local. Mcclellan and Ken Nedy invited the men Down at government expense. There was lockjaw in that the total was not quite Getty-sized1, it was still Over and mostly in municipal Bonds bought under aliases. Most of the Bondi were from communities in South Ern states the Carolinas and Tennessee were specifically mentioned. Of cab wag the Only Way huge sums could be handled and not stir Treasury dept. Suspicion. Seven million dollars in Small Bills me for including a notes in this category would make a caravan delivery. But with Bonds it was simple. The payoff Man just trotted around to a Bank for a broker and picked up the Muni Cipal Bonds ostensibly for some the Bonds then were delivered to the mob which helped move the army cloth to the protected non Union shops where it was Cut cheaply. Then anytime the boys wanted to Cash them in they got the certificates to another broker and took the Cash. There is no Federal Register of the own Era at any moment because the Bonds Are tax free. T for almost two years now How Ever the government has been try ing to Trace this stuff. It All be Gan with Anastasia operations which Drew the spotlight and the feds like Moths around a country night Light. Maybe that s Why the boys wanted to put out the Light. Perty damage and lose thousands of lives from these tropical it Ornu which in the Eastern hemisphere Are celled should the United states divert just one Typ Hoon away from the Flimsy wooden House of a japanese City it would win the respect and gratitude of millions of asians. However despite this and Des Pite defense Secretary Mcelroy s new concern Ivor Basic research the top brass of the air Force Are still refusing to keep three air foce planes flying next year in the National Hurricane he search project. At the meeting at the weather Bureau officers of the air weather service of we air Force reluctantly refused to discuss keeping the three re search planes flying. They agreed with weather Bureau meteorologists that the National Hurricane research project is the most hopeful Hurricane research in his tory. But they were under orders from defense department Economizer not to discuss the three air Force research planes now be ing stripped of their electronic re cording equipment at Palm Beach Fla. Prospect now is that the weather Bureau will have to get along by installing a Small amount of electronic equipment on the Hunter planes still assigned to it by the air Force and Navy. In most eases weather Bureau meteorologists will be unable to ride along As they now do on the three specially equipped research planes. The National Hurricane re search project was planned with the help of the world s top meteorologists three years ago after a rash of hurricanes brought havoc to . Coastal cities. It was then considered a Long Range Economy measure for today a City like Miami can easily spend lust buttoning up against an approaching storm. When Money like that is involved the importance of accurately predicting a Hurri Cane s course is obvious. Meteorol ingists pointed out three years ago that the average Hurri Cane is 350 Miles wide and eight Miles deep filling the fantastic to Tal of cubic Miles the Only Way to discover How to control them they said was to re Cord conditions in each of those million cubic Miles not once but perhaps As often As every hour. This can Only be done with an air plane equipped with elec tronic recording devices since the human hand can t write fast enough while an air plane is Fly ing through a storm. The three special research planet con take readings every 10 seconds. By contrast the Hunter planes when equipped with a Small amount of electronic equip ment will Supply perhaps 1-l.oooth As much data. They will continue the countries of Southeast the other planes will not note it s ironic that the air Force which has abandoned its special role in Hurricane research is frequently the first to brag whenever one of the hunger planes discovers a Hurricane in time to warn a City. When president Eisenhower attended Centennial Church ser vices for Teddy Roosevelt on Sun. Day few members of the congregation knew that one of Ike s chief lieutenants on Capitol Hill had previously scuttled a resold Tor. Calling for National honors to Teddy. Earlier Riis year sen. James Murray id., Mont introduced a Resolution designating 1958 As a Theodore Roosevelt memorial year. This was to be in Honor of the first National conference on conservation called in 1908 by Roosevelt and has chief forester Gifford Ponchot. Murray s Resolution was backed by 63 senators and received unanimous approval in the Senate however when it got to the House judiciary committee Kenneth Keating of new York an Eisen Hower led an on Slaught on the Bill that emasculated its provision. As a result did get a final Okay from Congress. Kealing comes from the same slate that sent Teddy Roosevelt to the White House new York. But goaded by private Utility lobbyists Keating fought to water Down the Resolution. He feared Public Power enthusiasts might use the Teddy Roosevelt Cerebra. Lion As a base for. Attacking go Benhower s contrary Power policy. Heating s amendments would have limited expenditures for the Roose velt Centennial to a paltry and barred the soliciting of Pri vate contributions. Ike had probably forgotten these when he attended the ser vices at Grace reformed Church Here. He was spared additional embarrassment when the Rev. Or. Danjell. Marsh Chancellor of Boston University in his Sermon identified the greatest presidents As Washington Lincoln Teddy Roosevelt Woodrow Wilson and Wight d. Eisenhower. The name of another Roosevelt was diplomatically omitted. Billy Groom my answer English lessons by w. L. Gordon words often misused do not say every person has cer Tain distinguished say has Certa 1 n often mispronounced Sirrico warm pronounce i Rock of accent second syllable. Often misspelled Crews cruise Cruse a synonyms proof certification confirmation demonstration evidence testimony. Word study use a word three times and it is let us increase our vocabulary by mastering one word each Day. To Day s word exigency urgent want. Accent first there is scarcely any exigency where caution should not be supplemented Fay a certain amount of question i regularly read your answers and wonder if you a link religion can solve All of a person s problems what become of psychiatric counselling and other kinds of therapy . Answer religion can actually solve very few problems. In fact religion frequently creates problems of both a social and per Sonal nature. There is a great Deal of confused thinking Here and often a religious attitude and Way is equated with a personal Faith in Jesus. Christianity is a person distinctive Al relationship and any religious forms that result Are incidental More than vital. In marriage the ceremony that publicly pronounce two people Man and wife As Inci dental. The experiences that pre ceded and that follow Are never formal and rehearsed but Are spontaneous and vital. Unless a person lives in a conscious and vital relationships to Christ the religious forms Are empty. Jesus Christ can solve your problems when religion cannot. There is a place for psychiatric counselling when the problem is not one of spiritual significance. The Good psychiatrist should know when the problem is spiritual and recommend the patient to a competent spiritual guide. No time to wait for funds carry Williams paragraphs the next Moons Are to carry to cameras it would be better if they carried some of the to actors. German farming expert says Drunken hens Lay More eggs than sober ones. Maybe a Drunken Hen can be egged on my c easily. A brazilian astrologer says inc soviet satellite will not no Eccl your Horoscope. Ik1 should be Moon eyed. La off seeks n Ginny fund or the teamster War Chest. It takes n big War Chest to Corry on any kind of War. An Export say s n Rios should be i Scaleri us one of inc in my. May be the expert is bark los up the right tree. Washington should t something be done to step up the time table to do whatever is needed to close the Gap of Russia s ominous Lead in scientific weapons there Are Many urgent matters which president Eisenhower will be asking Congress in january to approve but when the president puts in his requests in january it will he March before they be Gin to come out. Why wait is this a time for waiting i do not believe Congress wants to Mark Timo or that we can afford to Mark time while the vices Are showing ability to make time. The congressional leaders of both parties have been talking about the Merit of getting going it once for some urgent defense investigation. Why not there could Well he some immediate commit lace hear Ings to determine Wigint investigations would to useful. But Why Slop talk re Why in t it equally desirable dial inc congressional loaders get going Al onco on some urgent de sense legislation Mark Lime Unell january to Avert this hot gaming there essential defense parts of the pres ident s program so that when con Gress convenes on Jan. 7 it can have before it the considered re commendations of its responsible committees. Let us not forget that anything the president puts before con Gress in january will not emerge until March it took 62 Days to enact the Eisenhower mid East doctrine. If Congress will permit the president to put a program of survival before it in novem Ber Congress can begin to act on it in january. Two months should not be thrown Awny. It is not a Short time it is a very Long time in the present Tempo of the world. we try to save these two months 1 believe it would be worthwhile to save even two Days or two minutes. Take one Concrete action which or. Eisenhower will ask of con Gress the first week of january the Nacri Dmont of the me Phon atomic Energy Law in or Der to permit the United states to join with the other 14 nato countries in pooling Selen Itic in formation in the interest of Stepp ing up everything we Are doing in the Mill car Field. If it is Hwy Rohlf to Pool Mir could be in Mcinte hearings on the skills months in the future it is desirable to do it now. There Are Otter urgent close the Jap defense requests on which the president and Congress will need to act together. If More Money is needed for research and missile development Congress won t want to delay. If the debt ceiling is hampering lie spending of appropriated funds it will need to to raised. It there is no Way to increase trained scientists with out Federal assistance the govern ment will need to act. I am not suggesting a special session of Congress. It is quits possible that a special session is not the Best Way to Speed action at this time. X 1 what i am suggesting is that All of the appropriate committees of Congress get ready to hold Public hearings on the presi Dent s emergency defense propos als not later than the end of no vember that or Eisenhower consider meeting with the legislative Lead ers of Congress of at inst a month earlier than plan Ned certainly by Jold november. That after this meeting with the legislative leaders the Dent submit the proposals of High priority needing Early action including amendment of the me Mahon act to the congressional committees immediately so that hearings can begin at once and Congress itself can be ready to act in january. Why Mark time if it in t Neces sary the Kremlin in t marking time. Look and learn by a c. Gordon 1. What Are the ten largest cities of Canada 2. What percentage of the world s population is that of Tho United states 3. In what Book of the Bible does the Story of Jonah and Tho whale occur 4. What is the great food fish produced in Alaska 5. In what country Are found the most ancient records of architecture answers 1, Montreal Toronto inn coup Hamilton Ottawa Quebec Edmonton Calgary and Windsor. About six and ens half per cent. 3. In the Bookel Jonah. 4. Salmon. 8. Egypt. I

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