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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - November 1, 1970, Florence, South CarolinaI our 47th year no. 305 the Only daily paper published in Eastern South Carolina Florence s. C., sunday morning november 1, 1970 daily 10c, sunday 15e indecision Clouds voters minds As election hears by Walter r. Mears a political writer Washington a americans cast their ballots tuesday in mid term elections clouded by voter indecision and disinterest with Republican alarms about violence dramatized by rocks Ana eggs hurled at president Nixon s Campaign motorcade in California. At stake in t u e s d a y s balloting 35 Senate seats As Many governorships and a new House of representatives. The outcome could prove to be a near standoff in a Congress Likely to remain dominated by democrats. Hut echoes of the violent demonstration aimed at Nixon in san Jose. Calif., thursday night seemed Likely to help Republican candidates. In their behalf Nixon and vice president Spiro t. Agnew have waged a one two Campaign focussed on the Issue of Law and order student turmoil and violent dissent. In Phoenix Ariz., saturday Nixon urged the great silent majority of americans of Al Ages and every political persuasion to stand up and be counted against appeasement of the Rock throwers and obscenity democratic candidates and spokesmen joined in statements deploring the incident in san Jose and at the same time sought to counter Republican efforts to place the blame for unrest and violence on democratic candidates. House speaker John w. My Condrack d-mass., said the us publican Campaign has i icon it divisive Effort to depict democrats As soft on crime. There Are no differences in Heftie parties on the issues of Protection for the Law abiding Mccornack said. Democrats National chair Man Lawrence a. O Brien accused Agnew of a new Low i Campaign activities and Campaign tactics. The outburst in san Jose prompted t h e he publican political news inside South Carolina p r e election Roundup Page 5-a state democrats face their stiffest Challenge in a Century As four candidates vie for governor. Sixth District congressman John l. Mcmillian is favored Over Republican challenger de Baskin. South Carolina voters will ballot tuesday on several proposed constitutional changes. Some local democrats face Republican challengers but p r e election activity has been minimal. Democrats appear t o have a Good Chance of pick ing up some b i g s t a t e governorships. Page 5-d. Both parties Are waging vigorous campaigns for control of state Legislatures that will have much to do with shaping Congress in 1972. Page 4-d. Spokesmen for both parties accuse each other of playing politics with the nation s jobless workers. Page 10-a. A Campaign fund raised by Bankers gives to 21 Congress men All members of the House banking committee. Page 10-c. National committee to buy network television time and try Flexon speech Fri Day night from a Anaheim rally with t h e president declaring it s Lime in draw the line against violent demonstrators. Agnew put the Issue in mire explicit and partisan terms amid the chants of demonstrators in Belleville 111., Friday the democratic candidates who for years have been encouraging and stimulating these people now Are saying of Don t try to drape those poor people around our necks we Don t want them they know thai the american people Don t want democrats have put their emphasis on the Issue of the Economy inflation and unemployment. In 21 o said Satur Day or. Nixon has succeeded in bringing about a deterioration of this Economy that in a sense is almost beyond George me any president of the Al Cio wired member unions urging a record turn out to Defea to Campaign of fear and smear directed at labor s friends. But the campaigners who Drew most of the As o Brien were Nixon and Agnew. At an Airport rally in Phoenix Nixon advocated a Tough minded approach t o lest it gain a Terri ble momentum. As Long As i am president. No band of violent thugs is going to keep me from going out and speaking with the american people wherever they want to hear me and wherever i want to Nixon said. Tha 23-state Nixon Campaign wound up with s a t or d a y appearance s in Phoenix Albuquerque Las vegas and Salt Lake City. Was appearing in Boise Waivio on his Way to join Nixon at in football fan. Nixon was to get in a pitch for Republican candidates sunday five minutes on National. Television at half time of the professional football game. Democrats were countering with a half time show featuring o Brien and e. G. Marshall the actor. N. Wake 7 s. Tech 15 sports Carolina pages 1-c colombian lawmaker kidnapped Bogota. Colombia a an opposition Follower of former dictator Gus Tavo Rojas kid naked saturday Security police reported. The abductors the car of Blas Antonio Riano and took j him and an Castillo away in a Black car said Gen. Jorge Ordonez Valderrama of the Security police. Two aides of he govern ment s financial office in the car with Riano were set free by the kidnappers who carried sub machine guns the police account said. On Friday sen. Gregorio Duarte Contreras also a Mem ber of the Rojas opposition group was the victim of a bombing attempt. Rojas lost out in last aprils presidential election by votes in the Liberal conserva live coalition candidate misae Pastrana Borrero. The Roj Istas contend Thev elec lion was a fraud. The Hugh number of votes Rojas Drew in the balloting brought a i umber t of his followers into Congress Riano who was Little known one of the victors in the congressional election. Nixon in four states kills 30 to 40 ser Cotton. Page 3-a1 smaller crowds turn out for anti War protests Grenoble France f a a crowded dance Hall went up in flames Early sunday and fire men estimated 30. To 40 persons were trapped and killed. Earlier reports said As Many As 100 May have perished. J the ballroom i Cine i is near the Village of Saint Laurent Duppel 14 Miles Northwest of Grenoble. Inv the Assoc Oid press i demonstrators in Salt Lake said out the country for Republican protestors in cities across the they would not interfere. Candidates has called on voters country staged generally peace billed by its spin ours As Auto. Elect m2n.to Congress who jul demonstrations parades and massive demonstration for w h support his policies rallies against the Vietnam War i the nationwide protest saturday three Days p Ace three Days before tuesday s election. I american voters went to the crowds seemed generally smaller than previous nation wide Antiwar protests. A Parade planned to Honor i resident Nixon in Salt Lake City saturday provided a con Trast to the Antiwar protests. The candlelight patriotic Parade was expected to attract thousands sponsors said veterans groups labor organizations and school children were to participate. Antiwar Strong quake strikes new Guinea area Honolulu a a Strong earthquake hit the Vicinity of the Northeast coast of new Guinea saturday scientists said. It apparently severed an undersea Cable connecting Guam and Australia a Western Union spokesman Here said. The Stacom a major link in Pacific communications is owned by the British Commonwealth and carries Tele phone and Telegraph circuits he said. There arc alternate Means including satellite or bypassing the break he added. Earthquake which j polls to vote for governors senators and congressmen in an off year National election. When the demonstrations were announced in Early octo ber some peace group leaders said they feared protests just before the election might harm the campaigns of peace Candi dates. In Madison wis., a rally sponsored for sunday was can celled saturday in part because Many of the organizers Felt the i benefits from such a protest i would be marginal compared to the possible damage to some candidates in the election particularly if violence erupted. Washington super bunny1 strikes again watchful thinking Virginia Mcgee Sophomore elementary education major at Northwestern state University in Natchitoches la., prepare a pumpkin for saturday s halloween happenings. At Midnight Ginger did t turn into pump Kin. However she did turn a year older today she celebrated her 19th birthday. While the president Cam Washington a add pained in the West demonstrated to its Many other problems tors estimated by police about 450 marched in a Circle on a sidewalk in front of the White at the Washington area now has an angry floppy six foot tall Rabbit who wields a destructive a against House to protest the War. Those be Calls trespassers. One demonstrator a member j one Nas been injured by of the students mobilization i the a Man in his ear committee which is a sponsor of by 20s dressed in a Hare costume the demonstrations said organi which Zers planned to keep the nation-., Ana wide protest entirely he said violent demonstrations against the president thursday night in san Jose Cal if., no doubt Hurt our cause in regard to the election. The president denounced violent demonstrations such As the one in san Jose in Campaign speeches in Anaheim cat president Nixon who has campaigned this month through a protests Page 9-a Mideast refugees Are Crux of crisis smashed damage has car window been and floods in six years left More i South vietnamese Flag was on than 150 dead and at least j wide display for sunday s Cele homeless in the populous bration of National Day the Index Abby 9-b arts 9-c the of at a.m., hot was in an area .150 Miles Northwest o port Morsby and registered 7.0 on the Richter scale said cmdr. Hay Sundean director of the tsunami warning Center hero. The palestinian refugees Are the Crux of the crisis in the Middle East. Now herded into refugee Camps they Are bored and bitter. See Page 1-d. 1 increasingly fake foods artificial foods Are reaching american con Sumers. Some see them As the ans. Wer to the too Rich american diet. See Page 7-c. While Many u. S. Long distance passenger trains Are disappearing the Canadian a trans Canada Lux Ury train almost always ii filled. See Page 8-c weather mostly Cloudy with Chance of rain through monday. High today and monday 70s. Low tonight near 60. Page 2-a. Business 6-a deaths 5-a features 1-d sports 1-c women 1-b chopped up front porch column of a new but unoccupied House. Police said the second attack took place thursday night when a private Security guard saw the marauding Bunny standing on the front porch of the new House. I started talking to him and that s when he started chop said Paul Phillips. All you people trespass around Phillips said the Man told him As he whacked at the Post. If you Don t get out of Here i m going to bust you on the Phillips said he walked Back to his car to get his handgun but the Rabbit carrying a Long handled a fled into the nearby Woods. The first attack came about the first attack came about two two weeks ago while two persons sat in a parked car in the same neighbourhood. They told police the Rabbit said they were trespassing and then threw a Small hand a through a closed car window. Northern coastal regions of South Vietnam saturday and severe floods leave 150 dead in Northern area of s. Vietnam Saigon a the worst provinces uie red and yellow event on a wartime austerity there was no sign of a let up in equivalent of America s fourth i of july. Basis. As in the past he granted the annual National Day amnesty on the eve of the Holiday. Satur Day s decree ordered the re forecasters heavy Rains. With weather predicting continued rain through monday the . Com Mand directed american Mili tary units in the Northern prov inces to Render All necessary assistance to the stricken South vietnamese. No american servicemen Are in a spokesman said. The vietnamese toll of victims was rising As officials reported j hamlets roads and crop lands the Date Marks the Annever lease of criminal Anu Polit prisoners and reduced sen ing of the president Ngo Dinn Tances for another 359 Thieu said in a state of the a diem on nov. 1, 1963. President Nguyen Van Thieu. As in the past two years called for sub j address in a joint session of the National Assembly that he Dued celebrations. Thieu cancelled the annual a would never surrender to the tinal Day Parade and asked his enemy or accept a coalition gov to Vietnam. Page 9-a hard line on haters advocated Phoenix Ariz. A warning that Ameri ans Are in danger of los no their Freedom to hat president Nixon de Lared saturday that the Ime has come to take a Ough minded approach to the new approach he said would include tougher Laws Irmer Justice in the courtroom and a new and Stern attitude by he american people to Deal terroristic dissent what is not needed he declared is bluster and repression. Several to Tousand a Mcl uding a few mostly silent dissidents turned out to in greeters waved banners Ana sighs with. Us etring ends As no rocks Here and we Don t want to know the Way to san this was a reference to the stoning of the president s Campaign motorcade in san Jose Calif., thursday night. More thousands turned out to Welcome Nixon in Albuquerque the Airport along a motorcade Roule and in a crowded High school gymnasium. From Albuquerque Nixon went to Las vegas nev., the third Stop on his four state Polit ical tour. There were scattered Street crowds As his motorcade passed some of the City s top casinos and hotels. About persons crowded into convention Hall to Greet the president. His last scheduled Stop was Salt Lake City Utah before a night time return to the Western White House in san Clemente Calif. Prior to Nixon s arrival in Salt Lake City a four Block candlelight patriotic Parade was to wind its Way through the downtown Section ending out Side the mormon Tabernacle where the crowd was to listen to speakers while waiting for the president. Children in halloween cos tume marching bands scottish bagpipers veterans and Roth groups the Young americans for Freedom and Young re pub see Nixon Page 9-a South Africa train crash kills 13 Johannesburg South at Muter Tram slammed into the associated press correspond-1 rear of a stopped passenger ent Michael Putzel reported from Danang that water in the City South Vietnam s second train near Here saturday and 13 Blacks were killed and another 242 persons injured. Largest had receded considers Bly the Danang River was it was the fifth major rail still Well Over floods age. Crash in less than to years in South Africa and All the victims the heavy floods curtailed Al lied air operations in South Viet Nam but . B52 jets pounded the to Chi Minh Trail again in the fourth week of saturation bombing rads on North Viet namese Supply routes in Eastern police say they have creased patrols in the area in an j combat activity was Effort to pick up what one scattered throughout Nallah Rennar Hunny his u cer called super Bunny fore he can strike again possibly injure someone. Indochina and in Saigon and the surrounding Why always the a crowd shouted. The Bantu Are an african tribe. Why not a White some of the Blacks called out. We Are tired of our people being police reinforcements wife called in but tempers flared in the four previous ones were Blacks-51 killed and 628 in i again when a police dog at Jared. The among crash set Blacks in off unrest Johannes Burg s Soweto Section where the crash occurred. Rescue workers were stoned by crowds of Blacks As they tried to extricate a White Engi Neer from the cab of a smashed engine. A tacked a Black and a Black newsman s camera was thrown to the ground by railway police. Finally mayor Sam Moss of Johannesburg persuaded the crowds to disperse. Moss called for an immediate judicial inquiry into the disaster. I am deeply concerned with the frequency with which these accidents have been happening in he said. The rail system there is totally inadequate to Cope with the huge popu lation and something must be done about the situation and the opposition United party s transport spokesman Marias Steyn also criticized Cong res Tion on the line and added we have warned the government about this in parliament again and in Pretoria transport Ter Baren j. Shoeman said Board of inquiry would appointed to investigate the disaster

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