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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - November 1, 1957, Florence, South CarolinaPage 10-a the Florence morning news Florence c. Friday morning november goblins got pm pyjama clod Donna Robert and Howard to right had to spend halloween last night with a sad pumpkin. They re amount thousands of youngsters Home with the flu. Pumpkin s got it too. A photo fax United nations Hammarskjold May ease Middle Eastern tension by William n. Oatis United nations n.y., oct. 31 and Turkey were understood to have agreed tonight to a plan whereby . Secretary general Dag Hammarskjold would use his Powers under the . Charter to ease tension Between them in the Middle East. Hammarskjold also was said to have agreed to the plan. The a hangmen was worked out by norwegian Delegate Hans Engen that Turkey has massed troops on and japanese Delegate Koto mad her Border for imminent attacks Sedaira in talks with All parties the United Stales was reported to have played a part in the negotiations. Under the arrangement neither of the two resolutions now Pend ing will be pressed to a vote when the Assembly meets tomorrow. The Assembly h As scheduled debate on Syria s soviet supported complain clerical Union okays Paa strike in Florida new York oct. 31 a Cler ical Union today authorized i strike of pan american work airways employees at the Cape canaveral Center. No Walter chairman Coleman the Union fla., missile Lesting strike Date was set general said a strike could bring an immediate halt to the missile test program if other Union employees at the base observed picket lines. The top secret rocket testing base is the proving ground in the nation s current drive to overtake soviet Russia in the guided mis Sile race. The Union involved is the air lines division of the Al Cio brotherhood of railway and syrian russian agreement seen bad influence by Angelo Natale da1iascas, ocl. 31 we Syria s new economic agreement with the soviet Union is a wedge which Russia conceivably could use to spread i Sontena and envy among Arab nations now pro Western. Terms of the agreement Are heavily in Syria s favor. Syria has Choice of development projects she wants done and the soviets Supply All necessary materials equipment machinery and technical advice. Syria can repay the soviet Union in either goods or hard she Over a 12-Lead period at 214 per cent interest. N o agreement like this exists elsewhere in the Arab world. The makeup of the West is that it is almost impossible. To extend Loans at 2 i per cent. Syria and the soviet Union can always Point to the agreement and proclaim see How much better to other Arab nations which have economic ties with the West. Just How deeply Syria will plunge into Russia s debt remains to be seen. The agreement lists 19 development projects each of which will be negotiated separately. These projects can be spaced in is rather than be up to Syria tackled at the same time. In this Way Syria May nol bile off More than she can steamship clerks freight handlers express and station employees. Coleman said the strike authorization came at a vote of the executive committee. The full executive Board of the Union is scheduled to meet in Brownsville tex., monday. Coleman said a strike Date probably would be set then. The Union official said Neotia ions with the company Are dead locked and that the Union has a Rosemoff the talks. Coleman estimated that about ,000 employees at Cape canaveral Are affected by the dispute. A company spokesman said the company has a font race with the armed forces to maintain and ser ice equipment for the launching Esting and tracking of guided missiles from the base. The employees involved in the dispute have no direct role in the Eising program. The company described its function As that of a housekeeper. Some pan american Cleri Cal employees connected with the company s airline operation Al ready Are covered under Union shop contract negotiated by the brotherhood of railway clerks. Coleman said the Union has demanded that this contract be extended to the Cape canaveral pm Loyes on a four year retroactive Jasis. He claimed the missile has employees have been working under wage and other conditions be Low the contract Standard. Pan am said the Union was try ing to extend the Union shop t he Florida employees. Coleman called this just one facet of the dispute. In addition to the Cape canaveral employees Coleman said the Inion seeks to Blanket under the contract about 100 employees in puerto Rico who. He said help rack rockets launched in Florida in addition he. Added in Obj event of a strike All pan am installations throughout the Worl would be picketed by brotherhood members. Observance of these picket lines by operating person Nel of the airline could Hall pan am s global operations Coleman said. Coleman said the National la Bor relations Board has recognized the brotherhood As bargain ing agent for the canaveral employees hut that the Union has been unable to extend its contract with pan am to cover them. And they Are threatening world peace. Hammarskjold is expected to Tell the Assembly tomorrow tha his services Are available. His statement in is understood end the often Bizier debate. Ambassador Farid Seine Dine o Syria indie died earlier that his nation is willing to accept a com Promise but he did not say what kind it would have to be. Syria has proposed thai a seven Nalion fad finding inquiry com Mission be Send to the Borden area and report Back to. The . Within iwo weeks. Another Resolution by seven nations and supported by the United states would have Secretary general Dag Hammar skjold work out a solution if other mediation efforts fail. Chief interest entered on a Sug estion by India to bring Turkey and Syria around the conference Able using the Good offices of Hammarskjold. Syria was reluctant to accept a Ole for Hammarskjold but India trying to overcome Syria s objections by having any formal proposals include disavowal by Turkey of any aggressive Intel Ward her Arab neighbor. Several of the Colombo towers Uch As Indonesia were lining up Vith India. Syria was reported de irilous of having Egypt and saudi Rabia included As cosponsors of by Compromise plan. Saudi Arabia has offered to me Sale the dispute but has met Only Ith turkish acceptance. But Syia has Long standing affiliations both with Egypt and saudi Arabia. The United states and Britain Here waiting to see whal happens phen the Assembly reconvenes. Alabama Nan draws 20 year in mayhem Case Birmingham ala., oct. 31 31-year-old construction Wor or was convicted today of a hem in the Kun flux klan Castr Tion of a negro Man and was sentenced to 20 years imprisonment Joe p. Pritchett was convicted by a circuit court jury which c liberated approximately 40 i Ules. Circuit court judge Alia Kin immediately gave him the Man mum prison sentence provided Alabama Law. This is one of the most Serio things i Ever heard said Kin and i have found nothing in testimony to justify less than t circuit solicitor Emmet per said five others charged i mayhem and assault with Inte to murder would be tried begin Ning monday. All were indicted these charges bul the assay charge against Pritchett w dropped at the request of i prosecution. Perry said first to be tried to Day would be b. A. Floyd witnesses said actually perform the mutilation. Pril Chelt was one of six defend ants charged in the sex Muliati of judge Edward Aaron 33, la sept. 2. His attorneys immediately police of Appeal and King set to Appeal Bond at All of the six were indicted charges of mayhem and assay with Intel to murder but judg King dropped the assault Char against Pritchett at the request the prosecution. Slate witnesses two of fun wants testified during the fou Day trial of Pritchett thai Aaro was kidnapped by six klansmen carried Louier meeting place an Casl rated. William j. Miller 28, a Supe Market clerk testified Hal the mutilation was carried out As test of the worthiness of b. Floyd for promotion to klan Cap Tain. He said that Pritchett ident Das the klan Floyd to do your an i Loyd performed the lion with a razor Blade. John Griffin another defendant said he thought the group was g no to scare hell Oul of a negro when they began driving Aroun he night of sept. 2. He snid Thaie remained on guard outside the ii eting place and was shocked Evhen he went inside and saw wha lad been done. Aaron was walking with a worn a companion when he was Kkt naked. He said he was ques Lione bout whether he was a member f the National Assn. For Advance Tient of coloured people an whether he knew the Hev. F. L Shuttlesworth a negro integ Ralio eader. Miller said Aaron was forced t Jow to Pritchett who then kicked Lim in the face he said the Negr finally was told that he mus Hoose Between having his brain Lown out or mutilation. He a Hen knocked unconscious after grief struggle. There was no immediate Indica Ion when the others would b brought to trial. Bui Hassan Jbara who is director of Syria s economic develop ment Council is quoted As saying work on the projects will be is neral and by one project Calls for Oil explorations by Syria with soviet Assis Tance. The Arris melt makes no mention of what happens if Oil is discovered. Generally contracts Between the Wool and Ami Oil countries provide for n 50-50 split. Majl pros Cal contracts contain t clause to the effect that new Irros will he negotiated if any other arb country n greater of profits in n nil companies. Train hits car 2 georgians die Mooresville n.c., of. 31 iffy two automobile dealers were killed and a third was injured Early today when a freight train struck their car at a crossing near Here. Police identified the dead Reuben Lohn Westbrooks 47, of my. Airy. Ca., father of 11 Chil Dren and Lohn k. Mcduffie 44. Of Baldwin ga., father of two Chil Dren. The injured Man. 30-year-old Edvin of allo. Suf ered broken less and internal injuries but was listed in Good Conr Milinn. The three in a Deal northbound trip to buy i Omo i Biles i Ike sits Over secret Security Council meet Washington oct. Is president Eisenhower presided to Day Over a Greally enlarged ses Sion of the National Security coun cil. As usual the proceedings we re secret there was no official explanation of Why so Many High official were called into the meeting. I came at a time of continued speculation Over Whol is happening in Russia and whal May be done Here to meet the soviet Challenge in the satellite missile Field. The 23 High in addition to the regular five Council have studied topics As the meaning of the ouster of marshal As russian s defense minister Anc olans for pooling Allied resources to meet Russia s gains in space weapons. All the White House would say was that the meeting dealt with Security that word came from mrs. Anne what on. Associate press Secretary. The Council is the government s of policy and planning Agency. It s regular members Are Resi Dent Eisenhower vice resident Nixon. Secretary of state unites Secretary of offence Mcmelroy and defense Mobil Leer Gordon Gray. The exception of Ini Xun i Down with virus they vere All at the White House along with these others Secretary of the Treasury an Cirson William 1thorois who vill become attorney shortly budget director Percival i Rundage Harold e. Lassen residential disarmament adviser chairman Lewis l. Strauss of the logic Korgy commission Leo Federal civil defense administrator James Smith head f hip International cooperation cil of economic advisers and Allen Dulles director of the Cen trial intelligence Agency. From the Pentagon were these Dep. Secretary of defense Donald Quarles Wilber Brucker Secre tary of the army acting Secre Lary of the Navy William b Franke Secretary of the aft Force James Douglas Gen. Nathan f. Twining chairman of the joint chiefs of staff Gen. Max Well Taylor army chief of Slaff Gen. Thomas while air Force chief of staff adm. H. A. Felt representing the chief of Nava operations and Gen. Randolph Pate Marine corps commandant. Several members of the White House staff were in on the meet ing too. Composer Duke weds Pacific Palisades calif., it. 31 i composer Vernon Uke and miss Kay Mccracken if Bozeman mont., were married Here last night in St. Mathews episcopal Church. Duke is 54, his Bride 23. It is he first marriage for each. Duke is the composer of april n Paris and other noted songs and musical scores. The Bride is a protege of for Ner opera Star Bolte Lehman of Junta Barbara Calif 10 tons fireworks arrives of Charleston Charleston s.c., w the philippine ship Donal Alic a docked Here today with 10 on f fireworks. The vessel was scheduled to sail ale tonight after loading some and i Lionel fireworks. The Donna Alicia Wols placed in or the supervision of the const Raymond Saul a guard during the handling of uie Nier chief of the presidents in Assembly revives Tough cold War talk United nations n.y., oct 31 a the Lough talk of the cold War has been revived lately in the . General Assembly. An example came in debate on Syria s soviet backed complain that Turkey has massed troops on the Frontier for an attack. When for a delay to allow time for mediation so Viet foreign minister Andrei a Gromyko accused the turks of wanting to delude Public opinion they want to throw dust into the eyes of naive and credulous people while at the same time they engage in their own business which is the preparation of aggression against the Independent state of Syria. They were caught red handed. The Assembly president sir Leslie Mariro of new zealand entered a procedural Point. Gromyko wagged his Finger and retorted it i feel the need for advice 1 shall request it. I believe it would be better or. President in you did not waste your Energy on interrupting statements and if you focused these energies on a Cor rect and organized Way of con ducting these later Gromyko said the United states is openly inciting Turkey to attack he concluded that what was needed was to withdraw the turkish forces from the in Arian Frontier and to Stop Stop the . Delegate Henry Cabot Lodge put in a few words of his own. He spoke of the insincerity of the soviet he said the soviet Union had gobbled up Lithuania Latvia Poland Czechoslovakia Hungary Bulgaria Romania and Albania. He accused it of butchering Hun Gary. At a later meeting Lodge said the russians want to bully tur key with threats of extinction and want to Blacken the name of the United of the soviet Union he observed Here is the chronic Law weaker not Only seeking to be regarded As a Good citizen but actually trying to sit in the judge s seat and sentence the whole Law abiding Community to jail. Here is the arsonist trying his Beefy British baby London oct. 31 w a year old baby boy leaned against a lug Gage cart at a London railway station and pushed it along the 1 a t f o r m. Then developing a Hirst he gurgled Beer mum the boy Hugh Robert Johnson Las developed into a husky 35 Pounder on a diet of Beer and beef. His father John Johnson who brought the family Home from jew Guinea where the elder John on is an Oil worker said of the on he lifts furniture swims and sits on my knee and steers an automobile. On the ship i tried o switch him Over to baby food. Tut it was no use. He demands Leef and Bitar spoke of a slanderous Campaign against Syria. Gromyko in h is last appearance refrained from repeating his ear Lier Russia would take All the necessary Steps to syrian foreign minister Salah extend assistance to the victim of Best to Start another fire and de manding the right to Lead the fire turkish ambassador Seyfullah Pesiri declared certain syrian charges were devoid of Good Faith. Aggression in Case of an attack on Syria. And communist chief Nikita Khrushchev said tuesday night there would not be a War. This led some to Hope that the Tough talk and the cold War atmosphere were on the Way out. Why should n you pay for electric service in Tennessee in almost All of Tennessee and in the other Arew of the u. S. Served by Federal government Power systems a strange twist in Federal Law puts several million families and businesses into a special privileged your taxes help pay their electric Bills Here s what happens unlike Independent electric Light and Power companies Federal government Power systems pay no Federal taxes at All and pay Little or no stale and local taxes. This Means that customers of these Federal Power systems Don t pay the taxes on electricity that you pay. As a result you have to be taxed More to make up the to build the Federal Power plants in the first place. Should t the Basic unfairness of this kind of subsidy and tax exemption be Given thorough study and discussion we think so. That s Why we bring you this message. 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