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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - May 29, 1970, Florence, South CarolinaOur 47th year no. 149 the Only daily paper published in Eastern South Carolina Florence s. C., Friday morning. May 29, 1970 daily inc Sunda it tie fugitives goof at wrong time Waycross a. A two Florida fugitives police said could hardly have chosen a worst time to Rob a Waycross Motel of Law officers were having a fish Fry just Down the Road. Is armed men tied up the " Otel manager. L. A. Harold took the Money and escaped wednesday in a stolen car offi cers said. Harold freed himself and called police Headquarters who radioed the City police county police and Georgia state patrol men attending the nearby fish Fry. Officers swarmed onto the Highway and in several minutes after a Brief shootout which injured one of the alleged Holdup men in the leg captured Ray Field Thomas 21, of Detroit and Charles Lee Brockett 26, of Cincinnati Ohio. Police said the men were escapees from a Florida prison. Year s heaviest trading Stock Market up 2nd straight Day York changed hands for a new Market prices advanced for High turnover. The previous second straight Day thursday for the year was the 17.5 the heaviest trading of the Sares traded on Marc the closely watched when major Banks Cut their prime interest rate the rate Jones average of 30 Industrial stocks closed up 20.95 at 684.15, an Advance of 3.15 per charge their biggest and most credit worthy customers such As corporations. The gain followed a record Advance of 32.04 Points on Story Page 10b Day leading some brokers record volume for the big believe the 17-month-old is 21.35 million shares Market May have come to june 13, 1968. On the american analysts said the most Exchange of 6.82 million Cou raging aspect of the thursday also Stab used Sharp upturn was the a new High for the year. Tonally heavy think you be seen the Bot on the new York Stock i believe Washington As change a total of 18.91 have finally been con 15 survivors of Rig Oft Texas Galveston Tex. A each about one third full. An offshore Oil Well platform 12 Miles off the Texas coast workers were unable plodded into a pillar of fire while a repair Crew was working aboard it go aboard the platform to search for survivors due to the danger of further explosions. The coast guard said engineering inc. Of Man was known dead and 11 la., was making re 12 others were on the platform to bring it to Federal regulations when fifteen survivors some blast happened the coast them burned were rescued said. The pleasure boat Princess and taken to Galveston 12 reports said fire erupted Acoss the Choppy Gulf of a work boat and Trig the blast aboard the plat the coast guard said Oil piped to the platform had Oil company helicopter i shut Down but there were surveying offshore Oil instal barrel storage tanks on which Dot the shallow in the area saw the blast and radioed an immediate Egypt to the coast Cuard. Two big coast guard Helicon from Houston hovered Over he area for hours trying to survivors in the water. Two a narc . From Damascus Syria a egyptian president Nasser said thursday night the soviet Union had supplied Cairo with Ern weapons capable of prevent ing israeli air strikes deep into Egypt s these weapons enable us to prevent israeli air penetration into the Nile Delta and Nile Val Nasser said in a speech at a mass rally in the sudanese capital of Khartoum. The speech was broadcast live by Omdurman radio the Sudan government station. Nasser did not mention the kind of weapons involved but it was Clear he meant which were reported to have been installed by the russians in Egypt. Without them Cairo and our vital installations in the Delta and the Nile Valley would have been within the destructive reach of the israeli phantom and skyhawk Nasser said. He said Egypt began acquiring these weapons from the so Viet Union Early this year to off israeli air forays deep into Egypt s heartland. Nasser announced that advisers were training egyptian troops in every part of the we have asked for and got from the soviet Union advisers and experts who arc training our forces in the use of various kinds of modern arms and equipment including electronic Nasser said. I Salveston. Said Charles m. Lew is a partner in the brokerage firm of Trevis co. It s said the Market dances to washing ton s tune and i believe a number of brokers attributed wednesday s Sharp upswing in part to investor anticipation of Good news coming from pres ident Nixon s dinner meeting with the nation s business Lead ers. Reports thursday morning that Federal Reserve chairman Arthur f. Burns had assured the businessmen that the Feder al Reserve Board was Alert to the country s Money needs were cited for the Dow average s rail id Rise to More than 18 Points Early in the session. At midday the gain in the Dow average had eroded to less than 12 Points but surged for Ward with renewed vigor after the White House confirmed Burns dinner remarks. Pep talk by Nixon Washington a president Nixon s prediction that his policies will inflation and return the slum Ping Economy to stable growth later this year buoyed some of the nation s business leaders thursday. I am greatly encouraged by the discussion and com ments of the present and other members of the and said chairman Robert 0. Anderson of Atlan tic Richfield co., one of 42 business leaders at wednesday night s dinner and talk session with Nixon at the White House. Accounts of those who attended generally agreed Nixon Sau he was sticking by his Basic policies of tight Noney High interest and Federal spending cuts to fight the nation s worst in 20 years. Peace Ozment draws cheers Boos at Graham crusade Knoxville Tenn. A president Nixon stopping in the Bible Belt for a Billy Graham crusade thanked worshippers jammed in a football stadium thursday night for their prayers and pledged peace in u pure environment. This nation Nixon told an estimated persons in the University of Tennessee stadium would not be so great without those great spiritual resources which have made America what it president and mrs. Nixon attend chief executive first lady escorted by grahams at Neyland stadium Saigon a forces launched attacks East phenom penh the North Viet americans. Of the fishhook zone killing two the throng gathered in the Twilight in this East Tennessee City was overwhelmingly Friendly to the chief executive in his first speech on a Campus in nearly a year. They shouted Down a Small group of about 300 protesting students. I want this nation to be at peace and we shall Nixon promised. I want the air to be clean and it will be clean. I want the water to be pure and it will be pure. I want better Edu cation for All an equal Opportunity for All and that shall the president stood through a Long loud standing ovation smiling and nodding while the Small group of dissidents chanted one two three four we Don t want Nixon s the answer came Back in Boos from the throng. Evangelist Graham Nixb n said told him there would be students on hand representing different Points of View. "1 in just he. Said there seems to be a rather solid in Jority on one Side rather than j the other Side that brought an outpouring of f loud applause and a standing ovation. We know that by your pres ence you Are once again re minding us that ours is a crisis of the that Only the spirit of god can heal us and bring at one Point Nixon said and North of the _ cambodian j namese and Viet Cong overran j to he North East american j capital of phenom penh thurs Day in an apparent attempt to obtain Supply lines from Laos to make up for losses of bases to Allied troops along the Frontier. Communist command forces battled their Way into the streets of prey Veng a Provin Cial capital 35 Miles East of phenom penh but were reported withdrawing later. Some 40 Miles to the North North vietnamese troops fought cambodian forces at Prek Kak the District capital of Tang Kra Sang cutting Highway 6 for the first time. This isolated the provincial capital of to Mpung Thorn from phenom penh. North vietnamese in an Long air to ground Battle. South vietnamese forces were said to have killed 50 enemy sol 39 j great majority of Young people do not approve of official sources said captured Diers the chup a Lubber documents indicated enemy j Plantation West of Minot while Plantation East of Kimpong Cham and inflicted heavy casualties. South Vietnam report forces would try to get a new i suffering 14 wounded. Line of communications from Laos along the Mekong River because of the . And South vietnamese thrusts into their bases just across the Vietnam cambodian and South Viet namese forces joined up 10 Miles East of Kampong Cham near the Plantation reopening Border. These thrusts 1 overrun infiltration corridors. The important route Highway 7. Two officers charged with attempted murder Washington a the army charged two decorated in Fantry officers thursday with attempted murder by ordering their men to shoot into huts in a South vietnamese Village. Pentagon sources said two vietnamese civilians a woman and her Nephew were wounded. The woman reportedly died later and her Nephew whose age was not specified recovered. The formal announcement said that capt. Vincent n. Hart Mann 34, of Scranton pa., and 1st it. Robert g. Lee jr., 22, of Springfield mo., had been charged with the attempted murder of an unspecified num Ber of human beings by or Dering members of their com Mand to fire into buildings used for human habitation on or about june 15 last year. The announcement provided few details but sources said shots were fired against two huts out of five in a Small Settle ment. The maximum penalty for at tempted murder is 20 years. Both officers arc now As signed to lie army infantry school brigade at it. Benning a. They were serving with the 9th infantry division at the time of the incident whose location was not specified in tie announcement beyond saying it was in the Delta area of Viet Hartmann commanded com Pany a 2nd battalion 3flth in Fantry and Lee was a platoon Leader in the same unit. The Pentagon said col. Charles c. Thebaud school Bri Gade commander at Benning has ordered a grand jury Type investigation to determine whether the two officers should be brought before a general court Marlin. This alleged incident occurred about 15 months after the alleged massacre of More than 102 South vietnamese civilians at my Lai and son my in South Vietnam. The my Lai son my episode occurred several Hun dred Miles from the Delta area. Army sources said Iho new Case has been under i Vestiga the capture of Tang Kasang seemed to fit into this picture. East of the town the North Viet i namese and Viet Cong hold i three cities Strung northward along the Mekong River Chlong Katie and stung Treng in northeastern cambo Dia. In addition they control the Southern laotian town of Atlo Peu on the Kong River a Branch of the Mekong. They continue to threaten the cambo Dian provincial capital of Kom a cambodian Field command As he said he does do approve of dissent. He said they say they want the right to be heard and when they speak they think Oiler people should be silent so that they can be heard. And so it is a generation that is not the lost generation As some americans think. It in t the beat generation. It in t the beat up generation. It can i be and will become the Greal i Young generation. That is what said the Viet Cong and North or Bej Jive and that is what you Graham said Many presidents before Nixon had made unpopular decisions. Then he added the american presidency is the world s loneliest and Tough est Job. All americans May not agree with the decisions a presi Dent he is our presi Dent. He is the president of the Blacks As Well As the Whites. Every president deserves the sympathy understanding and prayers of the american peo the crowd was the largest Ever to Jam into Neyland stadium which has a capacity of a University official said More than were turned away before the Gates were closed. The presidential motorcade was greeted by hundreds of per sons gathered along the 15-mile Highway stretch Between my ghee Tyson Airport and Knox Ville. The throng of onlookers stretched for More than two Miles. At one Point the motorcade stopped and Nixon aides tried to lower the convertible top but could t. The president and mrs. Nixon got out of the car and began shaking hands with the group. John Robert Smili president of University of Tennessee Stu dents met briefly with Nixon. The president told Smith he would meet with him and other students aboard the presidential aircraft before leaving for Cali Ornia. Before the service began Dis ident students shouted peace prompting the choir to break into god bless Ameri in its first six nights the Cru Ade attracted about per a going to make it j sons. 4 t0ta of individuals Nixon said everything about made commitments to Christ America in t what he wants it j a group identifying itself As be so he stated that he can he student steering commit bounced the loss of its 29lh air-1understand Why so Many Hassid it will stage a Craft m the cambodian people speak their desire for j demonstration at the stadium chup Plantation were retreating to the Northwest. The command the Region which is across the Border from Vietnam s Southern Pong Cham South of Chlong and 74 Miles Northeast of phenom penh. Elsewhere in ene-1 cd neral m Sll lands my soldiers ambushed a . Artillery Convoy near Minot. In Sive. It said a . Air Force f4l peace fighter bomber crashed 13 Miles j inside Cambodia while support a want he said. You ing South vietnamese ground Iwan forces. The two crewmen were introducing him Graham j reported missing. alled of americans to support what he termed the world s although the cause of and toughest crash was unknown spokesmen Graham had personally invited i protesting Nixon s appearance. Car tires said ground fire was reported in the Nixon to Stop Iff on their Way to their san Clemente Cal if., Home for a memorial Day weekend. Duckett named Citadel prexy Charleston a the Citadel Board of visitors announced thursday selection of a faculty member James w. A Rickolt As president of the stale military College. Disc keel has been on the fac Cape Vincent Hartman Allty is one of 2 accused officers president of the since last fall and they a Dunt Wilh Nink of knowledge it was brought to the army s attention by Kip. President Hugh Harris re Lionel Van Cerlin a Calif. Army general who look Vandeerlin Lold the army j the Post in july i9g5, said some a Fioros decision thai a medical corps Captain re ported in slim that an army in Fantry company was ordered to use a vietnamese Village for target practice i june months ago he was submitting his resignation effective be tween Only and the summer of give the Board time to the department of health. Education and welfare has promised Florence school District 1 a decision of a school i segregation plan by Lune 15. See Page 2a j machinist John .1. Bell and his wife plan Ned in buy a House but wound up acquiring a Church. See Page Fla. A father and son Clellion struggle is shaping up in Dearborn Michigan. See Page Kili. Index classified 1115 comics 15r deaths editorials Horoscope i5u markets 1015 sports in women a 2a a partly Cloudy and warm Loiro Difili sat urday. Ili Glis in upper 80s. Lows in lower ios. Do tills Washington a the department of transportation announced thursday it is re Quiring the Armstrong rubber company to recall approximately passenger car tires be cause they could be hazardous under certain the department said Premium Coro net 4-ply Nylon tires size 735-14 failed 12 of 19 tests for High Speed performance conducted by Independent laboratories. Armstrong said in a state ment that its extensive lest results showed thai the tires clearly meet All govern ment standards and Are Safe for Highway Armstrong however agreed to the recall and will replace the tires at a discount Cost based on read use. The tires have serial numbers with the number 8 As the sixth Symbol and the letters or y As the last Symbol

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