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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - May 28, 1970, Florence, South CarolinaSending Leopard to Africa on mating Mission Don Hunt Detroit s animal exporter holds a Leopard cat which May be sent to Africa on a mating mis Sion. Hunt described the move As a first step in a conservation program because Africa s own animals Are threatened with extinction. A Mansfield says republicans stalling cambodian action Washington a sen ate democratic Leader Mike Mansfield accused Republican opponents wednesday of stalling action on legislation designed to bar future . Operations in Cambodia. Then with an embarrassed smile Mansfield did some stall ing himself. The Likely result at least two More Days of talk before the Senate records another vote involving the cambodian Issue. It is my belief that what we Are seeing is in effect a stalling operation Mansfield up to this told the Senate. We be spent Over two weeks on this the Bill authorizing military sales abroad is the vehicle for an amendment which would for rate on the Day before a Brief bid spending on . Day recess. Sen. In Cambodia after june 30. J Frank Church a Idaho a chief the White House opposes that sponsor of the appropriations cutoff measure wanted no thursday voting because he is going to California where his son is to be married. We re not Dole said after Mansfield retracted restriction and administration allies in the Senate have pro posed a series of amendments Likely to keep the debate going until at least mid june. Sen. Robert j. Dole r-kan., proposed one to waive any Cut off of funds so Long As Ameri cans Are held prisoner by communists in Cambodia. Mansfield suggested at one Point a thursday morning vote on the amendment. But minutes Ater when Dole agreed to that timetable Mansfield said a would not. His offer of a thursday vote. I Don t fully i think the senator has pretty Good idea of what the situation Mansfield replied drily. That Exchange was an ironic followup to Mansfield s most direct criticism to Dale of oppose he did t explain but the Rea ution tactics in the Cambodia de son was evident the what s pussycat we hereby declare 1970 the year of the pussycat. Our National prize winning drink has become a great Success. No wonder. This sunny Orange Sweet sour makes you want to purr. And mixes up Quick As a cat. Just Combine a packet of instant pussycat water and Early times. Ask for instant pussycat mix at your favorite food or liquor store. To get a set of 4-10 of. Pussycat glasses and 4 packets of instant pussycat to Early times pussycat glasses mild while Hegol limited Lime Only. I i ask Cal Wal Tom fur Tirier Writt ii 0 kit cords of Moll it to fire rut id p. 0. Ali flick pc j. C. Mil Andy Andy sends a Complete 20 volume set of the world Book encyclopedia to Juanita Davies age 13, of Calgary Alberta Canada for her question prove Earth is rotating we space agers take this for granted. When very Young we Are told that the Earth rotates on this Axis once every Calendar Day. This information seems reasonable. However when a person starts thinking and look ing at the evidence it seems just As reasonable to assume that the Earth does not rotate. Instead the starry sky could be revolving around a stationary planet. This is just what almost everybody thought to be True until quite recently in human Hist Ory. The motions of the Earth have challenged the Best brains in history since ancient times. Our Cavemen ancestors no doubt assumed that the Earth is Flat and that every Day the sky wheels overhead. The scholars of ancient Greece however were not Likely to be fooled by appearances. Several of these great men figured that the Earth is a sphere. They also reasoned that the heavenly Parade rises and sets As the round Globe rotates. Other Scho ars of that time did not agree. And sad to say their notion of a Flat non Rol rating planet prevailed through 14 centuries. Then in the 1500s, the polish astronomer Copernicus devised a new Model of solar system. He suggested that it is just As reasonable to assume that the round Earth rotates and the planets revolve around the Sun. In the 1600s, the great Galileo of Italy used a Telescope to gather masses of evidence in support of the Copernicus theory. We know now that these men were Correct but at the time few people accepted the notion because it shattered their notion that the Earth is the Center of the universe. It was centuries before everybody accepted the idea of a rotating Earth and centuries before it was proved to be True. In the meantime assuming a round rotating Earth astronomers made Many accurate observations and sir Isaac Newton even figured out the Laws of gravitation. However without proof one argument was hard to refute. If the Earth rotates surely we should feel it moving. Mathematicians explained that we feel Only acceleration and deceleration. If the Earth rotates at a steady rate we would not feel the motion and this Factor led i o the final proof. A hanging pendulum is not influenced by the motions of the ground below it. In the 1850s, the French physicist Leon Foucault used this fact to prove conc us Velv that the Earth rotates. His pendulum was a 56-Pound Bronze Ball with a Spike on the underside. It was suspended on a steel wire from inside the immense dome of the pantheon building in Paris. The Public was invited to see t he dramatic demonstration. The pendulum could be trusted to hang straight Down. But if the Earth rotates the ground below it would move and the Spike on the Ball was cunningly arranged to Trace a line in a bed of Sand. And Trace it did line after line. This proved conclusively that the round Earth rotates on its Axis toward the East. We can Witch the Sun Rise and can also find other evidence that the Earth rotates. But Foucault s pendulum provided the indisputable proof that All this evidence is True., the Earth s surface rotation is fastest at the Equator and to Zero at the Doles. Foucault s pendulum clocked the rotation Speed at Paris. This naturally was slower than the equatorial Speed. When the test was repeated in London farther North the rotation Speed was even slower. However the Foucault pendulum proved rotation and was used later to verify the different speeds along latitudes Between the Equator and the poles. Andy sends a world Book Atlas to Keith Berben age 11, of Albany new York for his question Why do doas Bury Bones before people appeared on the Earth naturally All the members of the dog family were wild. The of our domesticated dogs had to fend for themselves. They were Superb Hunters splendid runners with a lot of endurance. But even so food was often hard to catch and some Imes even to find. Those wild dogs often went hungry but they were very intelligent animals smart enough to solve most of their serious problems. When the Hunt was successful they ate All they could and hid the leftovers for later. Food left lying around was stolen by other hungry creatures. So the dogs dug holes and buried it and came Back later for a snack. The wild dogs who buried Reserve food were More Likely to survive than those who did not. This Clever trek became part of the built in pattern inherited by future generations. It was inherited by our domesticated dogs. Even an elegant poodle likes to buy a Bone and dig it up later though chances Are he does not know Why. Notice to creditors All persons having claims 01 demands against the estate o Lucille h. Eaddy deceased Are requested to present the same itemized and verified to the undersigned duly qualified administrator of said estate within the time prescribed by Law five months and persons indebted to the said estate Are asked to make prompt payment to the undersigned. James f. Hanna route no.2 Johnsonville s. C. May 28, june 4, citation notice the state of South Carolina county of Florence by Dorothy s. Grimsley probate judge whereas James grooms made suit to me Grant him letters of administration of the estate and effects of Lula Legree deceased these re therefore to cite and admonish All and s angular the Kindred and creditors of the said Lula Legree deceased that they be and appear before me in the court of probate to in held at Florence s. C. On Ljutic 4, next after publication Hereof at ii o clock in the Forenoon to show cause if any they have Why the said administration should not be granted. Given under my hand his my Day of May Anno Domini 1970. Dorothy s. Grimsley probate judge. May 21, 28 to present the and verified to notice to creditors All persons having claims or demands against the estate of Mattie Gregg Cooper deceased Are requested same itemized the undersigned duly qualified executor of said estai e within the time prescribed by Law five and All person indebted to the said estate Are asked to make prompt payment i o the undersigned. Lester Cooper co William h. Blackwell attorney at Law 234 West Cheves St. Florence s. C May 14. 21, 28 Mattott him Tittl Jonm thursday May 28, i970sl masonic notice special communication of Hampton Lodge no. 204 has been called to meet at die masonic Temple on thurs Day evening May 2sth at o clock for the purpose of conferring the master Mason s degree. Refreshments will be served and All eligible master masons Are requested to attend this communication. . Mclaughlin r. Rives King Sec 1, houses for Sale x look Hillside estates real Nice three bedroom Bath Brick veneer Home. Pay Small equity and assume loan. Features Oil duct heat window air conditioner built in Range. Lot 100 x 200. Double Carport Harrell 662-9397. Calcutt foyer dining room realtors. Phone Sandhurst three bedrooms two Baths. All electric. Central heat and a r 1. Houses for Sale see this excellent Buji jns1 a Large 3 bedroom located in one of finest areas. Including air carpeting fireplace in. Bookshelves dishwasher disposal Carport paved drive a and fenced in for Quick Sale. Call fl9w Willcox realtors 4378. Florence morning news for classified an Call 669-1771 Between and . Deadlines classified ads for tuesday through saturday must in our office by 4 the Day before publican1. For sunday k . Saturday for monday 11 saturday. Classified display copy must be received by 4 . Two Days before Publ co Tion Suntay copy by 4 . Thursday monday copy by 4 . Friday. Copy re Quiring proof must be in the office three Days before publication. 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Sale Price reduced to citation notice the state of South Carolina county of Florence by Dorothy s. Grimsley probate judge whereas Leona Ragland made suit to me Grant her letters of adar nitration of the estate and effects of Lanie Milford deceased these Are therefore o c the and admonish All and singular the Kindred and creditors of the said Lanie Milford deceased that they be and appear before me in the ourt of probate to be held at Florence s. C. On Lune 4, next after publication Hereof at 11 o clock in the Forenoon to show cause if any they have Why the said administration should not be granted. Given under my hand this 20th Day of May Anno Domini 1970. Dorothy s. Grimsley probate Luttge. May 21, 28 rent for monthly. Three bedroom two Baths carpeted living room built in Kitchen. Separate Den double Carport and indoor Utility room. Fenced Yard. Pay equity assume 6 3-4 per cent loan. 662 9026. 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Evans St. Dial 662-43 Huntington place owner being transferred must sell right away Lovely 3 bedroom colonial Soyie Home 2 Bari Entrance foyer living room Sepora room Kitchen with All appliances pontry do with place and bookshelves pay owners equity and assume conventional dial 662-4378 for Sale Santee on waterfront off of Wybro new House 3 bedrooms 2 Baths Complete Kitchen Carpton throughout and Central air condition scr Norod porch located on wooded lots. Buy new Home Down tit ii largest builder of 235 Homes in pee area Call or come by and see one of our qualified sales personnel today. Dailey company inc 518 w. Palmetto St. F Florence s. C

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