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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - May 26, 1970, Florence, South CarolinaEnvoy terms egg throwing disgraceful Gran Light for Urban officials Hinr Miuji Jar Rita tuesday May 26, 1970 s Stockholm Sweden a . Ambassador Jerome ii. Holland denounced As Dis Graceful monday a weekend egg throwing incident and said he was distressed that he could t travel in Sweden with threatened with Vio High court backs City curfews out being Lence. Washington a the i Justice William 0. Douglas that supreme court backed big City i the court was sidestepping sen curfews monday by rejecting Ous free speech issues the proposition that people can not be arrested for assembling peacefully on City streets and in Parks. The 6-1 ruling dismissed As in substantial an Appeal by a group of Philadelphia residents More than 12 people at induction Center garb or otherwise. Time. In a second decision the court War. Ave Antiwar demonstrators the j 19c7 to demonstrate against the i in a third decision the court the result of the action is a it o Wear military uniform and t Green Light to Urban officials to Seth Moek the government s i with again directed the states to Schact wore an army with the constitutional decide when people should be ordered off the Strete As Well who violated a curfew imposed in 1968 following the assassination of or. Martin Luther King the latest of a series of or. The denial of a hearing into this new and common approach to the possibility of civil disturb anti american demonstrations since he took up his Post in Early april More than 100 swedes pelted Holland s car with eggs saturday near Orebro in Central Sweden. Holland noted in a statement that the swedish government has apologized for the incident but he added this embassy expects that members of the staff including the ambassador ances Drew a complaint from As authorization for the prosecution of More than 100 Philadel Phi ans who massed to Plant tree in King s Honor and for civil rights legislation. All the gatherings were peace Ful but clearly in conflict with the state of emergency rules declared by mayor James h. Tate Banning gatherings of an old officer s hat that defendants be1 government s j with an upside Down Eagle. He Given a speedy trial. I was sentenced to six months the right said chief Justice. The ruling unanimous except j prison and fined Warren e. Burger for a unania for a technical exception by jus Justice Hugo l. Black speak j Mous court is not theoretical or j Tiee John n. Harlan strikes ing for the court said actors abstract but ire rooted in the witnesses lost and memo ant a Down a Federal Law that made it have always had considerable hard reality press j a crime to Wear a uniform in a Freedom of expression and i die records Gei movie or a play that pokes fun Schacht s water pistol Nasiri Erdim. At the military. The Law had been evoked against Daniel j. Schacht a War protester who helped put i entitled to the same Protection. The decision reversed the con moreover the Justice added eviction of Robert Dean Dickey the Constitution does not permit i a Florida truck Driver who had punishment of an actor for sati j to wait seven years to be tried on a water pistol fight outside Riding the government in a Motel Holdup. Teachers willing to accept awful salary cuts for Opportunity to work in tranquil Montana should be Able to carry out the j Helena Mont. A get out of the big City and come teacher at an ?843 salary Erickson said nearly i Fly Tapir of flip tapfhnrc1 in Tho i to Vint non inf list a Nimr no Lei of urn a without danger teachers by the physical uneasy in restless . Cities i Are looking for jobs in this to Montana. The negro Diplomat said he was distressed by the fact that the representative of the presi Dent of the United states and of the people of the United states is unable to travel in Sweden without being harassed and threatened with physical Vio Lence and bodily he added my family was subjected to personal abuse and the possibility of bodily in jury by objects being thrown at the swedish government operated vehicle in which we were rid ing. It was a disgraceful affair. I consider it a dangerous act quiet Mountain country said they Are pleased to see and experience. Even though the change Means a Cut in salary. There has been a flood of applications from out of Sale teachers looking for jobs in elementary and High schools in a state that three years ago was plagued by a serious Teener shortage. In some districts school officials Are reported having Trou ble just processing the applications. We have perhaps 10 to 15 applications for each position but cannot hire Many because o Hare said the teachers has to pay them the set a take awful salary Hellary scale based on education the clean cities and the clean looking applications Are up 400 from two years ago o Hare said. Kalispell s elementary and secondary school levies failed this Spring and Langbell says the has had to turn Down Many Kalispell superintendent . Qualified teachers from Urban Langbell said his school District has processed More than 600 applications for 22 openings. Many areas especially those with master s degrees because he cannot Bend the salary sched j most of the teachers from a i crease in teacher resignations two years ago. Budget fewer than 50 openings in his problems Stemm my from Levy in Many cities have plications were received for the j from fewer than 50 openings in his h system. Applications were received from nearly every state is and one application came from j forced administrators to put the Brazil he said. J freeze on new positions. The Helena office has stopped processing form letter apply a cations because there were Sim ply too Many. Beverly Acosta 11, adopted by prison inmates Michigan child fondles Kitten Given by inmates Are from the East and even if the teachers Are i ban areas who want to people want to get out of the lace because of disturbances willing to bargain. Langbell said lie receives an average of four Long distance said or. Harold l. Know Montana has open spaces crowded areas and Lack of rec i Calls a week from teachers rational areas for their Chil seaking employment. It used Langbell said. They to be we called he said. Away from it All by moving to Montana Are out of at Lea for this year. Superintendents said they when a Small number of people decide that they can operate As Wen ass great Falls superintendent. About teachers have a 3rjn. And that s what they an entity violate the fundamental of an individual o free speech and free Freedom of movement. Evidently such people feel that they can Eha Llense these rights and get away with an great to fill 12a vacancies in a system whose enrolment has been stationary for two years. Pau t. O Hare Billings superintendent said some teach All but three of the Kalispell jobs Are no filled. Langbell said he hired two years. In Helena . Erickson said there has been an almost unbelievable increase in applications in the ers want to come to Montana now Many Wear false Teeth with More Comfort to overcome discomfort when dentures slip slide or loosen just Sprinkle a Little fas Teeth on your plates. Fas Teeth holds dentures firmer. You eat better feel More comfortable. Fas Teeth is alkaline even if it Means a salary of a year less than they1 were receiving in the cities. Teachers salaries in Montana Range from approximately for a teacher with no experience and a Bachelor s de Gree to about for a Mas Ter s degree and 12-15 years exp Perien Ces. By or. George c. Thosteson . Dear or Thosteson every i hormones we All have a mix Many people from the bigger time i Brush my Teeth i end up Ture of male and female i Notni no the t fit _ j i i of j dentures that fit Are essential to cities and larger Urban areas get fas Teeth at an drug counters j where they have dissent prob he press n Jacksonville St. Petersburg new York Mouthful of bloody toothpaste. My Gums seem to be the same color As always Pale does t this mean i healthy Gums i was told to Brush my Teeth and Gums with table Salt in Stead of toothpaste and do it j quite hard. This does t seem j to help. I am 17. ,7. K. I can t safely diagnose your Pink Toothbrush at a distance but be guided by these suggestions. This could be either a medical or a dental problem or even both. Medical possibilities some nutritional deficiency could interfere with clotting of t h e blood insufficient Vitamin a Calcium or protein. Or there could be a deficiency of blood platelets which would b e determined by special blood tests. Dental Gums should be Pink not a Pale red. Gingivitis or Pyo Rhea could be causing bleeding. Have your dentist Check this. In the Long run gum diseases cause much More hormones it s the proportion that it time Androgen the male hormone will increase in those boys and become dominant and whatever symptoms including the Gyne Comasia have developed will go Back to Normal. Boys with this temporary problem should be assured that they Don t need any treatment that this situation occurs in quite a few boys at around that age but the trouble will vanish automatically in a matter of some months. It May take up members of a chapter the one behind the to a couple sometimes but about it. Of years Don t worry dear or. Thosteson in a medical guide it was said that Here is a multiple sclerosis foundation which May be contacted for information about the disease. Do you know Cor rect name and address for it a. E. Have been hiring mostly Mon Tana teachers to fill what positions they do have open. Most teachers already in the Choice larger Montana schools Are staying put. Great Falls reported a 20 per cent de once booed prexy gets new support Charlottesville v a. A students who once booed him during demonstrations against the . Military thrust into Cambodia now Are joining ranks to support univer sity of Virginia president Edgar f. Shannon jr., under fire for backing their cause. More than signatures have been gathered on petitions endorsing Shannon 51, who pro Jaycee chapter voted the Wrath of conservative founded three years ago. To help elements in the state for issuing love prayers of prison uncles give Beverly a hew lease on life Jackson Mich. A in cigarettes they acquired a. Life sentences. But believe me the months since she was hit by Black and White Kitten born to he said half the men were a car tiny Beverly Acosta has one of the prison cats. Crying like babies when i Fin become project Beverly to 99 j ish de the letter local a Csc were Kent by Vurly s u Alon certificate the love and prayers of 99 Walls of Southern Michigan will cd real " re s is to certify uncles seem to have had an ,.jsorj that Beverly Acosta is held says mrs. Acosta. She re j such esteem by the membership ports that doctors say that at the inmate Jaycees read i of this organization Itiat it has1 her present rate of improve newspaper accounts of the to Confer upon her Beverly should be fun year old s Battle for life and rights and privileges of normally for her age in cited to adopt her. Horary i another year. Beverly fourth oldest of Post in return they received a let al worker Fernando Acosta s of thanks from mrs. Children Lay in a coma for three i who wrote i think you must i months after the november a be grand men who with All your i Ima the. Cadent outside her Garden City trouble will take time to help Lima "1c Home near Detroit. Lan unfortunate has approved Okay marriage when she regained conscious Jan unfortunate Little girl. For this i am grateful Ness her doctors recommended the prison Jaycee president she be committed to a nursing Hector Osario who was convict we. They said Prospect of of forgery read the letter to recovery were dim. A re quest by a woman Diplomat. Amalia Mariategui Succar of the peruvian embassy in hol land to marry a dutch citizen. I i Antonius Burnardus p Williemen Roelofs. All Peru Beverly had incurred a severe5 some of our members Hadl Vian diplomats must have Gnu Lead injury in the Accident. Bad records on the approval to marry for we made up our mind to three of them Are what love and prayer could do or her at said mrs Acosta. Statement critical of president Nixon s decision to Send troops into Cambodia. Shannon s statement of May 10 was signed by some Stu dents and faculty members of the University Anc dispatched to . Sens. Harry f. Byrdjr. And William b. Spong or. Of Virginia. Almost immediately the of fice of gov. Linwood Holton was deluged with letters and Tele phone one time 800 a Day demanding Shannon s Ous Ter. The Richmond times Dis Patch largest newspaper in Vir Ginia called the statement maliciously warped and said it had been issued by Shannon n his eagerness to appease the it s National multiple irresponsible sclerosis society 257 Park ave. In ma1nr loss of Teeth than cavities do. South new York n. Y. 10010. Harsh brushing does not help the Gums but i presume that i note to r e. A no major political or business Leader yet has called publicly for Shannon s resignation. But you know brushing up crosswise. The Rule about osteomyelitis is an infection and d o w a not and usually a stubborn one but it has no relation to cancer. 187 n. Coit St. Florence s. C. Phone 669-5211 Continental Trail mys easiest travel on Earth inc from Florence Jacksonville 6 thru exp Csc daily Washington Luu express 11 Tripi daily Greensboro the Only thru Jervice Sarasota the Only thru of Mrvica 1-Way 6.25 dear or. Thosteson thank you for publishing the letter from the 80-year-old woman who said she took the exercises for leg cramps. It encouraged me to do them too. I am 70 and thought i was too old. T. Y. Leg cramp is an affliction for a comprehensive of How to Cope with the change of life including scores of pertinent questions and i heir answers write to or. Thosteson newspaper in care for his of this Booklet m a k e menopause enclosing 35 cents in Coin and a that comes on when we Are Long stamped self addressed older Seldom when we arc envelope to cover Cost of Prin Young. Simple the exercises a r e j Ting and handling. Enough so almost anyone can do them even some invalids if they have help. Exercises Are outlined in my Booklet How to Slop leg a copy will be sent return for 25 cents in Coin and a Long self addressed stamped envelope. Dear or. Thosteson my son 12, has enlarged breasts. At times they arc Normal. Often they Are Lender to the touch. Can you Tell me the cause he is in excellent health otherwise. Mrs. A. G. Your letter duplicates other letters and the condition causes h lot More worry than it should. It does t deserve any. This breast enlargement and tenderness c a 1 led j Gyne Comalia is not uncommon in boys at pull Ray. Their glandular activity is changing and maturing. For a time there can be a disproportionate increase in female i or. Thosteson welcomes All tiv its Reader mail but regrets that due to the tremendous volume received daily he is unable to answer individual letters. Readers questions Are incorporated in his Coin m n whenever possible. Several with close ties to the University Board of visitors have told friends Thev want him fired. The Board held a closed meet ing May 15 in Richmond. It opens a three Day meeting Here june 5, and Shannon s move is Likely to be discussed. Two powerful members of the Virginia general Assembly have suggested the state May want to reappraise its appropriations for higher education in the Wake of student unrest. One state sen. Garland Gray wrote Shannon i was surprised to see that you defended these a now the students some of whom previously had booed Shannon and pelted him with marshmallows for his determination to keep the University open have rallied to his de sense. Retiree s will you join us for a few hours each morning to deliver a Florence morning news Auto route car allowance lib eral Bonus arrangement. Call Tom Mcgee circulation manager at 669-1776 and arrange for an inter View Jef Lumire far mtg drum 141 South Irby Street the Only daily newspaper published in Eastern South Carolina convicts Salvage their lives decided to add More love prayer. The 99 Jaycees began painting pictures of animals and clowns. They also made toy models of cars and wagons that Beverly could pull around her House while developing her Courdina energetics the one sensible Way to diet or. Grant Gwinup tells you How to reduce without changing your Basic eating habits. A Handy Chart shows you How to measure your daily activities. You la learn How to balance intake and and How to keep the weight you lose from slowly creeping Back. One of 42 articles and features in Ion Simp Maria Flash Narite Tel n n eau res n Ion. Borne made Flash cards to the june Reader s digest. Pick up your plan rpm Phi porn help Beverly learn to read Ain. And by bartering with copy today the new Polaroid Model 360 land camera with electronic Flash 1. Automatic electronic development timer transistorized electronic shutter 6. Do tue mushed Chron re construction the super camera this is the new Polaroid Supei camera the Model 360 it can do things no other camera m the world can do its clip on electronic Flash lets you take super action shots at about of a second you never have to buy another Flashbulb an automatic electronic timer tolls you when your pictures Are developed. We need Good used cameras Trade in your old camera on the above or other new Polaroid count Down cameras. Phone us for approximate Cost to Trade dial 662-8414. Ace camera Supply photo finishers 462 w. Evans Street Florence

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