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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - May 24, 1955, Florence, South CarolinaPage i in Florence morning news Florence 8. Q. Eden thinks Russia to accept big four London. May 23 prime minister Eden said tonight he has every reason to suppose that the sonet will be favourable to the Western invitation for a big the prime minister Gaid. Our purpose is to set in motion a process of negotiation which will open the Way towards better relations Between East and elections for negotiations the question of top level talks ass come up on the eve of elections. Will it not recede into the past immediately after tile four meeting at the top level. i will not All this talk of Neotia sect Forien minister v. M. Eden said he was pleased to tons merely be followed by Hie May 15 learn that Molotov had agreed to scuttling of negotiations and at Molotov said in Vienna Chr Western proposal for such a responds completely with Hie peaceful policy of the so Viet but the russians still attend ceremonies marking the 10th anniversary of the United nations next month in san Francis co. If the conservatives win the not sent a note for Mally election thursday he said for agreeing to a conference. Secretary Harold Macmillan Over the weekend the huts an immediately would accept the invitation to go to san Francisco. Tempts to blame tic u. S. S. I. For this and discredit the very idea of International co opera Secretary of state Dulles and French foreign minister Antoine Pinky will attend the san fran Cisco sessions. Macmillan told a political meet communist party newspaper Prav rip was sharply critical of Western motives in planning the Confer Moscow radio asked today of the West would scuttle the whole idea if Eden s conservatives win Hie British election thursday Ling tonight he was looking Forward of Avda also has accused the West to going to san Francisco where of quibbling about the site and he would have a Chance to fit duration of the projected Confer Down with the other three foreign ence. It also has charged the amt ministers. Of the conservatives wined states with making unreason 1 the election he said i will go f of demands to include on the there make final a Agenda such questions As res Tor 1 i Ange ments for the meeting of ing Western style democratic Heads of the four got Cremente. Supreme Ern ments in the soviet satellite i earlier today the British por states. Eign office declined formal Eom for our Eden said we contempt of Congress ent on the pravda attacks on r have no rigid ideas on these Western motives in requesting the Points but 1 want of to have am top level meeting. Pie time at fee said we Are Takin a spokesman in it Ca Eden told a political rally i i the latest Moscow broadcast on Birmingham the West seeks the the subject heard tonight in lon Fop-3evel talks for Only one Pur Don. Said try to open the Way to a conservative Victory will in wards better relations Between East and it is natural that the russian government should require time to decide upon their Eden it also is not unreasonable for the it Ossian government to express its views about the place said duration of the no one has the right to ques Tion our motives in issuing the the opinion of Washington assure it a trustworthy partner in con ducting an aggressive policy in Europe. In Short. Washington s confident that if. The conservatives Are returned they will continue to Back the policy of strength. This prompts one to give serious thought to the motives of inc conservative leaders in speak ing at election time of their desire 5th amendment pleas upheld by top court court May 23 today the tuesday morning May a 195s Union feuds Block British port work London May 23 dockers crippled Britain s four biggest ports today in a bitter in Ter Union feud for bargaining rights on the nation s waterfronts. The labor party s chances in thurs Day s parliamentary election were not enhanced thereby. Food ships began to pile up in the thames Estuary and govern ment officials warned the nation s vital Export Trade would be Crip pied if the strike continues. More than longshoremen quit work at London. Manchester Hull and the twin Mersey ports of Liverpool and Birk Cheed. A hand Ful of others came out at smaller ports up and Down the country. Another remained on the Job but with working teams split up Many gangs were unable to Cope with their Normal jobs. Altogether 174 ships were either Idle or undermanned in the four ports. Prime minister Anthony Eden kept in touch with the strike de Don t like Ike brother Milton top says Joe Mccarthy Washington. May Mccarthy a a Fri said tonight he regards Milton Eisenhower the president s brother As the unofficial president of tiie United describing Milton Eisenhower who is president of Pennsylvania state University As More than an influence on the Mccarthy said he is one of tic most left Wing ers you can find in the Republican party. Luckily Ike does t follow him in All his advice. If he did the country would be in much worse Milton Eisenhower has undertaken two special missions to latin America for his older brother he Abo has served As chairman of Hie . Commission to the . Educational scientific and cultural organization. He is a former president of Kansas state College. Mccarthy criticized both Eisen Howers in a transcribed radio interview lbs reporters hound. Big four Mee Ungas he British conservatives win their Way 26 election Mccarthy re lied i think there is no doubt that i May say that i certainly prefer the conservative party to he labor party Over there but i Don t think the difference is so great that we should make Sacri ices that Are too great to insure he election of asked when her he regarded Eisenhower s presence at a big foul meeting an act of it Ccarthy replied yes because you see we Are not to ask for out convictions three men. Who refused to answer questions put to them by congressional red Hunters. Chief Justice Warren who spoke for the majority in All three cases said governmental bodies must be most scrupulous in protecting the rights of a witness under the fifth amendment s guarantee against compulsory self in criminal a lion. Warren also said that congressional committees in laying the foundation for a contempt prosecution must make it Clear to a wit ices that he is in danger of prose ution for refusing to answer ques ions. In none of the three cases War in said did the House in Saimeri activities committee Confron he witness with a Clear Cut Choice Cyween answering a question and prosecution. These following convictions were and sent Back to u. S District court Here with Insl Ruc ions to enter judgments of acquittal Julius Emspak Secretary trea s user of the United electrical work Union which was expelled the Eio several years ago London May 23 it an at Pules could strengthen the cause no sphere of Industrial in of p r i m e minister Eden s con rest pulled Britain s election uncommitted Middle is voters the people who swing Factor in the balance in any British pain out of the doldrums going there anything. We Are going there not to talk about what we can get but to talk about what we will give away. On the Agenda there is nothing about freeing or neutralizing of Czechoslovakia or Hungary or pol and nothing in regard to the communists withdrawing their Robe orces from China. It s All a ques Jon of what we can give away to make Russini Happy Mccarthy said his offer to join i invasion expedition to free held by the chinese communists if other efforts fail was a very serious offer 1 would be not Only willing to. But anxious to accompany such a task lie is a Reserve Marine officer. Mccarthy told a questioner he had heard of a move to have the Senate rescind the condemnation it voted against him last year. But i think it would be doomed to he said adding it was purely a political Lynch to. On the ground it was communist dominated. Emspak s conviction grew out o his appearance before the hous committee during a 1949 investigation of red infiltration of Labo unions. Thomas Quinn a Field organize for the same Union who also was called As a witness during the same investigation. Phillip Bart general manager o the daily worker com Immis party newspaper a witness before e Saune committee in 1950. Ems a k and Quinn received sentences of six months in jail and s500 fines. Bart got a three month sentence and a s500 Fine. The u. S. Court of appeals Here lad upheld the Emspak and Bart convictions but ordered a new rial for Quin. These three cases were the most important ruled on today. The appearances. Labor Leader Clement Attlee Ond conservative sex prime minister sir Winston Churchill left to right Bottom old political opponents still face each other on opposite sides of the political Fence. A wire photo strikes May affect Britain s elections and injected a new thursday s voting far a new number House of commons. 630 Tion i fit be frightened labor candidates. I Citler i ii behind closed doors both con left Wing Laberite Ancurm Rcv worked its Way into the ranks Tor the next five years. Socialistic labovites s e n sin g of too the Moder strikes. By playing the election game the socialists will harm no one but themselves. They will certainly not deceive the while the conservatives were implying that labor wa5 hitting below the Belt on this Issue. La Bonitee accused the tories of com mitting a foul on another Point. Uus Alliy Clem ent Attlee the laterite Leader said with a waspish Edge to his voice that the conservatives had come up with an election stunt Thev were r n i n 5 behind rates have Token up Sevan s theme that is one of the dirtiest togs feverishly Tor a new is lord Beaverbrook s evening Tver put bogus ration books. Eed Toneu Leve list nil a i in Workens m i appears Likely Britain s 35 i lion voters will go to the with five Maic Standard gave the conservative threatened walkout next week end of railway engineers and firemen seeking higher pay rates. The events added trash burdens to the conservative government on the eve of the May 2fi general Laberite Campaign ers did their Best to make the voters Sec that Side of it. I the official party attitude How Cvar is that the strikes will not help labor s cause. The party is closely identified with the Trade Union movement and another big walkout especially a rail Stop Page during next weekend s Whit Sun not Likely to be too warmly received. Newspapers of both political leanings have joined the govern ment in denouncing the Dock waft out As the striking dockers Are Mem Bers of the National amalgamated stevedores dockers Union which pellets from the Trade unions con. Gross for allegedly poaching members from the transport is general workers Union. The walkout today climaxed months of feuding for control of the waterfront workers. A Voci Ferous Section of the dockers claim the transport St. General workers work ers in All kinds of too Remote to serve them properly. They say the smaller National amalgamated stevedores work ers is better Able to argue their cause in negotiations with the state run National Dock labor Board which supervises the water fronts. About transport general to r k e r s Union men joined the walkout in support of their National amalgamated work mates today despite Union orders to turn up for work As usual. In last ditch efforts to head off the rail strike. Labor minister sir Walter Monckton conferred with leaders of the British transport commission which runs the Sta a Ornett Railroad a and wit i of duals of the trades Union Congress. Speaking to factory workers m in answer in an editorial that said hip own distract on London s East us Tjimis is a dangerous line foreside. Attlee held up one of the due to begin almost ballots Are counted. How will this affect the elec re All thai them As the inevitable result of and food queues would come Back. Tory policy. And they hint that it is a cold. Cata Jated he do these disputes would never take signed to catch people who Don t of cimetto now 2 hits a Samm Randolph Scott Riding Shotgun in color and claims members in the four ports. The Union is demanding full recognition As a bargaining agent j with port employers now extend-1 de Only to the giant transport k. General workers Union which or controls the bulk of the auction s nearly dockworkers. The National amalgamated stevedores dockers Union wat recently sex Tion it is difficult to make a definite pm Faisal. But presumably the Dis Welch fireball place if the socialists were in Power. Seeking to exploit tie Bevan May follow Attlee As top Man ebb Vale. Wales May 23 we the rest of Britain he it an it recessed until May 31 Bevan left Winger fireball in the Campaign for thursday s Gen Cou out any rub no in the matter of racial segregation in the Public schools. This ruling May yet come before the summer recess. In other actions the High court i. Freed the government s hands said this Biging party and they won t rescind among other things the senator said he could not support Eisen Hower for reelection in 1956 unless the president does something about the prisoner of War Situa however he said that if demo Erat Adlai Stevenson were the Only other candidate "1 would have to t suppose vote for Eisenhower As the lesser of Hoo Mccarthy said he foresaw Noth ins Good for the United states in the projected big four meeting this summer with Russia. Britain and France. To he four meeting decided new hearing before the Board of by by Milton Eisenhower Nelson j asked whether there is a cosh immigration appeals. Rockefeller. Harold piracy in a great Deal of the press Michigan one Man grand Republican new dealers. I Don t to Kreip you from the Public j the court refused believe Ike himself made the replied. "1 have noticed to Rcv jew provides that judges that my talks have not been re May cont duct one Man inv stiga asked whether he thought the coverage they received a Teason for american agreement to s year or two Moj Oral election. Down Here he s known As Nye. And regarded As a Patron Saint of this Bleak mining and Stec making Valley. Coal Bevan s full round face turned purple thai s not a he said. That s a silly of the tories Attlee said. He said that rationing Wafi introduced a wartime and was continued during the first six Post War years when labor was in Power because of tie difficulty of the times. But Atlee shouted there is no intention on the part of the labor to bring rationing Back conservative National Headquarters said it knew nothing about these bogus ration books. A spokesman there conceded How Ever that local organizations might have put out such books along with other Campaign literature. A Hood of these books turned in North Wales Over the week id with the statement vote la want this All Over trick Iai gaan. State now showing two hits adult 1 entertainment Jane Russell As the naughty widow also gun Moll Box office opens at admission adults. 40c he paused for the then added i defy anyone Tolena win translate that Opportunity Sale incr Jou Concrete trick in. A. Butler bristled at labor been Given a hearing pursuant to an earlier decision and has tailed to prove his the decision reversed the Cir Cuit court in new York which decided Accardi was entitled to a court hearing plea Cleveland May 23 we attorneys for or. Samuel h. Shep Pard today told the court of an a pals the 31-year-old was convicted popular c no re the stir Flor of his wife1, the wants Hie appeals Rourl to Sci to Side the verdict of a jury which found Shu Pixel guilty of Mccond dog rec murder and to order a new the defense cd Iiams the Edward s Blythin numerous the trial., and that new evidence been which the real murderer was a sex fiend broke into toe Sheppard Home. Mar Jan Sheppard was bludgeoned u death in her bed last july 4. This Case is of importance not to this Community but to tin Public said chief William j. It inert Law the right of a fair trial. Tho Rich to be from Fon Vic ton popular Damor the Riffat to be Khiuit Ted when the proof fails of the leu re colonial seeking a seat held by a 150 or so mountainous on of crime and Issue warrants in tit arrest of persons accused of them. 4. In throwing out the three con tirely to dome Sac conserva to Nam " live. And we kept their Par i strict alive Bevan was of live and in his Rii Miles. Us in i he confined himself Ferencek has party rep Cial us n Bevan referred obliquely to Dif Lucial Sam Sheppard put Ali its other cases a Side to Lidor the its a is red Xix cd d for it i at to h just appeals a new trial should be month. Lie being wird in which t Olny vow cart Hie pm Psi a stall in two we Civ. Will Runcorn the blk thin erred in deny Ivr trial

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